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  1. Since they were all already Firefighters and not just randos from the streets- the answer to your question about taking the standardized test is yes. I mean..... Smh thank you.. I cant believe its 2020 and I'm still out here defending diversity and pushing back on the notion that a very diverse group of ppl is an agenda or some form of "wokeness"
  2. First of all.. You forgot to add the word PERSON after all those descriptors... Secondly the mandate from the DOJ lady and the Fire chief was to be more diverse than before.. Apparently almost all the firehouses were lacking before the mandate came in and as of the pilot 36 of 45 had gotten some percentage better.. So this captain looked for talented firefighters ( who happened to not be white men) and asked them to come join him
  3. What exactly does this mean... I've seen similar sentiments all up and down this board
  4. I had a moment when Nate said he rotated hair products... And Im generally ambivalent towards Nate at best
  5. Enjoyed it well enough the Russians hamming it up for the cameras seemed odd.. I did like the relationship between Behrad and Sara… She’s needed that since the show decided to shelf Jax until the actor decided to bounce… I hope we aren’t looking for zari for too long.. With Mona gone and Charlie doing a disappearing act the waverider is looking kinda monotone…
  6. Enjoyed the return episode... Liked the addition of TC... I do wonder what changes to freeland we'll see.. I liked that gambi didn't know what was going on but knew to tell Jeff to keep quiet till they figure out what's diff... I do need more communication between Jeff Jen and anissa... And tho they worked it out tonight.. Anissa gotta get her daddy issues in check.. Jeff been letting a lot of sideways talk slide...
  7. I've enjoyed this toned down brainy so much more in like 3 scenes than anything from the character before... Of course he's gonna be helping Lex so not sure I love that.. If only because I don't want Lex swallowing up bandwith alas Mon-el.... As for a potential romance... I doubt it.. I don't think the show would have Kara do that to Nia... But that also means there is a possibility for William.. And that just won't do... So I nominate Luke Fox let berlanti and his geniuses figure out how to do a cross show long distance thing...
  8. Yeah.. I agree.. Not sure if my post that you responded to made it seem like I wasn't... My point was that to some ppl the mere mention of minorities or issues that put them front and center are seen as an " agenda" or inserting politics into places they aren't meant to be... And a phrase that is often used is "shoving it down my throat".. That's all
  9. Maybe this beth is an "orphan" from the world that Megan rath's brainiac 5 came from.. On Supergirl she said that her world matches up pretty identical to our Earth prime so maybe that's what's going on?...
  10. Pretty much sums it up for me... I've enjoyed the show well enough that I'll give them some time to figure out exactly what it is they're doing with Alice/Beth... Also Luke and Kate really work as a tandem well they're growing as a pairing.. Interested in how he grows from here
  11. Nah... She basically did.. I caught it too and was wondering why brainy prime didn't say something about it.. At least something when she said he was loved and supported something like " so was she"
  12. I'm not, I'm glad she has her memories and isn't left in the dark.. What I am upset about is Kara still apologizing and Lena still sticking her chest out... Kara comes to her to tell her what's going down.. So Lena is caught off guard again... Doing what Lena always says she wants ( hearing the truth) Kara is exhibiting some growth here.. And Lena's response?... To act the ass... I was over her nonsense before COIE... I'm well past it now... If she wants to be huffy fine.. But show... Plz let Kara check her at least one time... Lena is walking all over her and its maddening... Kara dumped James with no explanation almost immediately hooked up with another guy basically stopped speaking to James for almost a season and when she did it was to tell him he couldn't be a hero because he was a human... I don't remember her groveling to him for that... She and J'onn wiped Alex' mind without consent.. Had her sister thinking she was crazy.. And didn't apologize this much... I know she's this beacon of positivity and hopeful ness.. But this is ridiculous
  13. Unfortunately to some it is.. Her "Proclaiming " it and shoving it down their throats is seen as a political statement... Why... No idea
  14. Can't say for sure at the very least they are leaning that way... Or some mix up of both... On the show Bruce has been gone for a while bit while he was still in the cape running around Gotham... Lucius and then Luke both worked for him... So maybe the incident happened like it did in begins( I don't remember it myself) but on this earth either Luke was right by his side or Lucius told him about it before he died
  15. Pretty solid episode.. It progressed Maggie and Mel's powers.. Also Maggie's emotional state and hwe relationship with Jordan... Ray was an ok addition and I do like the actor.. I've seen him on a bunch of shows in the states so I gotta believe if he's up in Canada filming its not for some one off epi... And him being around could lead to some good stuff.. I mean him and macy didn't interact.. But did he know of her... Does he know Maggie is his biological kid?.. He could also tell macy about her mom in a way the girls couldn't... Jordan snooping felt real to me.. He felt himself getting more interested in the mystery that is Maggie and decided I need to know more... Eric Balfour 's character is meh... Woulda preferred if they gave the role to a talented man of color.. Not because Eric did anything wrong.. Its just his casting makes it seem like the powers that be did something I've seen way too often which is.. Kinda half- ass a possible romance with a MOC and the lead actress then pull the plug on it quickly ( because of "chemistry") only for him to be replaced with a handsome white guy ( who I'm sure is talented and is also deserving) now Galvin wasn't great but he could've been used better and it comes across like either TPTB have no faith in a MOC being a main Love interest so if he's not a smashing success right away they pull it... Or the plan was to do a bait and switch
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