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  1. Colin's mom slapping Mare was completely within the trope of Grieving Family Member Taking It Out on the Cop That Let It Happen, so I was completely expecting it. On the other hand, I thought Winslet's reaction broke the trope. It's typically a stoic, somber, 'yeah I get that', but she looked honestly shocked and stung. I mean, surely Mare has seen a cop show before? She couldn't have predicted a tropey slap? ;D We haven't seen Erin's dad since the 'murdur durdur' sketch, which made me marvel at how the SNL H&M dept nailed that look!
  2. What's most important to me in this ep is how great Mare's brushed-gray North Face coat is, and can I buy one? (Nordstrom is sold out.)
  3. attica

    MLB Thread

    On the one hand, that's just funny. On the other hand, the habit of MLB players to neglect even basic grooming as inconvenient or loss-inducing has always annoyed me. Comb your beards and stop spitting! And off my lawn while you're at it!
  4. I bust a gut watching Thunder Force. I guess I'm a sucker for MM's brand of humor, but sheesh, I laughed so hard.
  5. I call these shows The Annual Tom Cruise Tongue Bath, and I stand by it. On the other hand, I nearly froze in the shade that Felicity threw: 'Oh, we just did acting for those bits.' She had no patience for all that immersive shit TC does. Heeeeee. I think Olly was wearing the same outfit he wore for his last (non-Years & Years-related) visit. I could be wrong, and if I'm not, there's nothing wrong with it! Just something I noticed.
  6. There is a new-ish school of economic thought called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). It theorizes -- with math!-- that deficits won't cause inflation as long as there is room in the economy to grow. Which, for the US, is around $14 trillion worth of room, iirc. So we could give everybody many free things: college, childcare, college, healthcare, and on and on, without a negative economic impact. Of course, this runs contrary to established learning, and certainly runs headlong into the bias against letting poor people off the mat that we cherish so much here in the US, so top economists wo
  7. Honestly, I am tickled that Rupert seems to have returned to something nearer his original face. He looks very improved!
  8. Ah, but it gives us (i.e. journos and law enforcement --such as it is these days) threads to pull, to actually examine what can be corroborated or not. It's valuable just for that.
  9. It's not like any of the candidates don't have agency themselves. Perhaps the Biden camp has refused invitations?
  10. Ali made me laugh at least 3 times in last night's show. His mouthing of 'what the heck is a mud volcano?' did me in.
  11. The record labels that have made bank on the 80 million (and counting) records she's sold probably don't have a problem with her having got a recording contract...
  12. With you here. They're never flattering anecdotes, either. If once he'd make himself the brunt of the joke I'd have less of a problem, but as is (and without knowing her at all) it strikes me as contemptuous. Even as the Most Obvious Joke, I still laughed at the 'rate my prof' entry "All write, all write, all write."
  13. Jodie's dorkiness is adorable to me. Great couch; they all came to play with each other. Kudos to Dwayne for the pink jacket as well. I could have spent more time with Palin. I feel lime there's never enough Sir Michael.
  14. attica

    MLB Thread

    Good news, a long time coming: Marvin Miller, the Players Association lawyer who broke the reserve clause and ushered in free agency, has been elected into the HOF, by the modern-era committee. Also elected was catcher Ted Simmons. It is important for me to point out that Tony Clark was my baseball boyfriend in 2004. 😆 I retain lingering affection for him.
  15. I would very much like to possess HBC's tiara/hair jewelry that spelled out MAYBE in crystals.
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