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  1. "Cause and Effect" is one of my favorites. Am I the only one who speculates what happened to the crew of the Bozeman?
  2. I so wish John Neretti had been in a couple of more episodes. Hal Linden was one hot guy and a return visit would have been welcome.
  3. I haven't followed the lineup for the new shows and am wondering if Clint will have his own show again. I like him a lot.
  4. Dena Dietrich -- Gloria #2 -- has passed away just a few weeks before her 92nd birthday.
  5. I so want Derek to go away. As for who shows up next in the dream sequence, if it's someone dead I'm hoping George. If it's someone alive, Alex, but know that's unlikely. Then again, Grey's Anatomy has become pretty unlikely in so many respects.
  6. Probably an unpopular view, but I really don't want Derrick to keep showing up in any way, shape, or form. As somebody mentioned upthread, this may be a device to show Meredith experiencing early onset of Alzheimer's, which I hope is a storyline taken off the table. I was never a Derrick fan so wasn't sorry when Patrick left.
  7. I couldn't stand that cocky guy and have even forgotten his name...so glad Christopher won. For a minute there I wondered if Jennifer (?) was going to pass out. Interesting that Maneet and, I think, Tiffani were wearing shorts. Not crazy about scruffy Ted.
  8. Derek from the get-go, Owen off-and-on. Teddy. Maggie when she's 12. Meredith in her whining and/or "I am the sun" modes.
  9. All of the reasons cited, but also her voice drives me out of the room.
  10. This has probably been mentioned before, but in some long-ago interview Angela said she didn't want any romantic entanglements because they would change the dynamic of the show -- an older, independent woman creating a new chapter in her life.
  11. "Sisters" is one of my favorite episodes, but are we supposed to believe Dorothy didn't know that for 30 years her mother and Aunt Angela had never spoken or communicated in any way?
  12. Good point, but I wouldn't think that would apply to cadets. Overthinking, I know.
  13. I just re-watched The First Duty and was reminded of something that's always bothered me. The Kolvoord Starburst had been banned at Starfleet Academy for 100+ years, yet Nick Lucarno convinced Nova Squadron to perform it for Commencement. Picard even talks about Nick graduating in a "blaze of glory." Had they been successful, wouldn't there have been repercussions for doing a maneuver expressly forbidden? Not something Admiral Brand would tolerate in my view. Wesley did say Nova Squadron thought they could do anything, so maybe the team figured they were so god-like (as Boothby said) they'd get away with it.
  14. Chalk this up to over-thinking, but in The Monkey Show why didn't Stan get dressed after he and Gloria slept together for the first time? Instead, he comes out in Dorothy's robe. It allowed for the "nice robe" comment from his psychiatrist, but that's about it.
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