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  1. I meant to add: overall 135/180, 18*.
  2. 3/5. I was doing well until P. T. Barnum pointed me to the egress.
  3. One of the best teachers I had in college taught a class that was considered quite difficult. He started by telling us that he had taken the same class at the same college. Three times. So he knew where the hard parts were, and how to help us get through them. By contrast, some of my teachers had learned something easily that we did not, and had no idea how to help and/or thought we were just being difficult. Of course it is also possible for someone who learned something easily to help others through the hard parts.
  4. An old one: What will go up the chimney down, but will not go down the chimney up?
  5. Creative, though. One of my college courses had a segment on making realistic estimates, such as how many cars in a total traffic jam from point A to point B, or how many blades of grass on the playing field. The important part was showing your work.
  6. [curtseys shyly from a safe distance]
  7. PBS is showing Escape to the Chateau. A couple buy a run down French chateau and try to restore it on a budget and a deadline. There are six seasons.
  8. Glad you are doing this. I don't have access to the episodes now.
  9. I was glad they did not end it with everyone paired up. But they wrote the Raj character badly. Early on, Raj and Howard were both sexist jerks, but Howard got better and Raj got worse. Would have been better if Raj had different characteristics.
  10. In a way, Malcolm has been a prodigal son since the beginning of the series, because he has not followed in his father's murderous footsteps. Is this the meaning of the series title?
  11. They thought her father did not affect her because she was so young. How did she get this way? Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  12. Dedicated to his work ... and to the Whitlys. Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  13. Troubled and troubling. Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  14. Her taste in men, her priorities, her youthful appearance. Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  15. What makes Martin tick? What makes him kill? What makes him smile? Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  16. How about threads in this forum for the characters? Would be interesting to discuss Ainsley's development, for example.
  17. Just to show how long it has been -- which two estranged leads?
  18. Driad


    The closed captioners had a difficult job dealing with four languages. I wish they had been able to provide more than [speaking in Romanian] etc. Sometimes it would have been useful to know what the characters were saying. I did get an occasional chuckle from the "no audio" for naughty words though.
  19. It is being re-aired. This is the second week.
  20. Yesterday, about to reveal Ken's FJ answer, Alex said Ken didn't look happy. Turned out Ken had the right answer, and had bet all his money. I half expected Alex to comment on Ken's poker face and ask if Ken had ever played poker against James.
  21. Did Dr. McNulty give Mrs. Smith the pain medicine the needed, and get more for himself? Or did he take the medicine he was supposed to give her?
  22. I nominate Browncoat for the consistency prize!
  23. Are you able to answer questions that you missed when the tournament was broadcast before? The first time, I couldn't think of Shoemaker, but this time I remembered the name.
  24. Acetaminophen helps some people more than others. It does nothing for me. Ibuprofen, which is more helpful for menstrual pain, was first marketed in 1969 in the U.K.; when that becomes available, it may help Sister Frances.
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