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  1. Week 40: 3/5, no * Total so far: 140/200, 24*
  2. Speaking of twins, once I started reading a novel, until I hit a description of an adult brother and sister who "looked so much alike, they had to be twins." The book went to recycling at that point.
  3. At least she wasn't Jackie Carson.
  4. Are medical errors really the third most common cause of death in the U.S.?
  5. My preference is for dogs that look like dogs, not tribbles.
  6. Body? He looked to be 70% fur by volume. No wonder the judge needed to feel him all over and pick him up. :-)
  7. Also 3/5 this week. See you at the T43, Browncoat!
  8. My music education took me from key to clef, which fortunately took me to enclave.
  9. I think he is a resident A resident is a doctor, having graduated from medical school. Someone thought he might be a nurse but, as I said, I'm pretty sure he is a doctor.
  10. That's awful. I did some grading in grad school. The professor and I agreed that I should look at each step of the solution. A student who did most of the steps correctly, but missed a calculation at the end, would get most of the credit.
  11. I'm pretty sure he is a doctor. Iggy suggested moving to Vermont. Maybe he would like to run a B&B like Bob Newhart's character. (I know the psychologist and the B&B owner were different Bob Newhart characters, but ... )
  12. IIRC, Lauren Bloom has lots of money. Maybe a directed donation to the hospital could be legitimate, although Leyla could still find out. Floyd Reynolds should think with the brain in his head now, and relegate his boss's wife to the acquaintance zone. What does Helen Sharpe see in Max? What happened to her former boyfriend?
  13. I have not seen any ER episode since they first aired, so my remembering Carla is probably displacing something that would be more important to remember. :-)
  14. I said viniculture but I don't remember the category.
  15. But what happened with Dr. Andrews's toilet seat? We never saw what the hospital's toilet seats were like, and I don't remember whether he took it home with him.
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