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  1. In honor of the assanti’ s and this season of blah coming to an end, my eating habit today was.....everything in the house
  2. Couldn’t be bothered to watch an update on one ton family since I’ve never sat through their episodes. But yet another Assante ep? Oh TLC I think you’ve broken me at last
  3. Congrats. My daughter miscarried this week. Sending prayers and best wishes for a better outcome for you and your child.
  4. The toothless wonder is just a ray of sunshine, ain’t she?
  5. Maybe Charley would only do a follow up of her mother was involved?
  6. Well, not a single follow up person has been successful so far, so odds are in your favor. At least as far as attitude for sure. Edited to add this season
  7. Even my disapproving husband was watching Dr Now in action today and thought he needed his attitude to help him with his quarantine gain. And these fools throw it all away with their “I know better than him”
  8. I’ve thought from the start that Landon is on the spectrum (as the mother of a 25 yr old autistic son I have radar). And I think Dottie is happiest with a child with issues so she can be a martyr. She’s trying to turn him into a mini Daniel with the Over the shoulder sling and taking him from his toys just to plop him down in a dark room in front of the TV with her. And in her mind she’s the only one who can keep up with his schedule so he doesn’t regress. He must have been flinging feces with just Chris if he regressed from what he does with her. Poor little boy doesn’t have a chance.
  9. Whatcha wanna bet she never once said “Landon needs his mama” when Daniel was alive and being flung over her shoulder?
  10. I thought Adam Scott was purposely trying to look maniacal to be in character since he was going nuts home schooling the triplets. But I was distracted because with the hair and the crazy eyes he looked far more like Trevor the demon from The Good Place than Ben the nice guy.
  11. I’m so sorry. Two years ago I gave up on a live chat because I had to have my horse put down that day. Then my other horse last year the same time. It’s the price of loving those who don’t live as long as us 😢
  12. Thank you. Safe days to you too. We managed to get a curbside appt today and the woman was apologizing for some necessary substitutions and I said I didn’t care, I was just grateful for anything after 6 weeks on lockdown. She said everyone had that attitude. I’m very happy to be in MA which is staying in lockdown rather than a state that’s opening up.
  13. Where we are Walmart never has pickup times available. MA is on lockdown still with no opening up in sight and we have the 3rd highest number of cases and deaths. People are taking things seriously about not going into stores and using whatever services are available. And there aren’t enough workers available to do the shopping so even curbside has limited spots. My daughter and her husband have actually brought us groceries when they’ve visited from New Hampshire a few times. My husband tim...I mean not tim....refuses to let me go to the grocery store because he and our son are high risk. (Written during alicia’s episode, hence the Tim reference lol)
  14. All I know about Chevy bel airs is what I learned from Marisa Tomei in my cousin vinny lol
  15. Gilbert was sympathetic in Lupe’s first episode. Just sayin’
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