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  1. I hope you DTMFA. He sounds awful. Why would anyone want to be with someone who can't just be honest that they like you and/or puts the onus of the relationship on you? Nope on out of there. Do you think they changed it because of the Coronavirus? "Hot Zone" may have sounded alarming at the time or something. And seriously, why are they being so terrible to Christy? There are plenty of non-relationship story lines for her, like her internship or school or her kids, or Marie Kondo-ing the apartment, or watching TV, or reading a book. Literally anything else would be less painful than her current story lines.
  2. I live for Jim Anchorton segments. "In your professional cosmetology opinion, what color is Trump's face?" "The president has made a vow he's going to win every single African American vote in 2020...is he going to get your vote?" "He's not going to get my vote--" "Are you calling the president a liar?" "Oh yeah, most definitely!"
  3. My sister bought me a bag once from...Big Lots. Yes, really.
  4. Those of us who have a clue about the greater world out there and see how much better other countries have it do find it astounding. But there are still many people out there who rail against it. "You chose to have a baby! Why should I have to support you!" and bullshit like that.
  5. I just want to know what Janet could possibly not know that Alexa does!
  6. The one guy who has conversations with himself mentioned probably the one designer I've recognized on the show in a while--Gordon Gartrelle! "Maybe if you tuck it in a little..." "It's tucked into my socks!"
  7. They probably sent it Express and didn't use the Yokel service.
  8. I really enjoyed Jim Anchorton trying to find Trump's new African American (I recognize these are not normal words to write). "Can I look at it (Trump's cutout) any way I want?" <stares hard> "You couldn't pay me enough!" "This is an unpaid position. "That's a deal breaker." Same ya'll. Same.
  9. Also not a quote, but I always enjoy the moment when the girls are sitting and looking at the Christmas tree and Rose sings the first line of The First Noel and Blanche and Dorothy are just about to join it when Rose starts off with another story. Just them taking a breath to join in the singing and then getting Story Blocked always amuses me even though it's such a small thing.
  10. I generally avoid Erie for all fests (just because of traffic, people, etc.), but that food did look good and I may have to revisit this in the future. I have not eaten at the restaurant, but I have colleagues who have and they said the food was really good. The prices seemed really good (for example, $9 for a pulled pork sandwich and side--good portions). They were overall very pleased. I will report back if I end up going.
  11. Just earlier this afternoon, our local newspaper (reminder: I'm from Erie) had a Facetime Live session with RJ Messenger (aka: Shirt-Guy). I'm going to attempt to post it here and hope it works. It's about 40 minutes long and some of the questions you asked here were asked. I thought RJ got a bit prickly at some of them--I mean, dude, you lived it but there was A LOT that of course could not have been shown to viewers so excuse us for not knowing everything! One of those was about how Glenn bought the house--I guess he did use his real name so as not to commit bank fraud. RJ thought a few people got the shaft a little bit. So, if you have any interest in knowing a bit more: Check it out!
  12. So...I was rubbed wrong by the guy who shot Osama bin Laden joking about killing Osama bin Laden. I realize he wasn't the one coming up with the jokes, and I don't mean to say bin Laden was any sort of good guy--and I even understand gallows humor!--but I was a little surprised they went there. I don't feel like killing should be hilarious fodder for jokes, even if that person deserved to be killed. But maybe that's just me.
  13. Yeah, something about Rachel's only regret being not seeing Donna and Harvey together. It made Rachel look really lame.
  14. I admit I was multitasking, so maybe I missed it, but I don't think they explained how he figured it out. I mean, honestly, I probably don't read emails that closely, especially the closing and anything under it. Please know it is 90% likely that I will ignore your email signature quote you spent hours crafting, just as you likely ignore mine. But OK, so let's say he read the name, did he recognize the name? Did he google the name? Did they explain that? He did make mention of googling him but stopped because he wanted him to explain it himself. But if I saw a name they didn't give me, the likelihood I'd notice and then check into it is slim (I'd probably think they had a hyphenated name or preferred X last name for whatever reason). But then again, if that person had cameras trailing them maybe that's a different story...
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