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  1. I'm also baffled as to why they mashed The Likeness plot into this one which mostly followed In the Woods. There was also so much emphasis on the old case that there wasn't enough room to properly develop Rob and Cassie's coming together, and especially not how Rosalind is so charming and captivating that Rob is really in her thrall to some degree, despite Cassie's misgivings and how her talking to Rosalind is actually so different feeling in the books -- it feels so dangerous and spellbound and like Cassie's really sacrificing something, letting this girl tear her feelings open despite everyone watching/listening. MEH. I think they really wasted the great chemistry between Sarah Greene and Killian Scott instead of centering it the way they could and should have.
  2. Lol. And this gossip site blind item says she's the one cheating. PR people hard at work all around!
  3. I thought S2 was MUCH heavier than S1 somehow. Lacked a lot of the humor from the books and especially missed capturing the hypocrisy of who Joe turns into once he's firmly entrenched in LA culture and Love's family. They changed so much about Love and the whole nanny backstory that it just felt like kind of a different character to me, so her being a serial killer was a nice twist for the show. They def. put a Gone Girl kind of ending to it. It'll be interested to see what Kepnes does for a book 3. Are we gonna see Joe in Jail or will it pick up after he gets out somehow? Whatever the plot, I guess the show will diverge from it.
  4. Just saw this and can't believe this show keeps casting my faves to keep me in its deathly snare.
  5. Why would Delilah and Regina's somewhat fancy restaurant be open for breakfast? And why would she make that random construction guy linguine with clams for breakfast? And how would all those people (lawyers and students -- because apparently they're near Porter Square which seems unlikely too) show up FOR BREAKFAST? I mean, I guess you could argue that it was finally lunch by the end of the episode when everyone was doing shots and Eddie was accidentally getting served whiskey, but Jesus, this show does the dumbest shit like this all the time. Juxtaposing that whole restaurant drama with Theo needing to get to school, Katherine needing to get to work, and Maggie and her crew eating bagels (which, who has dramatic conversations and surprise guests at a WEEKDAY BREAKFAST? DO NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!) made zero sense. Lol, it's the stupid shit like this that gets me every time. That out of the way -- agreed with everyone that Maggie was the worst this episode, Delilah is oblivious as usual, Katherine should not be making it work, Eddie's self-pitying is not a good look, Theo's too precocious, and Jason Ritter is too good for this show. I struggled with Regina this week too -- I didn't get her sudden complete lack of coping/believing the restaurant was doomed because of one power outage at breakfast. And I like Gary the best of all these regular yahoos, but I'm baffled at how hard the show retcons that Katherine was always part of the group and ESPECIALLY Gary, who seemed to hate her the worst, suddenly being the one to check on her and give her hugs. None of that made any sense. But then the whole Eddie does actually love Katherine and chooses her makes no sense either based on S1 so.... whatever I guess.
  6. Congrats to Ava....starring in the next Netflix YA Rom-com: https://www.netflix.com/title/81002412
  7. That's interesting. I was just wondering this same thing of why they're placing so low in RIGGED competitions. The only thing I can think of is that the editors really want to reinforce the narrative of ALDS needing to desperately make a comeback and still being in a downswing. Also, I cannot get over how much Sarah reminds me of Kristen Bell, and I think that little girl is going to grow up and try to burn the world down, Veronica Mars-style after all this craziness.
  8. Jason Ritter to join Season 2 of A Million Little Things Love him! Article says who he'll be connected to in the cast and that he's sticking around for multiple episodes.
  9. I really wanted some kind of consequences to happen to Nate and/or his dad. His fit at the beginning didn't really seem like enough. I'm curious as to what Maddie might do with the knowledge of what was on that CD....if anything. I was happy that Kat and Ethan got together, but it felt a little too sweet and simple for this show honestly. I also continue to be baffled that Maddie, Kat, and Rue are all in the same friend group. It seems so unlikely. I can see Maddie and Cassie hanging around together and maybe Lexi as the sister tag-along sometimes, but that's about it. And add me to the bunch confused by Jules. She's "in love with" Anna after one zonked-out night at a club... where she was fantasizing Anna was Nate?! I think she clearly has no concerns for Rue's mental state/needs. I know all the characters are basically (except Lexi and the drug dealer) acting out in various ways because they need attention and love, but I kind of wish they'd drill down a little more on Jules's mental issues. Maybe in S2...
  10. Right, but this was the transition to leaving Neptune. She hadn't left yet. So this one should have been personally connected and been such a personal, gutting, gamechanger (not Logan dying, the mystery itself) that it forced her right out of Neptune. That would've made more sense and more impact. We saw a couple jokes between them, sure, but by and large this season was them arguing and being frustrated a lot. The one scene that clearly said to me these two weren't going to last unless Veronica changed was her very blank stare/uncomfortable look when they settled down on the couch to watch that historical movie. That just wasn't her jam and it had become Logan's apparently. I fully agree the point they were originally trying to make was that Veronica didn't want to deal with her shit. Hell, they had her flat out say she was the destructive element in her relationship. It wasn't unclear at all. But the fact remains, she was how she was and she wasn't changing...and she found Logan to be a "pod-person" and didn't like it. So how would those two even have lasted? They'd grown apart. Should've just written a breakup and let him go his merry way. The mistake was thinking they had to marry them off to give more "fan service" when they were gonna kill him anyway.
  11. So I actually did not think it was a very good season at all, and the only thing that made it more interesting was the ending. That doesn't mean I liked the ending (I'm torn, more on that in a minute), but I found this mystery incredibly BORING and simplistic, despite being overstuffed with red herrings and unnecessary characters. In fact, when I hit the halfway point after episode 4, I was complaining to friends that it was so dull and I liked the movie better. I don't understand why they went with THIS plot which barely affected Veronica and had very little personal stakes (besides the ending shocker), when they already had (in the first book) a spring break murders story hat ultimately led to SUPER PERSONAL CONSEQUENCES for Veronica's own life. That would have been so much more compelling and satisfying to see play out, instead of this dumb real estate/famewhore bullshit storyline, the most egregious part of which was the two Mexican hitman who literally could've wandered right out of a Fargo season. They felt incredibly out-of-place to me. This particular plot, though lackluster, could've even worked a lot better if the setup had been different and we'd met Matty first by Wallace being her teacher, and -- though i can't believe I'm saying this -- if Dick was a bigger part of the plot leading us to Big Dick's shenanigans. The Kane memorial high school thing could've been a much better vehicle/location for a bombing storyline about haves vs. have nots (and they could've had more Principal Clemmons!). They had so many ways they could've made it so much better and more interesting and more personal for Veronica. The Weevil/Veronica scenes were some of my favorite in the season, and it's a pity there were only a few. I would've really liked a whole/longer arc of that. As for Logan dying, I don't hate it entirely. I was never a huge LoVe fan, though you can't deny the chemistry, but this season was also constructed to pretty much show sexual chemistry was really all they had. They didn't communicate well, weren't ever on the same page, and Veronica seemed incredibly bored by normal!Logan. I actually thought that stuff was pretty smart and insightful and rightfully should have lead to a breakup. (Plus, I always liked Leo and I liked that she actually got to LAUGH and have fun with Leo. I mean if you want to give her a healthy relationship...) And then they decided to one-up it and make it super tragic "noir" by killing him off instead, so the "No I really do love you after all!" revelation and the wedding just ended up being red herrings to surprise you with the killing. A shame. They could've given Jason Dohring some better, more interesting material to play before getting rid of him. (And they wasted Mary McDonnell--which is really a crime.) But like someone above said, if the choice was they had to kill Keith or kill Logan so Veronica could have an unhappy noir ending. I'm glad it wasn't Keith. I can handwave that "oh false alarm, I'm good!" ending just because I really didn't want Keith to have dementia, retire, or die. That being said, I'm not sure more tragedy for Veronica was the best choice. It had a real "how many lumps is the universe gonna give this girl?" feel to it. I saw folks online complaining that, like many other male showrunners, RT seems to think women can't be tough unless they have a lot of trauma. That's a shame, though it is in keeping with the PI/noir genre they desperately want this to be considered a part of. But I would like to see a Veronica who is badass just because she's confident and intelligent and wily, and not because she's bitter and hardened. All of that complaining aside, I'm intrigued as to what a S5 looks like. If it's an anthology, with her and just a whole new cast, I agree it won't be as compelling as Neptune and the gang there was. But they kind of painted themselves into a corner with making Veronica either a sad sack or a hypocrite who goes back to the hometown she hates. So I see why they feel they want her to move on. Her ties (except for with Keith) seem well and truly cut. She was not interested in Wallace's boring settled life, she fought with Weevil, Logan's dead, Dad's doing well. Time to move on. (I can't imagine Enrico wouldn't somehow be a part of any S5 even in a recurring capacity. We have to find out who is girlfriend is too.)
  12. I wish we'd gotten more of a plotline out of Ghost and how they found her. It felt really abrupt that Eve was able to just whisk off and arrest her. I also wasn't really sure what I was supposed to take away from Eve looking at herself in the mirrored observation room window for that very long moment and putting her hair up.
  13. taragel

    Veep in the Media

    EW posted an article with one written excerpt from the book and a separate audio excerpt read by JLD with Tony Hale footnoting the text as Gary....and Selina demanding that Gary redact some of the info she's reading and his utter confusion to that suggestion. It's pretty great--I'm going to have to get it when I start missing the show so it'll feel like an extra episode. https://ew.com/tv/2019/03/20/veep-excerpt-selina-meyer-autobiography/
  14. Oh I know, I just wish if they were doing a SSW part two, we'd get a different host. One less inclined to smooth everything over immediately and look like a friend/good guy. She wasn't as fawning on SSW but I think that was due to the Paige/Brandi drama blowing up the whole middle of the show.
  15. Not only was this dull with an inspid host, but it made me extra angry that I should've been watching part 2 of a SEEKING SISTER WIFE tell-all instead where some other better host asked Vanessa some real questions about leaving the Snowdens, dammit.
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