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  1. I would kind of love if the test turns out to be, "are you dumb enough to blindly follow a voice in your head, or can you think for yourself?", but somehow I don't think that's where this is going.
  2. Definitely not. That was probably not the intended reaction though.....
  3. I didn't think it was possible for the parents of a kidnapped child to be so unlikable, but Ben and Grace really proved me wrong. Michaela is at fault for Cal being kidnapped because she didn't let drug dealers go free? If she did, they probably would have hurt someone else. I know he was upset about Cal, but screaming at Michaela about how she should have let those guys go was terrible. If I had to blindly follow those ridiculous callings to beat the stupid death date, I don't think I would want to do it. Did not expect Saanvi to kill the major. I am not sure how those cops could have been sure there are no bodies in that frozen over lake. I don't even believe they would do such an extensive search of a frozen lake, since obviously, if anyone was still down there they are not alive. But at the end, I was expecting those fisherman to pull out the drug dealer bodies from the ocean. The plane is an interesting twist, I guess.
  4. I think it was to remind people Station 19 existed during the fall.
  5. Didn't he originally get his license taken away for stealing meds for his dying kidnapper mom?
  6. She was still kissing him in her office with a glass wall though. I thought for sure Miles was going to walk in and see. I don't get why Arthur didn't tell the waitress lady that if her son isn't behind the God account he should just meet with Miles and then he and Cara would leave him alone. Or why Cara didn't just start by telling the waitress lady they just want to talk to her son to clear up some things, and once they do, they'll leave him alone. Threatening to print a story she doesn't have is just silly because you can't follow through with it.
  7. So Zoey has the choice between: 1. A guy who willingly made a fool out of himself at work just to make her look less crazy, basically risking his job for her, brought dessert to her sick father, took her to the hospital when she needed a ride, and moved a bed for the sick father and 2. A guy willing to cheat on his fiance And this is apparently a hard choice for her? I mean, Max isn't perfect, but he is definitely devoted.
  8. It was silly to say he should treat it like any other friend suggestion, because it clearly wasn't. It's not like Miles is a doctor being forced to treat all patients regardless of what terrible things they have done. He could have ignored it and hoped things worked out for his sister and I wouldn't have thought less of him. But clearly, I am more selfish than Miles. I guess that's why God hasn't friended me.....
  9. I am certainly no expert, but my understanding was that you don't sign final adoption papers until the baby is actually born. You would sign papers with your intent, but not the final papers. Because what if the something happens to the baby? You obviously can't live up to your end of the contract of giving someone your baby in that case. Plus I would imagine lots of people don't think they can be a parent, but change their mind once they see it. That happens on lots of TV shows and movies, but I am sure it happens IRL too.
  10. The assistant did give her access, but I don't think Kat told anyone that because she is trying to protect the assistant's job. I think she may have some trouble with a new job, because she publicly trashed the CEO of her company. It is like when Jane couldn't get a new job because she called out that other magazine she briefly worked for. But Kat will land somewhere (likely back at Scarlet) because these girls never fail for real. I knew Kat would release the file, but I can't believe she just posted in with her own account. Surely she could have found any number of journalists who would want to release the story. Not only is it about a big CEO being shady, but it would also help other magazines/sites bring down their competition. Of course, after Kat confronted RJ and told him she had the returns, they would have known it was her. I feel like Jacqueline was Sutton's guardian angel in this episode. She convinced Oliver to offer her the job and then convinced Richard to still marry her. I knew Sutton was going to stay in NYC, but am really curious to see if she and Richard stay together. Long distance is tough, but it would be nice to have a woman on TV get to have both love and her dream career.
  11. And who even owns that house? Is it still owned by his family and they haven't been there in 20 years? Why wasn't it in worse shape? And if someone else owns it, how have they never looked under the house? When you buy a house, don't you inspect it? Plus, wouldn't they complain about Eddie being on their property?
  12. I assume this was planned, since it lines up with when How To Get Away With Murder was supposed to return. Plus, it had all the makings of a season finale. I did post that last week, but I am sure I am not the only one who thought it. It is the least original thing ever. I thought it was super weird when everyone showed up at the hospital. I know TV shows want to put everyone together in one place for drama but it is so not realistic and kind of invasive. If I was giving birth I wouldn't want a bunch of people hanging around, especially if I was giving it up. It's kind of a personal experience. I was pleasantly surprised Eddie didn't drink, but didn't like the random car crash. I was expecting someone to come out of the background and beat him up, so I guess getting hit by a car was slightly original. Unless the person driving is the father of the dead girl and it was intentional. I guess if he is seriously injured he'll take pain meds and spiral back to drinking? I did like Eddie asking Theo to be his best man, and Theo telling Gary and Rome to suck it. I also actually liked the scene of Sophie and Danny trying to flirt with Miles (who is not actually that hot) and then everyone getting super awkward when they realized who they were talking to.
  13. Why didn't anyone pull Richard off the stage any sooner than they did. That was horrible to watch. I was thinking how stupid it was that they were putting Richard and Catherine back together, but the only thing that was worse was whatever they are doing to him instead. I kind of feel like Maggie's fling is going to turn out to be some kind of stalker. I liked seeing more about McWidow's background, but it was really sad. I don't get the point of the Teddy flashbacks. Was that supposed to make us like her better?
  14. That was my thought as well, it feels like so many other things I am watching right now. I'm really getting tired of dead father shows. I was having a hard time getting into the characters, especially, with all the time jumps. I may give it another shot, depending on what else is on when it comes back.
  15. Yes, but those twins looked pretty young, how far into the future is it?The kids don't look like they could be more than 10, but everyone else seems to have aged decades. Is the boy playing Kevin's son even the same actor as who they showed last year?
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