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  1. Yaaaayyyy, Matt!! Not the consensus, I know, but I enjoy watching him (LeVar, too, BTW) and I have to admit I laugh a little when he responds, because i picture all of the viewers having apoplexy when he says "What's....."
  2. Crap....really don't like this guy
  3. Now those harpies are talking with food in their mouths. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?
  4. At the risk of having rocks thrown at me, as sweet as that little girl was, she did NOT deserve that group golden buzzer...or even a single one.
  5. Kevin Nealon is an annoying jackass
  6. Agreed....she is very knowledgable, but whoever beats her will be my hero
  7. Was disappointed that Jennifer and Jason were on the same night, because I really like them both...but, i like Veronica, too and i will be rooting for anyone BUT Sam
  8. Apparently an unpopular opinion, but I don't like Sam...didn't like him during his initial run and still don't. Have a bad feeling he'll win, too.
  9. I think Cecily is one of the BEST!!! Excellent mimic...wouldn't miss Chloe or Heidi if they were gone, though
  10. This, a million times...well said
  11. Worst opening ever...especially Miley...ive heard vomiting that was more melodic
  12. I think he (Aaron Rogers) is awesome just as he is...save the loudmouths for Family Feud and Let's Make a Deal...
  13. I want to smack that little gremlin who keeps screeching "Mall- ware!!!"
  14. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I wish Heidi would leave....have never once found her funny.
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