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  1. My husband is an engineer and he gets a kick out of Sheldon and the way he sneers at "the Oompa Loompas of science". I guess it's a bit like being Canadian and laughing when a show makes a reference to Canada, eh. It's just nice to be noticed 🙂 .
  2. Like others I don't think this is the route the show is going to take. Not when it's counting down to its grand finale. I really don't care one way or another if Sheldon and Amy end up with a Nobel but I would be very surprised if they write it in such a way that they lose it to those two clowns. BBT has sometimes gone down paths I wasn't happy with (Howard an astronaut?? Oh please!) but I can't think of a time when they threw any character under the bus the way they'd be throwing Sheldon and Amy under the bus if they were to have that happen.
  3. We're househunting right now - the good news is it's a seller's market where I live which should mean our house will sell quickly. The bad news is it's a seller's market where I live which means anything good is going fast and for well over the asking price. Dammit. And totally agree with comments above about every house (it seems) being open concept. I had to laugh at a show I was watching the other day where one of the characters said "Oh yes let's get a house where we can cook dinner in the living room" 🙂!
  4. For that matter what ever happened to the contents of Amy's apartment!
  5. I don't think camping in a trailer is necessarily glamping. I sure didn't feel glamourous back in the day when we camped in our boler with two little kids and a dog. On the other hand the trailer friends of ours have now has a nicer kitchen than mine 🙂 ! And we love it when we get invited along - my tenting days are well behind me now!
  6. So much this! My mother-in-law came to Canada as a war bride from Scotland and while her childhood home certainly couldn't be compared to life in a third world country it was small, smoky and inconvenient. She would have laughed at anyone who went to live in Scotland (in the 40s needless to add) and decided that the only way to experience life in a different country was to live as the poorest citizens of said country lived. Anyway lots of people deliberately choose to live uncomfortable lives for any number of reasons but the key word here is choice. Aside from which when I talked abo
  7. I see your point but there are situations where you can still experience a new culture without putting yourself and your family at risk or making yourselves uncomfortable.
  8. We've seen Sheldon in a plane when he flew to Texas with Howard. It's also been referenced a few times that he's in Texas or has recently been to Texas. We've also had at least one reference to him having been to Toronto (I caught that because I'm Canadian 🙂 ). So no reason for Sheldon not to take that plane to pick up his award.
  9. Like others I think this was a throwaway line (which I admit as a former babysitter I found funny) but in fairness to the writers they've spent a lot of time painting Howard as a spendthrift. Even in the episode with the 3-D printer at the end he had to carry a packed lunch because, as he told Raj, he wasted his lunch money on comics 🙂. I think the message, constantly, is that Howard is a 12 yr old at least where money and household responsibilities are concerned. As I've noted though (and what a surprise to find a sitcom isn't consistent!) is that they don't always stick to this version of
  10. Possibly. Lots of families crash and burn when one of the parents dies or is incapacitated. Tragic fact of life. Which won't be a place they go on BBT fortunately! And still doesn't really resolve the short term problem of dealing with Howard the Manchild. Bernadette is smart if she's at all concerned that Howard would be unable to pull it together and put the kids first she's likely made contingency plans to have someone else take over the finances. LOL -- I think we are all way overthinking this though 🙂
  11. They seem to be setting up Sheldon and Amy this season for potentially winning a Nobel Prize. I guess they're setting Raj up for a possible marriage, maybe Penny and Leonard for a baby - no idea if they're setting anything up for Howard and Bernadette. In any event I hope they do have an epilogue at the end of the last episode to tell us "what happened next". I don't want updates through YS - as you note not everyone watches it for one thing and for another it's Sheldon's show not anyone else's so why would the voiceover reference future events of people we (theoretically) don't know. Sati
  12. I don't think this was grocery money, this was god forbid Howard should cook a meal for himself so go crazy and order pizza money.
  13. I hear what you're saying and in many circumstances would agree with you completely. The way the finances are conveyed for Howard and Bernadette though I disagree. As Howard himself put it he's on an allowance "until I learn the value of money". What else is Bernadette supposed to do? Let Howard throw their money away? I do hate the way they bang the Bernadette earns big bucks, Howard earns peanuts drum which comes up WAY too often but in fairness that's not the reason Bernadette controls the finances.
  14. On Everybody Loves Raymond by the last season Robert was pushing 50 and his wife was early 40s, they talked about having kids but never in a "whoa we better step on it" kind of way. I see the same thing here on BBT. Granted they are all still clinging to their 30s (regardless of the real age of the actors involved) but still it would be completely plausible if Amy were to be concerned that she's missing a window of opportunity to start a family - especially that family of triplets and/or quints 😃!
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