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  1. My complaint isn't so much what Ava has said she's for or against because ppl have diff views about issues.. My fear is that, Kat will end up playing a magical negro in her own storyline.. And that pisses me off because 1.. Magical negro but also.. 2. Ava seems pretty intelligent which means she's aware of what's out there.. If her views are suddenly changed and softened thanks to the almighty power of uber-lesbian Kat it also does a disservice to the Ava character who should be able to (and by now if we believe that she goes places that also challenge her beliefs) make decisions regardless
  2. https://tvline.com/2020/07/15/the-bold-type-aisha-dee-black-representation-kat-eva-storyline/#comment-list-wrapper Well glad I wasn't the only one.. The SL just felt odd.. Not that dating or being attracted to someone with a diff party affiliation is that wild.. I've done it personally.. But that was Pre- President Trump and she wasn't as Conservative as this Eva/Ava character is... So not really interested in the re-education of Ava Safford... As to Aisha's other points.. Bravo.. I mean I could tell from the show ( which I watch every week) that it has a very narrow POV and it
  3. Yeah, it must've been weighing on him for a while.. Tho he's never hid the fact he's half Mexican as he said he never really led with it either.. And from hia statements and the pictures I've seen it looks like he can pass but his sister can't.. While his pops is definitely lighter he doesn't look Euro... So James being able to and then passing while the rest of his blood relatives would immediately be regarded as bipoc so it must've been a trip to feel his privilege and not see it extended at times to the rest
  4. So are we thinking mini time-jump to start season 2.. With an explanation as to where kate is/went... Also looming fwd to Javica's "miles morale moment " when the average joe on the street realizes that batwoman is now a sister... BW may need to go Holland at the Black Lightning writers room on how to capture the essence properly I don't mind the backstory as it pertains to somewhat uncomfortable racial stereotypes.. Mainly because 1. There are folks out there caught up like that and 2. We got Sophie and Luke who went a totally diff direction, personally I'm good with all kinds of c
  5. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5f0870ecc5b67a80bc0666bb/amp?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlYXBpcy5jb20vYXV0aC9jaHJvbWUtY29udGVudC1zdWdnZXN0aW9ucw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAADyKPD3oWP2rybp-CwEI0Kn8aEg_Ib3kkwAVdIQzeS3eKVRwFg8yJLb8n7_BM5ZMLiOmGfBEQ6B6v2xWVv5L8wo9kAuyrjeAEqzf013a7TFpnseyyGLi7JmZzdqwBv61PKA0JllRWAzFHgicdGiPlgZTyuI2jARGcS7AToMTP3kc Good read about Kat&Ava
  6. I could only sit thru her wanting to leave the bunker with Finn 2.0 and just turned it off everything about her got under my skin.. And I'm sure if its ordered to series her attitude will be better explained.. But she was soooo petulant in the first few scenes that I just couldn't.
  7. So Kat was worried about Sutton.. Took the time out of her emotional selling off of all her old stuff to ask tiny Jane how she's doing.. Tiny Jane unloads all her emotional baggage.. And then does nothing for Kat...
  8. Oh god I hated Finn from the nanosecond he did that flip on the trip down to the planet.. And hated him until he died... Hated that he lived for so long and welles died I'm episode 3.. Hated that when welles died he was the one consoling.. And I think grief-banging Clarke.. Who seemed to move on quickly ( I think the main reason I've never totally loved her)... I hated how he treated raven.. I hated his hair.. Ugh
  9. Gabriel has turned into one of my fave characters.. And echo will always be echo
  10. I imagine we'll get either a full flashback epi or at least a big scene to really say of Melanie was always Mr. Wilford or of she took over.. I do believe either way she's the brains behind the train and whatever secret human experiment is really going on... But I as of now come down on the side that there was a real Mr. Wilford who was probably very connected and powerful and Melanie was under him and they concocted whatever the plan is to save humanity and then she's been in charge since the train took off prob with his blessing to keep him on ice till its time to wake up for good
  11. Couldn't agree more... Maybe exposing folks who still can only see bigotry and racism through the extremes of cross burning or beatings and not the more insidious routes of exclusion and victim blaming... Let's hope our wish is fulfilled
  12. Can't say anything surprised me here.. But I still enjoyed it.. And I love the two leads... I like melanie's barely veiled contempt for the folgers lady.. And vice versa
  13. Ahw said she wished she was welding...
  14. https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/05/20/motherland-fort-salem-season-2-spoilers-raelle-abigail-scylla-finale-interview/amp/ Interesting tidbit about the witchbomb... Can't say I hadn't wondered myself earlier in the season.. Tho in my head I thought about it as just a bit of subverting what we think were gonna see
  15. I went on a jog with my mom when I was about 10/11 and popped into a lil cafe in BK heights and Jen connelly gave me a cookie... I've been smitten since then.. So always down to wax poetic bout Ms. Jen But to the ongoing class discussion I feel we need more of the Tailies plan.. Or endgame... I get the righteous anger and believe that they have cause.. But I'm also not a huge fan of wonton destruction.. The aftermath of that mini-riot with pike lamenting about all that blood... That can't be the way either... I personally don't think that's their endgame but I would like it spelled out b
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