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  1. I generally avoid Erie for all fests (just because of traffic, people, etc.), but that food did look good and I may have to revisit this in the future. I have not eaten at the restaurant, but I have colleagues who have and they said the food was really good. The prices seemed really good (for example, $9 for a pulled pork sandwich and side--good portions). They were overall very pleased. I will report back if I end up going.
  2. Just earlier this afternoon, our local newspaper (reminder: I'm from Erie) had a Facetime Live session with RJ Messenger (aka: Shirt-Guy). I'm going to attempt to post it here and hope it works. It's about 40 minutes long and some of the questions you asked here were asked. I thought RJ got a bit prickly at some of them--I mean, dude, you lived it but there was A LOT that of course could not have been shown to viewers so excuse us for not knowing everything! One of those was about how Glenn bought the house--I guess he did use his real name so as not to commit bank fraud. RJ thought a few people got the shaft a little bit. So, if you have any interest in knowing a bit more: Check it out!
  3. So...I was rubbed wrong by the guy who shot Osama bin Laden joking about killing Osama bin Laden. I realize he wasn't the one coming up with the jokes, and I don't mean to say bin Laden was any sort of good guy--and I even understand gallows humor!--but I was a little surprised they went there. I don't feel like killing should be hilarious fodder for jokes, even if that person deserved to be killed. But maybe that's just me.
  4. Yeah, something about Rachel's only regret being not seeing Donna and Harvey together. It made Rachel look really lame.
  5. I admit I was multitasking, so maybe I missed it, but I don't think they explained how he figured it out. I mean, honestly, I probably don't read emails that closely, especially the closing and anything under it. Please know it is 90% likely that I will ignore your email signature quote you spent hours crafting, just as you likely ignore mine. But OK, so let's say he read the name, did he recognize the name? Did he google the name? Did they explain that? He did make mention of googling him but stopped because he wanted him to explain it himself. But if I saw a name they didn't give me, the likelihood I'd notice and then check into it is slim (I'd probably think they had a hyphenated name or preferred X last name for whatever reason). But then again, if that person had cameras trailing them maybe that's a different story...
  6. Agreed. I was horrified as I kept watching over the last few weeks and realized just how rehearsed this is (and *this* is what we get)? I get they need to have some control, but I actually think a little spontaneity could go a long way. I think the episode with Henry Winkler was one of the best* because he didn't stay within the confines they gave him. *and by best I don't mean great, but I think there was a little more life in that episode than others. Just glad to hear I wasn't the only one who had no idea who that was and why she was screeching the song of her dolphin people. UH UH! UH UH! UH UH! I'm all for people I've never heard of, but that was awful. She was...not good. But so many others are also not good. I don't know if they are stifled under the strict parameters of the show or just more uninteresting than I ever thought. And I actually at first liked the final 2 minutes where David just spoke about some story in his life (that I assume? was true, but at the very least it was generally amusing), but he's already given that up it seems. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I do want to like this but they are making it so hard. Maybe have only 2 guests and maybe they don't have to always talk about whatever weird celebrity thing is happening. I couldn't care less about Lebron and Taco Tuesdays. And when you do discuss whatever weird celebrity thing is happening or photo you post, let it be a surprise to the guests or something. I get that it's not a talk show, but, damn, let your guests talk for a second before you move on to the next (dumb) topic! (and seriously, enough about pussies, camel toe, titties, jizz, etc. It's just...tired. If that makes me a prude, fine. But is there anyone who is of an age to have watched David Spade when he was originally on SNL that finds that hilarious? If so, I'm sorry.)
  7. Not to pile on, but I'm having the same issue as everyone else. Manage Forum good. Manage Topic bad.
  8. I'm only a few episodes in. This is where I live so I already know the main ending (though not how it gets to that point). I agree with everyone so far about all the plot holes (thanks for the tires I could have found myself! Here's a wad of cash!). And a lot of these places he's digging for tires and iron do not look familiar to Erie. I guess they could be as I don't go digging in junkyards a lot but a few of us locals think the areas seem like somewhere else. And unless it was a trick of the camera, they show him sleeping outside of Dobbins Landing, which, no. I once got a parking ticket when I was like 2 minutes late when the meter ran out. This is a historical site along the bayfront of Lake Erie. No. So either they pretend to have him sleep there or they were given special permission to park/film there. And in the 2nd episode he goes to a car place to see if they have a trade-in they'd sell him. They turned him away because of legal matters. That place's owner was arrested on fraud. His business slogan was "Andy says, write it up!" (as in, a deal). Well, since he's been arrested people have been having fun with that. So...can people just buy trade-in cars, run them through a car wash, do a little light vacuuming, and then sell them for 3 or 4 times what they bought it for? Maybe I am in the wrong line of work?
  9. In the Manage Topic/Forum Follows areas, the time of the last post isn't there. It also doesn't include the last person who posted. But these things do show up in other areas of the site as I discovered trying to find this page!
  10. I can play by myself! U is for Universe, as in, Dan is dry wall master of the universe!
  11. Well I'll be damned if I didn't actually laugh at Katrina's phone message attempts!
  12. Random fact you don't care about, my coworker had never heard this phrase (long in the tooth)--she's in her mid-40s, I'm a bit younger than her but we both grew up in the same 20 mile radius. She's not dumb, but somehow this one completely missed her. But I still get your point that it's annoying that Rose knew the phrase in one episode and then forget it in another. Would have been great continuity if the episode where she didn't know it was first and then later we hear her use the phrase.
  13. I just don't...get this show. And I kind of want to. There are parts I sometimes like--like David Spade's stories and some of his videos before/after commercials can be humorous. But with the panel they never get into anything enough. I'm not expecting deep and meaningful, but I guess I wanted more than just some throw away lines. I had real high hopes with the Dana Carvey episode but it fell completely flat for me. And of course it seems like a lot of boobs! tits! ha ha! Yes, I guess I'm a prude, but who is this show aimed it? These types of things are all we can give the panel to work with? I've liked most everything that has aired in this 11:30 slot but I'm not sure this one is for me.
  14. My favorite part of the episode was the in-between commercial segment where they had the cast try to sing the Suit's theme song.
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