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  1. CooperTV

    Outer Banks

    This show is enjoyable summer romp. Sunny beaches, pretty cast, crazy treasure hunt plot, heightened emotions, DRAMA!11 etc. Sometimes it reminded me of 1980s action/adventure movies, like Romancing the Stone, sometimes it's Dawson's Creek, with all that teen angst and big dramatic scenes with people yelling and crying. The main characters have a solid chemistry between and the friendship stuff is great. At the same time the writing is weird about making romantic sub-plots out of the blue, later completely dropping those romantic subplots for no reason and then introducing romantic sub-pl
  2. This show in the NBC one, right? Maybe they would make a wrap-up movie for it, like they did for Timeless (which also had ended its second season on a major cliffhanger).
  3. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    We all know consistent character writing is up there for everyone on this show. Jason, who has no idea he has two children and could care less about his dog he's adopted, is a prime example of that.
  4. Oh god, now the show just has to create some soap opera BS baby daddy drama! That nonsense "love" triangle between Doc, Dolls and Wynonna is just unbearable. Especially that it seems like Doc is the only one who truly cares for other two in this relationship. Also, we now just have to explore Wynonna being a messed up person who sleeps around, lies to her friends and has no idea about the paternity of her child. I never particularly liked Wynonna's coping mechanisms, and the supposedly "feminist" episode about Wynonna killing the potential Revenant baby daddy to proclaim sisterhood is the most
  5. I've watched nine episodes of season 1, and can't figure out of this show is parody or drama. This is so weird, with the plot writing being so horrible that any character development just falls short. That's why I'm always confused about the characters' interpersonal relationships: those have like, no build-up whatsoever. It's like that episode where Waverly says Doc is a good guy, and the very next episode she says he's shady, and she spoke to him for five seconds before that. Or Wynonna and Doc being all over each other one scene, confrontational and nasty the next and outrageously flirting
  6. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    For some reason a guy who before season 2 (and all that serious relationship business stuff) had frequented strip clubs and hanged out with various strippers doesn't consider stuff like contraceptives while having a fling. Not to mention the fact he's in elite military group and probably has serious security clearance so he could be somehow coerced to high treason via his unsavory personal life.
  7. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    Jason never had any children, I'm pretty sure. Or wife. Or mother.
  8. No, because this show relies on heavy editing of any given fighting scene Latifa's character is in, and the scene end up having million and one edit cut to make a fight look even remotely plausible. In the end, Queen Latifah is in the same boat as Liam Neeson in the Taken franchise: too old, too awkward and lack any physicality required to do action scenes, so enter obvious editing cheats. Ming-Na or Michelle Yeoh she is not.
  9. CooperTV

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I couldn't quite figure out why CIA and MI6 are involved in the recovering/finding the Debris (tm) instead of FBI/MI5. Oh well... For the show so reliant on a set of intelligence officers to do their job those guys seem like overemotional bystanders to me. Neither of them act all that professional, to be honest, that's why any attempt at cloak and dagger feels completely out of place and not earned. What's not earned as well is potential conflict between the two characters about the father of one of them. We don't know these people (outside of weird pseudo-philosophical conversation
  10. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    Not that the writing for the last couple seasons isn't terrible or anything but Jason as a character 's been having this issue with authority since season 1. Apparently for a career military man in a tv soap it's a some sort of requirement to mouth off to SOs. I distinctly remember how Jason was trying to start a ruckus with the actual captain of a nuclear submarine while on a mission, and wasn't sent on a brig and dishonorably discharged on the spot.
  11. CooperTV

    SEAL Team

    I'm not going to bet or anything, of course. But I'm convinced the entire Sonny/Davis fraternization vs true love drama viewers have been subjected to for seasons now will come to Sonny's one night stand Texas girlfriend getting pregnant. This show is notorious for its complete inability to stick to any meaningful and/or impactful storyline all the way through. So it's going to be a worthless kind of melodrama for the sake of it. Of course, maybe not...
  12. Canada, as per usual, is a very beautiful place. The production values in the pilot are great. I'm not expecting that to last, though. The show is deliberately quirky affair, with that weirdly acting people in small town thing that is a cliche at this point. It's not exactly bad writing but the same old, same old feeling is there, nonetheless. I also thought that "quirky characters" that act almost too weird clashes horribly with the main theme of a reptiloid pretending to be human in a small town. Mostly because everyone's acting incredibly alien and unnatural throughout the episode. I m
  13. I liked season 2 well enough as a period costume drama. Teresa Palmer and Matthew Good have good chemistry, and for the romance nonsense like this show that's all that matters. Diana's wardrobe is its own character, for sure.
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