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  1. Ripped from the history books? Except for the younger driver/detective If the characters were real during life span of their careers a Los Angeles Mayor cheated on his wife and broke up and a Chief of Police recruited from out of state could not qualify as a California police officer and could not make felony arrest so a special law was passed to allow him to carry a gun.
  2. For the stories I think Disney has a drop dead date in mind. At some point the they don't care if most of the audience don't know about the story line as kids. Since I am outside of the target demographic by a long shot besides the origin stories in the MCU the last stories that I had any remembrance of was Ultron and Iron Man II. And with the X-Men they have been doing the same basic. That the X-Men got started before they had a different drop dead date over at FOX for their greatest hits story ideals.
  3. Multiple blocks would be skid row in downtown under LAPD's watch and nowhere near the radio location given for the murder near the airport. Smaller tent cities are dotted all over the Southland. Some city police departments are better at pushing them away than others. There is a rather infamous photo of one freeway overpass along Venice Blvd. on the Los Angeles side of the street it is tent city, across the city limits line on the Culver City side of the street, with their independent police department , clear as glass. At the moment going into the real life Super Tuesday election it seems to be the primary issue on the mailed political ads for L.A. County Supervisor. One candidate being a termed out LA.. City Councilman saying he has the experience to deal with this problem while his opponent who is lucky enough to be coming from a different political office so can't have the tent cities blamed on her is saying that the Councilman is the cause. When being a one party state they all have basically the same political policies.
  4. Deputy Bishop while in D.C, did something but L.A. County gave her a second chance and Sheriff Hollister concurred. And gave her a Golden Ticket to name her own assignment, for two months at least. Once again that old stand-by plot of the evil real estate developers. The Shield also had that call it L.A. but hardly anything is correct except other police station names.
  5. I remember at the end of my buying days I got the first run of A Man Called Nova. It was promptly cancelled while I was still buying but now seems he is always in the running for the next wave of Marvel characters to be brought up to the big show (MCU)
  6. The wife looked at me saying his black certainly didn't crack, what happened to you?
  7. The binge watch model of storytelling. I wanted to see us kill Nazis, which would have happend some in an episodic show, not watch the Nazis kill us for almost the entire first 90 minutes.
  8. Raja

    S01.E02: Promises

    When I saw the first promo he reminded me of Walt (Clyde) Frazier New York Knicks Hall of Fame guard. Wiki makes him yet another English actor coming over the pond to play an American.
  9. Raja

    S01.E02: Promises

    Is this show or Law & Order correct when it comes to discovery?
  10. Since they are playing Abishola as a devout Christian who has only been with her husband in an extended family approved relationship I am thinking all of this relationship stuff is new to her and she is learning what most Americans get as teenagers. That Kemi along with her aunt and uncle can talk about their non fundamentalist Christian sexual activities, be it premarital with the pharmacist or following the lead of Muslims for polygamy just says there is range of activity in any church or ethnic community.
  11. It took some Google Fu but I see it is CBS not Amazon so no chance for a Bosch crossover. or even something like Justified did with Karen Sisco
  12. I had a few minutes and finally came back. No drugs in high school the US military has been doing random drug test since the 80's. And a black officer putting up with stuff to rise in this century, give me a break.
  13. Sebastian Stan appreciation rabbit hole. I liked him as Captain/Prince Jack Benjamin (the biblical Jonathan) in Kings
  14. That has been her partner P.I. outfit along with the boots, with a heel of course. Where as the majordomo Juliet tended to wear long skirts which hid where her knee is in relation to her and platformed sandals thus making her legs appear longer.
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