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  1. Off topic, but fellow Hokie here.
  2. To quote the late, great Helen Reddy is to find Angie J’s theme Song... Angie baby, you’re a special lady Living in a world of make believe.........
  3. What child does Jill have? Her foster daughter is back with her mother.
  4. I hear you. I herniated 3 discs sleeping. I’d say getting old sucks but I was in my 30s at the time get well soon
  5. Covid? They had extra footage since they stopped her original show only halfway through and couldn’t shoot anything new most of last year?
  6. Lordy, I gotta nope out of this twit. She’s gonna get me too twitchy before bed.
  7. My eating habit today was half a leftover Easter cake (and I’m Jewish) and 2 pieces of cold pizza. I’ve officially gone all assanti I started the pandemic at 135 lbs and now have Dr Now on my contacts list
  8. Oh Arby’s. The closest to me is also an hour and there’s only like 3 in the whole state. But I’m forced to confront multiple ads whilst binging old sitcoms 😞
  9. They had them on while cleaning, a common practice in non pandemic times on this show, and I saw everyone holding them in their hands later on. But there was way too much talking in enclosed spaces with no masks. I assume they tested everyone and didn’t want to “date” the show, but that makes no sense if that’s the reasoning. In fact you’d think they would have had a BSOJ stating this was filmed during COVID restrictions
  10. Timing wise this had to have been filmed in 2020 yet no one wore masks. am I the only one who caught that or is bothered by that?
  11. My normal weight daughter and her normal weight husband have had 3 miscarriages this past year. I can’t watch the story of a 500 lb man who decides to have a third child and viola, 9 months later there’s the kid.
  12. I want to care but, yeah. Nope. that girl’s smile scares me too much. I can’t do this show anymore. Not even for my peeps.
  13. I won’t freeze with my gas soaked undies for thinking Dr Now’s patients should be nice and warm with all their insulation i’ll see myself back out
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