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  1. I just meant he and the parents are all “it’s our culture….must obey the cultural norms…” my husband is a Sikh from New Delhi. And I’ve found it’s more a cultural way of life than a strict “religious” one. Much in the way I identify as culturally Jewish vs religiously Jewish. So Sumit and his parents talking so much how he must follow the rules set forth by their society, I assumed they were Hindu *shrug* because no Sikhs in New Delhi that I’ve met are anything like what he has shown or described (touching feet, arranged marriages, gossip if the children don’t obey the parents)
  2. Finally watching. Summit is Sikh? Gudwara is a Sikh temple. because if he is, they are picking and choosing how traditional to be.
  3. *raises hand* I’m in Sharon. I’ll mask up and come. I’ll go to the gym and get my snark muscles back in shape.
  4. The child playing Mac is Melissa Fumero’s son. Which makes sense that they didn’t have to worry about bringing in a baby actor(s) and their guardians during covid
  5. It’s very important to the Kar-Jenners to have all the same baby daddies. They ain’t no ho’s going on Maury.
  6. Wasn’t Raymond’s ex (Nick offerman) a therapist?
  7. During the episode she only lost 50 lbs. that’s the reference I used because I always take the after death articles with a grain of salt. The ones on Lisa and James K claimed they both lost the magical 200 lbs also.
  8. Never bathed, didn’t manage to lose weight…I’m guessing infection or even covid
  9. Just saw the commercial while watching 600 lb life…perfect target marketing🙄. Kate Moss is a lousy model for a product designed to hold in fat and make you look thinner as her entire career was based on her extreme skinniness. Oooo look, SKIMS makes Kate moss look thin. Gotta buy it. Um. No.
  10. Off topic, but fellow Hokie here.
  11. To quote the late, great Helen Reddy is to find Angie J’s theme Song... Angie baby, you’re a special lady Living in a world of make believe.........
  12. What child does Jill have? Her foster daughter is back with her mother.
  13. I hear you. I herniated 3 discs sleeping. I’d say getting old sucks but I was in my 30s at the time get well soon
  14. Covid? They had extra footage since they stopped her original show only halfway through and couldn’t shoot anything new most of last year?
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