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  1. KaveDweller

    S02.E04: Unfiltered

    I don't think Mariana is actually into Evan, or was trying to flirt with him. I think she just doesn't want to turn him down meanly, because he is a nice guy and she is worried about the impact on her career. She only said yes to drinks when he said it was to talk about the app, but seemed to be worried he meant more. I am not sure she knows Evan has been watching her kind of creepy-like. Oh, she was much, much worse.
  2. KaveDweller

    Blood & Treasure

    I think they are going to do an off and on thing with Danny and Lexi. They slept together this episode, but that doesn't mean they are going to be a couple moving forward. They could make things drag out for a couple seasons that way.
  3. KaveDweller

    S02.E02: Torn

    Understanding it is unrealistic that she would start a clerkship before taking the bar in the first place, if Callie was still working for the judge when she failed the bar, would she have lost her job? I know a lot of people fail the bar the first time, but it seems like it will be pretty hard for her to get a job until she passes. Seems pretty reckless to quit without knowing you had already passed it.
  4. KaveDweller

    Grand Hotel

    I thought this was a lot of fun, I think it will be a good summer soap. I think all the characters seem interesting and there are plenty of plots to keep things busy. My own issue.....why didn't the hotel owner just tell his daughter he was selling the hotel because they were in debt? He had like ten chances and it would have shut her up (not that I dislike the daughter).
  5. KaveDweller

    S02.E01: Percussions

    Callie continues her history of terrible decisions. I don't even know where to start with her. Mariana's co-workers are such jerks. Hope she continues to do well at work though and that her app goes well. I also hope things with Raj don't blow up and make things worse for her. I wish we had gotten more interaction with Callie and Mariana though. It felt like they were on different shows.
  6. KaveDweller

    Blood & Treasure

    Lots of shows are promoted as limited series end of with multiple seasons, if they are hits. Networks will do anything they think will make them money. I've really been enjoying this, although I'm not sure how they'd do a second season if it was a hit. They could probably do the same characters chasing a new mystery/bad guy.
  7. KaveDweller

    The Bold Type

    I don't mind what they did with Sutton. She thought she wanted to be a designer so she tried the seminar and realized she didn't really want it. She wouldn't have ever known if she didn't try it. And it's not like she is now thinking of a totally different career like becoming a politician. But I hope there is something for her to do at Scarlett between being an assistant and being taking over when Oliver retires. She works harder than the rest of the characters she deserves a promotion. That is a really great interview. She seems much more likable than her character (and I don't even dislike the character). The ending cliffhanger was weird, because even if they were shutting down Scarlett, they would probably fire everyone before they got movers to come in and clear out all those desks. At the company where I work it takes days to get them to change a light bulb.
  8. KaveDweller

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    I don't have an issue with it either, but I'm not really sure John Stamos Tweeting a photo means she is definitely in it. That looked like a promotional photo, so I am sure Lori Laughlin is in most of them, or at least, most of the one's Stamos is also in. I didn't realize they had announced a release date...that article says August, which feels soon. I am not ready for it to be over (embarrassing admission, I know).
  9. KaveDweller

    The Bold Type

    He was on a tour, I think Princeton was just one stop.
  10. KaveDweller

    Dynasty (2017)

    Thanks. It is coming back to me now. That was kind of terrible.
  11. KaveDweller

    Dynasty (2017)

    Wait, I forgot/forget too. Who did they kill? Crystal's ex that they blamed for her miscarriage? I vaguely remember Blake beating someone up, but that's it. I think technically you can go to jail if you assault someone, and they later die as a side effect of the assault. Even if it wasn't the direct cause. Or if someone dies while you are committing a crime, you can be charged with felony murder (at least that is what they said on How To Get Away With Murder). However, whether that can be proven is a whole other matter. They would see the head injury, and Fallon would accuse Adam, but Blake would probably protect him. However, I really hope Liam is alive. My only other thought is everyone on this show is a terrible person. And yet I still like most of them.
  12. KaveDweller

    The Bold Type

    I think they already talked to Jane, and she just has to write the article. The photoshoot is to go with the article. But if they said they were backing out, she would probably have to take their name off the article. Or she may not have to legally, but it would be the decent thing to do. It is kind of odd that she and Jacquelyn just keep saying "we don't think you have to worry about the NDA." I mean, of course they don't think they have to worry, they don't have to worry about the consequences. But I agree with the posts above that this photographer doesn't really seem so bad that it warrants them breaking the NDA. They probably will lose future jobs anyway, because other photographers will be worried that they will be accused of doing something wrong.
  13. KaveDweller

    The Fix (2019)

    I liked the twist of Sevvy being innocent, but ending up in prison anyway. It is fitting. I realized he was going to be innocent a few episodes ago, and was prepared to dislike it. But it ended up working for me. I'm not really upset about it being cancelled because I also thought it was going to be a one season thing. Not sure how it would have worked for another season, unless it was just about some of the lawyers with a totally new case. I hope Maya's boyfriend whose name I never learned accepts her acceptance of the proposal, and isn't mad it took her awhile. Someone needs a happy ending.
  14. KaveDweller

    The Bold Type

    It was both. Sutton said at one point it was their first birthday together as a couple.
  15. KaveDweller

    The Bold Type

    They can just hire her themselves for a shoot. Then watch her be awful. But honestly, it really is a slow storyline. I get that they wanted to show investigative journalism, but it is super boring. It would be better if we had met the photographer already and had some vested interest in her.