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  1. Coulson to Malick when finding out about young Garrett: "clever, digging up our greatest hits"
  2. When young Garrett goes down he has to announce "game over" in honor of one of his dad's most famous lines.
  3. No but he would have blamed for Vietnam instead of LBJ. And like later with "only Nixon (with anti communist credentials) could go to China " only a Southerner could pass through the Civil rights acts of the middle 60s
  4. Raja

    Las Vegas

    I wonder if they are testing intrest for the Peacock app?
  5. Yes casting the US/Canadian but any international border if we are tracking race by DNA. Patrick Gallagher to play a Filipino rebel is no different than casting Drake, Roger Cross, Idris Elba, or Lennie James... to play an American. You might be part of a racial minority group but still you are Filipino, or American.
  6. I remember 10 years ago in Hawaii 5-0's first season the cultural gnashing of teeth occurred because Chinese Canadian Patrick Gallagher played a Filipino rebel leader. Which to me if were just checking DNA then it would be like casting an African American from north of the boarder as an African American.
  7. I I guess that Cliff Curtis career is about to take a massive hit as he can only play ethnically ambiguous roles with the odd Maori in the future
  8. When Inhumans turn they can be a joker or an ace if anyone read any Wildcards books. They can end up like Raina/Flowers or Daisy. On the Inhumans miniseries one turned into a tele portal wall and another a teleporting dog, Lockjaw.
  9. Along with Steve Rogers fighting himself in Endgame and Mack watching himself a couple episodes ago like Derrick Reese did in the Sarah Connor Chronicles
  10. After sort of wasting the natural series finale with Phil and Melinda going off to Tahiti when Disney said go on make 26 more episodes about the only ending that makes sense to me is a live Phil Coulson being pulled away from the "long haired guy" and the LMD doing what Dr. Radcliffe created them for.
  11. So now we know why Malick dresses as he does with the flowing jacket. For the quick quakefight showdown in the Lighthouse aisle way versus Daisy
  12. Project Insight has already happened. That is what brought out the Winter Soldier and broke S.H.I.E.L.D.
  13. The events generated by Sibyl have taken us beyond any waves or ripples actions as the great tsunami hit and S.H.I.E.L.D. could no more stop her then they could stop an actual natural disaster. The only way to fix that is to find a a time monolith and jump all the way back before the first critical point during Prohibition again. We may end up the series with a live human Coulson who only knows Melinda May as his ex partner. But that is only different n a scale of years instead of missing the months that a a Fitz body from a cutoff time loop experienced.
  14. A Fitz body, a Gamora body and a an Enoch body have all died and spare came when a new timeline was created.
  15. Because WWII is the most destructive war humanity has known and we assign his goal of a Third Reich as the blame. The racism and achieved genocide adds bonus points to his infamy as most evil ever
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