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  1. The characters were pretty dumb for thinking they could give out issues of the magazine and no one would leak it. Of course it all worked out, because otherwise there'd be no show. About time Scarlett went all digital. The whole time they were talking about her last issue being printed, I was wondering who the hell still buys print magazines.
  2. I think they are gas lighting us. I do not remember her at all. Unless maybe she was just a background person and never had lines, and people didn't say her name? Justin Chambers is leaving? When did that happen? He has been my favorite character for a long time, that totally sucks. It seems weird that they wouldn't have him stay long enough to do a proper goodbye episode, unless there's bad blood. They better keep him alive offscreen.
  3. Maybe when she re-upped her commitment she got moved to a new school? That could explain who she's struggling with her students now? That kid who came home with her last season seemed middle school age to me. So it could have been a lower grade in a 6-12 school, but it seems unlikely you'd see that in LA. Good point about Davia being a teacher and the 'fat bitch' video. I was just talking to a teacher who said how paranoid she is of people taking pictures of her. I guess when she started she was told how important it was to never have pictures on social media that show her in any way that people think could be negative. I don't think the writers know much about teaching. They also had Davia comment about how she picked a book she thought her students would like. Most teachers can't just pick any books they want to teach, they would have to teach to a reading list and standards. I am hoping the Judge gains self awareness. I am guessing that was the point? But I can't imagine how he can be impartial on any case involving a child's death or drugs right now.
  4. I thought I was going crazy for not remembering. This is like that time on Lost when they brought in new people and tried to make us think they had been there the whole time. She's outright said it over and over. This was just the first time Meredith heard her. So Sims is the same person that the grandmother was calling "Blake"? I was confused about that too. It has been too long since the last episode for me to remember someone who was barely on. She looked familiar to me too. Did the woman have a baby and then the guy had to go in for surgery right after? I remember him seeing his baby through a window on the way to surgery. And Maggie quit because it had a bad ending, but I guess it wasn't a bad ending after all?
  5. I realized I had forgotten almost everything that happened last season, except for the Vic stuff since she has been on Grey's. Weird that they broke up Maya and Jack, and I don't totally get what her motive was. Andy and the Captain were annoying. But, she was right to tell her father to shut up about who she sleeps with. He was being an ass to her. You'd think his cancer being back would make him be nicer to his kid.
  6. When I was 10 my summer camp did a few numbers from Grease in our end of summer show. Not the whole play, but I will still say yes, it is appropriate enough. They probably made some edits to clean it up for 12-year-olds. Especially if the only kissing scene was the final number. I really thought something bad was going to happen to Danny during the play and he was going to embarrass himself. So I am glad I was wrong. The girl playing Sandy seemed pretty good too. I was really surprised about the no scar. I am interested where this is going, because I have no idea.
  7. I thought Helen was created by Loretta, and then Helen created the others. So it makes sense that Helen wouldn't want to create other AIs that were as powerful as her. She wanted to be the leader Loretta made me wonder if the AIs age. Because Helen looks exactly like Loretta, and I am assuming Loretta has aged in the last 15 years.
  8. Is that the right episode description, because the Mariana and Dennis stuff doesn't match what I saw. Why does Callie always do the thing I'm yelling at the TV for her not to do? I know she helped him, but going with Judge Wilson seemed like a terrible idea. How does she still have her job? I think it is pretty terrible of Evan to ask Mariana to let her app fail. I am not sure how Davia became one of my favorite characters.
  9. Having his girlfriend and lots of friends work there seems like the main reason. And wanting to finish his residency at the same hospital he started at may play a part. At a new hospital he probably wouldn't have gotten to be chief resident, so I guess that plays a role too. But can Conrad really be a team doctor and a full time doctor at the hospital? And would the team have hired him when he never finished his residency?
  10. Yes, I am sure she will be fine. But I feel like if you trust the person you are dating, having a roommate of the opposite sex shouldn't be any different than having one of the same sex. It seems like Carly doesn't totally trust Shaun. But I am glad they got some happiness in this episode.
  11. It seems pretty wrong to me too. I guess privilege only applies if the attorney and client are alone, but if that is the case, Emily seems pretty dumb for her "hiring" the kid as a consultant. When she did it I thought it sounded like a fake TV thing that wouldn't work in real life, but it seems like it didn't even work on TV.
  12. People on TV always assume cults are benign. I assume they do in real life too, and that is how you get sucked in, but I've never actually met anyone in a cult. But young people getting sucked in by thinking the people are good is pretty standard. Was Lourdes actually pregnant or were they just trying? If she was actually pregnant Jared should at least be a father. I didn't get Jared's comment to Michaela at the end about how he wasn't the only one that blew up his life? Was that supposed to suggest Michaela is going to be in trouble at work for telling the truth? That seems odd. Jared is definitely screwed from her testimony though. I don't totally blame him for hating her, but am not sure what his purpose on the show is anymore.
  13. Mark isn't usually happy with medical claims, but he does tend to like things that he thinks can help his kids or people like his kids.
  14. I think it will be hard for them to work Leah into the show, if she isn't living with/near Shaun. The show hasn't really been using her very much as it is. It kind of sucks because Shaun deserves to have friends, and Leah seemed good for him. I wonder if they will have Shaun reach out to her to move back in if he and Carly break up? I would assume she would reject that. It also sucks for Leah to have to move out, it looks like she did it pretty quickly. I wasn't some huge fan of hers, but it just seems crappy to be in her shoes.
  15. I'm assuming it is not, and was only a big ordeal because the woman was using some illegal drugs in it. I knew Fallon was going to end up causing problems when she said that in court, but I didn't feel bad for Becky because she WAS using non-approved drugs. When Alexis complained that Fallon got an innocent woman in trouble, I was waiting for Fallon to correct her that Becky was not innocent.
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