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  1. Many, if not most reoccurring roles from the legacy show have been dropped. I remember the first teaser identified Detective Katsumoto but due to public outcry he was changed to Lieutenant Tanaka in the showing of the pilot. But with the post pilot recasting the name went back to Katsumoto like they wanted in the first place.
  2. When Judge Lola was telling Deputy Luke to watch out for Mark in Vegas I thought they were going with him being a compulsive gambler. After seeing the episode play out I am guessing that his father was in the Las Vegas mob and that was were he was raised. But trying to bribe a Clark County deputy was a step too far.
  3. Maybe Eddie wasn't that good, but Adam and Junior were. Did you notice the carnage Adam and Junior inflicted even with the assault weapon armed bad guy yelling at his mooks to flank them and do something besides spray bullets. I have been worried about Taylor Wily for a few seasons now, especially when Flippa started showing up solo on occasion. Sumo wrestlers do have a relatively low life span expectancy.
  4. The pillow gives you a PG rated head shot. The silencer on the other hand you would have the hospital's immediate response be to a medical emergency instead of an active shooter.
  5. They have given Juliet a survivor's guilt PTSD backstory with her fellow agent fiancee killed in the line of duty
  6. Unless I missed something it was Detective Katsumoto, therefore the state of Hawaii. After Chin Ho Kelly on 5-0 I doubt if they recycle the cop needs to break the law to protect his family and then is forgiven through the Governor's immunity.
  7. Hopefully after a college degree and 4 years of hoops to bring her to age rather than the first female SEAL. What was up with Sergeant Quinn Liu declaration of total victory? They lost two Deputy Marshals
  8. The crossover with Hawaii 5-0 has a January 3, 2020 air date
  9. Agents has wrapped filming for season 7, its all over. They are just doing any post production work as they await the ABC schedule slot next year. From here on forward anything connected to the show would be any last promo interviews and reunion panels at conventions.
  10. Perhaps Captain Bobby for calling his wife, who got to the scene with Jack Bauer speed, and not Hen's union rep has some explaining to do. The Sergeant should be okay, she didn't lie or tell anyone to lie.
  11. Probably not in this case since one fault was made by the deep pockets of City Of Los Angeles tax payers through their professional driver/firefighter paramedic. The same City Attorney who would have been willing to settle and pay off Buck
  12. Raja

    Cold Case

    2 hours a day, 3-5 PM, seven days a week on START TV. On my cable menu START is still listed as KCBS2
  13. With modern sound proofed cars using air conditioning with closed windows depending on people hearing sirens is problematical. Just yesterday I was halfway through an intersection when a CHP patrol car blasted his siren and I went through a fighter pilot like check six. A couple of more cars behind me came through before the intersection finally cleared
  14. I guess since Karen Page had access to high powered legal representation for him even if Frank was willing to do the time again they would have let the slip the story implicating the CIA and death squads. It was either kill him and be as bad as the bad guys or let him go into a sort of witness protection and hope his code of conduct holds up. Perhaps Carrie Anne Moss should have been hired for Attorney Hogath and maybe Foggy also in that scene.
  15. I was surprised when Captain Cooper showed up too. But then 9-1-1 is not Emergency where Captain Stanley only had 6 men, with 2 often off on paramedic duties, so you would think his muscle power also came into work at times, especially when a Battalion Commander showed up to take over. Here though with the larger companies the higher up in rank you go the more you become the manager giving orders from the side and less the sergeant also going in doing the work.
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