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  1. Ha! Three teaser segments. Called it. The problem is that it looks like it's building up to a big nothing. Michael doesn't care, Malcolm's chill. Are they just going to have Cabbage Patch over in the corner punching herself on the nose and having a nervous breakdown live on camera?
  2. Oh, Sarah, fuck off. You just had to race out there and pick a fight with Michael. And you fuck off, too, Michael! Did you even bring that baby a birthday present?! SO annoying.
  3. Nope, Ross is out of prison. Angela chose to throw in with Tony and let Ross go. So now she can just go buy Ross a motorcycle and everything will be fine.
  4. Marco Polo is frowned upon in the baptismal font.
  5. Interesting. Do you have to drain the pool afterward or is it possible to de-sanctify? Enquiring minds. . .
  6. I'm developing a soft spot for Andrea and Lamar, just because they haven't reproduced during this show.
  7. Tony consistently cracks me up bragging about his sexual prowess.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking those walls were sending out a beacon Michael could follow if he concentrated hard enough.
  9. Lacey's filming the whole thing for some of her niche streaming porn clients.
  10. It would be difficult to keep up with Andrea's ground rules.
  11. Oh Angela! You crusty-lunged, snaggle-toothed, sim-stealing glory, I see you! "Our love is real." You do you, girl. <fist pump>
  12. So, what do we think? Are they going to risk shoving three more teaser segments down our throats and hope we're not too bitter to tune in for next week's big Mumbles vs. Malcolm showdown, or is Tonight The Night??
  13. Michael didn't call those two darling little girls ON CHRISTMAS?! And now he's bitching to his mother about Sarah denying him co-parenting? Ooooooh. ☠️
  14. Darn it, I missed the Ross story while I was defending Sarah's parenting.
  15. Yeah, Cabbage did have the ulterior motive that she wanted Michael herself, but she's done an excellent job of keeping him at the forefront of their daughters' lives. Aviana calls him on his cell phone and is always thrilled to see him. Whatever else, she hasn't leveraged the children against him. That's a good mom.
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