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  1. Her friends didn't call her "The Terminator" for nothing!
  2. Good point. Exactly how was that supposed to work? Hamlet is a tragedy in which every major character is dead by the end of the play. Not exactly material for a Tony-winning musical with a happy ending. They'd have been better off adapting one of Shakespeare's comedies, like Twelfth Night, The Merchant of Venice, or The Taming of the Shrew.
  3. On the other hand, Ross was an idiot for immediately going out and sleeping with the first woman who came along just hours after Rachel told him that. It didn't matter that he had no way of knowing that Rachel would change her mind just a day later. That he slept with someone just AFTER she told him they needed to start seeing other people sent the message to Rachel that their relationship had never really meant anything to Ross and he had just been looking for an excuse to start sleeping around on her behind her back the whole time. The truth is that Ross's paranoid jealousy was just as toxic to the relationship as Rachel's dog-in-the-manger attitude was. Phoebe nailed it when she said that Carol's infidelity had clearly so damaged Ross that he couldn't believe or trust any woman who came after Carol to stay faithful to him. It's what led him to suspect (and practically accuse) Rachel of sleeping with Mark (which is what in turn led to the fight that ended with her telling Ross that they needed to split up for a while). It's also why Ross got paranoid when Emily started getting what he thought was a little too friendly with Carol's wife -- he was terrified of history repeating itself.
  4. Yet typically, her feelings about it were very much modest Mary Ann: "Big deal. There were like all of about ten women in Nevada at the time!"
  5. And I'll bet I'm not the only one who still sings "Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be."
  6. To this day, every time I read Hamlet, I picture Gilligan as Hamlet, Ginger as Ophelia, the Skipper as Polonius, Mary Ann as Laertes, and Mr. and Mrs. Howell as King Claudius and Queen Gertrude!
  7. Fuck 2020. And fuck COVID-19. And fuck them both some more!
  8. The problem with that is you have to get around the fact that Julia and Vanessa are both full-blooded Greeks (Julia is from Cephalonia and was born to native Greek parents and her native language is Greek, which is why she was able to pick up Diana's native Themiscyran so easily, and Vanessa's father David Kapatelis was also a full-blooded native Greek).
  9. I don't know how they'd have gone all the way back to 1920 anyway, since the Winter Olympics only go back as far as 1924. The earliest i can think of for figure skaters who would be well-known today would be Sonja Henie in 1928.
  10. We'll see how strictly this "ban" is enforced in Tokyo in 2021 and in Beijing in 2022.
  11. That makes me wonder whether we'll also see a new Cat Grant, since she was first introduced to the DC Universe as a new post-Crisis character not in the Supergirl comics that came out starting in the late 80s, but in the pages of the 1986 Superman reboot as one of Superman's new supporting characters.
  12. Yeah, to be honest, I had a problem with that even in the comic books after the 1986 post-Crisis reboot, since prior to that, Superman's invulnerability made it impossible for his hair -- including any facial hair -- and nails to grow because hair and nails are nothing more than modified dead skin cells, and invulnerable skin cells can't die or be shed. Changing that rule post-Crisis so that he COULD grow stubble was supposed to make him a little more human, but to me, it diminished one of the things that set him apart from other superheroes.
  13. 71 is way too young for anyone to be passing on. Rest in Peace, Ms. Reinking, and thank you for teaching us all how to dance and how to enjoy dancing and singing!
  14. UGH. One more bad pun like that and I will have the lot of you drawn and quoted!
  15. 2020 is just determined to go out in a blaze of glory, isn't it? RIP, Charlie!
  16. Oh, he was much worse at the ice-cream parlor. At least he tried to do a good job working for Mr. Martinelli, even if he had no idea what he was doing and completely sucked at it. At the ice-cream parlor, all he wanted to do was play around, eat ice cream all day, and somehow expect to get paid for it. As Marcia put it, he was a capital G Goof-off!
  17. Because they think they're God's gift to women (or whomever) and can't understand why anybody wouldn't want to see their manhood in its full glory.
  18. Now I want to see him standing beside Kara so I can compare and contrast their super-suits!
  19. Dammit, 2020! You just couldn't give us a break during your last month, could you?
  20. Just be glad you didn't have to watch it via the Verizon live stream as I had to (due to my lack of cable). That was truly awful. I only got to hear one live performance (the rest, including the marching bands, were muted and standard Christmas music was played instead), and they didn't show the Rockettes. Oh, and worst of all, ROSS THE INTERN was their parade commentator, and yes, he's still annoying after all these years!
  21. No, I was definitely thinking of Dena Dietrich. I remember Nancy Walker and Jan Miner (Madge) as well as Jane Withers (Josephine the Plumber), and there's no way I would have conflated any of them with Ms. Dietrich.
  22. For some reason, I thought she had passed on years ago. RIP, Mother Nature.
  23. My favorite will always be the one where Alex comes out as gay. You can see that she's already had a couple of glasses of wine on an empty stomach to steel her nerves and is therefore already a bit blotto -- and that's before Cisco and Barry Allen interrupt by trying to breach directly into Kara's loft from Earth-1!
  24. Blame a linguistic phenomenon known as assimilation. Language speakers like to take the path of least resistance when it comes to pronouncing words, and "assessing" is simply easier to pronounce than "ack-sessing," so the hard "c" over process of time simply gives way to the soft "c" that follows it. It's why we say "immortal" instead of "inmortal," "illiterate" instead of "inliterate," and "assimilate" instead of "adsimiliate."
  25. Jocelyn is one of the few characters whom I liked from the beginning. She is completely different from what I expected her character to be, which is the insufferably holier-than-thou Bible-thumping stereotype that usually populates small towns like Schitt's Creek. She knows when her husband crosses the line with his passive-aggressive attitude, and she's not afraid to call him out on it. She's also extremely tolerant of the Roses and goes out of her way to try to understand them and to get them to understand the townspeople. Is she perfect? No. But she is someone whom I certainly wouldn't mind having as a neighbor.
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