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  1. Those are characters. The potential cost of pretending to be real while putting forth a character on so called reality TV is that it might blow back on you a lot more than it does on actors not trying to pass their show off as "real" and not just improvisation
  2. No Hydra was always been in the background globally waiting for Hive. They came forward during WWII in Germany and everywhere in The Winter Soldier. Coming forward causes the S.S.R. and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D to form.
  3. I think that May is something more in line with Sarge than the Chronicoms
  4. The only named characters that I can think of are Agent Piper and Flint as Fitz's local guards with the survivors of Deke's company in tow,
  5. She, Chloe Bennet was breaking the forth wall by just swinging the pipe like a baseball batter and noting the visual reference.
  6. Given the subject matter throwing out one line in one episode seems rather cavalier. Maybe they reinforce her age later.
  7. There is little to zero chance they use some legacy of a character already being used in the movies because of real world rights.
  8. Perhaps if the daughter was a junior/community college student who stayed with dad while complaining. instead of a 16 year old high school'er with a Russian Captain. Sort of a Meathead living off of Archie Bunker and complaining while being supported by him.
  9. That's Spaceman, wear the title proudly. 😇
  10. Her first appearance when Coulson recruited her to drive the bus had her saying but Phil died. I wonder if she comes down from her perch thinking but I died in a full circle moment?
  11. When you use MCU political organization it makes more sense. Like the centipede formula for Mike Peterson/Deathlok in the first AoS episode came from Hydra getting their hands on A.I.M's extremis and working with that base component if we presupposed an American head of Hydra getting the green serum to a peacetime German head of Hydra and there the Red Skull is created and a German/Hydra defector brings back an almost ready serum to America and it is perfected for a 1942 test on Steve Rogers.
  12. Five years, interesting choice 🤯
  13. Just networks thinking we have to put the big action and sex forward and any continual story arc was less important. Just about any SF show will have the sexbot episode pushed forward for an example Now today the sex and action is pushed forward all the way down to the episode itself instead of the season and many shows and movie open on an action scene and then flash back to the story to keep you from turning elsewhere
  14. The Launch hooked me in. If it wasn't for work I might have binged through the series. Boobs Boots on the moon 2024 R.I.P. Fred Willard
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