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  1. The cow did not seem to be in pain, so I doubted she had a broken pelvis. If someone said (before the standing-up scene) that she had calved recently, I didn't hear it.
  2. I'd prefer no romance for Malcolm. He's nowhere near ready. Dani must know it's a bad idea to sleep with someone crazier than you are, and I hope she remembers that. Edrisa must know it too, but she might not consider it a problem.
  3. Not just the body. Probably the carpet and some of the upholstered furniture would have to disappear. Wouldn't his mom wonder? Maybe not. There was a cartoon of Dennis the Menace carrying a large shovel and explaining to his parents, "Spilled something in my room."
  4. Week 18, 4/5. No * this week, right? Total so far, 68/90 + 15*. Thursday I had no idea until I remembered that The Very Hungry Caterpillar was in a question a while ago, and maybe it has holes "eaten" in the pages. I have never seen this book. Friday I chose JFK over LBJ because JFK was in office for a shorter time. I haven't seen The Crown either; guessing it is on cable or streaming, which I do not have.
  5. Today's wine category reminded me that Ken Jennings has been on the NPR news quiz show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" twice. One time they tried hard to find categories he might be less good at, such as Potent Potables (since he is a Mormon and doesn't drink alcohol). It turned out that a theoretical knowledge of alcoholic beverages was sufficient.
  6. I wondered too so I looked it up: https://the-good-doctor.fandom.com/wiki/Audrey_Lim
  7. With the way Shaun behaves, and the things he is still learning, I still think they should have started this series when he was younger, maybe the beginning of medical school.
  8. The name Laika is presumably transliterated from Russian, so there may be more than one acceptable way to spell it in English. Any Russian scholars here? For FJ purposes, the rule is to spell it in a way that it would be pronounced the same, right?
  9. I hoped this episode would start immediately after the season 1 finale, and show us what happened. Rather disappointed that it skipped to "Malcolm and Ainsley are OK" (well, as OK as they get) and provided a few flashbacks. Presumably there will be more flashbacks in future episodes, but showing the aftermath in semi-real time would have had more impact, IMO.
  10. 4/5 + 2 *. I'm no good at movies, but did better than the rerun weeks.
  11. Since a recent contestant mentioned peacocks ... One of my ancestors was a servant for a man who had peacocks on his estate. She disliked the peacocks because of the noise they made. When a peacock died, her boss got the fancy tail feathers, but she mixed the small colorful feathers with chicken feathers to stuff pillows. A bit of revenge, maybe. Peacocks (at least some I met) love chocolate and will pester you until you give them some. At least it won't rot their teeth.
  12. Boston station WBZ will air tonight's Jeopardy on channel 38. I hope other stations find ways to show it.
  13. Saber -- just in case you calculate average scores, how did we do in the past two weeks (rerun episodes) compared to normal weeks? It looks to me as if we did not score higher on the reruns. (I did not remember any of these episodes, and maybe others did not either.) Just curious. adTHANKSvance!
  14. Or at least, wouldn't a new employee be on probation for a month or two, so either she or her boss could say "This isn't working out" at the end of that time?
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