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  1. Week 6: 4/5. Total so far: 24/30, 1*, 3M*.
  2. I knew an astronomer who had cataract surgery and was pleased that with his new lens he could see some ultraviolet light.
  3. With the Munchausen's patient, Dr. Turner could have phrased it better. Although he did not say "You're crazy and we want to lock you up," that's how she interpreted it. She might have reacted better to "You have had a difficult time, and there are people who can help you deal with it."
  4. I was a lucky 2-year-old. My grandmother stayed with us for several months recovering from an injury, and read to me a lot. Maybe she pointed to each word as she read it. I was reading long before I started school. (My first grade teacher disapproved, and complained to my mother, but it wasn't her "fault.")
  5. My schedule said the episode title was "Seed Money" not "Send Money."
  6. At least she did beat Matt (by a lot), it was just that Jonathan ended up with more.
  7. Can someone please remind me how she injured her leg? Last season was a long time ago. Thanks!
  8. labresq -- does you nom de group mean you are a dog person? If so, you're not the only one here!
  9. 5/5. A lucky guess or two, but they count.
  10. They replaced a Bishop with a Knight. Do they have other chess pieces on the list?
  11. So we get a M* for any FJ we get right and Matt doesn't, even if we don't beat him for the week? I got locusts, but was 3/5 for the week as Matt was.
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