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  1. If Oscar's dad killed Zoe, it means he let his son sit in prison for 10 years for a crime he committed. We don't know enough about him to know if he'd do something like that, but I feel like most parents wouldn't be able to do that.
  2. I can't believe they had Max and Helen get together at the end of last season only to start trying to split them up five minutes into this season? Most shows gives couples at least a couple episodes of happiness. And clearly Max isn't moving to London. Unless Helen is actually leaving the show, this seems silly. I don't understand the logic behind the writers decision. I did really like the deaf doctor Max was interviewing. I'd watch a show about her. I assume that's who Max was talking about as a replacement for himself. She seemed way more competent then any other doctor on this show.
  3. I think we are still in summer of 2020. Last season, several episodes after the George Floyd protest episode Rome mentioned how last week was Father's Day. So time was moving pretty slow. But still, Theo is 11 and even if the actor looks young they can write him to act like it.
  4. Yes, the actress is leaving the show. How the write her off remains to be seen (but awful accident is looking good). Maybe they are all passed out (or worse) in other closets?
  5. LOL....I was going to mention the tassels being wrong too, and then I thought I had babbled on about SU enough and left it off.
  6. Maybe being a single mom to a special needs baby helped her drive to succeed at work, because she needed to be the sole provider for him? I don't know....it is really interesting to think about how small changes can have such a big impact on so many other people.
  7. I think she was under the influence of whatever was making everyone sick/pass out. After the hack the hospital was closed to trauma. So there weren't any new patients after the blind guy, which explains why it seemed so empty.
  8. I agree, it is messed up that she didn't tell him. Especially since they were friends and she probably knew he wanted to be a father. It wasn't like they were in a relationship and he dumped her....they were hooking up but "not exclusive" and he didn't go to the beach one weekend. She still would have had his number to talk later on. There would have been time between graduation weekend and when Joe was either a cop or a rockstar married to Amy. Plus, wouldn't she legally need his sign off to give the baby up for adoption? If she had decided to abort in one timeline or had a miscarri
  9. Did this show not already have a hospital gets hacked episode? Or am I mixing it up with all the other hospital shows that have already done it? I did like Devon's friend who exposed the asshole hackers. Conrad and Nic's baby is super adorable. I kept wondering if they had to do something to the actor baby to get her to keep crying or if they just waited until she cried naturally. It seems mean to make a baby cry so much on purpose. It was also very obvious that she didn't really say "dada" in that last scene. But I'll forgive them since she was so cute otherwise (and I am not normal
  10. She said she didn't want to see her mother, but then she agreed that they'd go to DC and find her. That's why they are walking to DC. She shouldn't have agreed if she wasn't really willing to do it. Sammy is not really great for continuing to insist on it after Hero explained she didn't want to, but their lives are in danger so I can get that. The death was an accident, but she still threw a sharp metal object at a person's head. I didn't say she murdered him, just that she killed him. I agree most people are capable of killing someone under certain circumstances, but not everyone would p
  11. Is the show's promo deliberately trying to imitate Lost? They have the close up of Natalie Zea's eye opening, which is very similar to Lost starting with Jack's eye opening. Then they have a line about needing to stay together to survive, which is also super similar to a Jack line in the Lost pilot.
  12. He said he was a music major, so he must have gone to nursing school after in that timeline. It actually would make more sense if he was a cop in the timeline where he married Jenny. She was pregnant and he would have needed a steady job right away. Going to the police academy has got to be faster than nursing school. Maybe that is why Jenny is only a paralegal in that timeline.....they couldn't afford law school and nursing school. Amy's married to his best friend in the nurse timeline.
  13. I liked this. I like the idea of seeing different versions of the same people, although I hope they don't get too into the love triangle. I think it is fine if they have him being happily married to two different people depending on what else is going on in his life. I hope they don't have rock star Joe be too much of a jerk about his wife not wanting to get pregnant right away or about tracking down the son that was adopted. That was the only parts/version where I found him unlikable. I am curious why in one reality without Joe, Jenny gave the baby up for adoption and in another she rais
  14. Hero really is terrible. She's being pretty awful to Sammy.....why not just tell him she doesn't want to see her mother, rather than dragging him around pretending. Also, you'd think she could rise above her mommy issues to ensure her own survival and tell her mother she's alive. I won't even get into the fact that she killed a guy in the first episode. So he would have died on his own a few hours later....she still showed he was capable of killing someone.
  15. Let us know if you find anything out. Eva is definitely a loose string. I have to assume Liam will be back at some point to follow up. Otherwise what was the point of all that set up and having her undermining Fallon? It really seemed like they were setting up a love triangle and some affairs, which are a soap staple. I assume they will at least have Fallon hook up with her old rival while Liam is gone.
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