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  1. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    It doesn't bother me just a theory. As to the legs, the Marvel nerd wants the record, and he "missed it by that much" as Maxwell Smart would say. New folks are not coming in which is the big difference with Avatar staying in the theatres and sites like this one gives you the Easter eggs so whoever wanted to see Howard the Duck in the forest of a grand battle, while trying to focus out the grand battle has done it. I doubt a new post credits scene will get the $50 for the record Only an announcement that a home video release will be delayed can actually get some Endgame booster shot watches to really push that number up.
  2. Raja

    S04.E04: Tank

    J is like Stringer Bell on The Wire, after taking down Smurf he plans on leaving this robbery stuff behind. His books in the safe were all that really mattered. Its a good thing that an assassin Mia wasn't prepared to rip it out of the wall like a high end burglary/armed robber Cody would have been
  3. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I don't think its hate the movie, but hate the ideal that to really appreciated Endgame at its best you had to see 23 movies, and maybe the Agents of SHIELD TV to tie into Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron and Agent Carter for Jarvis and old man Steve stuff. Where as for Avatar nobody is talking about the Easter eggs of Pandora, with the sequel franchise still in planning stages but rather you have never seen visuals like these before you need to go see it on the big screen yourself which was Avatars legs
  4. Raja

    S04.E04: Tank

    Well Craig started with Ren, but when presented with the opportunity both Nikki and Frankie were just fine with him. We haven't seen any larger women on the show so we have the old standard thin is hot. But in that case Dichen Lachman's days are numbered judging by the way the dresses fit around her hips I was thinking the same before reading others comments. What Frankie is doing is just what the brothers were fighting with Smurf about. The wild card here though is J
  5. Raja

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I would think that surely the old print will be pulled unless a theatre has a bootleg. What I am wondering is how much will they lose on the back end as one driver for the home video market was to get the extra scenes being used in a record attempt. Just how strong is the Marvel nerd nation?
  6. Raja

    S04.E04: Tank

    Mia killed Baz, they can't just let that drop, assuming there is not a surprise cancellation. Angela is a little creepy but she just might save Pope, until Smurf gets Andrew to kill her too. Normally at Caltrans sites on the freeway a CHP officer, on overtime status, sits in escort. I figure that it is part of the Caltrans workers contract as the truck that they use as a barricade would save more lives than the CHP car just sitting around. About the only other static guard force police that I have seen outside of government buildings or Presidential visit are retired and off duty motorcycle cops at a filming location.
  7. Raja


    Just like Mr Joshua in Lethal Weapon as he went to the desert meeting with Detective Murtaugh I am only 4 episodes in but they do seem to form a Dutton Ranch dirty deeds squad. The first mission Jimmy went on his first day was the black op to divert the river while the open operation of confronting the Tribal Police over the herd was going on. I am guessing SEAL or Marine Raider since all TV characters were special forces. Regular infantrymen or Marines don't even rate anymore unless the character is too old to serve before there were USMC Raiders, but then he would have been a Force Recon Scout/Sniper. In the first episode when his brother in law was trying to assert dominance with the mention of two Silver Stars for valor he finally came back with his Navy Cross cost even more.
  8. Raja

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Lorelei has been used on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to use the same actress there would be as big an "its all connection" as using Jarvis from Agent Carter in Avengers: Endgame
  9. Here is my second half season speculation. Remembering that Enoch had said that Chronicons can mimic humans in function. When Deke stabbed Sarge through the hand, while Sarge was temporarily stopped he was not disabled, and I can not remember any side effects the next day with Snowflake and May. To jump franchises Sarge is a Chronicon like a skinjob Cylon sleeper of NuBSG which didn’t know what they were. He is trying to stop extinction level events to other societies and like Atarah, the leader of Chronicon refugees his team doesn’t care a bit about collateral damage. To make an additional jump like Cameron in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarge is based on a real person so the reason becomes why and how was it Coulson as a chosen model.
  10. Speaking of which only on TV do criminal gangs with security and lookouts fail to notice middle aged black and white duos in business suits sitting in a Ford Crown Victoria half a block away all day
  11. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    Which obviously seems to be their goal, as Teal'c says only my reality matters. And to touch on the other ongoing debate, stay with their loved ones in the good timeline like a ten years older Steve Rogers finding a younger Peggy Carter. To be the heroes of Chronicon II that Tony Stark is to earth. Assuming the rest believe the data provided by the Shrike refugees/fighters. Enoch's ex seem real quick to throw out liar accusations
  12. The problem being that if you want to keep the benefits with a foreign national the governments of the world demand a marriage. Not exactly the anti-fornication laws of the Middle Eastern nations, but still a global puritanical standard.
  13. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    However the Agents while they didn't change the "past" of the individual characters who went through the loop they did know of the "past" of all of humanity that didn't make it to the lighthouse and they changed that "past", having lived in the future, as they were in a historian from the future travelling back to save them. So while in Infinity War/Endgame the snapture still happens, with people supernaturally brought back to life in AoS the Graviton crack of the earth no longer happens. People are not brought back to life, they are never killed in the first place in the last loop of time changing the past. For the Chronocoms, while the survivors may retain knowledge of what happened in their past like the agents did, they are not looking to bring back the Shrike dead but to prevent a Shrike victory, changing the past of the greater community, in the first place. Just as Quake did, changing the past by finally beating Graviton when she used the serum meant to save Coulson's life.
  14. Raja

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    I think that Enoch and the other Chronicom who blew up with the monoliths last season were supposed to be on earth a lot longer a lot longer than Sarge thinks that he has lived. Their function in the society were basically anthropologist with their own Trek like Prime Directive. The hunters were just another job within their society, perhaps who gained greater power after the destruction of Chronicom II which Enoch had no ideal that happened. So while Enoch has been collecting data he seems to be like Odo of DS9 and needed to go home to actually publish his findings to his people. Only the Agents already changed the past, being Graviton no longer wins and cracks earth with "Quake, destroyer of worlds", getting the blame. So a change in the past was made to change the present when the time monolith looped them back and Coulson gave up the last centipede serum which presumably would have saved his life. Thus changing their present, even if Flint and his present of rebuilding earth still exist. And as "only my reality matters" as Teal'c of Stargate so proudly said in that franchise's time travel. Meaning the present where the earth did not crack do to that change in the past of a different person getting the serum
  15. Raja

    Touched By An Angel

    It just happens that the last episode which I saw had Chris Burke as a guest star angel with Down's Syndrome