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  1. I have a fond spot for the 80's--shoulder pads flattered everyone.
  2. I have many strong opinions on the fuckery in this episode, but the only expertise I have to offer is that you don't just casually toss a little muffin dog into the household of an established pack of three. If Jake's one aggressive dog had managed to get to Haley's dog and attacked her, the other two would have joined in tearing the little visitor dog apart. That's not a clip you'd want to be showing, MAFS. Do better, pet people.
  3. I watched that fucking idiot Brandon twinkle at the camera that the "withdrawal method" had worked so far! and it made me so mad I deleted the whole episode.
  4. The most interesting part, to me, revolved around how much leeway Woody Allen was given from everyone because he was--an oddball, a loner, a dedicated anti-kid eccentric, the beloved New York auteur. "He's not behaving like a parent, but no surprise there!" I understand some of that. My parents were separated before I was born so I never knew my non-custodial father in the way of "dad as furniture." He picked me up for dinner twice a week and we interacted, damn it, whether I felt like it or (I realize now) whether he felt like it. An only child himself, he didn't have the first idea how dads traditionally interact with their kids. We had steaks and talked. Then we watched Mannix and he drove me home. But trust me on this: he never gave me any instructions on how to wrap my tongue around his thumb. That was the moment Dylan sealed the deal for me. What a horror for her. And then to possibly overhear herself described as "being soothed" by that extremely unnatural activity? I'm proud of her for being able to stand up and walk around like a regular person. **************** So I know a little about that, and I don't know a thing about this, but these reports of Mia Farrow as a "distant parent" don't mesh for me with the ridiculous amount of home video footage that exists of all those kids.
  5. Thanks! I've never had a chance to explore the limits of my 4x4 Jeep--tomorrow's the day. 🏍️ <vroom>
  6. Well, if I can get to a town an hour away, through a foot of snow over four inches of ice, I get a covid vaxx tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  7. See? You're giving Lizzie a pass. You still have standards!
  8. "He did this to me on purpose!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. So agree. The boring torpor of Britzzz and Marcelino was barely acceptable and now they've gone a couple degrees of separation too far.
  10. Are you kidding? OF COURSE it's a meth lab that blew up.
  11. The Dillinger Gang, together again. This is so distressing to me. You know Amber's mom is resentful that she's no longer young enough or hot enough to pull off these grifty love scams she's masterminding for the next generation.
  12. Okay, I'm going to have trouble bleaching out the image of Mumbles' low-rider crotch down around his knees as he pounces on top of Patch.
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