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  1. He didn't quit the show three episodes from the finale. I know JRoth would want to put blame for his spitefulness and crap work environment for his two leads on Bob but that's not what happened.
  2. SERIES FINALE. Original airdate 9/30/2020.
  3. Is Clarke a sociopath? Does Jason Rothenberg actually despise his fanbase and his lead actors? Found out in the next episode of The 100!
  4. The 100 recap: And they’re back on Earth (again) By Dalene Rovenstine (Entertainment Weekly)
  5. The 100 writers posted some script excerpts from this episode. They removed Octavia saying goodbye to her brother and that she loves him altogether, leaving only Clarke feelings sorry for herself and everyone forgiving her immediately. The writing this season remains unparalleled.
  6. The 100 “A Sort of Homecoming” Photo-Recap; SIGH ‘The 100’ season 7, episode 14 review: Two to go, by Selina Wilken
  7. The entire crapfest in one twit.
  8. Original airdate 9/23/2020.
  9. There's also an issue of many episodes this season being filmed out of order.
  10. Vanessa Ekwensi is a recurring character since Career of Evil, isn't she? Wardle, for some reason, wasn't in it but still, he was there from the beginning. I don't think so. I know some fans want to see more of Charlotte but in the books she's continuously used as a plot device, to be that toxic presence over Strike's entire romantic life, that he tries to overcome since the book one. I do think that in Lethal White Charlotte was shown as a parallel to Lorelei, with whom Strike actually had a good healthy thing going on because Lorelei is not a Wicked Witch of the West Charlotte is.
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