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  1. Florinaldo

    The People's Court

    (From Monday, but was broadcast here only this morning.) That plaintiff is one reason to scare anyone away from being a landlord for fear of getting a tenant like him, especially where the laws are particularly favourable to deadbeat tenants and squatters. He knows the system inside out and can play every rule and regulation to his advantage in the jurisdiction he lives in, and even bluff his way through them. If that fails, he plays the perpetual victim and abuses the "support animal" craze. That being said, I think the landlord's family were not as diligent as they should have been in documenting his violations and misbehaviours or in taking the necessary steps to evict him. Two loathsome people who can scare anyone away from renting an apartment in a multi-unit house. Defendant's actions were clearly troubling, but the plaintiff was no better; under her veneer of respectability, I am sure she is a manipulative bully who knows exactly which of his buttons to push, provoking such behaviour and no doubt enjoying every moment of it judging from her self-satisfied smiles during the case. Of course, her clips conveniently never include the lead-ups to the incidents she recorded And so the parade of idiots buying an "as is" car without getting it checked beforehand and then whining when things go bad continues. This time however, instead of the usual young female snowflake trying to argue her girl-brain was taken advantage of because it cannot handle such complicated stuff as contracts and how a car really works, we get a grown-up male dumbass.
  2. Florinaldo

    The People's Court

    JM's rather traditional values when it comes to interpersonal relationships sometimes get the better of her good judgment. Was that guy due some respect simply because he has lasted a long time? Respect is not something that is automatically due, it is earned and it can be frittered away in a flash, as happened while I was watching him; he is a braggart and a bully with an inflated sense of his own importance who thinks people should kowtow to him, especially that young fella' and the unseen female "secretary". JM's statement was idiotic, even though she may have been reacting to the defendant smiling at the plaintiff's senseless rant.
  3. Florinaldo

    Hot Bench

    That guy was such a slimy amoral bastard that I felt like taking multiple showers just from watching him. His complete disdain for the law, his personal responsibilities and the burden placed on the tax preparer were truly beyond abysmal, even for the general character of litigants on these TV court shows. I hope there is a chance that the statute of limitations has not run out and that after watching that episode and listening to the evidence, authorities in his local jurisdiction or the IRS at least open an inquiry on him. The most galling part of it is that the award to the plaintiff was actually paid by the show, so that he gets to keep the money he wrongfully received, which may explain his smug uncaring attitude.
  4. Florinaldo

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    I am always disappointed when an inventive and original show resorts to easy devices to move the plot along. In this episode we once again had Sara not making time for listening to Mona because she had something more important to take care of, as also happened in the previous episode. And of course when she finally listens, it is too late for the info to be really useful. Also the ending, with Nora's efforts to break out succeeding just at the right moment for her to arrive at the precise time in Hank's office for Nate to find her over the body and make the obvious conclusion, followed by oodles and oodles of agents barging on the scene, each one with weapon drawn, coming out from every nook and cranny, whereas all during the murder no one walked past in the usually very busy hallway; if they had, they would have seen what was happening through the glass doors and walls, but it would have interfered with the "twist" of having Nora being unfairly suspected. Not enough though to blunt the enjoyment of a good episode, despite the bad werewolf effects and makeup for Mona. I thought that the truth-telling bug was especially funny and cleverly used.
  5. Florinaldo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Perhaps mommy will once again turn up on the show, this time suing the assault victim for his defense's legal costs and the mental anguish she had to endure in seeing her poor suffering son being carted off to prison.
  6. Florinaldo

    S05.E14: Life Is a Cabaret

    We got three numbers (I am including "Money" from 2 episodes ago). For actors who are not musical theater regulars that was already asking them a lot in the short production time of a TV episode. The show used what are probably the three most recognizable numbers from the musical, which also left time for the rest of the plots (although I agree that the transition from Stevie crying to her being AWOL felt brutal). Perhaps we'll get outtakes from other numbers at some point, but I felt that what we saw was satisfying and enough to prove that the production was a success on all fronts (as an amateur production). Amongst many enjoyable moments I would single out Stevie saying that Patrick asked for her blessing a few weeks previously and David not even batting an eye, because of course it is the most normal thing that his fiancé-to-be would go to her instead of his parents. Also the full grinning proud faces of Ted and David in the audience; it's difficult to say if the latter was happier for Patrick or for Stevie.
  7. Florinaldo

    The People's Court

    I think the wrist is the least of her health worries. From her confused and mangled repetitions of what doctors and other people involved in her "case" allegedly told her, I would say enough of her brain cells are dead that she understands barely 10 % of information conveyed to her. In the tow case, I was ready to watch another fool trying to wiggle out from not being able to park his car according to regulations. But it turned out that the tow company was so messy and negligent in following procedure and keeping records that they towed the wrong car. The plaintiff fully deserved to be reimbursed, even though he was overdramatic (oooooh, the gut-wrenching agony of being deprived of one's car for 18 days!) and annoying for repeatedly claiming they were scammers without any proof, much like litigants in rental cases routinely call people "slumlords". I did not see any concrete indication that this was a scam, instead of the result of stupidity and negligence by the tow people. And then we had another plaintiff who has no business being a landlord considering how clueless he is. His argument that Section 8 ensuring payment of the rent meant an implicit warrantee from the broker that he would be responsible for the tenant's behaviour, good or bad. As for the broker, I was glad to see that Grandpa from the Munsters, a little older and after gaining some weight, has found something else to do with his long life.
  8. Florinaldo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    If the plantiff was reading your entry, he would correct that part by interjecting that the plants were "muuutilated" as he did several times during the case.
  9. Florinaldo

    The People's Court

    I thought that the missing kitten had just curled up and died on the plaintiff's head; or maybe it was a gerbil's carcass. At least that is the one explanation I see for her ridiculous hairdo, which was still not as crazy as her attempts at providing rational arguments and reasoning for her claims.
  10. Florinaldo

    S05. E18. Ready

    I have been expecting a scene in the WH kitchen where Henry has a discussion with the chef regarding the menu for a State dinner. "Did you make sure that the livestock and fish used for this meal were raised and harvested sustainably? As Spinoza and Averroes said, can it really taste good if it is not ethically raised." That might get him boiled alive.
  11. Florinaldo

    S05.E13: The Hike

    Yep, that really happened, and in circumstances most appropriate for them, eschewing the usual maudlin scene for such events.
  12. Florinaldo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Because JJ decided from the get-go that she hated the plaintiff and would side with the defendant at all costs. Never mind that she was an agressive and despicable harridan (I am talking about the defendant not JJ. Although come to think of it...). She professed to be a dog lover, but is probably a hypocrite who has no qualms about kicking other people's dogs.
  13. Florinaldo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Plaintiff was an asshole, but I fully believe that the old hellishly unpleasant biddy did strike him in the face with her flashlight, which may have been heavier than the one she brought to court. Yes, sometimes you must let adults make the most predictable mistakes on their own, since that it the cost of exercising free will.
  14. Florinaldo

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    A generally enjoyable episode, marred by some facile script-writing choices. For example, people not listening to each other or cutting short a conversation as the other person is trying to convey vital information, about a conspiracy in this specific instance. Plus some illogical character behaviour: why would Sara or Ava spontaneously dismiss the possibility of a conspiracy at the Time Bureau, considering all the double-dealings and underhanded actions they have witnessed over the previous seasons? At least Sara quickly allowed Zari to investigate it, just in case. And once confronted with the reality of the deception, why would Ava find it okay that she was lied to by Hank and was manipulated by him? I have enjoyed Constantine from the start and previously on his own short-lived series, and he is becoming more and more of a delight. The actor is obviously having a ball. No mention of his boyfriend, although we did spot him during the gala, sporting the patented Evil Smile all villains, possessed or not, eventually display. Was it just me or does he not look a lot like Jussie Smollett, which had not struck me before since I do not watch Empire?
  15. Florinaldo

    S05. E18. Ready

    Also, every decision and statement by a Cabinet member running in a presidential primary would be second-guessed since people would openly question whether it's made because it's good policy or for vote-garnering purposes. Cabinet members serve at the President's pleasure since they are chosen by him; a VP is elected as part of the ticket. If the President assigns a VP other duties than the very few specified in the Constitution, it is easy to relieve him of those extra files so he can devote himself full time to the primary. Not so easy with a Secretary in charge of a whole department.