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  1. Except for Mr. Matsumo and Sophia, this was one of my least favorite episodes, although Rose taking charge was kind of funny.
  2. Agreed, plus I also thought it was odd that once the guys were introduced as relatives they weren't invited to dinner right away. It was rude and, yes, I know this is a sit-com and there were plot reasons, but still.
  3. There seems to be a connection between Catherine and Tom that I may have missed. During their one scene, she called him Tommy and, I think, patted his shoulder or back. Not in a sexual way, but as someone who has known him a long time.
  4. Didn't Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammar co-star as TV anchors in a one-season show called -- I think -- Over to You some years ago? Or am I making that up?
  5. I finally watched this last night and there are really no words except that when Maggie is my favorite character something is off-kilter. The other good thing was minimal Meredith, although it looks as if Dr. Sun will be saving Richard. As somebody posted above, this sure seems neurological so call in Amelia and Tom, please.
  6. So agree with this. In fact, I'm embarrassed for Blanche when she does her number on the piano. I know Rue said it was one of her favorites and many, many have said they love it, but I cringe because all I see is a mega-needy person. Don't get me wrong, I love Blanche, but on my goodness!
  7. Blanche would never have bought that dress -- not her style. Having said that, it looks better on Dorothy, but it still wasn't a great choice.
  8. The sex-every-night story and the living-in-a-burning-building story represent lazy writing. I do understand what they were to accomplish, not the least of which was to confirm how stupid Rose is, but I cringe whenever these come up.
  9. About no one reporting Alex missing: I doubt if the police would take any report seriously which began with "He hasn't returned my texts or phone calls." Now that Jo knows he was never at his mother's, the larger question is did he ever intend to go there? Since that's all the information Jo has to give police, then just maybe law enforcement would look around, check local hospitals, etc., but not for long. I watch enough crime shows to know a situation like this falls into the domestic dispute/he's an adult and can do what he wants category.
  10. This Amelia/Linc go-round is so contrived that I've even wondered if the writers are heading toward telling us that her brain tumor is back.
  11. Come on, Carol, grow up! Enthusiasm is one thing, the gushing, over-the-top behavior has convinced me that I was right to deep six this show.
  12. Finally watched this episode and it's my comic relief for the week. I don't mind Glasses, but Nico phones it in every,single.week. Maggie was pretty much a grown-up, which was refreshing. Jackson looked as if he'd wandered into somebody else's life. As for Richard and Catherine, I don't know. I WANT them to make it, but may be because I like both Debbie Allen and James Pickens. Not seeing Owen and Meredith were added bonus points.
  13. Wish I could remember the episode, but Hallmark missed a "Hell, no." Somebody must have been on a coffee break.
  14. Some random thoughts: I like DeLuca and believe he deserves someone better than the sun-moon-stars-universe Meredith Grey. If Teddy and Owen decided to take the kids and move back to Germany, I'd help them pack. Any episode with Maggie getting a minimal amount of screen time is a plus. I still don't care much about any of the interns.
  15. I'm wondering if Alex will be referred to while off-screen (obviously) for the rest of this season and Jo will continue to work as usual, then either in the final episode or in episode 1 of Season 17 we'll find one or the other was offered a fantastic, can't possibly refuse job or research position and they re-located. It would mean losing Jo, but Grey's is notorious for its revolving door.
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