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  1. Babalu

    S08: Talk

    @jette - I “liked” your post not because I currently agree with it but because I certainly did after episode 1. I don’t know how much you know about the season, so I’ll put this in spoiler tags, even though it only spoils whether the Paolos lasted beyond the first few episodes: I can’t swear to this, but it seems like survivorsucks people were the first ones to “deify” Mama Paolo. I met her at a few TARcons, and she’s one of my favorite racers ever! And I’m far from alone. I’ll be interested to see if your feelings change.
  2. Babalu

    Hamilton (2020)

    I’m the opposite of you, @angora. I saw Lin in Hamilton and Javier in In the Heights (after Lin had left the production). I wish I’d been able to see Hamilton again with Javier because he’s fantastic (but definitely in addition to, not instead of, Lin).
  3. @isalicat - have you read Josephine Tey?
  4. Babalu

    Hamilton (2020)

    Also, if you haven’t gone to the The Hamilton Genius site, I found it very helpful. Several years ago, I listened to one Hamilton song/day while reading the lyrics and the annotations (while also listening to the entire album on an almost daily basis without reading). Genius also features many other musicals and albums, so, if interested, prepare yourself to devote many hours!
  5. Babalu

    Hamilton (2020)

    That is so rude! You paid to hear professionals, not fans. I’ve seen it twice (far fewer times than many of my friends) - once the OBC (except Chris Jackson and Anthony Ramos, who were both out) and once a touring production. But I couldn’t understand many of the lyrics the first time because there was no cast album out yet, so I’d heard and seen only a couple of things (parts of “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot,” I think). In a way I can’t wait, but I think I might, both because it drops at 3:00 a.m. here (I say, typing at 3:32 a.m.), but more because I’m afraid it will crash at first due to immense traffic.
  6. Jennifer keeps telling the performers that this contest is for the best dancers in the world. There are groups/individuals I’ve liked and been impressed by, but definitely not anyone close to “best in the world” worth $1,000,000. Not like last year when I was blown away by the Kings (though tepid on most of their competition). Is it just me or has the talent really diminished?
  7. I love crême brûlée but dislike flan, even though they have similar tastes, because of the textures. Flan is too “bouncy.” I also don’t like the texture of gummies, jelly beans, or mochi, which is made with rice flour and has that sticky texture similar to jellied foods. People in Hawai’i thought I was crazy for not considering mochi a huge treat.
  8. https://troypoint.com/install-teatv/
  9. I’m hoping that the way Padma said, “You ARE Top Chef!” means that Bryan won because he was in second place twice and now he’s finally #1. I do adore Melissa and Gregory, too, so would be happy with a win by either of them, but I’ve been rooting for Bryan for over ten years.
  10. Babalu


    I have an ongoing debate with my sister about whether our cats would eat us if our relative sizes were reversed. She maintains that they’d love us and take care of us. She’s wrong, of course.
  11. I used to use anti-fog spray or gel on my snorkel masks, and they worked pretty well. I don’t remember any brands, but this article has information on various kinds.
  12. The whole time I was watching this episode, all I could think of was that the only reason for it was TPTB had a contract with Tom Verica and wanted to get their money’s worth, so they built an episode around him. There was no other reason for it as far as I’m concerned.
  13. Señora Sleep. Way more apt than I care to admit.
  14. @mostlylurking - some of your questions were answered in Season 4 and others will presumably be answered in Seasons 5 and 6. I don’t know if you mind being spoiled or not, but @Crs97 (and anyone else commenting) - you may want to put your post in spoiler tags for others who are watching late.
  15. Babalu

    S40: Sophie Clarke

    I ❤️ed this - not because Sophie was crying certainly, but because of all the love and support shown her. Really heartwarming.
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