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  1. If they’re remaking The Road Warrior, the woman leading the Settlers should have a goalie mask and a microphone.
  2. “[Pope] will be in charge now that Smurf’s gone”. That’s signing her own Death Warrant right there.
  3. My goodness, I had to stop watching ID’s new Impact Of Murder show after 20 minutes. It consisted of unrelieved grief and anguish and pain and nothing else. Too hard to take.
  4. Well-written episode, I thought. All 3 of the brothers had their hearts broken in different ways: Deran by Adrian leaving, Craig by Renn leaving, and Pope being told by Deran that he thinks of him as a soulless monster. (“I’m not you”).
  5. As I’ve said many times, I really like the current cast. It’s just so frustrating to see actors as watchable and entertaining as Garret Dillahunt, Mo Collins, Colman Domingo, Lennie James, and Ruben Blades in something this uninspired.
  6. Have to say, wasn’t expecting a lesbian Outward Bound zombie apocalypse documentary.
  7. Poor Craig. He didn’t want to be the Fredo of the family (“I’m smart!”) so he planned an ingenious heist of the statue...but never saw Frankie coming to steal the money. Mia has got to die, and soon. Not that the Codys are much better but she is pure evil.
  8. Thing is, I really like the current cast. This show could very easily grab my attention. But last season, with the never ending gimmicky time shifts/flashbacks, and the two least interesting villains in television history, left me cold. This episode was a complete mess and left me wondering if the current writing staff know how to tell a story at all.
  9. They might as well hang a sign on Pope that reads “ticking time bomb”. We get it. I’m a sucker for a heist episode, and this was a good one. Even back in the day Smurf tries to win people over with food and drink.
  10. That iPhone commercial with the woman loudly cackling for 60 seconds, after 20 of which you’re screaming “STFU” at the television—instant channel change. Haven’t had one of those in a while.
  11. That really sucks. Middle finger to fans of the show, to end on a cliffhanger like THAT one.
  12. ”The Dead” is a story about a woman who never loved her husband; her true love had died many years earlier. It figures that the story would appeal to Mickey, who admits in the episode that Darryl’s mother was the love of his life, not his actual wife and family. Still, an odd thing to read to your kid. Great prose but one of the saddest stories in literature.
  13. I liked this show when it was about baronial intrigue. Since it became about a bunch of people in kimonos I don’t know, not so much. Yes, I know it’s really about the fights.
  14. ID is really hyping their upcoming show about the Atlanta Child Murders, and I worry that they will try to exonerate Wayne Williams for at least some of the killings. There is not a single piece of evidence, after 40 years and many DNA tests, that does that. But there are so many people who desperately want to blame the murders on the police or “the Klan” or some other phantom for political reasons.
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