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  1. Raja

    The NBA

    Since ABC treated the pre Christmas games like preseason with no Sunday broadcast it was almost like the holiday with the biggest stars on air was the actual start of the season So with no long off season comes the shift to the national MLK honors works.
  2. From the start while called Magnum PI people were saying they accidentally fell into a good Hart to Hart vibe. Meanwhile the producers have systematically being killing or throwing off the island every recurring character from the original show except for Luther Gillis. I bet instead of Hart to Hart they will go the JAG route and like Harm and Mac 15 years after cancellation as guest on Hawaii 5-0 3.0 the not quite a couple will be around 60 years of age still playing will they or won't they.
  3. All that I have seen is a Monday in January in a two hour block followed by 9-1-1 Lone Star.
  4. Nothing except the viewers prior knowledge of her Supe name. Which was then backed up by the Yellow reference on the next kill. I guess the neoNazi thing does not exist in The Boys universe or the corporate types never would have used the name for their product but used the name to brand a Super Terrorist. While I remember collateral damage deaths and Homelander's vendetta kills, just killing for the sake of killing before moving on to her target was new.
  5. Raja


    Even with FBI late to the CBS federal agent procedural game with a Muslim Special Agent with the its personal for OA tagline I just assumed Islam and how we react will be the plot point.
  6. Raja

    SEAL Team

    CBS just released Wednesday November 25, 2020 as the date of SEAL Team's return
  7. With so many Maria's in the world Juana really doesn't work for Americans. I could see us using Mary Jane like we use George instead of Jorge.
  8. I am at the point where we meet Nathanial Malick in Gideon's flashback. Where Garrett in season 7 felt okay to the original motivation to join Hydra the season 7 Malick even with knowledge of Gideon's cheating the and proof that the Red Skull wing of Hydra was wrong about their "religion" due to the timestream doesn't match up for me.
  9. Raja


    Sounds like a good theory. That scene sounds like one that I think came from a clip show when Gage and DeSoto met up upon their mutual promotions to Engineer.
  10. Basically Marvel Comics in need of cash sold off the movie rights to their most popular character Spider-Man and his gallery of villains gallery to Sony. However the gallery are sort of small fry in the greater Marvel world and one, Kingpin had evolved into Daredevil's chief nemesis and used in his movie and NetFlix series. After the first Avengers movie proved the concept of the integrated universe to draw additional customers Sony wanted access to that cash so sort of leased back Spider-Man to Disney and the MCU but they still wanted to cash in on that Spider-Man gallery of villains and anti heros that they own. Meanwhile now that the MCU had their most popular character back they put him and just him, Tom Holland and Aunt May into Captain America and the Avengers without most his supporting cast to use in their Infinity Saga. While Sony gave us a couple of that Spider-Man gallery of villains in the two movies However being real life and actors aging out of roles with the Infinity Saga done beside a few echos on Disney + miniseries it does look like the "its all connected" tagline is going away in favor of the branches of a multiverse introduced by the Ancient One in Avengers Endgame so Sony can publicise a Venom or Morbius connected to the MCU Spider-Man but any connections will be less than the TV series from least to most the Runaways and Clock and Dagger through the 5 NetFlix title characters to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter.
  11. Raja

    Las Vegas

    The first season has rotated back to the predawn E! timeslot. While Nessa was introduced as the best Pit Boss in Vegas having us just watch her just watching the gamblers and dealers when all the action went on in surveillance didn't leave much for her to do at work compared to the other three.
  12. Raja

    Cobra Kai

    Emotions ran high and Mr. Miyagi wasn't there to negotiate to wait for a tournament showdown
  13. From Maveth, the season 3 mid season break finale. Ward hands his pistol to Fitz telling him he could get rid of the Will and have a clear pth to Jemma Fitz replies to Ward: "oh grow up!"
  14. I am at the point where everyone realized Hydra was inside the ATCU, as the show retconned Captain America movies and gave us the comic's history of Hydra. I noticed this time Rosalind Price catching herself when saying Gideon malick set up the Science Division inside of the ATCU as she was remembering that was what the Red Skull set up for the Nazis. That agency never had a chance.
  15. Are they new or S.H.I.E.L.D. holdouts who didn't jump agencies like Commander Maria Hill, Agent 13 or Agent Jimmy Woo in the movies did?
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