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  1. Yes, and do their romances etc. in their off-duty time when we don't have to watch.
  2. Do other shows remind you of BBT? For example, on "The Good Doctor," Dr. Morgan Reznik's family are all artists, who consider her plodding and unimaginative because she chose medicine instead of art. I think Leonard would sympathize with her.
  3. People have some control over the pitch of their voices. After I first heard a recording of my voice, I tried hard to lower the pitch. I couldn't lower it as much as I wanted, but it did improve and seems to be a habit now.
  4. Driad

    S03.E19: Hurt

    "It's never lupus!" --Dr. Gregory House
  5. I've read elsewhere that she may be out filming a movie. Thank you. But they could have had someone mention that Mina is away at a conference or something.
  6. Alex often says he has no idea what a category is about. But on a "behind the scenes" video, he said he comes in early to review all the clues before the game. Choose a lane, Alex!
  7. Hawkeye on M*A*S*H said something like "The important thing is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made." Cain took that lesson to heart. I'm still hoping for poetic justice for Cain and Kim, since this is fiction.
  8. TV doctors spend much more time with their patients than real ones do. Real surgeons don't always even meet their patients. I had a tricky surgery once (as a patient) and my surgeon told me that an extra-specialist surgeon, Dr. Park, would also be involved in my surgery. When I was waking up from the surgery but still groggy, various doctors came in. One looked Korean, so I asked if he was Dr. Park. He said "No, but I am Korean." After I was more awake I realized that Park is not necessarily a Korean name. I never did meet Dr. Park.
  9. Maybe I missed an ep or two, but I had not known about Tim Bradford's girlfriend Rachel. Can someone fill me in please?
  10. "And you all know what that means" (tm Alex) Because it has been many years since anyone watched Jeopardy for the first time, eh Alex? Maybe he's right.
  11. 2/5. Overall: 103/140, 13*.
  12. Maybe someone thinks that if they imitate Carol & Doug on ER, we will think this is a good show. Hint: no.
  13. Driad

    The West Wing

    Did TWW ever have an episode about an epidemic?
  14. If they are going to write Shaun having so many problems with social interactions, I still think they should have started the series when he was younger: med school or even undergrad. Assuming he has made progress in the past several years, he must have had a rough time in school.
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