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  1. This psychotic bullying of Faith is also part of all the women on this show's (especially Stassi) bizarre pattern of never ever blaming the MEN (ESPECIALLY JAX) for anything. Somehow everything is Faith's fault in their eyes. WTF! It's really disturbing.
  2. I've been watching Season 1 and 2 over the last couple weeks and then tonight I went from watching an episode from Season 2 (Cabo trip, omg) to watching some of the "Vanderpump Rules After Show" videos on Bravo and while I already knew that everyone has had work done... it was whiplash seeing their season 2 faces and their now faces. Kristen and Stassi look the most different to me. And I don't know what Stassi did to her nose and like upper-half of her face but it made me really sad. She was cute! Mean and a horrible friend and crazy, but she looked cute. In the after show videos she has a muppet-esque thing happening. And in the preview for the virtual reunion looks, Kristen looked nigh unrecognizable. Oy.
  3. ITA. Also watching the after show videos on Bravo's website, Sandoval seemed just OVER Jax absolutely, completely, and I don't blame him one bit. The fire and fun of this show was that these were real genuine messy relationships. It's over. That part of their life is over. People outgrow messy friends. At this point, there's nothing but wash-and-repeat of the same conflicts: Jax is a narcissistic, roid-head who is insanely jealous of Sandoval for reasons he doesn't understand, Kristen is a toxic person that Stassi and Katie (not exactly non-toxic themselves) can't stand to listen to whine anymore. if not for the show, Jax and Kristen would have been long out of these people's lives. I feel like we all have friends from our 20s that we would Never spend time with now. They are those friends. Time to let it, and the show, go.
  4. Good luck with scheduling when to get pregnant! I assume she's been seeing a doctor and such but the fact that they were supposedly having unprotected sex for YEARS without getting pregnant is a real concern. But they also could totally be lying about that. For all I know Brittney thinks contraception is a sin and didn't want Jax to know she had an IUD or something.
  5. Martha has an interesting aesthetic (which I like a lot!) and the complaints of not being able to sew doesn't make a lot of sense when they have sewing help. She just didn't make a plan? It was weird. Maybe she just wanted to go home to her kids. Naomi is hilarious to me. I like how she tries to intimidate Nicole. She knows her role is to be HBIC. Kinda awkward how Esther and Ji Won are such the obvious favs. But I like them both a lot. I do feel a little bad when someone is dismissed and they just walk off and don't really get a good-bye from everyone. Otherwise this is the show I NEED now. Here is the store: https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=MTC_2020_Bubbler_land_2?pf_rd_r=KHT49PN2E1YKMAB3AR4H&pf_rd_p=6f5daa4e-268c-494c-ae3a-c34da633e65d&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-2&pf_rd_t=&pf_rd_i=20968995011&ie=UTF8&node=21131728011 You have to search a little for the actual dresses for sale.
  6. I bet Stassi's wedding will be nice. The Hooters party was so tacky and just Strange for a post-wedding party. (Also what is a post-wedding party?? I've been to a lot of weddings and I've never seen such a thing). I could see it for a bachelor or even bachelorette party (wouldn't be my taste but... fine) but why do that after the "fairy tale" wedding? Also Jax putting his father's ashes in the front row of his wedding was creepy. Lay that poor man to rest instead of carrying him everywhere! Also he's not in the ashes, Jax! Even if his spirit is watching over you, if that's something you believe, his spirit can do that without you lugging him around! And meanwhile, he can't make up with his mother. Very sad.
  7. I loved it. I have a toddler and she liked watching it too (by which I mean, she likes watching older kids sing songs). All of the kids were so talented and funny and it just somehow really hit the right note. It was a beautiful and strange little wonder of a show. It made me think a lot about what our girl will be like when she's older and what fears she will have and if she'd like to sing with David Bryne.
  8. Nailed It Holiday Season 2 is now on Netflix! It's so great to see Nicole and Jacques again! They both look like they've had a little glow-ups (love Nicole's hair!) and their chemistry is as good as ever.
  9. Wow. I am so sad. Don't know why this celebrity death feels so personal but ouch.
  10. Why? Not to say that she wasn't, but that's not an unhealthy weight for a newborn. My daughter was 6lb 8oz when she was born and the doctors told me that was great (I had gestational diabetes so they were concerned that the baby would get too big). Now granted, Catelynn definitely gained more weight than she needed to and I'm sure did not eat especially healthily during the pregnancy but that's another story...
  11. Oh man, I feel really bad for the mother of the pregnant phone-buying girl. All three of those girls were so trifling. Classic Judge Judy moment when she asked which of the girls had children and which would soon have children. Oy.
  12. I think the name Layne sounds better as a middle name. Like "Ettie Layne" has a better flow to me than "Layne Ettie", imo. But... the baby is super cute! I'm 37 weeks today, so it's exciting to think I'll soon i'll have a little one like her too!
  13. That grandma was Awful. Uggg. Judge Judy seemed really disturbed by whatever the police report was. Lady, if you have a bad relationship with the mother of your grandchildren, look at your terrible son! I don't feel bad for the puppy people at all. They did no research. I'm sure the pet store gave them a song-and-dance about how cute and small the dog would be, but that bill of sale covered the pet store's behind. Tough luck! ... But nice to see that their son loved the dog!
  14. Maybe you're thinking of burlesque? Which is much more Sonja's speed than cabaret. I think cabaret acts are generally very campy and old-fashioned. Think Liza Minelli or Elaine Stritch telling weird little stories and then singing 'Send in the Clowns'. I am genuinely impressed at the talent LuAnn was able to pull together! Maybe they said and I missed it but who was financing this show? Laura Benanti is no slouch!
  15. I wish Gordan could have just given the restaurant to Lena and said, "You're the only one here who seems to care and want to make this work!" Why wouldn't the restaurant do an update just to play along and get some good publicity? So dumb. Free Lena!
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