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  1. BookThief

    The Conners Alphabet Game

    I can play by myself! U is for Universe, as in, Dan is dry wall master of the universe!
  2. BookThief

    S09E05 If The Shoe Fits

    Well I'll be damned if I didn't actually laugh at Katrina's phone message attempts!
  3. Random fact you don't care about, my coworker had never heard this phrase (long in the tooth)--she's in her mid-40s, I'm a bit younger than her but we both grew up in the same 20 mile radius. She's not dumb, but somehow this one completely missed her. But I still get your point that it's annoying that Rose knew the phrase in one episode and then forget it in another. Would have been great continuity if the episode where she didn't know it was first and then later we hear her use the phrase.
  4. BookThief

    Lights Out with David Spade

    I just don't...get this show. And I kind of want to. There are parts I sometimes like--like David Spade's stories and some of his videos before/after commercials can be humorous. But with the panel they never get into anything enough. I'm not expecting deep and meaningful, but I guess I wanted more than just some throw away lines. I had real high hopes with the Dana Carvey episode but it fell completely flat for me. And of course it seems like a lot of boobs! tits! ha ha! Yes, I guess I'm a prude, but who is this show aimed it? These types of things are all we can give the panel to work with? I've liked most everything that has aired in this 11:30 slot but I'm not sure this one is for me.
  5. BookThief

    S09. E03: Windmills

    My favorite part of the episode was the in-between commercial segment where they had the cast try to sing the Suit's theme song.
  6. Continuing the conversation from the other thread... Dish didn't drop CBS. I have Dish and my episode recorded fine last night. DirecTV was the one that dropped them (and maybe apparently also AT&T--but definitely DirecTV. Our local CBS was airing pleas for customers to call DirecTV all the time).
  7. BookThief

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I loved that Stephen didn't get the connection of "Bear" to Bayer" until he said "'How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear" by Vanessa Bayer'" (Hey...wait a minute) when signing off to commercial. I didn't either until just as he said it so his reaction was my reaction.
  8. BookThief

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    X is for...eXit (just go with it). Dorothy made multiple returns in the final episode but eventually had a final eXit when all the ladies realized she was really gone for good that time.
  9. BookThief

    The Conners Alphabet Game

    T is for Trust. As in, "You can trust us, Crystal....with the big stuff."
  10. BookThief

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    The phone book? And all the men Blanche knew were watching. And she's a legend of the area so word probably got out who she was and so some men called her based on that. And back in the day people probably could have called the studio to ask who the panelists were.
  11. BookThief

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    I missed the name of the Romano Tours sketch at the beginning, but as it was airing I thought "This is like that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond" and then they said Romano Tours and I wondered if it was it meant to be Ray Romano? In an episode of ELR, Marie pays for the entire family to go to Italy and Ray is his usual, mopey self and Debra gets fed up and is even enjoying time with her mother-in-law because (paraphrased) "she paid for us to go to Italy!" In the end Ray gets over himself. But I was wondering if that was the origin of this sketch. I was a teenager when Sandler was on SNL and I enjoyed him...sometimes. Like the Hanukkah songs--you got "street cred" if you knew the lyrics at school the next week. I never cared for Opera Man, probably because I wasn't paying as much attention to news now as I was then. Anyway, I really liked this Opera Man. I liked the "I was fired" song and Chris Farley tribute. Some brutal honesty in that but it was quite poignant. Not everything in the episode worked, but I thought it was a stronger episode than most--and that's coming from someone who even back then thought Sandler's movies were lame (until The Wedding Singer).
  12. BookThief

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    T is for the TV Sophia was going to buy Dorothy and Dorothy was going to buy Sophia. And sometimes they can all get together and watch that new show, Make Room for Daddy (which starred Danny Thomas, who is not a lesbian, and Sid Melton who played Sal).
  13. BookThief

    S44.E18: Emma Stone / BTS

    I am born and raised from there as well! And they really don't smell more than just normal lakes smell. Presque Isle is a jewel of the state!
  14. BookThief

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    N is for the Noodlehead in the red dress they kept talking about. Could it be code?
  15. BookThief

    The Conners Alphabet Game

    S is for Sally Girl, the hip new way kids are saying "homeboy". "Right now David's downstairs hanging with his Sally girl, Mike." Just don't confirm this with DJ.