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  1. CooperTV

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    Murphy is Raven's family now and he didn't hurt Raven the way Clarke's actions had hurt her last season. I think it's simple as that for Raven.
  2. CooperTV

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    Well, Murphy agreed to work with Josephine after Russel "killed" Clarke, he didn't actually set Clarke up to be killed.
  3. CooperTV

    S05.E16: Chapter Ninety-Seven

    I was super confused how this moving to New York thing even works with Rogelio wanting to be with his family and raising Baby. I'm also assuming Petra will move to Texas with JR to establish a new hotel there, and leave the Miami Marbella to Raf. But they're setting it up way too fast. Would Raf even be okay with not seeing his kids all the time? Also, all that talk about unusual families and everything, and it seems like in the end they all will go on their separate ways.
  4. CooperTV

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    Except they got married this May, not last year...
  5. CooperTV

    S06.E011: Ashes to Ashes

    Original airdate 7/23/2019.
  6. CooperTV

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    It was not the first time some thread had been dropped. There's three episodes left in the entire show.
  7. CooperTV

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Apparently between bouts of depressive episodes, taking medication, breaking up with his girlfriend, his son's diagnosis and the entire thing with Jane being uncertain to move in with him to his new place he... didn't have time to get to it. (Because right before that that he lived in one-small-room studio and he definitely didn't have enough room for even his own stuff).
  8. CooperTV

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    I don't know why I watch this show anymore. 5B was a complete disaster, and the last time the show was good was in 4B (4A was a boring slog). Nothing makes sense anymore, and all the characters are dumbed down and there's too many plot holes.
  9. CooperTV

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    Original airdate 7/16/2019.
  10. CooperTV

    S03.E07: Chapter Fifty-One

    Now Jane is jealous of Catalina, while trying desperately rationalize it into something else and projecting her jealousy to the Raf and the church thing.
  11. CooperTV

    S03.E05: Chapter Forty-Nine

    Ahaha, this show and its love "triangle" where Michael, the legit husband of Jane, the main character, to whom she lost her virginity to three episodes ago, is extremely, insanely jealous of Raf, Jane's baby daddy, with whom she only dated without any sex. Like, dude, this behavior was not pretty in s1, it's definitely not pretty now. Raf actually doesn't have to explain himself to you, as it was Jane who chose to break up with you first, then start dating Raf. They didn't cheat. Michael/Raf "bonding" works as well as it ever will, I suppose. Which means, not very much, and I don't care.
  12. CooperTV

    S01.E04: Chapter Four

    Michael being such an aggressively insecure person, it's almost unbelievable Jane is still trying to marry him, with all his ultimatums and guilt trips. We know Raf is insecure because he has a life history of people screwing him over resulted in abandonment issues. What's Michael excuse to actively working to push Jane out of her job (so she wouldn't be around Rafael), hiding evidence (so Petra and Raf don't get divorced and adopt the baby) and being oversensitive when his fiance having sex dreams about another man? At least he finally came to his senses a little, but he still didn't tell Jane the truth about Petra and her's and Raf's marriage.
  13. CooperTV

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    It couldn't be, if we're treating the show as hyper-realistic manifestation of art. But JtV is not not documental representation of real life, at all. It's a telenovela.
  14. CooperTV

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    Alba was perfectly okay with Jane marrying both her with Jorge and Xo with Ro. Jane and Rafael aren't going to be married in church, they're gonna get married by having a marriage license that recognized by state and federal laws, and Raf doesn't care about religion. The fact that Alba cares more about her granddaughter's happiness and about Rafael than about being married in church is indisputable.
  15. CooperTV

    S01.E03: Chapter Three

    Jane meeting Rafael, dancing with him and her heart glowing for him even though she's on her way to Michael because she decides to loose her virginity to him is certainly the Mood. Also, the Rafael president suite ad going "Your pleasure is my pleasure" right at the moment of Michael/Jane potential hook up? This show, seriously!