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  1. The part that really gets me is when he says he "dislikes her behavior and wants to see if she can be a 'good sister wife.'" So, fall in line or no sex for you? So gross. I agree that I don't know how the slights to their kids don't seem to register, but I'll still give Christine all the good-for-hers in the world for not simply accepting that bullshit. (Unlike Meri or Janelle.) It's a low frakking bar, sure, but she cleared it at least.
  2. Random question but ... where is Gwendolyn? Is she away/living at school? It occurs to me that of all the 19 children I think she might be the one we see the least?
  3. Wow. Just...wow. To look at your son who is practically begging you to make time for him on a semi-regular basis w/ tears in his eyes and to have not an ounce of empathy or love or compassion but just be mad and defensive (and accusingly shriek about why he is getting emotional), so much so that not only would you not hug him (God forbid) but not even verbally assure him from your safe social distance that you love him and miss him and want to be a part of his life, regardless of who you think is at fault? Well, that is a cold, cold heart. When this family looks back some day about what
  4. Christine and Janelle's chat made me feel very glad for both of them that they have that support, especially that they both commented how much each of their kids love the other wife. And it felt so genuine. And very reasonable (to me) that they would want to see their adult kids over Kody who has shown them for so long that he has little to no interest or investment in them, for all his crowing about the "whole fambly." And then in contrast, the Robin/Meri/kids reunion just felt so overdramatic and fake to me. IDK I'm so glad Christine left in search of a better life and I wish Janel
  5. Also, Looks like Garrison bought his house! SO LONG, DAD! Sister Wives star Janelle Brown’s son Garrison buys $329K Arizona home featuring courtyard amid feud with dad Kody https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/4408390/sister-wives-janelle-brown-son-garrison-arizona-home/
  6. Lot of Robyn in this Sunday's episode. (Not sure how to get the People.com clip to embed but here's a link) Sister Wives: Robyn Tells Her Kids the Family Won't Spend the Holidays Together https://people.com/tv/sister-wives-robyn-doesnt-want-to-lie-to-her-kids-about-familys-separate-holiday-plans/
  7. Just saw this article w/a quote from Austin Winsberg re: the love triangle and whether or not it should be over. Kind of a weaseling-out answer if you ask me: “I know there are some fans out there that feel like, ‘Wait a second, what happened, Austin? You said she was gonna make a choice in the beginning.’ And I think she did make the choice,” showrunner Austin Winsberg explains. “She tried to go for Max, and it’s just that the timing wasn’t right, and she wasn’t in the right space. And here we are, several episodes later, and people change over time, feelings change over time, and things
  8. I thought this was interesting because I could easily believe he hangs out at Janelle's the most. She is the wife who absolutely challenges him the least and probably, at this point, easily adores him the most. Kody says elsewhere in the episode that this fight with Robyn over to buy the rental house or wait for God to provide is the BIGGEST FIGHT he's ever had with a wife, and Robyn consistently seems over him/angry/frustrated. However, we saw in the trailers that Janelle finally gets upset about something and says she doesn't see him enough either. So... where the hell is he spending time? I
  9. Having trouble with the quote function but responding to several different points raised here.... Did Sarah know her "best friend" was keeping a young woman prisoner? I don't think she did actually. Sarah's ebook was onsale for $2.99 the other day, so I bought it and read it (it's a short, quick, not that illuminating read) and .... despite her calling Lauren a best friend and making her the godparent to her son, I think they actually had a very one-way relationship. Sarah didn't seem to really know much of anything about Lauren's life--she had no idea for their entire time until she want
  10. If it gets renewed, I'm gonna need them to find some way to incorporate Mitch into a S2 and I don't really care how ridiculous it gets. Peter Gallagher is the beating heart of this show and there is just magic when he performs. I like the rest of the show and cast a lot but...without him there will be a real gap in the core/backbone of the show. It'll just be a very annoying love triangle and office frustrations. 😕 Also, the whole family will be grieving so much that I would expect it to change the tone/feel a lot.
  11. I don't fully remember Kody and Meri's backstory but weren't they high school sweethearts for a couple years? Is he saying she pretended to be different than she actually is even then and deceived/tricked him into marrying her, and thinking she was this open, vulnerable, sweetie? I mean... she might be guarded but she also is very transparent. I don't think we've seen her ever pretend to be sweet and happy when she wasn't? And I guess therapists are not supposed to tell their patients what to do but I don't know how Nancy doesn't tell these fools to just throw in the towel already. Kody r
  12. "I COULD HAVE STAYED IN LAS VEGAS AND SAVED A FORTUNE!" No frakking kidding, Genius. Everyone was just extra stupid and ridiculous tonight. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. She is so extra. All these tears when apparently they have the money (or TLC does) to buy near-million-dollar homes. PUKE. And why did it take them so long to figure out they need PLUMBING and all that shit planned out before they can build?! Not two brain cells amongst them all to rub together.
  13. Agree with everyone who thought this episode was kind of a mess. I feel like they came up with the idea to make Max's number "real" and liked that twist so much they didn't care how it messed up the arc for Max and Zoey. It felt way too soon/abrupt for him to be making huge declarations of love when he's barely hinted at feelings for Zoey aloud (aside from his songs). I wish they could have let that build a little bit more and let Zoey actually maybe start to feel something more for him, too. Especially, because it then sort of forced Max into a weird space where he had to demand an answer/get
  14. And way, way back she was Delores Rebchuck in Grease 2 -- the little sister of Lorna Luft's character.
  15. Just read that Utah is decriminalizing polygamy. Start packing again, gals. Kody's gonna have them moving back to Utah in two shakes of a lamb's tail. https://abcnews.go.com/US/utah-senators-unanimously-pass-bill-decriminalize-polygamy/story?id=69068885
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