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  1. If it gets renewed, I'm gonna need them to find some way to incorporate Mitch into a S2 and I don't really care how ridiculous it gets. Peter Gallagher is the beating heart of this show and there is just magic when he performs. I like the rest of the show and cast a lot but...without him there will be a real gap in the core/backbone of the show. It'll just be a very annoying love triangle and office frustrations. 😕 Also, the whole family will be grieving so much that I would expect it to change the tone/feel a lot.
  2. I don't fully remember Kody and Meri's backstory but weren't they high school sweethearts for a couple years? Is he saying she pretended to be different than she actually is even then and deceived/tricked him into marrying her, and thinking she was this open, vulnerable, sweetie? I mean... she might be guarded but she also is very transparent. I don't think we've seen her ever pretend to be sweet and happy when she wasn't? And I guess therapists are not supposed to tell their patients what to do but I don't know how Nancy doesn't tell these fools to just throw in the towel already. Kody refuses to hear criticism and Meri refuses to feel "unsafe" -- they will never be able to work anything out. Kody basically just spent an hour telling the camera he regrets ever marrying her, finds her to be a miserable, whiny, defensive witch, and does not want a romantic relationship with her. Oh and he's only with her because he once made a commitment to her that he now feels he never should have made. AND that was officially dissolved years ago when they DIVORCED. I mean aside from "for the show/TLC paycheck" there is absolutely no reason for them to prolong this. Whoo they are exhausting even when they are being semi-truthful.
  3. "I COULD HAVE STAYED IN LAS VEGAS AND SAVED A FORTUNE!" No frakking kidding, Genius. Everyone was just extra stupid and ridiculous tonight. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. She is so extra. All these tears when apparently they have the money (or TLC does) to buy near-million-dollar homes. PUKE. And why did it take them so long to figure out they need PLUMBING and all that shit planned out before they can build?! Not two brain cells amongst them all to rub together.
  4. Agree with everyone who thought this episode was kind of a mess. I feel like they came up with the idea to make Max's number "real" and liked that twist so much they didn't care how it messed up the arc for Max and Zoey. It felt way too soon/abrupt for him to be making huge declarations of love when he's barely hinted at feelings for Zoey aloud (aside from his songs). I wish they could have let that build a little bit more and let Zoey actually maybe start to feel something more for him, too. Especially, because it then sort of forced Max into a weird space where he had to demand an answer/get shirty with Zoey and that didn't feel likely or natural for that kind of character. Sometimes Max is great, sometimes he seems like a really entitled Nice Guy tm kind of asshole. I wish the writing was more consistent for him. There is no universe where I can imagine Joan being into Leif. Sorry. Nope. (Unless maybe...MAYBE if she heard him sing. Because DAMN. I think he might be the best pure vocalist on the show.)
  5. And way, way back she was Delores Rebchuck in Grease 2 -- the little sister of Lorna Luft's character.
  6. Just read that Utah is decriminalizing polygamy. Start packing again, gals. Kody's gonna have them moving back to Utah in two shakes of a lamb's tail. https://abcnews.go.com/US/utah-senators-unanimously-pass-bill-decriminalize-polygamy/story?id=69068885
  7. So Christine would like to live separately so she can be intimate with her husband wherever and whenever she wants, and she would also like to make her own one-on-one decision with her real estate agent rather than discuss/decide it as a group, and... You know, like a monogamist would. 🤣 I am also finding Robyn's growing annoyance/anger with Kody very satisfying. She legit dragged him in front of all of them today even harder than she has previously. I'm ready for her to completely lose her shit.
  8. Came here to suggest this same scenario. And if so, I'm here for it because I assume that means we will see Sutton Foster in flashbacks soon? (I can't imagine they'd cast her as Eric's fiance only to show her once in one photo.... Actually, googled and yes we will.)
  9. I'm also baffled as to why they mashed The Likeness plot into this one which mostly followed In the Woods. There was also so much emphasis on the old case that there wasn't enough room to properly develop Rob and Cassie's coming together, and especially not how Rosalind is so charming and captivating that Rob is really in her thrall to some degree, despite Cassie's misgivings and how her talking to Rosalind is actually so different feeling in the books -- it feels so dangerous and spellbound and like Cassie's really sacrificing something, letting this girl tear her feelings open despite everyone watching/listening. MEH. I think they really wasted the great chemistry between Sarah Greene and Killian Scott instead of centering it the way they could and should have.
  10. Lol. And this gossip site blind item says she's the one cheating. PR people hard at work all around!
  11. I thought S2 was MUCH heavier than S1 somehow. Lacked a lot of the humor from the books and especially missed capturing the hypocrisy of who Joe turns into once he's firmly entrenched in LA culture and Love's family. They changed so much about Love and the whole nanny backstory that it just felt like kind of a different character to me, so her being a serial killer was a nice twist for the show. They def. put a Gone Girl kind of ending to it. It'll be interested to see what Kepnes does for a book 3. Are we gonna see Joe in Jail or will it pick up after he gets out somehow? Whatever the plot, I guess the show will diverge from it.
  12. Just saw this and can't believe this show keeps casting my faves to keep me in its deathly snare.
  13. Why would Delilah and Regina's somewhat fancy restaurant be open for breakfast? And why would she make that random construction guy linguine with clams for breakfast? And how would all those people (lawyers and students -- because apparently they're near Porter Square which seems unlikely too) show up FOR BREAKFAST? I mean, I guess you could argue that it was finally lunch by the end of the episode when everyone was doing shots and Eddie was accidentally getting served whiskey, but Jesus, this show does the dumbest shit like this all the time. Juxtaposing that whole restaurant drama with Theo needing to get to school, Katherine needing to get to work, and Maggie and her crew eating bagels (which, who has dramatic conversations and surprise guests at a WEEKDAY BREAKFAST? DO NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!) made zero sense. Lol, it's the stupid shit like this that gets me every time. That out of the way -- agreed with everyone that Maggie was the worst this episode, Delilah is oblivious as usual, Katherine should not be making it work, Eddie's self-pitying is not a good look, Theo's too precocious, and Jason Ritter is too good for this show. I struggled with Regina this week too -- I didn't get her sudden complete lack of coping/believing the restaurant was doomed because of one power outage at breakfast. And I like Gary the best of all these regular yahoos, but I'm baffled at how hard the show retcons that Katherine was always part of the group and ESPECIALLY Gary, who seemed to hate her the worst, suddenly being the one to check on her and give her hugs. None of that made any sense. But then the whole Eddie does actually love Katherine and chooses her makes no sense either based on S1 so.... whatever I guess.
  14. Congrats to Ava....starring in the next Netflix YA Rom-com: https://www.netflix.com/title/81002412
  15. That's interesting. I was just wondering this same thing of why they're placing so low in RIGGED competitions. The only thing I can think of is that the editors really want to reinforce the narrative of ALDS needing to desperately make a comeback and still being in a downswing. Also, I cannot get over how much Sarah reminds me of Kristen Bell, and I think that little girl is going to grow up and try to burn the world down, Veronica Mars-style after all this craziness.
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