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  1. CooperTV

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I'm from the entirely different hemisphere than the US, and the show is airing simultaneously with the US schedule on the most popular streaming service in my country. There are massive ad campaigns about the show all over our local segment of the Internet, mobile network operators and on tv,
  2. CooperTV

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    Original airdate 5/21/2019
  3. CooperTV

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    It just doesn't matter. So in an year she will suddenly have romantic feelings for another great guy. So what. Noone obligated to take her back and wait on her until she will decide for sure.
  4. CooperTV

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    I'm again not going to comment about the ship wars and fandom biases. I'd say this. I'm glad the two most boring episodes are out of the way and that we can finally focus on the main relationships and the female and male leads that have their own storylines. But I'm glad Jane decided tenth time this season she loves Rafael despite everything. I'm also glad Rafael shut the door to her face. You doesn't get to go on romantic vacation with some person you have feelings for and expect there's no consequences at home about that. PS: I've seen that comment on Reddit where people suggested Rafael is the one who's supposed to apologize for his behaviour towards Jane at the end. And LOL.
  5. CooperTV

    S06.E03: The Children of Gabriel

    Original airdate 5/14/2019.
  6. CooperTV

    S05.E06: Chapter Eighty-Seven

    I liked the previous episode better, I think. It was better crafted. Too little Rafael, waaay to much this weird Jane/Michael interactions where he constantly undermines all Jane's fond memories of them and yet saying he still has feelings for her. Whatever. Petra/JR were better in season 4 when it'd been hot and electric. Now it feels like a snooze. They should just get married and get it over with. I just don't care enough. Jane chasing after Rafael and saying all the wrong things (imo) was seriously boring and unsatisfying. "I care about your well-being and you not being a drug-addict because it's my family we're talking about", or something to that effect didn't endear me to Jane in the slightest. Well, she wanted to make Rafael's depression all about herself and her wishy-washy behaviour in the end, so maybe the first option was the lesser of two evils. I wish she'd say like, I'm your friend and I'm there for you or something, like she wanted for Petra to act towards her. Alas, no. It's all self-centered all the time with Jane. The horny Alba plot and Rogelio/Xo plot was so meh.
  7. CooperTV

    S06.E02: Red Sun Rising

  8. CooperTV

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    Was Michael's brother Billy supposed to be a "dreaming demon of Dexter" for Michael, so to speak. He didn't seem like he's a real person, anyhow. Rafael's "be brave" is referenced as the big influence for Jane's decisions in general in the pilot episode already. Jane says she's "being brave" when she proposes to Michael and decides to give the baby up to Rafael. Also, it's interesting how Jane is affected by Rafael while being completely in love with Michael in ep.1.
  9. CooperTV

    S05.E05: Chapter Eighty-Six

    I have no issues with Rafael being angry and resentful towards Jane but ultimately staying silent about those feelings and his 5-year-old picking it up and acting out on it. Children do that, and Mateo now is in very difficult situation he's unable to control or process properly, since he, you know, 5-year-old, and the grown-ups decide everything without him (while being weak and fallible human beings, even though Mateo thinks of them as almost gods). I liked that Jane was acting like a child through out the episode, actually mirroring Mateo's behavior and trying to put her own decisions and not very mature behavior on her small child. I adored Rafael's scene with Mateo and the fact that he was horrified to find out his resentment towards Jane is actually leaking to outside world to his small child. Rafael is so incredibly depressed right now, and I feel for him a lot. He really doesn't have anyone else in his corner right now. Jane has her entire family, Michael (who also has Jane, his mother, his family), her teacher, Petra, whoever. Rafael only has Mateo now. I don't think he values himself enough to find inner strength through self-love or whatever. He tries to connect but in the end? He's all alone. On the flip side? The Jane and the glowing unicorn on the porch thing is cut to the Rafael and the stuffed unicorn in the kitchen thing.
  10. CooperTV

    S04.E17: Chapter Eighty-One

    I like how the show had put so much emphasis on Adam and his special framing narrative device and his super-importance to Jane and how she wanted to marry him first... To abandoned Adam's uniqueness in the very same episode where Jane only turned to Adam after her fight with Rafael. And in the mid-season finale Jane and Rafael became a couple, and everyone forgot about Adam. Obviously. Tyler Posey is pretty bland, and he and Gina Rodriguez looked like younger bratty brother and older married with kids sister. Sooo... What was the point of Adam anyway? Did they want a back-door pilot about Adam The Bisexual? They did it better with Petra on their own show, tbh. I'm not gonna talk about the love triangle from hell here because I have very strong convictions about that since my failed attempt at watching season 1. In terms of plot, I do hope that Jorge is somehow important and will turn out to know some info about Rafael's parents. He's way to shady not be involved in the Sin Rostro and the Solanos nonsense. Plus, Rafael needs to find out about his parents.
  11. CooperTV

    100 Secret Plots and Alliances: The Spoiler Topic

    More like, he already started the vampire apocalypse.
  12. CooperTV

    100 Secret Plots and Alliances: The Spoiler Topic

    They arrive to the new planet with two suns. They found an empty settlement on it. Shaw died randomly in the first ten minutes (he and Raven had sex in the first five minutes of e1). There was a children's book about toxin that's activated by the eclipse of the two suns. After that they started to experience the effects, went crazy and tried to kill people closes to them (Emori tried to kill Murphy, Bellamy tried to get to Clarke, Echo and Murphy, Clarke tried to kill herself). There was also a flashback to 238 years prior to that, to the first colony, where a head scientist killed his wife and the entire colony, and attempted to kill his daughter (she named the planet Sanctum) due to the eclipse psychosis. These three people are highly regarded by the present day colonists, for some reason. In the present day the space ship was overrun by four people from the planet but Raven asked Dyioza (and Madi, because reasons??) to help to get rid of them. The lady who left led the Eligius crew to the settlement where Clarke and co were. Octavia tried to commit suicide via crowd beating. Meh. Kane is in stasis again because he's in a bad way. Raven hates Abby. Murphy and Emori hate Clarke. Bellamy dislikes Octavia.
  13. CooperTV

    S06.E01: Sanctum

    SEASON PREMIERE – Still reeling after receiving Monty’s message, a small group goes down to explore the mysterious new planet. Back on the Mothership, several members of Wonkru face the consequences of their decisions. Original airdate 4/30/2019
  14. CooperTV

    100 Secret Plots and Alliances: The Spoiler Topic

    I've watched both episodes. The spoilers about Shaw's death and the double star psychosis are true.