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  1. She mentioned being 4' 11" and didn't say anything else about it. I think she's just petite. #### Re the after-show segment. You mean if you have a prison inmate romance, you have to have semi-public phone sex, too? Okay, well, count me out. .
  2. Wow, Brittney doesn't miss a chance to push that marriage+babies agenda. Read the room, Missy.
  3. People on this thread tonight have used 'vagina' more than Derrick has in his whole life.
  4. CHELSEA LOOKS JUST LIKE NICOLLE!! Daonte has a type.
  5. No way. Kristiana has to be leaning over the bathroom sink with a Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil.
  6. Wait. You don't think that's a home job? You think someone else is applying those???
  7. This is "Dethan," in case you don't have CC going.
  8. Does Pepper know? She goes wild for prison recipes.
  9. Tia casts about, desperately trying to figure out how she can make some money, keep her girlfriend happy. UH-OH! Face tattoos! Snap!
  10. The new post-covid rules, #22. If you're being interviewed by a person in a mask, PUT ON A MASK.
  11. Oh, here we go. The many ways Chon is so much better than Chane....
  12. Okay, The Return of Chon is going to put me in a better mood. Yay!
  13. My LAL beverage tonight was a large and lovely spicy Bloody Mary--extra tabasco, horseradish and worcestershire. Knocked it over. My feet, the couch, the computer cords, the dogs. And to top it all off, I had to watch that stupid Bonnie & Clyde re-enactment all by myself while I swirled around paper towels. 🤬
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