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  1. I think you have to look at their income too though, and not just the descriptions about job types and education. It is really the income that matters most in what kinds of lifestyle you can have. Jack and Rebecca magically seem to have the income of upper middle class even though Jack's job doesn't fit the other characteristics of that category. Yes, it was established that they stayed friends with that family while Randall was between 8ish and 18ish. Maybe they lost touch after Jack died and Randall went off to college. Or maybe they just stopped showing them because it was no longer relevant to the story. But they still met after Randall started having his fantasies about other parents, so what he said about the weatherman and librarian being the only black people he saw regularly at the time makes sense.
  2. Wow, is Sophie's teacher a creep. The bathing suit stuff was gross enough, and I thought they were going to leave it there were there could be some ambiguity about his intentions. But then they just went for it with the sick pleasuring himself part. Poor Sophie, and Gary is not helping the situation at all. At least he knew to call Maggie. I liked Eddie's rehab mate telling him how it is. I was expecting a reveal that Rome's father wasn't really the one texting him or something. But it can't really be anyone else, so I guess that was silly. It is kind of sad that his dad can't be that nice in person.
  3. Most hotels would be traceable if they booked with a credit card. But if they are that resourceful and determined, they could probably trace the step-brother too. But I agree there must be better options for hiding him. It was kind of ridiculous to show up at the step-brother's house when she hadn't even talked to him first.
  4. To be fair, Randall did not ask Kevin to come see him. He accepted being Kevin's best man immediately. Kevin then when on to say he wanted to clear the air first and then offered to come see him. It would have been rude for Kevin to say he wanted to clear the air before his wedding and then demand Randall come to them. I was glad they both apologized, but they did not actually address the issue at the heart of their fight, which was Randall manipulating Rebecca into joining the trial. That was wrong no matter what happened to him when they were kids. We saw in this episode that Randall started having his ghost fantasy when he was little (4/5ish). They didn't meet that family at the pool until he was older.
  5. Yes, she ended things. But she claimed it was because she could tell his heart was really in New York or some bullshit like that. But to me it just seemed like he was worried about leaving his sick mother, which seems pretty normal, and not a reason to call off a wedding. I guess they just needed an excuse to bring the actor back.
  6. I don't think Ness and Emily ever had scenes together before. All of Ness's scenes have been with Lola, Sarah, and the assistant. She has gotten to watch Emily in court, but probably wouldn't have talked to her much. Emily could still have been nicer though.
  7. Jared and his wife were trying to get pregnant when they split up. So she wasn't pregnant that we know of. And I don't remember when the time jump was and whether she could still show up pregnant. They didn't really say what happened to her other than getting divorced. Hopefully she's trying to move on with her life.
  8. Zoey hasn't intentionally manipulated Simon though. She got these powers and started hearing Simon's songs about being in pain. She'd have to be a terrible person to ignore him, especially since she does truly relate to losing a parent. Do you think Zoey is manipulating everyone else in her life when she helps them after hearing their songs? Simon and Zoey have built a real bond. The problem is he doesn't know how it started and he doesn't know she can still read his feelings. Once he does know, he may not be able to handle it. It also kind of sucks for Zoey because in any relationship she's either going to feel like she's keeping secrets or be worried that the guy will not be able to take it. It's also not something you can admit on a first date, because they'd think you're crazy. Yes, Zoey is definitely Simon's manager. They specifically stated it in two different episodes. The racial one that you mentioned, but also earlier in the season Zoey made a comment about now she was his boss too. It is weird that they would make a point of doing that, only to put them in a relationship and not have it be an issue. Was it just so that Zoey was the one that had to tell him to retract his statement about race issues?
  9. I knew that Lola was accidentally going to tell Amy about the kiss, but I really can't believe Lola would be that dumb. I thought the storyline with Emily's client was well done, even though Emily was still annoying. Sad though.
  10. I thought it was pretty sketchy when Kevin said that. I didn't use the pet product he has, but I would have hated to hear someone I did buy from talk about giving my info to another company. It is like the worst part of buying online, of knowing they have your information and can do what they want with it. And I certainly get enough spam as it is. I can see sometimes using two products at once if you are blending different eye shadows or if you are putting product in your hair while you are curling it. But yes, usually one product at a time is fine and if you have a basket or a drawer you don't need the whole counter. I used to have an issue when travelling because the it was so hard to find things in the make up bag I used. I ended up dumping the whole thing out and repacking it every day. So I bought this other product where it is a bag that opens flat so you can see everything, then you just pull the drawstring to pack it all up. That solved a problem for me. But the matte wouldn't help with that because you would still need a space to store things when you weren't using it.
  11. I guessed it was Emily when Zoey talked about her wanting to get drinks. That combined with the question about joy was a big red flag. It sounds like it will be a post partum depression story, but hopefully they will get her help now and she can improve. Mo's goes by he/him. I agree he isn't ready to be with someone who has kids. Perry leaving to get the stuffed animal to the son should not have been such a big deal. I did like that they had the kid be the one to sing the song though. The actor did a great job! I liked the psychic's reaction to hearing about Zoey's powers.
  12. I don't think Jamie was falling on his sword. I think he got scared of his own feelings and gave his speech about giving Maggie alone time to avoid dealing with them. It is very shady, yes. Are we supposed to think this reputable guitar teacher has regularly been hooking up with his underage students? I know it happens, but I wish every show did not feel they need to write in a storyline like this. I agree they haven't portrayed this well. But the fact that he lied and stole pulls are signs of an addiction. I think we are supposed to believe he started taking them for pain but now is overusing them. I am not sure what exactly is involved in a cancer scan, but I am guessing they would have done another blood test at the hospital to make sure she was no longer pregnant before they did it.
  13. So to use that mat product, I have to wait until I'm finished using my sink, unfold it, spread my stuff out, and then clean it all up before I can use my sink again? I get the appeal of extra space, but I don't have the patience for that every day.
  14. They were late on the loan shark's random deadlines and huge fees, but I think that was because they didn't have the money yet. Not because they were planning to skip out on the loan.
  15. I agree about the boredom, since I can always find things to do too. But I do get missing going out and seeing people. I thought this show did a great job portraying the mundaneness of life at home. I hope Matilda and Drea can stay friends. I really enjoy the way they are so accepting of whatever the other one says. $290K seems very likely to be accurate. I went to undergrad almost 20 years ago and tuition was over $30/year. It is insane. Luckily I didn't need to take out any loans. I don't remember Alex's job situation last season, but it totally sucks to finally finish all that training and not be able to start working.
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