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  1. Wait a minute--they just showed a quick shot in the promo from the scene where Darryl and Carol were leaning against the cave wall. And the lighting was perfectly normal. So someone is just editing all this down to a 9.8 on the 10-point Invisibility meter? I think that person should be fired. ###### I missed seeing them get out of the cave because I was writing that. oops
  2. Okay, so some random girl (to me, anyway) started to rush forward, but Darryl caught her and saved her from falling into the cave sub-basement. Then Darryl found a handy medieval torch ready to go and had a big kitchen match in his pocket.
  3. Who mentioned The Descent? Wriggling through tight passages in underground caves is my terror. Oh. Yes, of course. A zombie coming and you can't turn around to stab him.
  4. Has Alpha always tilted her head back and forth like an African Grey Parrot?
  5. If you're looking at a black rectangle, it's just Darryl and Carol leaning against the cave wall while they chat. Darryl has one eye showing.
  6. Every Sunday night for ten seasons, I've been staring at a pitch black screen and hitting my Refresh button, hoping for a description post. I finally traded in my 14-pixel box for a million dollar Sony. It's like I'm in the damn cave!
  7. Hi, everybody. I fell behind and let the eight episodes from the first half of the season stack up in my DVR. I thought I'd see if I could catch up to tonight's live-chat by only watching E08. Uh oh. Fifteen minutes and one page of posts later--*poof*--all caught up. I'm not completely sure about the boat man Michonne's heading off with--I know I don't care enough to plow through 7.5 unwatched episodes. Otherwise, the biggest surprise is that Eugene's lost quite a bit of weight and his pigtail is closing in on his bellybutton. Maybe the live-chat will make it all worthwhile again.
  8. Andrea knocking Lamar ass over teakettle while the cameraman goes leaping for higher ground will have to tide me over for the week. At least I don't have to look at that nasty little grifter, Lizzie, anymore. For the love of heaven, woman, COVER UP.
  9. No kidding. I wouldn't let Michael take those "keeds" out of my sight. He's the kind of guy who would let them visit with one of his females for a couple of weeks while he was making his cash collection and booty circuit up and down the country.
  10. IKR? I feel such embarrassment on her behalf.
  11. I don't know why I don't object to Brittany and Marcellino. They have zero story. But that little glimpse of Glorietta and her nasal-y mother last week was enough to settle me down and accept what I have been given. Remember that fruitcake in the first set who put a tracker on her ex-con boyfriend's phone? She's still whinging about that, here and there. I'm okay with Red and Baldy.
  12. Where I live is cheaper than Vegas and getting that puppy spayed, vaxxed and vetted is between $400-$500. Cutie pie, though.
  13. Oh dear. Cheryl's so unpleasant, I can't even enjoy her brand of crazy. I know I'm falling into their trap, but I want to go back and learn what was in Lamar's pocket. If they cliffhanger that until next week, I'll be mad.
  14. I'm still shaking my head over Andrea banishing Lamar to the couch. Did she think the proximity would drive him so nuts he'd decide to move to Utah? Looks like his tension valve blew out in a different direction.
  15. "At this point in her life, Tracy doesn't want to make changes." lololol I freaking love this show.
  16. "You're gonna bond her out with five thousand dollars [OF OUR MONEY!!] that you're never gonna see again, Clint!"
  17. I'd bet folding money that Lacey had imagined that wedding to include Chon swooping in and stopping the ceremony. She made one last ditch phone call to him from the bride's dressing room next to the sanctuary.
  18. You mean no one's home, Chon? <bat bat bat>
  19. Meagan's complaining that Michael's mother hasn't been 100% honest with her? HAHAHAHA Oh yeah, that's the problem. COUNSELING??????
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