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  1. Drumpf1737

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Unfortunately I do too. I really want them to work because she wants it so much but she seems so desperate and needy. I wonder if his parents don't approve... I can see the reality show being a red flag then her ex-boyfriend is also on it may not sit well with them. I'm confused at such a beautiful, accomplished woman being so insecure.
  2. Drumpf1737

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    So for us to dislike them all is okay but it's not okay for Erika...got it. That whole "Kyle is the Queen" thing is weird and creepy. Since when do we declare queens on these shows. Besides I would caution Kyle to be careful what she wishes for. Any newbie worth her salt is going to come for the crown. Rinna looked horrible tonight.
  3. Drumpf1737

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    That actually wasn't my sentiment. My issue is with such effusive praise for dog rescue when there are actual tent cities in LA. My dog was a rescue I get how much love a dog brings into your life, but there are actual people living in tents all over California. Before anyone asks; I always give up my spare room to people going through hard times--job losses, crazy divorces, etc.
  4. Drumpf1737

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Erika has been very clear that she doesn't like LVP and doesn't consider them friends. To have sent a handwritten note to someone you dislike is to be commended. For LVP to have brought it up proves what a bitch she is and the need to have documentation of any interactions you have with such a shady bitch. There is an increasing homeless population in California why should I give a fuck about saving dogs from China? There are real problems right here that someone with Lisa's money could address--Jaden Smith is a kid and he started a food truck service for the homeless. Dogs...give me a break.
  5. Drumpf1737

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    Anybody else think Shep has an actual crush on Craig. That photo shoot was weird. [I'll see myself out.] I like Kathryn and Dani together.
  6. Lu is a delusional trainwreck, but I wonder if she really needs the money she's making from caberet? First the Count divorces her after a very public affair, Tom, now this debacle with the houses so I empathize but she's so self centered she's insufferable. And ffs just say you're sorry! It's so maddening that I have to give credit to her but at least Bethenny will apologize or did I miss something. Sonja's constant picking at Tinsley is infuriating because it's just jealousy. Tinsley has money; it's Sonja who's broke. Why does she keep insinuating Tinsley is selling herself to a guy with money? I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I'm really tired of this one.
  7. Drumpf1737

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Nope she's just prioritizing Kyle and Teddi's attempt to manipulate her.
  8. Drumpf1737

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    If Erika is offended she'll address it with Rinna separately. She won't participate in a pile on orchestrated by two witless boobs who couldn't. Mrs Girardi is a lot of things, but not witless. She just doesn't like Teddi enough to back her in any argument. Refusing to help Kyle and Teddi in their pile on was very savvy IMO.
  9. Drumpf1737

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Okay so let me say what I meant plainly. Lisa Vanderpump is a manipulative bitch that would suddenly start to mention what's on Kyle's plate, how much of it she'd eaten and multitude of other triggering language to fuck with her after she found out because she's a BITCH.
  10. Drumpf1737

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    of course, you know that it gets pretty cold in France in the late Fall and early Winter...similar to the East coast. Also, does it seem like Erika was getting sick. She didn't look well. She of the British humor; "Is that when the affair started" Vanderpump yeah she would've been a lamb. Erika shut the pile on right the fuck down. Fuck Teddi. Whenever one of these bitches starts with "I'm just trying to understand" that's the exact opposite of what they're trying to do. If Kyle couldn't take on Rinna by herself then she shouldn't have tried it. If Kyle AND Teddi can't take on Rinna on their own they shouldn't try to enlist Erika. Kyle's gonna be picking up her face if Erika tells her she doesn't care about the latest round of Rinna vs Drunken Richards. Its been years and Kim still won't admit she did anything wrong. She also won't admit the bunny stunt was pretty shitty so who cares about her drunk ass feelings.
  11. Drumpf1737

    When They See Us

    What always bothered me about their confessions when they played them on the news everynight was that none of the boys could really describe the sex act. The Village Voice was the only paper that was skeptical about the boys guilt. They did wonderful investigative reporting on the case back then. Yusef's sister routinely attended Linda Fairstein's book signings around the city--that woman deserves a medal for the way she advocated for her brother. Ava did a wonderful job. The cinematography was amazing.
  12. Drumpf1737

    S02.E01: Back in the Big Easy, Baby!

    Tamica makes absolutely everything about her. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about Reagan, but during their whole lunch, all Tamica talked about how Reagan's break up affected her. I think Kelsey and Justin may break up this season. I noticed in his talking heads Justin is talking about Kelsey in the past tense. I'm excited for a new season of this--way better than the original recipe
  13. Drumpf1737

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    It's a heck of a lot better than "modeling" , being a co-host on E! / Bravo, or hanging around your parents' reality show [shrug]. I think it's really interesting that of all the RH shows the ones with jobs are the ones with the most money--coincidence? Rinna is still pissed about Kim's comments regarding Harry Hamlin. I can't blame her; I just wish she'd execute her shade better.
  14. Drumpf1737

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    My imaging center is the same as Kyle's. I'm in California though, so perhaps it's a Cali thing?
  15. Drumpf1737

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I love how clearly Kathryn spots and calls out bullshit. She really needs to work on her delivery, but her shade is pretty on point. Why is Danni still on this show? Why couldn't Shep or Cam just tell Eliza "look we're not that kind of reality show"?? Took one look at Shep and I'm heading back to my workout bootcamp!