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  1. Looking Back On The 100: John Pyper-Ferguson on Cadogan's Impact on The Show, The Final Test, And More!
  2. "I feel bad for both camps, the Cl*xas and the Bellarkes. Both were teased for so many years about it for so many years and neither of them coming to fruition"
  3. ‘The 100’ series finale review: Who wants to live forever?
  4. The 100 Series Finale Pulled a Game of Thrones and I'm Still Laughing
  5. This is about the show in-universe and about Jason Rothenberg as a showrunner, it seems.
  6. Wouldn't be the first time. Because of her inaction in season 5 finale, Earth had been already destroyed. At least JRoth finally admitted she's not a hero (even though he had been trying to convince himself otherwise for years).
  7. But they're on Earth. And the human race is dead.
  8. Except the fact they lost the ability to have children so they'll just die, not try again and create the new world.
  9. Believe it or not, Mr. Rothenberg, I am not remotely surprised about that.
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