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  1. I agree. When the movies dropped all references to Hydra much of the fanbase seems to have forgotten that many unknowingly were working for Hydra leaders like Secretary Pierce
  2. Hulk Hogan is still conspicuous in his absence. I wonder if it is money or personal?
  3. "McG" is number 2? I guess so but not in a DiNozzo way of telling everyone. He just seemed too pretty and too good for a character. Lance White for those who remember The Rockford Files. I would say he would be the most easily dropped if the cast proves to be too large. Wiki says Alex Tarrant is a New Zealander with Māori, Samoan, and Niuean ancestors. While his on screen father Moses Goods is a native of Hawaii.
  4. I think OA came off as the condescending one, the Big Shot from the Big Apple by challenging the leadership of the Agent in Charge in front of everyone. He certainly learned better at West Point long before joining the Bureau.
  5. Back to Hit & Run. The series ended with a solve in New York but with a cliffhanger of additional stuff to happen back in Israel but it got cancelled by Netflix.
  6. Most of the beats are the same but Kevin Arnold was speaking to the "thirty something" folks where Dean's contemporaries are now sixty something
  7. Raja

    S05.E01: Panic

    I think the flight controls got hacked like the electric car was earlier.
  8. Look at it this way she would be about the same age as McGarrett when his Governor created 5-0 or Sam Hanna when retired from the SEALs to join NCIS. I just feel old that her generation of entertainers are now hitting their 40s
  9. I think we were supposed to be impressed. A big National Guard Blackhawk to fly one agent to a scene that already has Navy investigators as well as agents in FBI and NTSB jackets all over the place. When they pulled a similar stunt on Jack Ryan they also had to squeeze the Coast Guard in because Clancy included them in the book series that inspired that miniseries. Other things taking me out of the story was flight test and development of top secret stuff in Hawaii? The story probably started as a spec script for the mothership or Los Angeles spinoff. Then once espionage was established F
  10. Speculation. I have seen the story on Law & Order Los Angeles and The Closer of the marijuana industry being robbed. They need banking services and it is all cash since the federal government refuses to go along with many states, which New York recently joined, legalization and decriminalization
  11. Remember Cypher went after Dom's son in her previous appearance. The children needed more protection than just a babysitter in the Fast universe. I too expect Cena in the next Fast and Furious. Will there be another Hobbs and Shaw for the Rock?
  12. That reminds me in Ant-Man, Darren Cross was marketing Pym Particles to representatives from Hydra and the Ten Rings tattoo was spotted on one of the potential buyers. In this I think the MCU should have followed the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. example that an organization that survived after WWII and the hunt for Nazis would have cells that were not part of S.H.I.E.L.D still surviving but with a lower profile
  13. To voice act in animation. It is much too soon to reboot the live action movies
  14. The franchise long ago stopped being about that. Now you just follow the unreal lives of their star Americans who used a passport once.
  15. It felt like one of those situations where officers at least in my jurisdiction would be told to cut off the chase for public safety. A challenge that these Oceanside cops would not even call in that he was in a chase so he couldn't be ordered to knock it off. Enter the FBI, the Cody's already beat the locals, NCIS and now the DEA and Pope easily got away with his spree bank robberies.
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