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  1. ☺️Because even if Robyn was singing along with the Humpty Dance, Dana evolved to singing jazz standards years ago.
  2. The social pressure as say the entire office signs up for a co-workers daughter but then the stranger is someone you match with. Even with a our parents came from the same land appeal if he signed up for some other girl.
  3. So it sounds like while Thony isn't exactly breaking bad she does turn to the mob which will break bad for her after a we're kabayan appeal doesn't work.
  4. Another chapter in Olivia's fantasy romance novel. Starring her hero Elliot
  5. A country Empire set to go right after the Super Bowl qualifying NFL playoff game, and Susan Sarandon. It should launch with a strong showing
  6. Because nobody is going to let you on an international flight without an entry visa on the other end. Maybe spies and the highest up in gangs can get fake papers. If she had that visa and passport then she could become a visa overstay like the lead character on The Cleaning Woman on FOX and try to get asylum. Secondarily if her situation is that dangerous at home it could be like the manhunt stories. Her enemies could cover the airports, bus and train stations as they are the points she can't get to because they pick her up before she got on the plane..
  7. Raja

    S04.E09: The Fall

    But that doesn't fit with the Hunger Games ring announcer and the standing room only crowd going wild
  8. Raja

    S04.E10: The Rise

    Remember Mr Miyagi, Daniel was not ready. So neither are his students. Even if all the karate players in the valley have grown up seeing "the logo" of Danial preparing his winning kick. Johnny on the other hand taught it to the Miguel and he used it for his opening move while Johnny was eyeballing Danial in the first Cobra Kai tournament match. Lean into the nostalgia. There is one more forgotten champion out there to mine. The guy Johnny had to get through to get to the grudge match with Danial. I would nominate the champion before Johnny from Locust Valley Karate Darryl Vidal
  9. It was 3 years the standard "green card" and work authorization. In this case you would assume at that point the family applies for permanent residency and unless mom got caught up by the law for something else it would be approved in real life.
  10. Raja

    S04.E09: The Fall

    I go back to Texas High School football big and would go the other way. I like to see a cameo from a sportscaster about the latest All-Valley. In my dreams I can see the late Mean Gene Okerland of the WWE talking about the stipulation match And of course no mention of two time champion Johnny(what's his name) and Eagle Fang Of course the fight versus sport is true of practically all martial arts sports. A lot depends upon how the judges award points. Cinematically it looks more like professional boxing with harder scoring as opposed to amateur's where the points count. Just as we h
  11. Beth's abortion and sterilization flashback was in Season 3 episode 5.
  12. Thony is essentially doing that already. Cleaning the scene so CSI Grissom will have a harder job if the scene is found. With the duel pressure of death from one side and the FBI being close having her dissolve a victim before the remains are moved out might just be the point they finally escalate to
  13. I guess Netflix is built for post credits sequences. They gave the countdown for the switch to a promo and i turned it off.
  14. To which Arman explains that she was drafted and the penalty for desertion is death. Meanwhile the FBI keeps threatening to send her sister back to the Philippines
  15. The wiki The Girl Who Cleans makes no mention of deportations being held over the cleaning lady's head by the police. It seems there has also been a Mexican version Oh and the original was only 13 half hour episodes.
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