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  1. Watched the 'O.M.G.; Caught on Camera' episode of P;CoC last night - or at least one of them. Screw all the ghosts/poltergeists, aliens, and sounds/screams they usually cover - that shit was scary! Getting hit by a car while sitting in a restaurant, one plane hitting another in mid-air while trying to skydive, a boat speeding at you and running over your boat while your fishing, a tree falling directly on the chair you were just sitting in & barely got out of the way in time, or skiing off the side of a fairly steep cliff and walking away pretty much unscathed. F* those rea
  2. This is new, to me. Last I knew, the status of returning cast members was still up in the air. Articles made it sound like only a select few were coming back and would be mostly new characters (at the time I read about it coming back on the streaming service). I'm still iffy on it, honestly. Not sure I'm really looking forward to it, seeing as how it seems that EM and writers are same as the last few seasons.
  3. I've never liked reality shows much, just because the premise behind the idea is so false. How can anything be called "reality" when its not reality. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have camera crews following me around all the time and documenting my every non-private waking moment. I wouldn't want that kind of intrusive attention, personally, and I don't want to watch that kind of thing. It seems like they had a Magnum/MacGyver crossover planned for this past season, prior to the pandemic - going by stuff/potential episode titles I saw months ago - but Covid and social di
  4. Regarding P;CoC (like always), do you ever see a clip and think "wow, that's creepy!" believing what you saw might have been a real paranormal event, but then you see something that immediately makes you go "... wait a minute ....."? One of the most recently aired new episodes (on Trvl) - airing now, ahead the newest one in about 45 minutes - the first clip set includes a supposed shadow figure caught standing then moving on the floor above the video takers at the abandoned care home. It seems quite authentic at first, but then they show a zoomed in view and it seems to catch a light shi
  5. Magnum is the only show I (currently) watch on CBS, with MacGyver cancelled. And just what is needed, yet another "reality" [/scoff] TV show.
  6. Seems the current trending of the combined L&O creative talent would be in disagreement about that............. *ducks the thrown tomatoes and hurries off stage*
  7. I don't really see how that'd be too unbelievable. Had it been done that way, he walked away - for years - and then returned. If he had returned to SVU and Benson wasn't Captain of the unit, he'd likely be below her in rank still anyways.
  8. So, I admit I was kinda really intrigued by Meloni coming back to the L&O franchise. But after reading about how the episodes are trending, I'm not so sure now. Back in the day, I didn't really think they would 'go there', in terms of Stabler/Benson but I wouldn't have been against it. If it happened, cool, but if it didn't then it was expected. But now since they keep having crossovers and Benson in a lot of the Organized Crime episodes - implying they might finally pair the two up romantically, at least at some point - why go through all the rigmarole of creating a new portio
  9. Sorry to hear the cancellation news for all the fans. Hadn't started watching the show yet, but was going to binge at some point -- still likely will, just sad to know it will end much sooner than might have wanted. I've learned to not like a show too hardcore - or at least certain parts about it - or its sure to get cancelled, and at the worst possible time (IE, a very interesting storyline or plots/subplots occurring).
  10. He could have appeared again in late season 1 - don't recall - but he did make an appearance late last season (S2) when Magnum was still all about making the pouty jabs at TC for 'stealing' Higgins from him [the fake marriage to prevent her being sent back to the UK]. Pretty sure it was the beginning of the episode, anywhere in the 2.17 to 2.19 range.
  11. I wonder - since even Dr Noelani was rarely seen this past season, & they might be phasing her out (due to wanting to cut all H5-O ties) - if they'll have the coroner/medical examiner on NCIS Hawai'i be the new go-to medical expert person for Magnum & Higgins, as well as other characters from the newest NCIS franchise spin-off.
  12. The 10-episode-season-covering-1-case concept intrigues yet terrifies me at the same time. Part of me wonders if there won't actually be 2 (or more) sub-cases that turns into one big case overall. Especially if they return a large cast of behavioral analysts like they had in the last few seasons of the original run, how could they (even just somewhat) believably space out 10 episodes to cover an individual case - if the case is similar to the first 15 seasons? Messer and the writers had enough trouble keeping stories tight and problem-free when they were dealing with 1 case per epis
  13. Just saw a mention that the Magnum season finale had a dip in the ratings. Can't say I'm too seriously surprised by that, considering the downturned trend in episode quality after the H5-0 crossover last season.
  14. Good point. Yeah, so is he paying her way then? Is she paying her own way (when she can't even barely keep Robin's Nest running, financially)?? Is DWB saying "Sure, bring her along, cause we just got lots of extra money to burn on unexpectedly invited SOs, round-trip tickets and all!"???
  15. Forgot to add last night, somehow, but Jin added nothing to this episode. Literally nothing. Other than the gags about the memes, which were not humorous in the slightest. And for a finale. Enough Jin, PTB. Just enough already. If I didn't have 3 seasons and 56 episodes invested in this series, I'd likely have decided to not tune back in when season 4 starts up in the fall. This show just isn't what it was in the first 1.5 seasons, up to and through the H50 crossover. Not even close.
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