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  1. Haven't watched it yet, but talk about "type casting". Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed in a series dealing with vampires. And while I don't know if she ever was a vampire herself in a show or movie, I believe I remember seeing info that LV played a werewolf in a series in the past decade or so.
  2. I've been loosely following along to figure out if I wanted to watch this series or not, and I totally pegged the (Ealey)-Dex-Grey triangle coming, but this?? It feels like there's little need to watch new TV series anymore, at least in terms of the personal relationships side of the story. If you've seen one PLI triangle/quadrangle/octagon, you've seen them all. Its beyond repetitive and boring. Wash-rinse-repeat. Even an expiring series that's went 14 seasons without any of the WT/WT stuff, is quite possibly headed that way in a very messy way for its final short season. Its become so common-place, you can't escape it, no matter where you turn. For the love of all that's holy, find a new schtick, writers & producers!
  3. I feel the urge to rewatch a couple episodes - at least - a lot, but I am so behind on all my TV viewing I am torn on starting a rewatch or starting something new. There's more than a few shows I'm behind on, or shows I want to watch but haven't started yet, etc. But the urge to rewatch (at least some) Chuck just never seems to leave me alone. If that's not an indication of how much I like a TV series, I don't know what is.
  4. My watching 'option' probably best falls under "where there's a will, there's a way". Are the episodes going to be relesed weekly, instead of all of them available at once? If weekly, probably won't watch until all have aired and can binge the whole thing at once. (even though I don't have it, Netflix has ruined my TV viewing habits [at least in terms of patience of waiting for next episodes])
  5. Just out of curiosity, how many times have you done a full rewatch of Chuck? Myself? None, actually. I've started rewatches quite a few times, but life/circumstances always interrupts and I think the furthest I've ever made it was through S3. Don't get me wrong, the majority of my favorite episodes are in that span, but I would like to complete a full rewatch just for the sake of actually doing it. Want to start a rewatch now, but might force myself to wait until after the holidays. More free time and less stress.
  6. They sure are determined to bleed this speculative onion dry... 'Criminal Minds' Final Season:  Do Reid and JJ end up together?  [TV Line] (notice the ring [still] on her finger?)
  7. My brain must work a little differently, because I usually find the binge method as the easiest way to keep details and storylines fresh in my memory banks & easier to follow/keep track of.
  8. As someone who hasn't started watching this show yet - but definitely intend to (at least check it out) - would you recommend binging to catch up to be ready for the next new episode, or just wait until just past mid-December for the season finale [10 eps total]? I'm leaning towards waiting, since its only a month more to wait until the first season is over and can then binge the whole thing.
  9. If I had a nickel for every time I've seen/heard that exact type of thing from the 'one-off' when breaking things off with the protagonist and then giving them the "nudge" to look at the female/male co-star as the end-game romantic/life partner. Its terribly common and usually totally predictable. Don't be surprised if it happens again later on, either with Magnum (again) or they 'change it up' by doing it with Higgins & a PLI of her own.
  10. I read somewhere that this series premise is that its a group of teens, who grew up in a protected/sheltered area during the apocalypse, and they either decide or are forced to venture out on their own. Even if I was still watching and invested in TWD universe, you want me to watch something like this after trying with how FTWD started out (& the Ron stretch on TWD)?? I give this spin-off an immediate big
  11. Reading through all this spoiler info, and the resolution to give up on the TWD universe [after the ridiculously shitty way seasons 7 & 8 played out, and then ultimately finished] keeps my mental health on good track. (just about the) Best. Decision. Ever.
  12. Anyone watching, or has seen, this "special" running on Travel Channel right now [10/23, 7-9p CST], called Helltown? (based off a town called Boston, in Ohio) Its shows like this that really try my sense of belief. Is all this true, or is it all just a really very elaborate fake/mockumentary? Again, I truly want to believe, but some of the miraculous happenstances that lead to getting interviews [for the first time ever], etc, just happen to seem too fortuitous to be totally believable.
  13. To this day - haven't seen it in some time - I still remember the one guy (opposite of Rob Riggle) throwing out a funny line while talking about the scene from The Sentinel. "... What is it? ... Did she build a robot and forgot about it??"
  14. Oh man. Does that bring back the memories. That series of shows was watched numerous times every October for the years that Bravo aired it. So glad its available online to this day.
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