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  1. Original airdate 7/15/2020.
  2. I think Josephine as Clarke wanted Murphy to work for her and in return she'd give him immortality. And she also wanted to get rid of Daniel and Kaylee for some reason. So she erased the drives and gave those to Murphy who betrayed his friends to get the drives but later felt bad about it?
  3. I remember Aryn's mother liking death threats towards Eliza Taylor on Twitter. It's that kind of shitshow. I think if your SO of three + years cheats on you with his BFF and after your break up, marries her, there was something wrong with your relationship from the start. Just saying. She can't prove anything, and she has biased view on the situation because she's a classic woman scorned. So she's decided to make herself a victim by phrasing her accusations as vaguely as possible and sic Twitter mob at her ex she had bad relationship and the bad break up with. I read the statement two times already, and I couldn't figure out how tense moments in not very good relationship (Bob and Arryn had been having issues for years, it looks like) constitute as "abuse". Of course there's no going to be any proof about that supposed "emotional abuse". Since "abusive ex" ran away from her as fast as he could the moment "the other woman" (Eliza) became available, it seems. Like he would ever repeat those Tumblr rumors that claim Arryn used to call Eliza, so she would handle Bob's psychological issues and break-downs. Arryn is in great position here because Bob and Eliza don't want to be involved in this in any way, and their justifications, explanations, placating, will be seen as admittance of a fault in the court of public opinion. I don't think they own Arryn this. She's not Bob's ex-wife of 25 years and she's not a mother of his four supposed children.
  4. Considering we've had like, four other supposed "abuse" accusations from different people to some Internet celebs recently, I wonder the actual legitimacy of random claims done by any person right now. The word abuse should also not be used outside of court of police proceedings. Arryn Zech wanted her bad relationship framed as "abuse"? She sure as hell should prove that in court, not in the court of public opinion, and not the year and the half after the fact when it had been supposedly going on. Otherwise I'm forced to think she wants hype, she has an axe to grind and she wants attention.
  5. Original airdate 7/8/2020. This is supposed to a backdoor pilot for the spin-off.
  6. CooperTV

    S07.E06: Nakara

    According to Jason Rothenberg: Link Seeing as on the last San Diego Comic Con Bob and Rothenberg had a falling out, Bob unfollowed Rothenberg on Twitter, and considering the fact that Bob isn't on any major promo-material, that he was absent from the shooting of the finale, the finale episode party (but his wife was there), etc, it seems like something big happened behind the scenes. And Bob and Eliza have been mostly ignoring everything about the show and its PR this season.
  7. Original airdate 7/1/2020.
  8. CooperTV

    S07.E06: Nakara

    Original airdate 6/24/2020.
  9. The 100 Season 7 Character Photos
  10. Original airdate 6/17/2020.
  11. Original airdate 6/10/2020.
  12. Original airdate 6/3/2020.
  13. As far as potential spoilers go, anomaly is not a time machine. Read at your own risk:
  14. Spoilers for the next three episodes: 7x02: Clarke and Bellamy are not in this episode. We see flashbacks of Octavia and what happened to her in the anomaly. That scene under water, is Octavia swimming up to the surface and arriving at a new planet. Diyoza is already there and is in labor. When Octavia arrived, Diyoza had already been there for 3 months. Octavia helps her give birth to Hope and it’s a call back to Bellamy helping Aurora give birth to Octavia. Octavia, Diyoza and Hope spend 10 years on this planet called Sky Ring (because of a wormhole close by, time moves faster there than it does on Sanctum) Octavia is at that point older than Bellamy was when she went into the anomaly. Octavia tries to get back to Bellamy for 6 years but after disagreements with Diyoza (we see in the trailer) she sort of gives up after a while. Octavia writes Bellamy a letter, telling him that she now understands everything he did for her (as she has helped raise Hope), how she wishes that he is happy etc. Octavia tells Hope about her people, the same way Clarke did with Madi. Octavia promises Hope that she will bring “Clarke, Madi and Bellamy” to Hope (when Octavia tries to leave one of those times) and Hope asks “and Murphy?” And Octavia says “and Murphy”. This planet is also some sort of prison planet that is controlled by the people that control the anomaly. So at some point something happens that separates Octavia, Hope and Diyoza. Hope grows up on Sky Ring but we do not know what happened to Diyoza and Octavia after the second time she disappears in the anomaly. Most likely captured. Hope saw Octavia in 7x01 and that was a memory from their 10 years together that Hope can’t remember. Hope, Echo and Gabriel arrive at the same planet in “current” time. They spend a long time on the Sky Ring. Echo is desperate to save Bellamy but they can’t get out. Turns out, there are two prisoners on the planet at different times and they start to make plans to escape and find Bellamy. They find out Bellamy was taken by some people called “the disciples” lead by a man named Anders. Echo also finds the letter Octavia left for Bellamy but Hope rips it away from her because she doesn’t want Echo to touch Octavia’s things. Basically the episode is Octavia flashbacks and Hope, Echo and Gabriel arriving and trying to find out where they are. 7x03: Bellamy is still missing. Sanctum stuff. Clarke and Gaia under the tree as we see in the trailer, Clarke holding Abby’s ring. Clarke says she has nothing left from her parents. Gaia says that’s not true, you are here. Clarke then buries the ring and Gaia buries the flame. Gaia says “your fight is over” and Clarke says “may we meet again”. Indra joins them, they have to deal with Sanctum. Most of Clarke’s one on one scenes are with Gaia in 7x03 and 7x04. Murphy and Emori are staying in the palace. At some point Raven walks in on them and Murphy jokes about that happening for 6 years now, since they were on the Ring together. Murphy and Emori need to keep pretending to be Primes. Raven needs Emori’s help with the reactors on Sanctum because there has been some problems and if they explode everyone will die. (We see that man, James die in the trailer). Basically they all need to fix it. Tension in Sanctum between all these different groups. Wonkru are angry and want Madi to lead them, not only getting information from Gaia or Indra. Indra goes to get Madi, Clarke and Gaia stop her. Gaia tells Wonkru she destroyed the Flame. Wonkru are now angry and basically go back to their original “krus”. Raven is fed up with Wonkru and turns to Eligius to help with the problem (Eligius are trying to take over Sanctum). Then Raven, Emori and Murphy work on the reactor thing, Emori has to get in and fix shit, she has little time to do that. Murphy and Raven are stressed and when things go bad Raven yells at her to “get out of there” (trailer). Emori and Murphy get radiation sickness. Raven does not. Because of the radiation, Eligius are not safe and some of them die. Raven finds herself in Clarke’s shoes so to speak, people dying in her “care”. Murphy says something about welcoming Raven to “the grey world”. One who dies is Hatch, his wife Nikki is not happy and attacks Raven. Raven thinks she deserves it for causing their deaths. Clarke is still dealing with Russell, to kill him or not. She and Gaia sit on the porch, talking (trailer). Finally after their talk, Clarke decides not to kill Russell because things will get worse if she kills him. 7x04: We see young Hope living alone after Octavia and Diyoza disappeared. She has learned to take care of herself. The anomaly comes back and she runs towards it. People come out of the anomaly. They are prisoners sent to Sky Ring to atone for their sins. Hope fights back but then later becomes friends with one prisoner. Hope learns how to fight from him so she can fight back the next time the anomaly comes back. At the time, Hope is 10 years old. Hope grows up and the anomaly comes back. The prisoner, her friend helps her so she can get into the anomaly but by doing so, he dies for her. Back to Echo, Hope and Gabriel in their time on Sky Ring. The prisoners have some sort of chip/memory thing in them. It goes back to Becca and pre-end of the world stuff. If you access the memory chip thingy, you get information from people. Even if they die and have that thing in them, you can still get information. That’s how the anomaly people find out stuff about people. Back on Sanctum. One of the people Echo killed in 7x01 is found in the woods and brought to Clarke. Jordan then tells Clarke there are people (the disciples) on Sanctum and have asked for Clarke. Clarke goes to meet with them (trailer) but first she wants someone to take a look at the suit they have found. So Clarke goes to Raven. Clarke and Raven have a moment because Raven is upset and feels responsible for Eligius members dying. Clarke helps her process her choices and what that does to them to have to make tough calls. Clarke goes to meet the people who called for her. It’s Anders. Anders says that they are the disciples and need Clarke’s help. Anders’ - and the disciples’ leader believe Clarke is “the key to win the last great war the human race will ever fight. You should know time moves much faster where your friends are, every second counts” Clarke goes back to Raven who is working on the suit and finds out the anomaly is a wormhole. Raven asks “Bellamy, Octavia and Echo, where are they?” Back to Echo, Hope and Gabriel. Still stuck on Sky Ring. It’s been years. We find out Octavia told Hope greek myths (flashback), like Bellamy did to Octavia when she was a child. Echo is trying to trick the prisoner Orlando so they can get out of there and use the anomaly to get to Bellamy. They find out information about the face tattoos and what it means. Apparently it depends on what level you are as a disciples. Then there’s something about the prisoners coming to Sky Ring having some sort of faith or religion. Gabriel talks to Orlando when he sees him praying. They talk about truth, belief faith etc. After a while Orlando and Gabriel, Echo and Hope make a deal to help one another out so they can go through the anomaly when it comes. But only if Echo, Hope and Gabriel promise not to kill the Orlando’s family (the disciples) when they come through the anomaly. Echo has now spent 5 years with these people and she promises that she won’t hurt Orlando’s people when they arrive. During this time, Echo and Hope have cut their hair, trained to fight and Orlando marks Echo and Hope on their faces with the anomaly signs so they can blend in and get through and around the anomaly. Echo is seen as a loyal person, even to the people she’s spent 5 years with on Sky Ring. Then Orlando’s “prison time” is up and his people come through the anomaly. Echo has tied Orlando, waiting for what will happen when the people come through. Echo had promised that she would let them live if they got help to get through the anomaly. Echo being Echo kills them all and Hope and Gabriel are shocked. (call back to when Finn killed those grounders in s2). Orlando who has helped them all these years and believed Echo, is horrified and cries when he sees what she has done (man gagged and crying in the trailer). Echo walks up to Orlando, tied and gagged, Hope and Gabriel yell at Echo not to kill him. Echo leaves Orlando with a knife to basically fend for himself. Maybe because she spent 5 years with him 🤷🏻‍♀️. Echo tells Hope and Gabriel that Orlando can’t be trusted not to ruin their plan when they get to Bardo because they (Echo, Hope and Gabriel) are not Orlando’s people. Hope and Gabriel don’t argue and they don’t help Orlando. Hope, Echo, Gabriel then leave in the anomaly that has arrived and their goal is Bardo, to get to Bellamy and it is also where Octavia and Diyoza might be. It has now been 5 years since Echo last saw Bellamy. We do not know how time moves for Bellamy. Clarke and Raven find out there’s information about Clarke in the suit they found. The disciples somehow know Clarke is called “Wanheda” because it says so on the suit/helmet. Clarke goes back to Anders and asks to see her friends. Anders tells Clarke they are no longer on “Penance” the real name for Sky Ring and that the prisoner there (Orlando) was betrayed so he killed himself. Clarke, believing Bellamy is there, says that she doesn’t believe her friends would betray anyone. Anders does not tell Clarke that Bellamy was not there. Anders says he has proof. Orlando left a note. Clarke says she won’t say anything until she gets proof that her friends are alive. Anders says they don’t have to give Clarke proof, they already have a machine that taps into people’s memories so they already know things about Clarke’s friends and Clarke. Who are they getting all these memories from? Octavia? Bellamy? Diyoza? We don’t know. Clarke tells Anders she won’t go with him and that she has friends with her. Anders says he also has friends with him, invisible like in 7x01, they appear. Apparently they can go into “ghost mode” like putting an Iphone on silence, lol. Then Jordan comes up, Clarke gets angry that he is there but turns out he is a distraction. Ander’s friends are shot. Then Raven appears with her suit in ghost mode. Raven is yet again forced to kill people. She is upset. But they go to the anomaly stone (trailer). They don’t know where it goes, what happens there etc. When they start to walk into the anomaly stone, Gaia tells Clarke she will stay behind with Madi. Raven, Clarke, Niylah, Miller and Jordan go (jump team). Gaia climbs up from the anomaly stone cave but is attacked by a disciples person in ghost mode. When Gaia wakes up, the disciple person is taking the anomaly stone offline (whatever that means) and she tries to fight them again but she is pulled through the anonaly and disappears. The anomaly stone collapses. The jump team arrive at a snowy and windy planet. There is nothing there. They don’t know how to survive or how fast time moves there. And they have no idea how to find another anomaly stone so they are stuck there. Episode ends. Retelling of the spoilers from the Bellarkespoiled twitter account that was deleted the other day
  15. Original airdate 5/27/2020.
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