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  1. By far this is my favorite show out of the zillions of offerings on TV. I’ve always been a little sensitive to the audio on shows, some of them are so loud you can barely hear the narration. On this show though, the person/people that work on the background music should definitely receive an Emmy - it’s in sync with the subject matter, never “in your face”, and oftentimes makes me laugh - like what is played when talking about animal breeding, or when huge elephants or rhinos are walking around. It’s appropriately subtle and it’s so well done - HATS OFF to this Show for the marvelous producti
  2. I see that nobody has posted here in 2020 so I don’t know if anybody will even see my post, but... I’ve only recently came across this show and while there are parts of it I very much enjoy, specially the arts and crafts, I find that Cameron Mathison is the most pompous person I think I’ve ever seen on TV. I don’t know why they even have guests on because he constantly talks over them and makes every segment that he is in all about him and whatever he is working on. It gets increasingly more difficult to not focus on how narcissistic he is - in my opinion he really ruins the show. I get
  3. Shout out and BIG THANKS to Lambertman for letting us all know. I don’t have my VCR recording reruns so I would never have normally recorded tonight’s show!!
  4. Thanks Ohmo for opening the floor on this topic… My blood is still boiling and I couldn’t get my thoughts together to do so myself. I am so angry at this story, it could not be more obvious that this was a set up, yet the entire family got away with it. To deny the dead husband‘s parents access to the grandchildren plus to change the boys’ names back to their mother’s maiden name is the epitome of adding insult to injury. I am deeply ashamed that they are of the same cultural background that I am and I sincerely hope that they ALL get their just desserts both in this world and the hereafter,
  5. I hope that Chester names the next chimpanzee baby after him, as he has worked there for appx. 45 years! According to my local TV Guide there will be new shows tomorrow and the next Saturday night as well at 11:00p EST. 😁 Whoops, missed the thread right above mine - my bad...sorry Kohola3!!
  6. Thank you! I’m Jewish so I thought I probably don’t have the right to comment… but nothing that comes out of her mouth makes any sense to me. The comment about not blessing your food first giving you Covid was so pathetic and it reminded me of the early 90s when some people thought G-d gave gay* people AIDS as punishment. She should shut her trap and not be seen on TV anymore AND/OR not have her kids at all - she’s almost as vile as Angela. * generally the only term used back in the day, not LGBTQ or others now.
  7. OMG Annber03, how did you get yourself into my head?! I agree with every solitary thing you wrote, and was hoping somebody would bring up last night’s show (but then thought maybe it wasn’t a new one). I thought her guilty when this story first came out and even guiltier today. I can’t stand it when people try to defend themselves by saying crappy things about the person they offed since they’re not here to defend themselves, but that shouldn’t give anybody license to say whatever they want. I bet her parents even liked the guy when he was alive but now they’re saying crappy things as well -
  8. Apologies in advance for being so superficial, but she’s incredibly hard to look at because of her homeliness. I could go into detail but I’m sure I don’t really have to point out all her “unfortunate” issues. However, we all have known people who aren’t attractive but their personality makes up for it in many ways. With Angela though I can never ever get over the fact that when she picked up Tony from jail, she almost instantly asked him if he wanted to go for a steak dinner or receive a B***Job first - in the front seat. I was incredulous - even if a producer ask you to say that, would you
  9. Completely concur! It might have to do with a clue about the real person, but to be brutally honest at my age I don’t know who half the celebrities even are!
  10. Hi ML89! I should have edited myself better, I had a feeling that my line would’ve been misunderstood. What I meant was because there was only an opportunity for her to wear one outfit, out of the gazillions that she keeps inferring about, I’m surprised that’s the outfit that she picked because I found it to be very unflattering and ugly - pregnant or not. I have noticed on plenty of reality type shows that the outfits (especially in shows with judge panels) aren’t true of the actual filming which “secretly” drives me nuts, though I know the reasoning behind it. I’m too cynical for my own goo
  11. I couldn’t agree more. I thought her husband was a doll and she should take her head out of her butt and realize what a good guy he is to put up with her crap. She’s not even fashionable in the slightest. She wore that one hideous pink polyester dress almost the whole episode and it was extremely unflattering and the shoes were ridiculous. To spend all that money on bad clothes (and with her not working, where does she go to to be seen in all those outfits anyway?) and to have to get a four bedroom house to put up with her vanity is just insanity to me. I think the blind cat would be a better
  12. First time contributor to this Forum… Before I even saw the other comments about this particular show, this was the first time that I was really compelled to write in. I didn’t get the sense of these two even knowing each other, much less having been married for any length of time. Zero affection shown and they seemed entirely insincere. Completely showed their true colors when they settled on a house that’s smaller than my master bathroom (slight exaggeration!). All these shows are starting to blur into each other; I totally agree with another writer about wanting to watch the sho
  13. Just finished watching and need to chime in. I was abducted over 50 years ago when I was eight years old. I could narrate the entire event second by second as hardly a week goes by that it doesn't pop up in my mind - but the heinous act itself, not what I was wearing or what car he drove, etc. etc. BELIEVE ME, that stuff fills so much of your head and heart causing so much mental anguish that your brain has to weed out superfluous details for one's own sanity.
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