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  1. Yes I just started binging and am only on season 2... So mad late.. But if Kev is bisexual... Then it really seems like charity is ending the relationship because she doesn't want to try.. Or the "shame" of losing her man to another man is something she can't deal with... Because she seemed ready to work at it when she thought he was cheating with women... Kev didn't cheat.. He told her what he was feeling.. He went to get "help" ( nonsense in my book) but it showed he was committed to trying.. Seems genuinely interested in being with her physically.. Is jealous that that this jabari guy is all over her... And she's done nothing.. But shut him down and flirt with jabari...
  2. Kara was killing me... Her Pollyanna attitude would at least be feasible if the show had somebody on the other side of her telling her how naive stupid and selfish she's being... So be it Alex.. Kelly.. Nia or Jonn... Somebody get it thru to her that Lena was always who she was.. So stand up for yourself... I like this version of Andrea... Didn't and won't ever miss William... Wouldn't mind if they magically brought rip roar back... Well the non cyber assassin version.. He had a spark... I miss Nia as well
  3. I thought that was the finale for the winter... I won't lie I dunno how all this lines up.. Because this show's 1st episode was before the elseworlds crossover so I dunno if its lined up at all yet
  4. Aside from just seeing ppl interact with new characters... I think he'll be the best part of the crossover
  5. Kara has always been on the bad side of naive and privileged.. But tonight I wanted to throw my tv at my tv... I stopped halfway through the episode to take a breather... She actually pouted on the balcony talking to Alex... Who at least for part of this episode remembered who she was.. When pointing out all the shady stuff Lena did.. Before she knew about Kara... Maybe for Kara it's some sort of narcissicism that had her feeling like it was all her fault and not that the woman who grew up with Lex and Lillian Luthor isn't a super great person... And even with Alex rattling off the things she's done.. I feel we never actually processed that Lena planned to brainwash the world.. I am happy we didn't have Malefic die a "noble negro sacrifice" or I might just lost all hope... On a happier note.. We got to see the Monitor explain his test to someone... I know it's been inferred and told by other parties that all this stuff was a test.. But its nice to heat him spell it out in his super droll voice... I wonder if Rama Khan knows the monitor or knows of him... Or any of these leviathan aliens... Space God to Space God and all that
  6. Oof... That was a gut punch...
  7. https://tvline.com/2019/11/30/riverdale-cheryl-toni-season-4-break-up-choni/#comment-list-wrapper I haven't liked "Choni" from the get go.. Toni went from opinionated and independent, caring about her serpents and the south side... To the almost mute arm candy to a spoiled brat.. I think I watched an entire episode where Toni was in like 6 scenes and all she did was hold cheryl's arm and smile... And kiss her... Cheryl took over her serpent stuff.. Toni stopped taking pictures.. It was always problematic for me.. As was the show never really addressing the fact that Cheryl was obsessed with and stalking the other main black female on this show... And framed the one black guy for it... And all of that was before this season with the doll and the body and the murder.. Why are ppl out here defending a relationship where one party has given up her whole personality.. Rarely interacts with anyone besides nana rose... Acts as either arm candy or emotional support animal... And has now committed murder... At least varchie and bughead are relatively equal relationships... This one not so much.. I don't call Cheryl mentally Ill... To me she's just selfish.. And that's why Toni needs to leave
  8. . If we took it as every character us representative of a community or two.. Then everyone looks bad except Tim and Isaac so as a mixed race black guy I feel like I won... Lol
  9. Edie really left Thanksgiving with her husband and his fam.. And her mother and father and sisters to go hanging out with her sidepiece and her kid... Who is also her court rival... Smh... What a scumbag... Roxy is an addict from a real broken home.. So I'll give her some leeway... But she's on thin ice... I like Genevieve and I guess if she's really this hippie dippy person I shouldn't be surprised but her covering for Edie got me miffed... At least some kind of warning or parental.. " are you sure about this" shoulda happened Tim and Isaac continue to be the best
  10. There can't be trusted in my mind.. That's why I'm really hoping next episode we have cara or Susan talk to miles and walk back some of that anger and attitude.. Now that some time has passed that would be the best... At bare minimum if they are still gonna be salty then either miles stands up got himself or some other character needs to give them a dose of reality.. Cuz dumping this on his lap ain't it.
  11. Yeah Susan was dripping with privilege on that.. This woman abandons a family.. Gets her shit together finds a good man has another family.. Thanks to the GA and Miles gets reunited with her daughter builds a relationship with her... Her husband does some fuckery and is about to either end up in jail for a long time or just dissapear.. Instead the GA and miles pop in again and save him from himself.. And in the process saves her new daughter from going thru what her she visited upon her first daughter.. And hes gonna be back in a year.. And she's got the nerve of asking basically "where's mine"??? ... I think personally I woulda been OK with folks being in their feelings if miles woulda defended himself... So hopefully maybe next week cara remembers what he just did for her family.. And also for her.. Because if he didn't step in.. The stepdad would got caught and the other reporter woulda know cara tried to kill the story.. Seeing as she's living with the other person involved... Smh
  12. I know we all lose our heads when it comes to family... But cara was just all kinds of wrong... She seems always ready to bail on miles... Ur step daddy( who she only knows because miles helped her get back with her mom) was guilty.. This coulda been a lot worse.. I don't know why everyone seems so confused... She was ready to let all this go.. Smh bring back joy I think I'm done with cara
  13. I knew I wasn't the only one... Like of the show isn't trying to make us think Nancy is giving owen a chance to shoot his shot.. They coulda fooled me... Nick/George make a lot of sense on paper and on screen... But even if the show went there they'd just be used for drama instead of two relatively level-headed kids who got close and built something... Instead it'd be jealousy and pointed fingers and accusations about yadda yadda
  14. Well just watched the latest and they never really go into what all that was directly... But in her convo with the husband we see how incredibly wound up and scared she is.. So I'm gonna say it mostly came from a place of protecting Ed... The lady astronauts became the story and took some shine away from Ed.. And her belief was I guess they were being fast-tracked for publicity and if they weren't ready.. Then they were putting Ed at risk... A small part of it tho seems like some ingrained belief as to the social dynamics... She did seem to resent Tracy I think equally for running off and doing this totally freeing and independent thing.. But also because she was leaving her kids... I remember how she counciled her when she was ready to leave Gordo.. So I'd say she grew up with a very conservative mindset on how a wife should be.... But as of the latest epi.. She seems fine now.. Women astronauts have proven that they are as good as the men... She's gotten over some of her fear ( evidenced by her hanging the jaguar painting) and she seems totally supportive of Tracy now.. Always taking care of the kids... I still wish we woulda gotten at least one confrontation between the two women some years back ( an episode or two ago) to really specifically nail it down.. But that's not how they did and instead we kinda just saw her mellow out and we can out it together
  15. Maybe mel takes over the witch shop... And Maggie is the asst mngr of the place... Then its just macy lounging around.. And I dunno how many ppl are gonna notice her especially if she's in the war room all the time
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