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    S05.E01: Run, Yala, Run

    Can't wait... Syfy killed Dark Matter.. They killed The expanse.... The showrunners bungled wynonna earp... But I still got one more wild ride with Dutch and the Jaquobis (sp?).... Looking fwd to a enjoyable final season.. And hopefully more Dells Sayeh as I am an unabashed mayko nguyen stan

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    Ahh Jacob.. I forgot his name.. Yes Fredo does look Asian.. Tho he could be biologically the son of the elizabeth woman who looks bi-racial herself .. And just favor his Asian dad.. Or she just raised him like pa north raised the girls... Either way its awesome... As for Hal.. As I was the one who pointed it out... You are right that maybe they are playing it that were supposed to not notice Hal being at least not totally white.. But I doubt it.. Mainly because the show has done such a good job about weaving race and all that comes with it into the show.. And with the new kid who's with Mr. North who seems quite ready to let anyone know he's a proud black man.. I don't see them shying away from a kind of obvious plot point of a black guy shacked up with a white woman wanting to run and open business in America

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    I heard Isaac and Hal both call their dad... Dad so I'm assuming half has a diff mother.. I mean they could be foster or step brothers.. But I don't think the show would go that convoluted... Daddy pincher just got a lil brown sugar along the way and out popped Hal... As for fredo( I'm guessing that's Mr. North and Mags' boy's name) Mr. North is quite dark so a pairing between him and a white lady could result in a kid who looks like him... More than how he looks I'd like if only for a scene or two if he could properly interact with his sisters

    The InBetween

    I also like that Cassie isn't the only source... They do real police work and sometimes her visions aren't even needed... Makes me happy that they are functional cops who sometimes get a big assist

    Young Justice

    Violet with some realistic destructive teenage actions... I knew those ahils seemed to be beating aquaman a little too easy.. I wonder of the fish woman from Cuba will be around more... I still miss my original team.. Im totally enjoying the show but I'd be lying if I said I care about static and powergirl or geoforce as much as M'Gann... Tigress.. Or my Fav guy Aqualad( he'll always be that to me)

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    Another strong episode... I felt for daddy north.. His girls are just like his wife... He can't stop them from charging head on Into danger.. Tho I'm sure he was proud of Charlotte's power move... Don't know why.. But I think Lucy has an eye towards Hal . Dunno if anything will come of it... Emily is really making moves.. But she must forgot that her man is mixed so I don't think going to America is the move... Unless they have a white face to front them... That isn't pyro brother.... I had to Lol when he asked Emily why she was always there... Well quigley's out... Not long before she's making noise... Didn't mind the boxer kid he's interesting enough.. Wonder what they plan to do with him

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    Abby willingly kills a guy to bring back Kane... Yet gets mad at Murphy for making the best out of a bad situation ( with a lil extra for him of course) and maybe keeping everyone safe.. Then gets prissy at Gaia who's only doing her sworn duty and is also thinking of protecting everyone... And yet to when it came time to save her skin didn't even flinch to say she'd make more synthetic nightbloods which would ensure more sacrifices... Ugh Abby.... Echo is gonna kill ryker... And her heartbreak is gonna come soon right... I mean I was sure Clarke was about to plant a big smooch on Bellamy in Gabriel's crib.... Anybody who witnessed that whole deal can't help but think those two are destiny

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    More Indra... Less Abby... More diyoza.. Less Josephine...

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    Darla.. Ex-junkie Darla ( who I've always and still root for when she's up against RA and Aunt VI) dead-ass asked if Nova didn't think about consequences for other ppl with no hint of hypocrisy... I figure maybe some ppl will eventually come up to charley/ RA/ Aunt Vi and tell them how their stories helped them and then maybe they'll start to understand what nova was trying to do
  10. UNOSEZ

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    I had to Lol at charley's whole conversation with the Boudreaux guy.. Did she not just go off on her sister for thinking her light skin and wealth privilege allowed her to get away with things and she was clutching her pearls.. But turns around and says the same things to Jacob... Am I missing something
  11. UNOSEZ

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    I agree with the poster who said Ralph Angel has really grown.. And I kinda skimmed Aunt Vi going off on nova.. Mainly cuz I never could stand aunt vi... And I may have said it on another episode thread but I'll say it again.. Nova didn't lie... So I can't be that upset with her... Only complaint is not giving a heads up... The family needed time to prepare.. Especially Darla RA and Blue.. But Aunt Vi and especially Charley ( who again nothing I've heard in Nova's book was a lie or wrong or even needlessly hurtful) I ain't here for their tears
  12. UNOSEZ

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    Unless its frankly said she didn't ima assume nova put her business out in front street too... And most of the secrets she put out there are things other black families are struggling with one way or another.. Things we may not even be discussing amongst ourselves.. And desperately need to... I don't see how a work of fiction would played any better... Everyone would known who she was talking about... That said dropping it on them so soon to the date was way past problematic... As for nova soaking up the praise and whatnot... This is a big deal for her.. And if her family is gonna be ( rightfully) angry about some of this stuff being out there and icing her out... She may as well bask in what little happiness she can get
  13. UNOSEZ

    Grand Hotel

    Haven't had Chance to watch the episode yet.. Been a busy bee.. But I have enjoyed the recaps and comments here... I do have a question.. Wondering if Jason and Alicia/Javier have had any meaningful interactions.. I only ask because their counterparts on the original did have a special relationship but I don't know if they've hinted at it here... I saw nothing about that part of the character in the pilot.. Tho I did see other parts.. So just wondering
  14. UNOSEZ

    S01.E02: What They Saw in Southie High

    Strong episode... Enjoyed the addition of Sarah shahi... Lol at Jackie saying now they had one of every color... I am confused as to what the reverend's beef was with decourcy... Yes he's a prosecutor.. But part of his sermon before it got shot up was about how it was ppl inside the community hurting each other... And he called him house *boy* but also pointed out that he was the one trying to hold reckless racist cops responsible... So that weirded me out... Good to see Seth gilliam tho... I've never been around when someone was actually called a house *boy* to their face... But just seeing it play out stung....
  15. UNOSEZ

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    That's the kind of ignorant paternalistic privilege that is so ubiquitous she probably doesn't even understand what she's really done... In her mind its a bad thing.. But for the greater good and I bet if he pressed her with complaints about it.. She'd hit him with a " its in the past now get over it and let's move forward " Damn can't put my finger on it.. But that sentiment sounds familiar