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  1. She has a ball-point now--which requires me to get up, stomp over and squint at the damn screen.
  2. Could someone please get Connie a Sharpie?
  3. Every time I think how horribly hot those rotten full-head skin masks would be, some rando wanders by in a black leather jacket. When the show gets too boring I just compare the people in sweat-stained cotton t's versus the ones in gloves and mufflers.
  4. Or maybe just a big barrette. Every damn week I'm annoyed that Warrior Queen Michonne is shown to have voluntarily obscured 50% of her vision.
  5. Zombie: Hmm, two of those things are not like the others.
  6. I snickered when Henry got snatched up by scruff because he was holding his badass martial arts pose for a moment longer than necessary.
  7. Agree. We already know from N*** that you can just smear a goo stripe on your cheek with one finger and you're cloaked with Walker Off.
  8. Happy ending! They showed the baby with Brett and the blacksmith and they already adore him.
  9. Oh boy, almost time for The Henry Show.
  10. I'm having flashbacks to a John Wayne movie where the faithful canine companion is killed by a shotgun blast in the final shootout, but nobody spares him a passing thought because Big Jake's snotty little grandson is A-OK. I may have been sitting vigil for that dog for forty years.
  11. "Grownup Henry" on TD. Big pre-ripped holes in the knees of his jeans. I'm predisposed to be snarky, but he looks like kind of a douche in real life. too.
  12. I'm not crazy about this new gang of people individually, but I liked the gimmick last week of introducing them via a Q&A examination, and I like it that they did a good job of working together against the zombies. At this point, nobody left alive is freezing up. And the music guy made me smile tossing off the FU gesture at the zombies before he walked away. Eek. I just looked up and Don Quixote has come to Georgia.
  13. I'm so glad Andrew Lincoln cleared out so we could spend a lot of extra time with this insolent little fucker.
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