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  1. THIS! Are there women on the writing staff? They're going to have to steal someone from Grown-ish if they're going to continue with this storyline. Rita's! I don't know that I've ever seen Rita's in NYC but they're all over New Jersey. It's little things like that this show does so well. Creating subtle familial ties as well as major connections.
  2. How dare a woman appear in public in anything less a fully made up face? It's not like we have anything else to offer except our looks...🤦🏾‍♀️ I'm sick of that tuft of hair on Toby's head-- cut it off for chrissakes the rest of the hair won't come back to keep that hair company. I have been looking at fat men with pretty wives on TV for my entire life but Kate gets excessive vitriol and dissection. I bet Toby had to move his stomach to see his dick for years, but nobody went after him the way they go after Kate. I know Beth can't do anything right--god forbid a black woman express joy or frustration, but the dance was salsa, hence the music. Here are some moves.
  3. Jock Ewing said to JR that you have to leave a man with his dignity, you can't humiliate him because he won't have anything to lose when he strikes back. Logan Roy just learned that lesson the hard way. Excellent episode! I'm so glad Tom told Shiv how unhappy he's been. I think she'll appreciate him standing up to her and loving him, or I'm a mug [shrug].
  4. Apologies EB. For some reason the system applies the quote to where I copied it from not the original author.
  5. @JudyObscure said Tell this bullshit to Barack Obama, Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z, and Lebron James. It depends on the parent like everything else. Jack II's song was generic af but the point was to demonstrate he's famous/successful. I guess the showrunners didn't want to license something for a short scene. The only newbie that didn't really fit for me was the soldier.
  6. but wouldn't anyone with a moral compass feel superior to Logan Roy? I'd be smug around him because despite his money he's a piece of shit whose kids would happily push him under a train.
  7. We don't know anything about Nan other than what we've seen. She could have an MBA. Her business was around for a long time before Rhea arrived. She lashed out at Rhea for double dealing and she must be pretty savvy as she made sure there's a clause in Rhea's contract specifically prohibiting sidebar conversations like the one Rhea had with Logan. Is integrity so rare these days that we don't recognize it when we see it? Anyone else notice Logan stumbling when he got up to go meet Nan. I think there's something going on with him health-wise.
  8. Last night was the first time I've watched this show in years so I know my opinions will be unpopular. Emily always looks like she's constantly smelling shit on her upper lip. I don't care who the primary caretaker is having those screaming, ill-mannered children on TV isn't doing them any favors. I love it that even though she's been reduced to "Friend of" Vickie is making Kelly cry. Kelly is a terrible human being and it makes me sad I share a species with her. I find it very difficult to muster sympathy for a drunk driver. I don't know what the point of this show is anymore other than to smh and thank goodness that none of these horrible people are my neighbors. If I saw Tamra's son, Ryan and his crazy eyes on my lawn I shoot without asking any questions. He looks like he's prepping to shoot up a mall or a theater.
  9. Would you miss those bad ass kids or that voice? Yikes. I mean Shane is a dick and should at least be respectful to his wife but i don't blame him for not missing them.
  10. I never last more than one or two episodes. So glad it's not just me. These women are so tacky to be Dallas society. There are no Miss Ellie or Sue Ellen Ewings here.
  11. I don't understand why any of these reality moms put their kids on TV; they're all so horrible.
  12. Diversity doesn't automatically mean harmony. I just hate Helen and Noah's children. I've never seen such whiny, entitled brats. Janelle's bosses did the co-principal thing in the hopes she'd quit. If they fire her she potentially has a lawsuit so better to force her out--happens all the time. I think seeing events unfold from a perspective that isn't Noah's or Helen's is really interesting because it gives us a different view of them. I just want someone, not named Noah or Whitney, to tell Helen to get over herself.
  13. I'm sorry Jumper Sage not sure how that happened
  14. C'mon the good girl vs tramp tropes still exist. Danni's tears make perfect sense in that the reputation she's built and cultivated was destroyed in the blink of an eye. Just as a lot of people here think she's lying I bet any man who wants to date her will wonder if it's true. In the real world you're guilty until proven innocent. How awful would it be if it were all just a ploy to get Gentry (is that the boyfriend's name?) from Danni. She and her family are going to have to combat gossip for a long time, especially in the South, thanks to Madison. I bet a lot of people are advising Danni to quit this show once and for all.
  15. I'm getting "Metul was born in DC" on a tshirt Gah people are so fucking dumb.
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