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  1. According to the FN schedule, no new Chopped shows through November 23. November 30 shows nothing at all.
  2. Amanda posted a picture with Ted, Tiffani, and a man I didn't recogize, saying it was great to be back again with friends, so it looks as if Chopped is alive and well. WHEW!
  3. Blanche said she mourned for George for 9 years and at some point I thought Rose said Charlie had been dead for 15. If that's true, then Rose has been in Miami for a long time because she in her birthday episode she "told" Charlie she'd be moving because it was just too hard without him there.
  4. Starting tomorrow (September 27), the FN website shows no specific programming and that runs into October. I'm thinking we'll be seeing a lot more of GGG, DDD, BBF, and the Halloween competitions.
  5. Hard to believe it's done just having debuted the new set. But then I don't understand network decision-making.
  6. Just going to come here and ask the same thing. It's Chopped -- Beat Bobby Flay, then a bunch of regular BBFs. Surely a temporary thing????
  7. Well, Scott called a dish "sexy:" on last night's episode, but the chef who prepared it was still eliminated. So there .....
  8. Yes! Nobody was a prima donna or did any trash talking. In the finale I would have been happy with any of the four winning.
  9. I think that makes sense because Estelle is at the counter most often. It just looks so uncomfortable.
  10. The Monkey Show is a favorite and every time I watch the first scene it strikes me how uncomfortable Dorothy looks cutting up vegetables (or whatever). The island is far too low for such a tall woman. Yes, I know it's TV, but after you watch something dozens of times, these things do grab your attention.
  11. About last night's episode: I'm always happy when the chef who boasts the most is the first to go.
  12. Boothby talked about the mess after San Francisco beat Minsk, which I assumed was another Starfleet Academy site.
  13. And don't forget William Windom's long tenure as Dr. Seth Hazlitt on Murder, She Wrote. He was also terrific in a sadly under- appreciated show, My World and Welcome to It.
  14. Last night's show featured Food Network Star contestants. Two I didn't recognize, but did remember Michelle and #Matt. I could not stand him on FNS and no reason to change my mind after last night. He certainly can cook and I appreciate exuberance, but #Matt is so over the top. Also, maybe it's just me, but #s aren't the flavor of the month anymore. I was happy with the winner.
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