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  1. I watched and....I'm just glad it's over.
  2. I'll finish this season but, oof, I'm always relieved when an episode is over and a few times during any episode I always wonder if it will ever end because OMG the episode is taking forever. I want to sympathize, but just...don't. I don't know if we didn't get enough back story or what, but the whole thing leaves me cold and uninterested. Maybe the end will surprise or at least intrigue me...
  3. Whoa, sounds like Thursday's episode is the last one until SEPTEMBER! You just know all this shit is going to happen before then that we need Trevor's viewpoint on!
  4. I'm happy Stephen's happy, but I didn't love the return to an audience as much as I had hoped to! I'm assuming it'll calm down though over time (and/or I'll just get used to it again). The audience for the first few weeks will probably be overly excited themselves as it's maybe the first time they've done something so public like this in 15 months. But you don't realize how long you have to wait for clapping and cheering until it goes away and then comes back again. I'm glad others thought Jon Stewart's rant was...awkward. I was watching it and thinking how weird it was and I thought, OK,
  5. Because the contraction and release of pelvic muscles during an orgasm can help alleviate cramp pain for some people. There are a lot of doctors who really promote having period sex. I wish your doctor had just said those words instead of the euphemistic "having a boyfriend". Ick.
  6. Your first sentence reminds me of a book I'm reading, Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots. This is actually a major premise of the book! The main character works in the office of a supervillain because she needs a job. She ends up getting harmed by a superhero and starts noting all the damage they leave in their wake and she starts to become an asset for "the bad guys". I haven't finished it yet, but it's pretty enjoyable and this crowd seems like the kind that might like a book like this! At this point I admit I won't be too sad when this show ends. As has already been said by others, it's j
  7. Wow, people have surprisingly strong opinions on Jill and Andy and what is and isn't possible in this world. I also hate the trope of less attractive man dates beautiful woman but it doesn't bother me here. Jill *thought* she was a 10 and that everyone was beneath her but living a sober life and going to meetings has improved her outlook and personality (OK, mostly) and she realized her previous dating patterns were not working for her. She didn't so much as give Andy a chance as he let her have a chance to date him. He was just as involved in this decision and was willing to walk away when sh
  8. This time I didn't love the questionnaire--I didn't feel like the people were fun, but I have to admit I really loved when he had Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep take it (and someone else I'm forgetting I think). They took it "seriously" and didn't take it seriously at the same time (they answered the questions without hesitation but sometimes had a silly (yet sometimes still thoughtful) answer). Ringo just looked like he wanted to be answering anything else. It really depends on the person he gets to take the questionnaire I think. But this question suddenly makes me wonder about things they
  9. Sure, I never disagreed. But there are consequences to free speech, and there are actually limits on it, including hate speech. A person who is intolerant to others because they are a bigot is not someone anyone needs to be tolerant of, and it's even worse when it's the president, no?
  10. No, when white supremacists, in the example Claire used, are the other side of the conversation, no, we do not have to be tolerant of that. There were not fine people on both sides. That's the paradox of tolerance I was mentioning.
  11. I don't have a quote that I actually use a lot with people, but "Euripides, Eumenides" goes through my mind from time to time! I wish Frasier was on at a better time for me--if I could find it at 10:00pm on cable I'd be able to watch an episode before bed. It was on at a good time years ago, but it's been so long since it was in a good slot (for me).
  12. I agree the time and place was wrong, but I don't blame Claire for feeling how she does, and the paradox of tolerance is in play here. Being tolerant of intolerance is not good for society. Some things you just can't reach across the aisle on. The NRA thing was weird too. You can be a gun owner/supporter and not support the NRA. They do not go hand in hand. That felt a little odd and preachy just to make a point, though I guess a lot of the episode felt that way for me, and none if it had any real teeth so the whole thing kind of fell flat. I don't know why there were never any police at
  13. Did anyone else find that Eddie Murphy interview just...bad? I feel like Trevor was fine as usual but whatever he threw out to Eddie Murphy just kind of sank. I could just be cranky from losing an hour of sleep, I don't know.
  14. Does the CW not air the entire episode? A few minutes of the show were wonky on my DVR--nearer to the end, just as Ryan asked something like "Do I look like I just got laid?" while wearing a chicken hat. I went to the CW and watched approximately 5000 minutes of commercials to get back to that point and...couldn't find it! Did anyone who watched this through the CW's site remember seeing that?
  15. I'm pretty sure this question goes all the way back to the TWoP days. I remember threads and threads and threads of frustration regarding this. I have also never understood Marie's position on this. I have photographer friends who do offer mini-sessions, but it's *still* more than 1 photo! It's pretty much how many photos you can get in in 20 minutes. Even if, EVEN IF this was a mini-session, they could have gotten one with this family, that family, whole extended family, and a few more. Even the freaking DMV lets me get a do-over photo if my license pic is bad! I hate they had to write Marie
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