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  1. Raja

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Lorelei has been used on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to use the same actress there would be as big an "its all connection" as using Jarvis from Agent Carter in Avengers: Endgame
  2. Here is my second half season speculation. Remembering that Enoch had said that Chronicons can mimic humans in function. When Deke stabbed Sarge through the hand, while Sarge was temporarily stopped he was not disabled, and I can not remember any side effects the next day with Snowflake and May. To jump franchises Sarge is a Chronicon like a skinjob Cylon sleeper of NuBSG which didn’t know what they were. He is trying to stop extinction level events to other societies and like Atarah, the leader of Chronicon refugees his team doesn’t care a bit about collateral damage. To make an additional jump like Cameron in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarge is based on a real person so the reason becomes why and how was it Coulson as a chosen model.
  3. Speaking of which only on TV do criminal gangs with security and lookouts fail to notice middle aged black and white duos in business suits sitting in a Ford Crown Victoria half a block away all day
  4. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    Which obviously seems to be their goal, as Teal'c says only my reality matters. And to touch on the other ongoing debate, stay with their loved ones in the good timeline like a ten years older Steve Rogers finding a younger Peggy Carter. To be the heroes of Chronicon II that Tony Stark is to earth. Assuming the rest believe the data provided by the Shrike refugees/fighters. Enoch's ex seem real quick to throw out liar accusations
  5. The problem being that if you want to keep the benefits with a foreign national the governments of the world demand a marriage. Not exactly the anti-fornication laws of the Middle Eastern nations, but still a global puritanical standard.
  6. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    However the Agents while they didn't change the "past" of the individual characters who went through the loop they did know of the "past" of all of humanity that didn't make it to the lighthouse and they changed that "past", having lived in the future, as they were in a historian from the future travelling back to save them. So while in Infinity War/Endgame the snapture still happens, with people supernaturally brought back to life in AoS the Graviton crack of the earth no longer happens. People are not brought back to life, they are never killed in the first place in the last loop of time changing the past. For the Chronocoms, while the survivors may retain knowledge of what happened in their past like the agents did, they are not looking to bring back the Shrike dead but to prevent a Shrike victory, changing the past of the greater community, in the first place. Just as Quake did, changing the past by finally beating Graviton when she used the serum meant to save Coulson's life.
  7. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    I think that Enoch and the other Chronicom who blew up with the monoliths last season were supposed to be on earth a lot longer a lot longer than Sarge thinks that he has lived. Their function in the society were basically anthropologist with their own Trek like Prime Directive. The hunters were just another job within their society, perhaps who gained greater power after the destruction of Chronicom II which Enoch had no ideal that happened. So while Enoch has been collecting data he seems to be like Odo of DS9 and needed to go home to actually publish his findings to his people. Only the Agents already changed the past, being Graviton no longer wins and cracks earth with "Quake, destroyer of worlds", getting the blame. So a change in the past was made to change the present when the time monolith looped them back and Coulson gave up the last centipede serum which presumably would have saved his life. Thus changing their present, even if Flint and his present of rebuilding earth still exist. And as "only my reality matters" as Teal'c of Stargate so proudly said in that franchise's time travel. Meaning the present where the earth did not crack do to that change in the past of a different person getting the serum
  8. Raja

    Touched By An Angel

    It just happens that the last episode which I saw had Chris Burke as a guest star angel with Down's Syndrome
  9. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Like the hail Hydra the passing of the shield waa just an Easter egg for comic books fans. I think that the directors fully understood the problems a closed time loop with old Steve in the background meant. Thus they left out any explicit reference to a closed loop in the final cut. I can't remember, did he have a new shield along with the hammer on the stone returning mission?
  10. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    I thought it has more to do with Agent Khan playing the game and not reporting back about the Daisy fantasy award, being a virtual sex toy. In the AoS world she is perhaps the world's most famous Inhuman. And seeing S.H.I.E.L.D saving Chicago and becoming big again she is probably right behind a presnapture Avenger in MCU public image
  11. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    I would think that like most connections after the Age of Ultron they are following similar themes, space and time travel but no direct connection
  12. Raja

    Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

    Remembering Ghost Rider, Sarge to May: "You keep staring at me like that my head's bound to catch on fire"
  13. Raja

    S06.E04: Code Yellow

    Not a plot hole, just lazy film making. The Jefferson Parrish Medical Examiner on NCIS New Orleans takes more basic precautions on screen than Dr Benson and the SHIELD team has thus far.
  14. Raja

    S06.E04: Code Yellow

    It is reminding me of the new FBI series on CBS. After years of shows upping the ante on such scenes all of the sudden you have ungloved agents just walking through crime scenes touching stuff again as if were 1970 and a Kojak episode. Part of the appeal of the show was supernatural stuff going on so Simmons suiting up and not depending on straight sci-fi protection of say Dr McCoy on Star Trek.
  15. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    It was a non lethal icer. Good thing it doesn't work like a real less than lethal weapons or a Stargate ZAT where multiple shots kill.