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  1. The difference between Rocker timeline and Cop timeline, is that in Rocker timeline, Zeke knows he was adopted and that his biological parents were out in the world somewhere. And when he asked to meet them, his parents agreed because they thought it was best for him. In Cop timeline, Jenny and her husband lied to Lucas for seemingly no reason, other than they wanted to make their lives easier and create their own family. It isn't a case of the biological parents giving up the kid, or being a deadbeat dad, they just hid the existence of Joe's kid from him. Joe WOULD have raised him if he
  2. It was a name/address for a life insurance company. Maybe where she is working?
  3. I didn't pay that close attention either. But Randall's text referred to Breakfast at Tiffany's, which is not usually a line associated with Boston. And it does seem strange that he'd let her go to visit Malik, at least without major stressing. So I am leaning towards her lying.
  4. I felt so bad for Nicky when it seemed like Sally didn't remember him. I am not sure why, but I always feel so sad for Nicky. But I guess it ended nicely for him, and he was able to move on. It's great for him to finally have some happiness and it is much more realistic than if he ended up married to Sally. That dinner was awkward I could barely watch. I don't really care about Malik and Deja. I mean they are not unlikable, but not super interesting. I don't like episodes that don't have all of the big three.
  5. The promos for that movie made me think of this book I read called The Christmas Sisters and after reading your description I am positive it was based on it. The names and the individual problems are the same, but they changed locations. And I guess made it not a Christmas story? Which is weird, considering how many Christmas movies Hallmark makes.
  6. I thought she said she finished undergrad in three years. Which is definitely faster than most people. But their product still seemed dumb, or at least too early for an investment. They hadn't even built an app yet.
  7. I just got around to watching this. In this episode I was most annoyed at the cop universe's Jenny and her husband. They don't tell Joe he has a kid for 10 years. They lie to Lucas about who his father is. They ask Joe to donate blood. Then they get mad because Joe tries to give the kid a gift and spend time with him? I mean, I get that they don't want Lucas to know the truth. But Joe was kind of wronged in this scenario. In the rocker universe I get the parent's anger because from what they know Joe gave the kid up for adoption. And Joe asked him to go on tour which is a huge disrup
  8. My takeaway is that maybe healthcare systems always suck. Even in England, which people always say is better than ours, people hate the system. And of course Max is the one who can bring out people's complaints about something. But has he really not thought about where he was going to work before? He has a child to think about. I liked Dr Wilder. She seems more competent than any of the other doctors there. Most of what Veronica was doing seemed awful, but I didn't understand why telling women to start getting mamograms earlier was bad? It seems like a money grab, but extra mamograms
  9. Thanks, I had forgotten about him seeing his movie and it being bad. They also rebooted American Idol after only a couple years. I am not sure that counts since it is a reality show though. But Hollywood is out of ideas, I can buy them doing an immediate reboot of a stupid sitcom. Those kids looked like 5-year-olds, but that did not look like any kindergarten classrooms I have seen.
  10. I don't think we saw any of the regular cast in the flashforward where Kate's kids are adults. I am trying to remember why Kevin's career seems to be in trouble? I know he walked off the set of that last movie, but didn't he go back and film reshoots with DeNiro?
  11. Rocker-verse Jenny did a big turnaround with meeting Zeke, but I guess it was necessary to keep the kid in that storyline. I find it hard to believe Joe's son would be such a perfect kid in every single universe though. Joe did not have to lie to him to imply he was involved in the decision to give him up for adoption. I was happy Amy was supportive of Joe meeting him, but she could have just been doing that because she's pregnant with Bobby's kid. And if they really didn't have sex since her miscarriage, I guess it really must be Bobby's baby? I was pleased Cop Joe told Amy right away wh
  12. That is so weird. Why even make it a Christmas episode if the rest of the season wasn't going to air anytime soon? It wasn't really important to the plot to have it be Christmas.
  13. Not to defend the ridiculousness of these movies, but there are some year-round Christmas stores out there, so it apparently is possible to earn a living that way. I have been in lots them in tourist areas. I collect Christmas ornaments from places I travel too, so I always go in Christmas stores that I see on vacation. And they tend to be full of people in the summer. But that may be less true in smaller towns that aren't full of tourists who like to shop.
  14. At least the guy called him out on the fact that he's a celebrity and it's harder for regular people to do that. I thought of that too. I was waiting for them to mention you could eat the middle part you squeeze out of the banana, although that might be kind of gross since it is all mushy. I have a hard time spreading peanut butter on bananas, so I just take a spoonful on my plate and use it like dip. A lot easier than setting up that whole device. Easier to clean too. I am surprised no one talked about the extra cleaning involved just to eat a simple banana.
  15. Yes, those shots of her running behind Ricard were hilarious. Too bad they never showed her personality on the show. I guess it didn't fit the narrative they wanted to tell.
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