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  1. It does show how much smarter Patterson is than Ivy.....Madeline and Ivy have been looking for Boston for weeks/months and Patterson finds him in about a day? Glad they didn't waste any time showing that Patterson was alive, no matter how ridiculous the explanation is. Sucks that Madeline just got to kill herself and not actually suffer for all she did. At least, not here on Earth.
  2. What was the point of having Sutton and Richard get married just to have them split up a few episodes later? I am glad they did resolve the status of things, because I thought it was going to end with them in bed making up without deciding what to do about the kids issue. At least him leaving sort of settles it. I tend to dislike when shows do episodes with separate stories instead of having the characters interact like normal. This was no exception. I was interested that they are having Jane write a "me too" related story while setting up a love interest with her employee. The woman she interviewed seems to have been screwed, but to write a balanced story shouldn't she talk to the manager who fired her and not just an associate giving his impression of things?
  3. Normally I would agree, because I hate when people say a woman will change her mind about kids. But for me the Sutton situation is slightly different because she previously seemed to want kids and just changed her mind about that immediately following a miscarriage. That's not to say she can't know, but it just seemed like a really fast change after a major life event, when people aren't always thinking clearly. But maybe I'm also biased because I really want Sutton and Richard to stay together and I don't see how they can otherwise. I had no idea I cared about them so much until this episode.
  4. 1. This didn't bother me, because Jessi and Mal became friends so quickly, I didn't feel the need to see it. I assume if there is a season 2 we will get more of them bonding. I think they had to change this, because they likely won't want to ship the actress playing Stacey away at any point for her move to NYC. This lets them bring the younger girls into the club without losing her. 2. I get why they couldn't be identical, but weird that they didn't have them look a little more alike. It did bother me, but not as much as almost all the Pikes having red hair. 3. I didn't really care about the accent, but it bothered me that he was in Stoneybrook in 7th grade. 4. Laine wasn't at camp with them, but I thought it worked. In the books she and Stacey reconciled in a book where Stacey was in NYC and this allowed all the girls to be involved in that storyline. 5. This bothered me a ton. I live in New Jersey and nothing at the beach is even open in March/April when schools would be on spring break. I can see going to get cheap rates, and that would explain everyone being cold, but there would certainly be no life guards on duty and no one would expect to sit on the beach. And Scott being a lifeguard is an important part of the story.
  5. In the book where they sit for the racist family, the racist family had a problem with Jessi and Claudia, but liked Mary Anne. So I don't think book Mary Anne was supposed to biracial. But I liked the change for the show and the hair comment did have much more meaning from it.
  6. Endocrinologist, yes. I guess because they treat a lot of diabetics and wanted to explain that's how she would recognize the insulin pump and know that Stacey was managing her symptoms well. Okay, so that's why they did it. I had forgotten Sharon's maiden name and was puzzled by the connection. But I also love they made Morbidda Destiny an actual witch. And that she knew Karen thought she was a witch and didn't seem to mind. I really liked it. The actresses all felt right for the characters, and I especially loved Claudia and Dawn. They just felt like such refreshing, joyful characters. I also enjoyed all the Mary Anne/Richard interaction. I also thought that little girl playing Karen was hilarious. She made me laugh every time she broke out with one of her creepy statements.
  7. I feel like Sutton and Richard did once discuss kids and Richard pointed out he needed to act fast cause he was 40, and Sutton pointed out that she was only 26 and wanted more time. They didn't really resolve it though. But it seemed like at that point Sutton did think she wanted kids. Sutton and Richard did go into marriage really fast and should have talked things through more. Sutton certainly has a right to change her mind, but Richard then has a right to decide to end the marriage if kids are important to him. I feel like Sutton's decision is a bit hasty. She was happy (but nervous) about being pregnant, then had a miscarriage, and now two weeks later is suddenly sure she will never want kids? It seems like maybe she wants to put a bit more time between the miscarriage and that decision. Some people do change their minds about kids. Obviously not everyone, but some. And she may feel differently about her job after she has been doing it for 5 years and feels more established. Something about not feeling like herself. Which I guess makes sense when you change something big about your body. Plus Jane is the type of person who dramatizes everything and looks for things to by angsty about. Dumb question....is the reason Jane didn't feel the pin prick that you don't feel anything when you have artificial breasts?
  8. There are two threads for this episode, I hope this is the right one.... I refuse to believe Patterson is really dead. I don't care how unrealistic it is for her to have made it out of that room.
  9. Me too, and I love that they are matching the books. If this is renewed they won't be able to keep that up for every book, but it is still nice as a way to start out. But summer camp was the second super special and it was much later. I guess there was no budget for a Disney World episode?
  10. KaveDweller


    JJ had abandoned Felicity when he got the idea for Alias too. The man has great ideas, but commitment doesn't seem to be his strengths. At least not in terms of work/projects. I saw a picture of Jennifer Garner with her daughter recently, and the daughter looked so grown up. My first thought was, damn, has Alias been off the air that long? I'm almost tempted to do a rewatch and see how it holds up.
  11. It's one thing to write about your personal/medical issues and have it out there for anybody to see, it's another to dump that information on an employee in a face-to-face conversation when they have to respond back to you. That would be true even if it wasn't a mastectomy. Unless you know them really well, you shouldn't treat employees (or bosses) the way you would a friend or a potential romantic partner.
  12. Are there actually people who bother to hire a personal stylist to go to their kids kindergarten graduation? I guess they wanted to have Sutton interact with a kid, but that seemed super ridiculous. This could be a really interesting storyline for Sutton though. I hope they don't make her and Richard too conflicted about his wanting to try again though. I thought it was super inappropriate for Jane to even be talking about her mastectomy with her employee.
  13. Back in season 1 of the original show, there was an episode where DJ got stuck in advanced classes and was split up from Kimmy. I don't remember the details, but I am sure she told a story about she and Kimmy becoming friends.
  14. My memory of Carly was that she was the biological daughter of Oliver's ex, and Oliver had lived with both of them for awhile. I thought Oliver adopted her because the ex died and she was going to go into the system, but maybe the story was just that the mother died and the ex was just in jail or rehab or something (and is now out and back in the picture). But the story was always that she wasn't Oliver's biological kid. I don't think they have previously mentioned the ex now being back in the picture before this past episode. I have no idea if it is the same actress. She could just be growing.
  15. Why do people on TV always seem surprised by blizzards? I think I agree with Scott's side on the article issue with Jane. Obviously I don't know what the full story was about so maybe I'm missing something, but it sounded like Jane was saying that a man should magically know if a woman needs help and not listen to her when she says she's okay? If Scott's mom insisted he go back to school, he shouldn't feel guilty about that. We can't say "no means no" when it comes to sex, but "no means yes" when it comes to other things. Also, I feel like Jane approached that whole situation in the worst way possible. She is new as as a boss, but hasn't she ever had to give another writer feedback before? I did crack up at Jacqueline giving her advice post-sex though. But Jacqueline's marriage issues are clearly not over. This is terrible, but I laughed out loud when Kat got fired again. But of course she gets a second chance. At the end, I kind of liked the daughter of the guy she got fired though. I agree with her about wanting to be open to hearing from others, and she doesn't necessarily have all her father's views. Sutton continues to be the only one who seems to work hard. Good for her, and it was nice seeing that she and Richard are both excited about the baby. Of course, that makes me think they now won't have it......
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