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  1. MeTV showed the rock episode Sunday. I haven't seen the pool table episode in years. Handwave: maybe in the pool table episode, the camera was pointing away from the rock, so we didn't see the rock.
  2. After the flashback episode about how Rob & Laura bought the house with the giant rock in the basement, do we ever see the rock again? There is an episode in which Rob plays pool with someone in the basement but I don't recall seeing the rock in that one.
  3. Who was she, then? I was confused by all the (to me) similar looking women.
  4. You claim you are not responsible for the Saber font ? 🙂
  5. What do you like contestants to do while they are being introduced? Gesture? Dance? Stand and smile?
  6. My station airs DiP rather irregularly, and I can't always get that station, so I see the episodes in rather random order. The characters change so often that I'm glad to see ones I have seen before. At this point my favorites are the Commissioner and Catherine. I miss Dwayne.
  7. I might expect Celebrity Jeopardy to have easier questions, so the celebrity contestants would be less likely to be embarrassed. Embarrassing them might discourage other celebrities from participating.
  8. When they show an exterior view of the mental hospital, what building is it really?
  9. Who else guesses FJ from the category, before the clue is revealed? Today I said the Edmund Fitzgerald, but with the clue I got it correct. Presumably everyone except Harry and Nathan knows that people in the 1600s (and earlier and later) drank beer because it was safer to drink than water.
  10. Last night's PBS episode was "Confection" with the candy factory and poison pen letters. The first time I saw it, when the father's black horse went lame and he rode his son's white horse, I thought the shooter mistook him for the son. Oh well.
  11. Agreed. This show really needs separate threads for separate seasons, at least.
  12. How to become an FBI profiler
  13. This might be a good series to watch with the sound off, and some Indian music to listen to.
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