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  1. To me it’s “what if Northern Exposure had been a soap opera?”
  2. The most noticeable thing about the movie for me was the generic background music in many scenes. I normally expect Scorsese to fill up action scenes with this or that golden oldie; it just seemed odd. I don’t know if it was because 3 and a half hours of movie would require a whole lot of oldies and create a massive music-rights budget, or if it was simply an artistic choice.
  3. He looks like a combination of Norman Reedus and David Bowie.
  4. So much idiot-plot and “Let’s keep secrets from the people we’re closest to, what could go wrong?” in this episode. And I despise this shallow, sadistic Elektra. By far the weakest episode yet.
  5. Have to say, I was ready to execute Ben two episodes ago. A little of Ben goes a long way.
  6. The new Evil Lives Here had me smh, like that show always does, and why I usually avoid it. “My precious darling boy didn’t get the ‘help’ he needed, and that’s why he slaughtered those two women convenience store clerks and laughed about it. I still love him blah blah blah”. Honey, you and Junior should have both been tossed into active volcanos long ago.
  7. If they’re remaking The Road Warrior, the woman leading the Settlers should have a goalie mask and a microphone.
  8. “[Pope] will be in charge now that Smurf’s gone”. That’s signing her own Death Warrant right there.
  9. My goodness, I had to stop watching ID’s new Impact Of Murder show after 20 minutes. It consisted of unrelieved grief and anguish and pain and nothing else. Too hard to take.
  10. Well-written episode, I thought. All 3 of the brothers had their hearts broken in different ways: Deran by Adrian leaving, Craig by Renn leaving, and Pope being told by Deran that he thinks of him as a soulless monster. (“I’m not you”).
  11. As I’ve said many times, I really like the current cast. It’s just so frustrating to see actors as watchable and entertaining as Garret Dillahunt, Mo Collins, Colman Domingo, Lennie James, and Ruben Blades in something this uninspired.
  12. Have to say, wasn’t expecting a lesbian Outward Bound zombie apocalypse documentary.
  13. Poor Craig. He didn’t want to be the Fredo of the family (“I’m smart!”) so he planned an ingenious heist of the statue...but never saw Frankie coming to steal the money. Mia has got to die, and soon. Not that the Codys are much better but she is pure evil.
  14. Thing is, I really like the current cast. This show could very easily grab my attention. But last season, with the never ending gimmicky time shifts/flashbacks, and the two least interesting villains in television history, left me cold. This episode was a complete mess and left me wondering if the current writing staff know how to tell a story at all.
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