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  1. If anyone wonders what a Russian with a medieval weapon can really do: Spear vs. Drone
  2. 5/5, 1*. A relief after two weak weeks.
  3. Howard, they need you! Toilets broke down at International Space Station
  4. Barbarians in Monaco ... have you ever partied with the 1% in the casinos? (I haven't; they don't invite me.)
  5. Sounds as if a lot of us did, or at least called "Dorothy Parker!" (The quote in the clue is hers.)
  6. In S03.E10: Friends and Family, how should the football player have been treated? Would he really have been allowed to play football again after his broken neck and surgery?
  7. The football player story seemed to need more time. Before the surgery, shouldn't his head have been immobilized to avoid the possibility of further injury to his neck? After the surgery, wouldn't his doctors recommend that he not play again?
  8. I think I heard someone offer Dmitri water. It seemed a bit insensitive to have champagne instead of, say, sparkling cider that he could drink too. They could have had a variety of beverages (with and without alcohol) for after the immediate celebration in case there was time. I would have preferred less Stevie & Dmitri in the penultimate episode. We haven't even seen Henry do much superhero stuff lately.
  9. The FJ clue was badly written. Would have been clearer what they wanted if they had asked, say, who wrote the list in question, or how many items were on it.
  10. I hope so. At least twice before, I have quit watching Jeopardy because of incorrect answers and other annoyances. Was starting to think it was time again.
  11. All of them! They will want your taxes.
  12. Suppose a native of country A becomes a citizen of country B, lives in country C, and writes a novel set in countries D and E that is especially popular in country F. What nationality would Jeopardy call this novel?
  13. History of the Crock Pot "a comforting presence"
  14. For me it was centered a couple of hours ago, but back to flush left now.
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