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  1. I have no problem with Costco caviar--Costco has some high end stuff sometimes--but when someone says caviar is being served, I expect to be seeing more than three little eggs on top of a deviled egg. If I'm on a million dollar hotsy totsy yachtsy trip, I want to see a bowl of caviar, with toast points and tiny spoons, minced onion, egg, the whole nine yards. Deviled egg garnish: pfft.
  2. Agree, agree all over the place. Agree that "A Closer Look" is the smartest, sharpest review going. Agree that the roving "woke militia" is visual and hilarious. (I once videoed a couple minutes of Seth explaining something so I could finally get my dopey news-free friends to understand.) Agree that the children in bee suits were super cute, but that's the maximum amount of cutie pie kids I want to see. On the other hand, I watched that Australian Shepherd looking stunned--boioing!--when the blanket dropped, over and over, on a loop for about five minutes. : )
  3. Really? I only recall him charging out, running along the front row of the audience slapping hands, happy beaming, high energy and rah-rah while the audience settled. If the opening of each show had been him chatting with the crew while viewers cooled their heels waiting for him to address the audience, eesh. . . . that would be so rude. [Sidenote: I spent a long, cold, cold night on the floor of Rockefeller Center, lined up for Letterman tickets. And when we were all finally in place for the show, later in the afternoon, he came out and he WAS that rude to the studio audience. I never watched him again.]
  4. candall

    S17.E12: Lucca

    At first I thought it was a little embarrassing that one dish after another failed the "truffle-forward" test, but I've been thinking about it. I bet not one of the cheftestants has any experience with white truffles. Black truffles have a heartier flavor and I think they're sturdier for transportation. One of the gang mentioned white truffles were a different creature by the time they reach the US. "Here's a thousand dollar puff of smoke; see what you can do with it." [That happy dog with his muddy muzzle was adorable. My dogs look exactly like that sometimes, but trust me, it's not anything as charming as truffles they're rooting for.]
  5. I'm always happy when I see Chris Hayes is a guest on a late night talk show. I'm a fan of his show and I enjoy it when he barely keeps the lid on his outrage to maintain professionalism, but when he's a guest, the snark is no holds barred. I think his insider viewpoint criticism is brutal and hilarious. (Rachel Maddow is also fun as a guest. You feel you're getting a peek at the private Rachel because she wears her glasses and sneakers, but she doesn't share her personal opinions so freely as Hayes.) THIS. I don't know exactly why I'm so annoyed by this little bit of disingenuous chit chat, but I'm about to stop watching because of it. To me it seems completely artificial and almost insulting to the audience. I think there was a show way back at the beginning of television where the star introduced every episode pretending he was just hanging out, enjoying a smoke, and the camera had caught him unawares. He'd look up, startled, and say something like "Oh! Hell-o! I didn't see you there. I'm glad you're here. In tonight's episode . . . " I think it's nice when SC pulls his wife into the frame and gives her a hug, but when he pretends every night that he doesn't know the camera is rolling, that's bullshit. Harrumph. : )
  6. It slips my mind how the dinner tonight was arranged, but I got up off the couch and walked over to the tv to read the texts between Lawrence and Condola. They had a date scheduled for "Tuesday" and she wanted to know if they could get together that night instead. He needs to pick a damn lane and not be stringing two women along. I did NOT like at all that he had to sneaky text Condola back while Issa was away from the table and twice he made efforts to keep Condola on the line for that night, even though he was out with Issa. So again, I expect that sort of behavior from men who are more or less scum. But Lawrence is cute and smart and funny. With a tastefully appointed apartment! ####### Edited to add: So the Wine Down explanation is that Lawrence is just being considerate of Condola? Okay, not buying that, but from rereading my post, maybe I am being too intense about Lawrence's behavior. Maybe "scum" is too strong--but, really, do not be engaging with a second woman while you're on a date with the first.
  7. LOLOL. I'm guessing posters from, say, "earlier 2020" would have a hard time believing the current situation.
  8. I'm Lowkey Happy they tapped the brakes on the Lawrence Redemption Tour, but I think the writing for his character has been too weird and inconsistent. All season he's been thoughtful and aware and tonight he's texting and talking with Condola when Issa is seconds away from walking up on it. That's some really low-class behavior. So is he a lowdown dog or is he the sensitive guy we saw at the baby party? Issa was beautiful tonight and finally had some damn agency.
  9. Anne said it was the best either one of them had cooked and I'm sure the judges were privately aghast. "Srsly?" Jeff made another soup that splatted onto the dish and remained in discrete dollops. Then he decided that "tongue in cheek" was so clever, the concept alone would outweigh botching half the dish so thoroughly it couldn't be served. On the other hand, the restaurant is supposed to be a steakhouse and Lamar is a shrimp and grits comfort food kind of guy. The only slab of meat he offered was an anemic-looking porkchop. Eh, who knows? Can someone report back here if Bugsy & Seigel's Steakhouse ever happens?
  10. Ha! I'm still watching the episode, but I'm so bored and annoyed with the whole thing, I don't even mind being spoiled about the winner. "Prepare your signature dish ugh they're all awful I'm just going to pick two of you." Inasmuch as any of this is real, I'd say the die was cast when Lamar presented himself to the panel as a dependable workhorse and Jeff went the whimsical pixie route.
  11. Watching it now. Isn't this the second week in a row they've been ripping up the sides of their feet?
  12. So no one can tell me what that big dark shape is behind Hardwick's left shoulder? Okay, I'm checking out. Thanks for letting us stay and play, mods. Chat with you all next week--another week fatter with another week's worth of grown out haircut.
  13. Me, too. I've seen so many 'celebrities' this week who appear to be living the Ikea lifestyle. My favorite look is when the person is sitting in front of bookshelves stuffed with books. I always try to see what they're reading.
  14. My new quarantine hobby has been peeking into all these apartments. Look at Eugene's crib! He has cheetahs on his pillow slips. Princess has created a tableau: books artfully stacked, orchid, artsy willow wand arrangement. Khary "Obi Wan" Payton needs an elegant dove grey satin finish wall color for that black leather couch. Hardwick still the winner. Nice rug. Actual art, in a frame. French doors. Points deducted for the two guitars. And what's that other thing? A termite hill? Hey, I already made that Obi Wan joke!
  15. Reddy Machete! Forgot about him!
  16. Rick "Have you ever killed a human, and why?" Grimes would not have approved.
  17. I have bid adieu to FTWD, but when's that new show starting?
  18. This is bizarre. Did they hire a new writer? I might watch a Princess & Eugene spinoff, but this whole episode is crap.
  19. Do we get to stay open and judge the home décor of all the TD contributors? I've seen about a thousand living rooms this week and I still think Hardwick's rates pretty high.
  20. What was that? A tomato?!
  21. Oh, FFS. If you notice someone's about to start firing an automatic weapon, maybe curl your stupid fingers around the bridle. Team Princess on that one.
  22. I thought anyone who had ever posted would be here tonight. I thought we'd crash the system! I mean, we're all HOME, right? 🤨
  23. Hi, everybody. I'm suddenly wondering about the toilet paper situation in the WD pandemic.
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