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  1. The show doesn't have any love triangles (outside of Liz's psychologically unstable brain).
  2. And forever and resounding no to Bitsie Tulloch, who I can't stand on my screen. Shame, that, as I enjoy watching TH in anything.
  3. When they showed the Benny's funeral flashback, Dex was in the uniform, and it was supposedly happened 12 years ago. There was also Benny's daughter there, who looked like she was 8. The timeline is super confusing.
  4. Leia Organa, Xena (the Warrior Princess), Liz Shaw, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Sara Jane Smith Tardis, etc etc. More to the point, I think Dex as a gender neutral name as you can get. It's very much possibly from the show itself Dex is supposed to be a gender-neutral person.
  5. When Miles started yelling at Grey at the precinct about Grey being a bad CI, I thought it was coming from the place of fear and self-loathing. Miles had already lost that other CI, and now he attempts to prevent Grey's untimely death and his back-sliding into the criminal lifestyle at the same time. I think it could be a really generous interpretation, though, because at the same time Miles himself was actively making Grey's life hard under cover. I'm sensing that writing issue I'd talked about last episode. The characterization for Miles is a mess, and this storyline isn't doing him any favours. I do think that the GTA shenanigans was the best part of the episode, by far. That, and Grey's relationship with Ansel. Dex founding herself in the role of an outsider in that relationship is a weird writing choice as well. It's not like she can't hang out at Grey's whatever she likes or anything. I get what the writers are going for, with Dex seeking for an anchor and her attempts at self-reflection and self-actualization. But they do that very awkwardly, as her situation hasn't changed that much, compared to the last six years.
  6. The show got an additional episodes pick-up this season beyond its original 13 episodes. So, it's 18 to 20 episodes this season.
  7. He did bring the stolen car back, didn't her, though? The plan for investigating the carjacking ring further was his own idea.
  8. Everything about this episode was confusing and disjointed. The writers chose the weirdest possible way to force Miles and Grey to interact outside of Dex, since it clashes horribly with the previous Miles's characterization. So from the beginning Miles's arc was in part about his CI's death and his guilt related to that. Yet Miles wasted no time to rope Grey into his police business and later in the episode he decided to outright blackmail Grey to make him work with dangerous criminals who can get Grey killed. What is Miles's characterization, then? Does he ever learn, or do we now have a dubious pleasure to witness Miles's "come to Jesus" moment (he already learned three episodes ago)? Grey was... kind of there. His zen is probably not conductive with the type of moronic conflict the writers try to implement with him and Miles. What's up with Ansel deciding to move out and that entire conflict between him and Dex and Dex's potential growing up, if Ansel just moved in... with Grey? How is that different to living at their house with Dex? What was the point of that entire storyline? I don't get it. I don't thing the show gets it either. I was profoundly bored by super awkward Dex & Ansel and the tv judge & his worthless idiot of a brother parallels. One of those things is not like the other, show.
  9. The show is very confusing to me. I'm not actually sure what it's even doing with Dex, Grey and Miles (and Liz, and Miles's partner, and Tragically Dead Ex Benny, and his widow, and whoever). So Dex is a huge work-in-progress kinda girl, where she does one step forward and two steps back from time to time. She cares for Grey a lot, she's afraid to lose him as he is her family. She likes Miles because he's sexy, professional and also generally a nice guy. Miles so far has very superficial relationship with Dex based on their attraction to each other and him being generally neurotic and obsessive over herl. Grey is only one, out of four parts of the complicated love construction, that projects an image of a person who has their shit together. He also understands Dex perfectly, and has being a part of her found family unit for the last six years. The thing is. There's no actually a proper love triangle, is there? I mean, Liz seems the one who was into the idea Grey is super in love with Dex, and has been claiming there's something there between them since her first or second appearance, and there's no place for anyone else in Grey's heart. But Liz is not exactly a sane kind of person, since she was actively trying to single-white-woman Dex out of Grey's life, is she? Sure, if you're paranoid it doesn't mean you couldn't be followed. But do Dex's or Grey's romantic feelings for one another actually exist? I don't know. It's hard to say with Grey, as he's a super chill dude in general, and with Dex it's even worse because she hates herself and is so very scared. I do think that Grey is the longest committed relationship Dex ever had out of all her actual love interests, including Saint Dead Ex Benny. But what's the show's stance on it? Does the show want me to fall for Miles/Dex connection or maybe I should wait for some lady that will come along for Dex to be her perfect choice? I know one thing. I want Miles and Grey to get together because it'd be hot. And unexpected!
  10. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    It was Sonny who suggested to be proper friends, actually. Not "friends-with-benefits", like she was clearly wanted ("the way it used to be", which to me says they had been having sex for a very long time before they became serious last season), but just regular no-sex-friends. He was the one who also suggested she could hang out with the team, despite them breaking up. Davis just left immediately after that because she was upset. Sonny doesn't do revenge, as is clearly portrayed in the show. He gets angry and in your face about things, and he cools off after a very short time of contemplation on his behavior. He's a hot head but a very reasonable hot head. I don't think think he was wrong for clearing things up between him and Davis. It seems she developed a pattern after she herself broke up with him: come to him and get comfort in intimacy and/or sex, but still not label that as anything as it was before (the relationship). It's unfair towards him, and he had a right to call her on it.
  11. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    In their scene in the bar he was incredibly kind and supportive of her while trying to protect himself. Lisa wanted it both ways: be friends with him, while being intimate with him but not committing to it 100% because of her responsibilities as an officer. And Sonny clearly wants a serious, "proper", relationship with her, not a whatever surrogate that suits her right now. Sonny is clearly being wiser and more mature than her this episode.
  12. Jane/Rafael was always the endgame, and if Michael didn't "die", Jane would eventually cheat or get close to Rafael while she was married to him. I'd think Michael/Jane fans appreciated Jenny Urman's consideration to not make Jane into a bad guy there. Obviously, Michael being back from the dead is an obstacle that exists exclusively to prove that Jane and Rafael are forever. The same way Michael and Jane getting married was an obstacle for Jane/Rafael not getting together in the middle of the show.
  13. In the show? Rafael is the one who Jane said directly, for the first time ever, that she sees herself as a writer. It's right there, in the pilot: This, right there, is why Raf is the one who supports and encourages her to be a writer, not supports her writing (which is a different thing). That's why. It is in the text. I've no idea why try to dispute the fact that it was constructed that way in the show that Rafael is the biggest Jane's supporter for being a writer.
  14. Rafael, a handsome and charming man, a caring father, a friend to women (figuratively and literally), who supports women's shelters, who knows what he wants in life, with stable job and career perspectives, wouldn't ever be a popular viable option to anyone on any dating app. Now I've heard everything. I don't think people with psychological problems, such as depression and abandonment issues, don't deserve to seek and find happiness and family. But your post seems to imply that, albeit unintentionally (for the sake of a fictional shipping rival argument).
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