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  1. https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/05/20/motherland-fort-salem-season-2-spoilers-raelle-abigail-scylla-finale-interview/amp/ Interesting tidbit about the witchbomb... Can't say I hadn't wondered myself earlier in the season.. Tho in my head I thought about it as just a bit of subverting what we think were gonna see
  2. I went on a jog with my mom when I was about 10/11 and popped into a lil cafe in BK heights and Jen connelly gave me a cookie... I've been smitten since then.. So always down to wax poetic bout Ms. Jen But to the ongoing class discussion I feel we need more of the Tailies plan.. Or endgame... I get the righteous anger and believe that they have cause.. But I'm also not a huge fan of wonton destruction.. The aftermath of that mini-riot with pike lamenting about all that blood... That can't be the way either... I personally don't think that's their endgame but I would like it spelled out better... Also spelled out is the reasoning of the front line ppl for being as extravagant as they are.. Especially damn near 7 years into all this.. The apparent lack of self-awareness is almost comical
  3. Someone wrote Jaime Alexander.. And I do think she'd be perfect and would work well with RS... But prob too pricy and not LGBTQ to my knowledge
  4. True they have no rights.. And in the show we don't know the history of the six years that transpired.. But why keep them alive.. In the storm scenario its forcing them under the crappy umbrella and giving them crust and backwash while my pets lounge in space under a luxurious canopy and eat steak... But I also won't let them leave my premises... Its all very odd.. Maybe we get clarification on the reasons.. I hope its something more compelling than... " because we can "
  5. That is good.. Unfortunately we still had to deal with smug scylla all episode.. Tho are we believing that Scylla thinks she got to Anacostia or has she turned... That wasn't clear
  6. I generally agree with this.. But I don't think it fully relates to the show... The treatment of the tailies isn't.. "A beer and a sandwich" its the crust and backwash.. Furthermore to use the storm analogy they are asked to take the crust and backwash.. Huddle under an insufficient umbrella and not because you don't have other spaces for them.. Or other food simply because you can and still you expect them to thank you for your largess and if they were to leave the little insufficient area you've given them its severe punishment or deal with the real bad weather
  7. I say rant... We got 10 episodes of obvious favoritism.. I kept holding out as well figuring her time was coming.. And the after the storms kept adding info that made me hopeful.. But its yet to really materialize on screen... Even this last ATS... They speak about her being reborn a new leader. But we saw none of that save her sacrificing herself.. Maybe a scene with just her and Alder speaking on the hard truths of leadership.. But nope.. That went to tally so she could flip back to not hating Alder... And it wasn't the creator who said what happened was because of both of them it was the actress for Raelle.. All Eliot said was that Rae and the Living Mushroom swapped some DNA for life.. Thus adding another layer of specialness to Raelle who already has everybody under the sun tell her she's special and powerful... A tragic love affair and a secret villain parent... Someone upthread mentioned Julie plec.. And in previous weeks someone else mentioned Elena Gilbert.. And that's what's starting to come thru... And I really do not wanna sit thru another bonnie/Elena relationship where one person seems to be helping and fixing the other constantly.. With rare reciprocation... Calling Abigail the leader but consistently nerfing her so things can revolve around Raelle.. Is just lip service... And again Rae and Tally honestly believed that Abigail was ditching them... Just like that after everything that she's done this season and it never comes up.. And I bet it never does..Smh lemme stop here before I get too hot.. Tween this and the snowpiercer board I may lose it today
  8. Pretty much.. Between scylla constantly saying how powerful she was and the insistence to get her away from the wedding.. It felt way too personal... Agree that I'm not really here for a spree/scylla redemption especially as they seem so remorseless at the moment... Seeing the After the Storm didn't help... Yes the camarilla are worse.. At least more brutal to witches... But the spree are bad and need to be eliminated.. Don't care how right they are on some points
  9. That's why I'm tryna withold judgment for a bit.. becuz I'm having a real hard time figuring out why they let the tailies live like that... I mean they have room for young adult orgy parties.. But geriatrics and kids are stuffed up with each other.. It just doesn't seem sustainable... As cold as it sounds you prob would be better off just killing them..
  10. Well going into the finale I figured we'd see Abigail flaunt her extra special powerup.. and that We'd find out for sure Raelle's mom was spree... So one for two... While I'm glad the mycelium teased a bit more.. I'm upset that the ending with the blast is a co-op thing we've been beat over the head by characters far and wide telling Raelle she's so much more powerful than she knows... And Tally got to flex all episode.. And the one instance that might been for Abigail she had to share and with the mycelium being involved its more of a Raelle thing... Seeing the camarilla with the voice of things and knowing they cut out the chords of bellweathers and the Tarim.. Gross and hardcore... Tally's energy is still all over the place to me... And why didn't the show let Abigail or someone call out her unit-mates for just assuming she was ditching them.. Like where is the trust.. Scylla still didn't actually get challenged on her half-baked ideology and thus its hard to believe she was actually turned.. I mean.. Anacostia being nice doesn't cut it.. My assumption is.. Thanks to her twuuu wuvvv of Raelle.. And getting an up close look at how brutal her mom will most likely be.. Scylla will want to protect Raelle and thus really be a double or triple agent... Dunno how they are gonna fix tally.. But I'm sure that's gonna happen... Also hope that All the camarilla aren't men...
  11. I didn't see it that way at all.. The young boy.. Who I guess Layton kinda adopted after his parents died in the opening seems to be working towards some kind of apprenticeship.. Some other character mentioned they were treated like slaves.. The inference being they are worked for little or no real pay... Also of they're movements are restricted how is that sponging of the "generosity" of the company especially 6 years after they started.. Even if you wanna say in the beginning becuz they strong-armed their way on they couldn't receive even less than half decent treatment... 6 years in they are all still holed up in super tight spaces.. Suicide seems a common occurrence their food rations look paltry.. Their reproductive rights have been taken away... And this goes on while. Ppl are complaining about the consistency of bernaise sauce?... The haves have so much more than even what might be considered extravagant that we can't really compare it to.. Folks who aren't really part of the system.. Getting benefits that may otherwise go to ppl who are part of the system... This system on the train doesn't look overtaxed... Its just ridiculously top heavy
  12. Yeah all of it is confusing to me.. If this train is some kind of ark...how do spoiled rich folks help.. I'll wait to see the world bulit more and hope for a better explanation cuz as it stands this seems nuts
  13. The divide is just too big for me to not fall down somewhere closer to the side of the tailies.. Stowaways aren't sub-human... Their treatment is so over the top
  14. True they are stoways.. I'd say extenuating circumstances apply tho.. End of the world and all that.. And its been years they've been forced into not just squalor.. But sterilization... Less than humane treatment... And with so much decadence afforded to the first class folks it seems beyond unfair...
  15. Or.. Before she's kidnapped she sets up a protocol with Gideon that of something truly bad happens to her.. Gideon goes and finds someone who could lead and knows the ship... Then Gideon goes and finds Jax.. Now a happy family man and gets him on board to fix things and find his big sis Sara
  16. Harrison was a native American man who hid Louise on his reservation after the raid.. Apparently he was a windtalker in the war and served with Tripp... Even saving his life... He also said they were family... And the way he scoffed at some "Manes Man" quote I'd reckon he was ( like Alex is supposed to be) Manes half white... Wasnt really explained and prob won't come up again but that's my guess.. Anyway he hid Louise and then showed Isobel and Max that Louise's baby survived ( Maria's grandmom) and also infered that Max isn't louise's bio kid as all she ever spoke about were her two girls... The disdain he seemed to have for Max.. Makes me think he knew more about him.. But didn't say
  17. So.. Next episode Maria and Liz will actually speak right?... Now that Maria is part Alien.. Liz can care about whats going on with her right?... Or naw.. Will she still be massaging Max's bruised ego that he couldn't save the day yet again?..
  18. Shame That Louise didn't keep her kid.. Still interested in what her life was like.. If she had alien powers and was all alone with them.. And being a black woman in the 50s and 60s... Hope they explore that... Did Harrison say he and Tripp were family... Was anymore of that explained.. Or is that something I've missed from season one?... Also what was up with Maria's vision was it just to show they were happening and to spur her wearing the bracelet ( which Michael kinda just stole from a grave rather callously he seems to not really care about Louise.. Maybe its just the way the actor plays it..) Or was it something else?
  19. That may all be true.. But it will present ( if he's really a secret villain) that What Liz did was the right thing and that the dapper big-city guy is bad and the Folks humble small town guy is the right choice... And that's before the unfortunate racial optics are brought into it... And as I myself am a big city minority who was blessed to grow up more than financially stable.. The Hallmark/Lifetime movie-ness of it all sticks In my craw.. And because they had Liz just seemingly blow off what she did to him and He seemed oddly Ok with it.. It feels like hes hiding darkness which then presumably ( at least from the powers that be) exonerates Liz
  20. Same thing I thought which pisses me off... Finally get an Afro-latino on my screen and hes probably bound to be a secret villian... He's handsome.. Smart.. Well connected.. Rich and he was seemingly unjustly dumped for an angst ridden small town cop who had a creepy decades long obsession with the lead actress... But but but somehow the cop who's got a serious savior complex and now even more angst to do with his own history not to mention some latent rage and jealousy issues.. He's the real good guy... I wanna believe that for once the well to do handsome guy who seems nice isn't a secret villain... That maybe the show will realize that casting another minority to be a secret villain after they just did it with Noah would be Tone-Deaf AF.... But do we really believe that?... / le sigh....
  21. Props to the show for letting Diego be afro-latino . Booo to the show for having Liz be so cavalier about how she ghosted him.. Also Booo for spending so little on the really big news for this epi... Max seemingly not being bio-related to Isobel... And Maria being bio-related... Not that either was a huge shock but still
  22. My boyhood crush on Jennifer connelly Has yet to subside... So I was all I'm for this.. Enjoyed it as well as I'm also a sucker for a good class warfare story.. I'll have to get used to Daveed in this role... He's just so theatrical its hard to not get sucked out of viewing and focus on him... Still can't wait for the upcoming weeks
  23. If this eventually turns into Ben's descent into madness.. Then ok.. As its always felt like he really wanted Ryn.. And was just happy Maddie and Ryn agreed to the throuple and now that it's the two of them he's good with that... But if it stays that he's just in bliss with Ryn alone... And Ryn doesn't step up to get Maddie... She's just fine being with Ben... Then I'll be upset.. Cuz then it'll be what I feared when this started...
  24. Maybe Adil was just disappointed in the outcome... You know initial reaction.. And realizing that eventho he was the one who wanted to deal with Alder.. It was reluctantly and his sister was dead set against it... Having new leadership may have just been the last bit of hope of avoiding a collision course tween his sister and Alder.. And that just went away... That's my hope at least because if it's a bump for Abi/Adios... It doesn't make a ton of sense..
  25. How Alder supposed to get away with this.. Does the president not know after its happened.. Wouldn't she suspect.. Wouldn't the ppl around her... And while I get why Tally was mad about the hostages( it was that right and not that cadets got called into the fray) what realistically were the other options?.. I wish some character woulda played devils advocate with her on that... Alder is still outta control.. As you'd expect a centuries old witch who uses the youth of countless witches to keep power.. But the call made sense... And once that's done are you really gonna go on tv and tell the world you had to sacrifice the hostages... Don't care about scylla and Raelle.. Or her redemption.. But I do like Anacostia disobeying Alder... Still think before it's said and done.. Adil will give his songs to Abigail.. And that will be her powerup.. Cuz we still haven't seen anything else.. Unless its just being a Leader... Which is awesome and cool.. But still
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