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  1. I can't remember if they specifically said he was a Vietnam War veteran in the first appearance of Booky. He was near aviation at least in the back story, given he was playing poker at Da Nang Air Base in 1971-73.
  2. They were careful to use 40s cars in the background. So anytime after the Agent Carter series
  3. With the Master Gunner storyline it is current but the production made it look like it was a holdover from last season. Not a mask in sight, that I remember when they had been wearing them for previous episodes and when Street's mom is said to be ill, in an enclosed prison setting nobody even things about the big elephant being held over the world.
  4. My memories of the original show were that Street was just the big pretty guy. Luca was an ex undercover, Deke was Black and McCabe their sniper. In the movie McCabe and Luca turned bad. It was a Hondo centered series
  5. Street is defiantly the number two character on the show from the rebel high speed chase to open the series. I think it comes from Robert Urich playing Street having the biggest career from the legacy show. Backed up by the movie where Samuel L Jackson's Hondo was the spice while Street was the main dish as the other characters were changed to pretty much just using the names from the legacy show. For the episode, The Closer did it better. About halfway through I started noticing that it was another example of the weird TV case where the police squad, although they have the weapons and used them before they don't take the special weapons to the job. 5-0 was infamous for it carrying machine guns for a job at a brothel but only pistols when they knew they were going into a firefight at times. The squad knew that they were dealing with a sniper before the car bombs yet nobody armed themselves to deal with that threat. It is as they knew they would eventually get in a foot chase
  6. Raja

    Black Panther (2018)

    Black Panther is a title as much as King is. It would be like a series on the Yankees with the first movie on Babe Ruth and the second on Reggie Jackson
  7. Raja

    Black Panther (2018)

    Comics fans are petitioning for their favorite Black Panther
  8. The problem with the bullies Kreese recruited is that beyond Kyler we don't know a thing about them. Only it seemed that they may have been on the other side of the beatings for a while. Living in a newly MMA obsessed real world the Valley's obsession of Point Karate being their local sport comes off as tame. That Kyler is on viral as the high school wrestler beaten by Cobra Kai does give a reason for him to go after another MMA base when approached by Kreese. Of course Tory being the chief henchman is the only one to come with weapons and only Sam, being her chief target grabs from the Miyagi-Do arsenal for defense only. The rest are in their own version of the pre tournament fair fights, even with the occasional WWE double teams when they tag up. A Boyz in da Valley real world like comedy I can't see working
  9. I think the technology discovered stolen in part 1 played a big part in the torpedo. However they work as stand alone since it is a Star Trek thing to instantly engineer a work from a base tech. This commission thing seems to be the season long arc, something almost all the cop genre shows are adding after the 2020 political year. So I think that the blackmail story is just one to keep the commission key members in the viewers sight. For the franchise I thought it was weird that New Orleans NCIS agents wore their weapon and handcuffs in a different location than the Washington and Los Angeles agents and Agent Carter, was that someone's joke? Since I didn't see last season for the most part I thought he was in the long line of the franchise's agents who find the reason to transfer agencies to NCIS. But he is the other trope. Every squad has an ex special operations soldier on the team, Marine Force Recon in his case
  10. However with the TOs stories they've set up 3 years to get an early tap. The probation year has already been into its third TV season
  11. Did I catch something in the opening scene about Nolan being held back, presumably an extended probationary period? It sounds like what they came up with for Ponch back on CHiPs. Instead of patrolling alone like the other motorcycle officers the Sergeant attached him to Jon in the first season, where he stayed until the last when he became a training officer for a new cadet. Did they say what Detective Lopez was suppose to be? There was no Sergeant Friday to announce she is supposed to be working such and such division when her first case runs into a murder.
  12. As someone who drops in and out the entire concept of some random Federal Agent in a 5 person office is so intertwined with the local politics of New Orleans seems wrong. I am guessing that Agent Carter grew up as a Miami Vice fan. Who could avoid calling him Rico Tubbs/Cooper.
  13. I got the comic solution. Endgame Steve stays back and the first move is to stop Hydra's infiltration and get The First Avenger Steve out of the ice. However Endgame Steve falls in the line of duty in that attempt and while First Avenger Steve and Agent Carter do what they can two more heads keep emerging as they smack down the Hydra that they can identify. Eventually Agent Carter's political support continues to drop as her anti Hydra mandate is looked at like the Commie fighters of her era.
  14. Sounds like on real life to me. Everybody likes a party, even if Walter Conkrite in the MTM show case wasn't coming to that local party. But then my local parties are the Los Angeles area broadcasters
  15. I know Rick Fox from the basketball court where he is a medium sized player. I haven't really seen his acting career but don't remember him that large, even when next to Vanessa Williams
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