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  1. summitsw

    Cults And Extreme Beliefs

    Yeah, Norma was a piece of work. Especially against Lamont’s steadfast goodness. I found all of the cults horrible, especially the ones that involved sexual abuse against children, but that wack-a-doodle cult with the weddings and guns was something to see. The best episodes were where they spoke to the groups of survivors. I found it fascinating how each of them seemed relieved to find the connections in the other cults and realise that though their backgrounds differed, they all had experienced similar things. A lot of relief about having other people understand what they’d been through, which is understandable. I also loved how many of them were trying to help others adjust to being on the outside. So the FLDS and NXIUM have had legal victories, let’s hope the others get theirs soon.
  2. That’s awesome. I hope he runs and wins. Surely that’d make Dave’s head explode.
  3. I get what they were trying to do but that could have been accomplished without revealing quite so many details. And it makes me wonder why even bother going with a Jane Doe pseudonym if you then reveal those items in the suit and make it simple to identify her. Maybe as you say, it’s some legal manoeuvre, you’d think the CO$ would be smart and lay off fair game for this suit, but I’m kinda hoping they don’t, just so it’s easier to bring them down.
  4. Wow, the next thing her lawyers should do is sue the Tampa Bay Times. The ridiculous level of detail they gave about her made it completely obvious who she is, even though they refer to her as Jane Doe and say it’s for her safety. How stupid is that reporter? I knew who they were talking about before I was halfway through the article, and then they provided exact details of her involvement with Aftermath and Leah just to drive the point home. Although if they do come after her for the lawsuit it would just prove her point. Still though. Don’t reporters have any level of duty of care?
  5. I didn’t realise someone had actually filed. Let’s hope everyone who has been on the show piles on and adds some weight. These guys are despicable and deserve to get everything they have coming to them. One also has to imagine that these lawyers will now be fair gamed as per the CO$ rules and should be able to add their own evidence to the trial documents.
  6. Not sure if I can post this because it’s not about Aftermath specifically but if they can get this guy (and his lackies) for racketeering why can’t they go after CO$ the same way? We already know there’s a ton of victims who’ve spoken up, so frustrating that nothing happens. Keith Raniere of NXIVM found guilty
  7. I found this season to be a chore, so was about 10 eps behind and then had to binge them. I did myself no favours with this plan, because watching that many episodes in a row was not fun. I’m not going to bother commenting on anything that went before the two part finale because it’s not worth it, but I found the first part of the finale to be better than the last part. The actual last episode was terrible. I found Sheldon’s speech cringe-worthy, not because of what he said but where he said it. By no means did I find that a believable scenario. And having each of the friends stand up was a **crickets** moment, not helped by the dead silence in that scene. Seriously, if someone did that at the Oscars they’d be roasted on social media. For mine, it would have been better for them to finish the show in Leonard and Penny’s living room with Sheldon giving the same speech and then giving his friends tickets to join him and Amy in Switzerland as a thank you for all they’d done. The end. There is also no universe in which I believe that Mary (and also Georgie and Missy) wouldn’t have attended that ceremony. Ending the show with the idea of them all heading off to watch the award ceremony rather than subjecting us to it would have also negated that ridiculousness. They should have ended the show last season with Amy and Sheldon’s wedding.
  8. summitsw

    Cults And Extreme Beliefs

    Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time watching Leah Remini’s Scientology series, but I find this series frustrating because it barely touches the surface of the issues with these cults/religions. You could easily devote a season to each one. I also don’t find Elizabeth Vargas very... compassionate. There’s just something about her that irritates me, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve found the main cult survivors to be compelling in pretty much all of the episodes. Especially Amy, Elijah and Teddy. The things that happened to these people, but especially the kids are just awful Haven’t seen even the last two episodes yet. I’ve been bingeing these and watched them out of order so the JW one was last one I watched. For some reason I just couldn’t connect as much to Romy in the JW episode. Her story was tragic but I found the whole ‘delivering the letter’ thing to be a bit dramatic. The Scientology episode on JW’s affected me more.
  9. How Tom Cruise’s kids are rock stars in the Scientology World Kidman and Cruise’s kids step up in Scientology Not surprising but still sad, Katie did the right thing getting Suri the hell out of there.
  10. Agree, I don’t get this at all, if there’s some legal reason they can’t show it then just tell us that. Otherwise they’re also guilty of pandering to the Co$ which makes a mockery of the show.
  11. This is what I don’t get, I can see that keeping them in maybe 10 years ago, but nobody would give a crap now. Especially since everyone already thinks they’re gay/bi anyhow. I think TC likes the attention, he certainly seems to lap it up. Not sure what they have on Travolta, but I have to assume it’s more than just being gay/bi.
  12. Here’s another article about the 60 Minutes interview. 60 Minutes Shelley Miscavage This just proves how dumb Co$ and Miscavage are, all they need to do is clean Shelley up and then plunk her in front of a camera to dispute this stuff but instead the let it be a big mystery. I loved how Leah said “Sue us, we welcome the lawsuit” she’s such a badass. 😁👍
  13. I don’t watch I’m a Celeb, but this was in the paper today. Interesting take on CO$ from someone who’s never been in it. Katherine Kelly Lang talks Scientology KKL second article
  14. I live for this day. Surely somehow, at some point, Miscavage and/or one of his top goons will be deposed and the light will shine on the filth they are.
  15. This above all else is what makes me believe pretty much everything that anyone who’s been on the show has said. If it was untrue, the CoS would surely take great delight in dragging these people into court, but they take no action other than sending ridiculous letters, setting up stupid websites, and dragging out the same tired lines about all detractors. One can only assume it’s because they know if they sue, then they will also be deposed in order to prove that their detractors are lying, and they do not want that. I do have to say though, when Leah said ‘we have someone new who escaped’ I had this feeling of hope and then that blond chick came on and I groaned. I didn’t believe her in her episode, and after the genuine misery of the other contributors, she seemed too sort of gleeful about her knowledge. She’s seems so fake, I don’t believe her at all and I wish their ‘new person’ was more credible.