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  1. Mary -- if someone has no pulse, he needs CPR. My CPR class said we could do just the chest compressions and skip mouth-to-mouth, especially if an ambulance has been called. (Mary apparently did not really want to save Mark, but she could have made her efforts more realistic.) Natalie -- if a man will cheat on his wife with you, he will cheat on you with someone else. (Of course Natalie hadn't figured this out in five years.)
  2. I'm disappointed. After putting up with so many unlikeable people for four hours, I hoped for a clever twist ending.
  3. Same here. His name was mixing up with Truman and Trump, and I couldn't untangle it fast enough.
  4. Driad


    I like this whole show (give or take a few small points). It doesn't get a lot of attention here, so I worry about its ratings. The supportive relationships among the residents are a pleasant (Canadian?) surprise. Most medical dramas have the residents competing (often nastily) to suggest the right diagnosis, do the most challenging surgery, etc. And in Transplant they are not all having sex in supply closets! 🙂
  5. For those of us who missed most of the show because of a news announcement, what was that about, please?
  6. Last week, when LSSC was in reruns, I looked at another late show. The host was standing on a stage and looked so, well, distant. When LSSC goes back to the stage I think I'll miss seeing SC from just across his desk. While I'm here -- when SC says he is drinking bourbon, is it really?
  7. The Don Cheadle arc was the writers' chance to (partially) make up for messing up Romano's arc. They had a second chance to show a doctor changing specialties because of a disability, and they failed. Again. (Likely different writers, but they should have paid attention to what had happened earlier in the series.)
  8. Why was the thread title changed? Is Fox showing different episodes in different time zones? I saw FILE #2 last week. Tonight is apparently baseball. My station has File #3 on its schedule for next week, October 27. I don't see why there is one thread for two episodes airing two weeks apart.
  9. A scarab is a type of dung beetle. My Roomba's name is Scarab because it looks like a large bug and cleans the floor.
  10. Thank you, Saber. Asterisks seem as if they should come in pairs, not triads, but I'll take the honorable mention.
  11. Agreed. I thought last week (episode 2) was also rather slow. Maybe they should have made the series three episodes instead of four.
  12. Driad


    Did they say Sudbury, Massachusetts? Since the show is Canadian, I thought they meant Sudbury, Ontario, also not a small town.
  13. Good idea. I heard an interview with a single father raising three teenage sons. He bought several dozen identical pairs of socks at a time, which they all shared.
  14. 4/5, 3*. Movies are not my category. For weeks 1-5: 20/25, 6*. Friday I got "Appalachian Spring" because my local classical music radio station plays it frequently, although the classical period is usually defined as 1750 to 1820. I didn't know it was a ballet though.
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