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  1. Geez, they love having Sandra Oh play with her hair on this show.
  2. YES YES YES to all of the above. It says something to me that I find the villain infinitely more likable than the "heroine".
  3. Nope, no energy vampire. There was a newbie vampire that taxed the patience of the older ones though. The movie is 'must see'😊
  4. I think this is part of why I really prefer the movie. It had a sweetness and innocence about it that was a great counterpoint to the fact that they were undead bloodsuckers 😁. Those vamps almost seemed like they just barely escaped puberty, they were so square.
  5. I really like this commercial but I can't put my finger on why.
  6. Sam Rockwell was the sole reason I decided to watch this mini series. He amazes me. The genre and actual performers - Fosse/Verdon weren't familiar to me, but researching on youtube is eye opening. These actors do a really good job. And visually they are made up to be very close in appearance. I don't like the whole non-linear storytelling. Maybe laziness on my part, but they don't make it easy. Just add a date for crying out loud instead of countdowns to multiple events. Geez.
  7. I think that might be the actor who played Steve Newlin on True Blood. Looks a lot younger though.
  8. One of the scariest things I've experienced is driving to the vet with an 'un-carriered' terrified cat who was howling and panting with its mouth open.
  9. Best email I've gotten all week said: Before I die I want to swallow a bag of popcorn kernels. My cremation will be EPIC!
  10. I guess I was just thinking about the part where he is sitting down with his financial planner who explains it might be tight but they can make it work.
  11. I need to have this Principal Financial commercial explained to me. My first impulse is to like it cause it's warm and fuzzy and family, ya know? But then I'm wondering how hosting your granddaughter for less than a year to finish her last year in HS would really screw up your entire retirement financial plan. Plus, the dad is relocating, not being fired or anything so I would assume he'd kick in for her expenses. (Also that girl looks mid-twenties to me FWIW)
  12. Yeah, empathizing to a point, but still turning it around so as to apply to her.
  13. Pretty sure the poster meant Comer.
  14. I just finished watching season 2 premiere. Pretty good but I've got to say that I find myself liking and feeling more sympathetically towards Villanelle than Eve. I'm not sure why but Sandra Oh's dialogue seems really contrived . Her snappy comebacks aren't funny and are off-putting to me. ("congratulations" to the couple in the park for example). I admit I'm not familiar with her work, I had only seen her in Sideways before this and neither she nor that movie made much of an impression on me. Jodie Comer on the other hand is pretty amazing at portraying a sociopath. And she is genuinely funn
  15. Rent the movie!!! You will be so glad you did.
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