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  1. Yes, he does...and yes, it is.
  2. I can't believe Chloe wasn't let go...Heidi, either. Never laughed once at either of them.
  3. Not hare-brained at all!! I often get those two mixed up 😊
  4. The March Hare...not the Mad Hatter 😉
  5. So happy that Matt rallied and won!!! And even happier that whatshername in the middle lost!!!!
  6. Oh, wow.. i had forgotten about Julia...and I'm sure I will again. She is very forgettable. Never understood the Julia love.
  7. Love Matt, love the runaways, love seeing him smash the competition without a hint of smugness and hope it continues for a long time
  8. I think there is no good reason for any journalist to stand outside in gale-force winds just to show us how rough it is... however, being 67 myself, I LOVED Al's response.
  9. I just couldn't believe that not one of those cretins knew Joe Bonamassa the second he came out?!?!?!?!?!?!
  10. Wow. Missed Jeopardy last night. Based on comments here, decided to catch it on YouTube and had to stop. May go back and watch the rest later, but Nicolle set my teeth on edge from the get-go. And I would NOT have been OK with her winning. Glad to know she's gone.
  11. Yes, yes, yes to everything you said!!! And I think Joe actually did really well as host.
  12. Yaaaayyyy, Matt!! Not the consensus, I know, but I enjoy watching him (LeVar, too, BTW) and I have to admit I laugh a little when he responds, because i picture all of the viewers having apoplexy when he says "What's....."
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