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  1. I will give the academy a break here. I know many combat arms vets who were washed out in the psychological assessment phase before training during the past 15 years or so. And on The Rookie the cops get into more firefights then deployed infantrymen. Seeing as the Sergeant also wanted to bounce Nolan on the first day having no mercy for an accidental discharge and no Captain to protect the Boot. Did anyone else start getting the after commercial breaks subtitle "filmed before recent COVID protocols"? Los Angeles County may have had among the most intense American protocols in
  2. Raja


    I guess they produced then sat on the Mystical episode until Louisiana dropped the charges. I always wondered about the Lou Rawls episode it was announced one season then delayed. I am willing to bet that the spousal abuse became known and they had to reshoot and edit
  3. With the criminals in the credits I am thinking that the plan would be the Wiseguy model. With little victories and losses during the episodes before the law takes out the organization and a new mob becomes the target in the next season. That Stabler is not undercover makes it more likely that he can change targets.
  4. Raja


    Maybe Dallas and Black Diamond were inspired by the 1984 movie Angel, high school student by day, street walker and vigilante killer by night
  5. Besides Iron Man when he went terrorist hunting in the first movie and a picture or two of Captain Rogers firing a pistol during WWII our heroes take the Batman ethic of no killing. Even child soldier Peter Parker had the actual killing taken out of his hand by Stark tech's kill mode in his suit in the war for the galaxy after the blip back. Trying to set up a perfect amputation in battle is up there with shooting guns out of hands
  6. Raja


    Before setting out for revenge dig your own grave. I wonder which way Skully jumps now? With Saint's double agent I definitely got a set pre CSI. vibe. You can lie your way out of the three dead escorts in the car. I sure wasn't expected anyone to believe Wanda on her agent turn. The strippers by dayshift hitmen by night seems to be the most unreal duo introduced to the show. On the other hand sociopath Reed's network has been blown but he plays clean up by murdering an American. But maybe he is taking Avi up on his job offer. I was thinking that Oso would take over as the con
  7. Since it it sort of linked in the Tommyverse or Munchverse sort of way most shows are just not consistent. On FBI the local police and crime scene techs, read extras, are masked meanwhile the FBI Agents and witnesses are not. Of the shows in the crime detective genre that I have seen All Rise being in the court and NCIS New Orleans have been the most consistent on the COVID countermeasure portrayals.
  8. It could be the more narrow foot, the generally longer hair. More fat in the breast.. The more exaggerated differences gain notice. Even in shoes women's dress exposes more of the foot than men's fashions worn to the same event. Any time I search for celebrity images the option of their feet comes up.
  9. Am I bad for noticing Karen Page's bare feet in Punisher season 2?
  10. Even the actors based out of Hawaii who were reoccurring on both shows have been withdrawn from the credits sequence. Besides maybe Flippa at the bar and the Medical Examiner coming back until COVID protocols end don't expect anyone. The last two veterans to join 5-0 might get a consolation episode down the line to make up for the early cancellation on them.
  11. The bring in because they didn't show proper respect reminded me of Detectives Fontana and Green from the L&O mothership. It would be the point where the ADA was brought into the story to kick them loose.
  12. L& O: CBS...The tech support in the office who is just off somewhat socially. in her case "don't call it ice cream" has been the thing since Abby showed up on the NCIS back door pilot on JAG. It is real old now I got the feeling if they should get the ex husband by the season finale that Angela Wheatley will prove to be the power behind the scene linked to some other organization. That a political criminal alliance put them together in the first place, My favorite scene was Detective Stabler and Sergeant Bell reacting when the vaccine line jumpers complained about losing th
  13. All I got was when the "10-13" call went out Captain Benson was close and she was a Captain and thus grabbed the case until her boss forced her off of it.
  14. Only Stargate was set in the real world time. Late 1990s early 21st century. Most everyone else wore standard USAF or USMC uniform. On most missions SG-1 wore the chemical warfare jacket with a black tactical vest or the battle dress uniforms of the day. On Young Rock they most likely just pulled an olive drape uniform off of the rack
  15. Upon further review it looks like the uniforms on Stargate SG-1 worn by SG-1 when they were in meetings at the SGC before they changed when going on a mission.
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