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  1. By the time the third song pitch came for the One Republic episode I had the feeling that all three had the same backing chord progression and track.
  2. Raja


    I think the Bloods, red bandanas walking through the apartments shooting scene was the point where drug dealers lost control to the local street gang. I don't see how Franklin as one wholeseller of raw cocaine stops what is about to happen
  3. Raja


    It looked like the Foothills in the San Gabriel Valley to me, but I have never been on that campus. As far being shot point blank range supposes that the shooter actually hits the instantly lethal body part. Like Franklin did when he murdered the officer. The brain, the heart or an artery . A hit in the torso is not instantly lethal, in cowboy movies death is just sped up for dramatic effect. With a room full of cops next door almost immediate medical care would have been on the way.
  4. I don't think that old/young men Erik Shoah survivor, Charles, Logan and his brother is the problem. It is the classic X-Men stories demand the great discrimination that mutants suffer from. But in the story as told by Feige the "enhanced" since the emergence of The Hulk and "I am Iron Man" have been almost universally beloved figures thus all you have is a different set of powers and maybe a costume. You have to go outside of Feige's control to see the beginnings of what mutants face in the comics to the treatment of (nu)Inhumans on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and hinted at on the Inhumans miniseries. Or of the Dr Whitehall, not Red Skull's wing of Hydra of their collecting the enhanced, Inhumans in that specific case for Hive.
  5. Next summer, barring ABC's fall schedule tanking and they need a fast replacement
  6. I always looked at Daredevil and saw Spider-man announcing "on your left" but given other corporate intrigue that is no longer an issue. The same mini power sets in comparison to an Avenger or Shang Chi would apply to the other Defenders. The Punisher however is probably the top antihero character of his type on the big or little screen the MCU has yet shown us.
  7. Raja


    I think the CIA is the ultimate bad guys and a proto Rafael Perez corrupt CRASH officer would fit that larger narrative
  8. Netflix can refuse Disney the use of the characters for two years
  9. Assuming that they didn't have the Far From Home revelation in the long term plan.
  10. Remember by then Coulson was dead to the movie producers. If Sitwell wasn't Hydra he would have been awesome too.
  11. Raja


    Any pay off would have had to be before he made the deal with Franklin though. In those days after Quincy was cancelled and before CSI it looked enough like suicide for an easy sign off on the County's ME part. And if LA was working like Baltimore in The Wire then nobody was going to turn a closed suicide case into an open murder case. With the "base head", still in the early days they were thinking free basing like Richard Pryor, being the only person saying murder a gang unit (CRASH) cop really didn't have the juice to stop what the homicide detectives would do. So I guess going into the season finale with Franklin laid up Leon's greed kicks off the gang wars.
  12. I haven't seen Rhonda Rousey in the WWE, but so far her acting career has been limited to fight scenes. Maybe just a martial artist who has to use her skill for self defense but is also a first responder
  13. It is not just retiring but taking retirement with 100% certainty that Hydra was growing inside of S.H.I.E.L.D and held Bucky as a slave soldier
  14. Raja

    Major Crimes

    I thought it wasn't a matter of legitimate but who would pay for a piece of a cold case evidence. That it was paid out of a current FBI major case file and not LAPD cold case file. Thus it was easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  15. I wish I hear radio had an ignore button as they keep trying to push that show. One misstroke on your phone and it starts up again. And it sits on your recently listened to list just waiting for another mistake
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