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  1. There was an episode in season 1 where they called Michelle and yelled "you got it dude" into the phone. That was about it. I agree, it really makes no sense that Michelle would have so little contact with the family. They could have done a better job writing around the real life circumstances, but I think they were annoyed at the actresses and wanted to be "funny" more than realistic.
  2. lol, well that's why I said I saw a video saying that and not that it was definitely true. Who knows what it was using as a source.
  3. OMG they are referencing caffeine pills? That's amazing. I can't even tell from that article if they finished filming the first season before the pandemic hit. Why does Mario Lopez look exactly the same?
  4. I saw something online about how the producers were considering asking Elizabeth Olsen, but decided not to. Then she heard that fans kept saying she should do it and got all pissed off at why she was being involved when she had never even seen the original show. But I agree they should have recast and just used her once or twice. They recast Cindy Brady in one of the Brady Bunch grown up movies, so if they can do that they can recast Michelle.
  5. KaveDweller


    Yeah, if you look at the writing credits of the episodes you can see how much more involved JJ was in season 1 and 2. I think in season 3 he worked on the pilot of Lost and that was when Alias lost his attention. Even if he didn't stay super involved with Lost, he didn't come back to Alias full time when the pilot finished. I am guessing the CIA or the President would not want to go on record is saying this evil organization had been operating for years in the US without anyone being able to stop them.
  6. To keep it as ambiguous as possible? I agree, that suggests she is really alive. And I agree about a spinoff for Patterson, Rich, and Boston.
  7. I thought it was intentionally unclear, but in those interviews the showrunner kept saying how he felt like his intent was very clear but it was great that everyone had their own interpretation. But both things can't really be true.
  8. I hate when writers refuse to say what they really meant to have happened. Also, if half the audience thinks something different than the other half, your intent was definitely not clear.
  9. I totally got that sense. There was this weird lingering shot of them with their hands tied together. I would have commented on it, but then I got distracted by the whole fake out and death thing.
  10. That was a pretty good finale, and I am really glad they showed that Jane had her memories right at the beginning. I guess we are supposed to think that Jane really died and the last scene was her in heaven, but I am going to ignore that and say it was real and her vision of dying is just a side effect of Zip. Because, how would she know about Patterson and Rich's plan to hunt for the lead to gold machine? I really liked everyone else's ending in that scene. Having her zipped into the body bag was a pretty cool image to use at the end though. If Patterson had a cure for Zip, why didn't they just give it to everyone in the vicinity of the bomb? And how did she make the cure, isn't she a computer person and not a Chemist? The most unrealistic thing in this episode was completely clearing Times Square in about 5 minutes. Ha, yeah right. I don't get the motivation for why Ivy would want to wipe the memories of everyone in NYC, especially since it seemed like she would have lost her own memory. I got Madeline's motivation for wanting to use Zip to control her enemies, but Ivy was just a mercenary.
  11. Cause he's the one who decided to end things? And has money to go somewhere else. Doesn't he still have a place in San Francisco? I assume that if they start divorce proceedings they'll settle who lives where and the financial stuff. Sutton will likely not get to stay there forever.
  12. That was my first thought as well, but I really hope not. Based on the last scene it looks like they are going for a "watch Sutton spiral" storyline. I'm not looking forward to that either. There was that episode while she and Richard were broken up where she had a random hook up that she thought was a one night stand, but he pursued her. Then we found out the guy was actually married. But she was pissed about that, she had no idea. The HS boyfriend didn't say anything about his marriage not being great, he seemed pretty happy.
  13. Well if the whole storyline ends up being about Ava suddenly seeing her late and changing her views, I will be annoyed too. That is just bad writing.
  14. I definitely think there are issues with the Kat/Ava storyline, but do we really know that much about Ava's views other than "Republican." That's a pretty broad category and the show has been pretty superficial about it. Her father supports conversion therapy, and she clearly still speaks to her father, but she has said she's against it. And unless I am forgetting something, I don't recall her making any comments suggesting she's racist, which the Huff Post article implied. Now, I don't really see Kat as someone who could handle a relationship with someone who disagrees with her about anything, so it is clearly a bad idea. And it seems messed up that she hears Ava is a lesbian and suddenly starts fantasizing about her when she had hated her five minutes earlier.
  15. I was thinking they could do some thing where Jane is immune to the Zip because of all her previous exposure, and that cure she had to take for the Zip side effects that killed Roman. I will be super annoyed if she is really zipped and the show ends with her having no memory. But I can see the show doing that.
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