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  1. Raja


    Since Clark Johnson wasn't the breakout star from Homicide Life on the Street I have mostly seen him as a big name TV director who still acts on and off again.
  2. Raja

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    Since Star Trek TNG 7 years has been the standard of a very successful run.
  3. Raja

    S04.E08: Ambo

    I remember back when Smurf got Pope a welcome home prostitute because of the sex scene there was speculation that the twins were J's biological parents
  4. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I was looking at my day off next week for a matinee repeat. But looking at Friday's schedule suggest this is the last week at my nearby theater
  5. Raja

    S04.E08: Ambo

    I was thinking that the crew left the vehicle running and Deran didn't even have to pull his Cody skill to defeat the chip. I guess the ambulance system is like in LA County with private companies some supplementing cities government Fire Department ambulances. But still you would expect the police to be tracking that rig long before Craig and Deran could start covering their tracks. I thought Tupi was the relative, recently released from prison and given back Mia young gang member who had become a hired gun while he was in jail. That Pete just killed his little cousin, for Smurf, or just for the reputation of the family hired muscle business was the shocker. Mia has been all over the place these two seasons but the pair becoming criminal, not just killer masterminds, or just watching Robert Di Nero in Heat doesn't explain their having the truck driving skill to pull of the heist. I can appreciate Sohvi Rodriguez's oh shit look when Mia's proposal didn't work and J gave his Pope eyes. I wonder why for that scene they pulled away for the muzzle flash when before during murders done by Pope, Deran, Smurf, Mia, Pete and J they stayed on the killer just to show how cold they were.
  6. That is pretty much the story of the surviving Flying Tigers as either the Army or their former service took them back after the contracts to fly for China ended.
  7. Raja

    The Code

    Roughly as a couple around $40K/year pay and another $20K BAH for the Marine Base Quantico area
  8. Raja

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    It has a long history in America too. Back to at least Starsky and Hutch in my memory, even if they were plain clothes patrolmen in the pilot they evolved into the detectives with Starsky in jeans. Then the next major was New York Undercover, except when they weren't keeping their cover, while not sloppy they also were not in the professional look when interviewing families of murder victims. But the pinnacle had to be Shermar Moore in a FBI with no visible tattoos policy working as a profiler and adviser to local police departments going to work in a tight tee shirt showing off his tattoos
  9. I doubt if we get a seasonal cliffhanger, even if the renewal came early. I look at this season as well as the next as a bonus season as leaving Coulson and May on Tahiti was the obvious series finale moment.
  10. Raja


    Manboy was up to no more than trying to protect his business and he sold out his loyal driver to become a distributor. I will go with the theory that Aunty gave Claudia an overdose
  11. Raja

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    These days we have much more information about stars past. But thinking back on all the replacement Bond's I can only remember Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson before their turn due to the TV series they had. So she certainly has more resume than say George Lazenby and his Bond movie seems to be moving up the rankings
  12. Yo-Yo kicked some serious ass tonight. Daisy quaking a nuke so critical mass could not be achieved and just feeling the frequency of the Shrike hoard is putting her up there with Wanda Maximoff among the current MCU characters. I spent the entire celebration waiting on Davis to turn, but not into May. I am ow going to drop the Sarge as a Chronicom theory and go with something Izel did that went wrong.
  13. Raja

    Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

    Mack: "toldja" Fitz: "you smell nice"
  14. Raja


    I don't see the problem. They knew what he was when they gave him the brand. And what he was has come back to haunt him. I suppose sometime in the future the branded hands will deal with the drug cookers
  15. Raja

    S04.E07: Know Thy Enemy

    I didn't take the young Smurf throwing up as she has the twins aboard but rather after playing with the sword that she disappeared Pam and her son. Not a revenge murder as we have seen from her before but taking out a child for business and not having another woman around. I think after Adrian is gone that there will be a brief relaxation before we focus on Angela as a police CI. Maybe in the season finale