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  1. True, and talking smack is fun. But as a counter point, I sometimes use the old - or archived - threads to find out if I want to watch a series or not. Sometimes I am uncertain if a series will be worth my time, and after perusing a thread it helps determine a "watch or not" choice for me
  2. I will get around to watching the two seasons that we were graced with, glad it got 2 seasons instead of just part of one. But I agree with another post(er) below this one. I extremely rarely start watching a current show unless its already been on a few seasons, or will wait until the 1 or 2 seasons a show I might be interested in are done and its been cancelled to binge it later.
  3. +1 for Cardinal. I found the first season to be the overall best, but I really liked how the overall story played out over the 6-episode run of each season. Wasn't a fan of the completely open-ended finish to the series, but I'd rewatch (especially S1).
  4. Maybe technically doesn't count - as it covers other topics and whatnot - but watching some episodes of a What on Earth? mini-marathon (probably the same every week), on the Science Channel. Have had quite a few archaelogical topics/discoveries in the 3 or 4 episodes I've watched. I like these types of shows. Sometimes I could watch hours and hours of these types of science and historical discovery or mystery sleuthing some days.
  5. Its a subbed Foreign language (Spanish) show, but I've started watching The Ministry of Time (aka, El Ministerio del Tiempo) and have seen the first couple of episodes. If you don't mind needing to read subtitles, its a decent show. Seems to have thoughtfully crafted mytharcs in place while also feeling kinda procedural. Already quite a few subplots introduced, along with well fleshed out characters that are being shown to the audience. Looking forward to binging more when have time this weekend and next week. {if you don't have a ton of free time to binge episodes, be aware that each episode has a running time of 65-70+ minutes}
  6. I have to say, despite all my recent gripes about this series, there is one thing it gets right every single episode; the cinematography. Good god is this show gorgeous, on a weekly basis. Between the (outdoors) background in scenes, the location vistas when switching/changing subplot viewpoints in episodes, etc. Hawaii is a beautiful place to look at and long for (as a destination vacation, at the very least) and it shows all the time when watching Magnum P.I. Hell, even most of the interior background shots are about as good you'll find.
  7. Agree with both these, but her last line is not something I liked for what it implied (them getting back together, again!).
  8. Wow. Talk about a cheap cop out for a resolution, for a situation that meant pretty much nothing in the end. Considering all it took was a 'visit' by Robin and him using his money+status, this only needed a passing mention a few episodes ago. "Oh, hey, it was great of Robin to sign over the Nest to you so you're all set on your visa and won't have to go back to the UK". I mean, seriously? WTF was this BS?? All that build-up for 'a dud of a firecracker' finish. This finale about sums up the run of episodes between the episode leading in to the last hiatus and the end of the season. Season 1 was so much better. But then again, I find that to be true for most series. S1 shines and TPTB loses what worked in trying to top themselves. Not to mention, Higgins was going to be leaving that day, so where is Magnum? Out paddling on a kayak like its just any old normal day. Like any great friend would be doing when their friend is going to be leaving for (at least) a half a year, and not doing so willingly. Ugh. I need a few months' break from this show. Hopefully S3 is better than the recent drek that was most of the last half of S2.
  9. Agreed. And even though its been 'stuck in a rut' lately (imo), I'm glad Magnum got renewed as well. Seems like the MacGyver+Magnum+Blue Bloods Friday night trio will stay in tact. I wonder how they'll use the unaired S4 eps to integrate into S5? Seemed awfully early in the S4 run to already be 'going rogue' and infiltrating Codex, in the 12 & 13th episodes [considering there was to be 20-22, in all], but will definitely leave me wondering until it comes back in the Fall.
  10. Case was alright, nothing special. Like the past 4 episodes. And now cue 'jealous (and hurt) Magnum'. That'll be a thing, until it isn't. I get that they are all great friends and even consider themselves family - to agree to do this for Higgins days before the wedding - but TC has as much to lose as Magnum would have. He'll lose his license to pilot and Island Hoppers, if caught and charged, therefore putting Shammy out of a job as well.
  11. So, that happened. Aunty Gwen is not the head honcho. Guessing we'll find out the next supposed head honcho isn't the big kahuna, either. Nothing says 'relationship struggles' like oxygen-depriving your SO. Gotta say, Codex has got "doomsday prep" down to an art form. That underground city was pretty damn cool. And aww, Mac grabbed Riley's hand in another emotionally highly-charged moment - after being the only one who believed in him enough to tag along.
  12. I haven't even started watching this series yet, but 'check in' from time to time on episode threads to "see" where things are --- All this "tickle porn" stuff has me sitting here thinking what's the appeal, on the show or IRL? Imagining the benefits for the tickle-getter... squirming and laughing themselves into an orgasm??
  13. According to SpoilerTV, they are planning to show only two more eps and calling the May 8th episode the (provisional) season finale. If the series doesn't get a renewal, the rest of the finished episodes will probably be aired later this spring/early-to-mid summer. But if it is renewed, the unaired eps could be saved as a way to start S5 off with.
  14. There's alluding to your endgame pairing, and then there's just flat-out throwing it in everyone's faces. Despite how long it takes to actually happen (for real), M/H was cemented as a future certainty in this episode with the 'fake marriage' proposal and acceptance. Again, for the fourth new episode in a row, left feeling like I've seen better Magnum episodes. This series feels like its stuck in a rut. This episode felt like it was 'greasing the wheels for M/H' much more than anything to do with the case they worked on or overall mythos. And besides the foot chase, this episode was flat out snoozeville - from an 'action' standpoint. And I have nothing against Andre Reed at all, but what did his cameo inclusion add to the episode or series? Not a thing. At least with the Rams player last season, his appearance had some substance to the actual episode. This instance was basically just "Hi, in case you've forgotten me since I retired, I'm Andre Reed" and very little else. The only cameo that was any more meaningless was Christian Yelich's - aside from the connection of him being a baseball player and Magnum being a Tigers fan.
  15. I'm very down with no more Mac/Desi. Wouldn't mind seeing where Mac/Riley could go [been a low-key M/R shipper since S1]. But man does it almost feel like its come out of nowhere, since this is the first time Riley's been shown as being truly bothered by M/D since about 7 episodes ago. And then Bozer picks up on it immediately? Really?? I know they had to find a way to use him (JC) again, but holding the 'Merchant' as a high priority prisoner? He was a financier and little else. lol Maybe its because I haven't watched every episode, but I don't mind 'dark' Mac too much. I like a little - believable - drama in my fare. Hard to imagine a guy going through what he is this season as being or staying happy go lucky. ymmv
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