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  1. Tommy told the daughter herself... Who at first seemed ok.. Then all of a sudden said.. She could do something if she wanted to.. But wouldn't...
  2. Could be that's a plothole.. Or they'll have a decent explanation....
  3. Man.. The daughter was turning the corner... And maybe if what the husband did was some other type of crime I'd give her some leeway, but old buddy cheated on you with a Pro... You can't be upset when mommy( who you just stopped actively hating other seems) wants to keep her distance.... But overall I guess it's still in character... She's still got serious stuff to unpack with her mom.. And was just getting stuff right with her man ( shout out to whoever it was upthread who asked of there are anymore black on black relationships on tv anymore.. Ill add the caveat of the show not being targeted at us minorities) so add it all up her being big mad was disappointing but not surprising.... The husband tho??? What was that
  4. Let's also remember that when Nora came out the ship... The hoodie Alien who went all firestarter... Could be even tho they crashed together they weren't all that close a bit of a " all skinfolk ain't kinfolk" situation and if there are less than amiable alien folks out there it's probably good to let ur part alien descendants have some protection... Even if you have to hide it as warding off "evil" when it really is some kind of last measure against violent aliens
  5. I don't know the creators and showrunners the way some of y'all seem to... But if we've all kinda agreed that it seems like Maria is some part alien... Which I gathered from some of the crumbs TPTB left out... Y'all are really saying they still put Maria and Michael together knowing full well shes his family?
  6. Man.. Some of y'all really can't stand the show huh... I really enjoyed the epi... Minus the teddy stuff... Didn't she have all of Maggie's cases for the day how'd she have all that time to pine with Tom... Only to turn around and rush into owen.... I really liked owen and Link together ( both have been good all season) I liked their interactions and the case...
  7. If that's the case I think it ties in to what I was saying upthread.. That.. If Gaius Charles' character and the other alien( presumably Max/Izzy mom) had a kid.. It would have had to be extra careful.. For it was doubly exposed.. Alien and mixed race.. So maybe to avoid awkwardness or just an abundance of caution.. Alien type things got discussed as spiritualness.. Kinda the way the slaves of brasil diaguised fight training as dance and it became capoeira... So alien know how gets passed down from max/izzy half sibling... To mimi... To Maria.. At least that's my headcanon until the show lays it out...
  8. Yeah I remember Lazy playing Cuban on.. That breakout kings show... And on her accent I get you.. I grew up in Brooklyn mainly around dominicans & puerto Ricans.. At least when it came to Spanish speakers there were other countries in the Latin American circle.. But most of those folks identified as west Indian more so than Latinx.... So when I went to Cali for the first time and heard the folks there speaking Spanish... It sounded like a diff language
  9. The way I explain it to ppl who don't know about colorism or just Afro-Latinx folks in general is to tell them hypothetically go back in time 200 years or so... This person would or wouldn't be free.. This person would or wouldn't have restricted access to things based on their skin and genetic makeup/ appearance ( as folks who can pass have "fooled" many of those systems) Jeanine would most def fall into the Free category... Didn't know the sheriff wasn't Mexican -American... Tho don't recall her ever emphasizing her accent( Presuming she has one) is she at least central American descent?... I knew the actress playing Rosa was Native American at least on her dad's side as he's an actor as well... I think she just did well with the audition.. Looks so much like the lead.. And I guess genetically there is some overlap tween our native Americans here in the US and the folks in Mexico... And what's really wild is... On lots of modern Mexican shows Rosa and Liz would be the darker more ethnic looking actors compared to all the blue/green eyed euro looking actors on the screen... That ethno European/white supremacy/ standard of beauty runs deeeeeeeeep
  10. Oh.. I kinda took that to mean max on some level was connecting to the Aliens in prison or somewhere else
  11. An Afro Latino would be an inspired choice.. But the nuances and subtleties around that... Dunno how much I trust the show... Cuz an afro- Dominican or Afro- puerto Rican here in brooklyn.. Prob has a diff Outlook than say an Afro-peruvian or Afro-Mexican in the south west.... Still colorism in all of our minority communities is something that should be explored a bit.. Tho the CW as a network doesnt exactly have a shining record in that regard...
  12. I thought the sheriff was Kyle's aunt.. Hell we may need a chart to properly explain all family/ platonic/ sexual relationships on this show and how they criss-cross
  13. Great Blue God Beebo no.. Plz.. He's still part of The sleepy hollow season that made me want to nuke Hollywood for its treatment of the main Actress who again was a WOC... I'd prefer into to see that again... And lest we forget he was the creepy not-brother on One tree hill ( looking back not sure why my parent let me watch that at my young age).... I know bringing anyone else is just a pit stop to the inevitable max/Liz reunion... And bringing in a MOC to just evwntually lose the Love Interest to the white knight is infuriating yet par for the course on the network... I still rather have a MOC play the ex as long as he's not some super bitter bad guy.. In fact I'd prefer of he remained sympathetic and made Liz look like a Jerk for a bit.. Then I guess move on or something I dunno... At least we'd get an IR relationship that involved just minorities... Because you know it does happen... My dating history is proof of that
  14. Geesh now that I think about it... A Mixed-Race/Mixed-species kid growing up and becoming a YA right when were going to the moon... Knowing their half -siblings( possibly cousins.. If mike's mom and Max& Izzy's moms are sisters) are out there maybe being tested on by the same govt that makes you sit on the back of the bus... Hell that would be an interesting show to watch...
  15. I agree and it feels like the series is pointed that way.. Just based on the limited interactions of Maria/Isobel... If I had to guess Gains Charles' character helps both women... Obviously a black dude with two blondes in 1947 is gonna be cautious so he helps them get better.. Maybe even start to assimilate in some ways. ( wasn't he in the picture with Mike's mom on the microfiche) falls in love with the one who he helps nurse back to health... Little nightingale scenario... She falls pregnant... While helping out mike's mom is recognized and snatched... The couple thanks to anti-miscegenation laws go even deeper underground... And whatever kid/kids they have are maria's grandparent... Already wary thanks to being mixed race in the 50's-60's and being half alien keeps to self eventually has kid (Mimic) but doesn't give away too much of history so wraps up all possible alien like issues as psychic/spiritual stuff.. Mimic carries it on and passes it to Maria
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