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  1. I find myself asking myself "Self, why do you keep watching shows that make you feel they're more of a waste of time instead of actually caring about them, and have felt that way for the vast majority of over 1.5 seasons of it?". That's obviously what Rick (& Kumu) and Magnum (& Higgins) felt about TC getting shot in this last episode, so..... Since we already know the reason behind them keeping the relationship a secret and Higgins knowing about it in the first couple episodes, does that mean Lia - sorry, I mean Detective Kaleo's - screen time is about to become nonexistent?
  2. This is actually another downside of social media, IMO. People feel like they have share every.thing., asap. First of all it destroys most of the credibility that shows like these have - and for skeptics, the amount of credibility is very limited to begin with - so why would you be in a hurry to tell people what happens for real is a lot different than what is shown on the episodes? And it strikes me as odd that Gates (seemingly) has no problem with her giving all the 'secrets' away like that. Another thing that really dimmed my enjoyment of the show - even though it has nothing t
  3. I still watch (like an idiot) but I found out on Reddit that a lot of the stuff on Expedition X - Expedition Unknown's paranormal-focused spin off - is not necessarily faked, or at least not all of it, but the stuff shown on TV is seriously misrepresented as what actually happens. Someone on the E U/E X sub stalks, sorry 'follows', Chobot and E X on Twitter and learns the real stuff behind investigations/episodes. For instance, when she voice-overs that they stay at a location for an overnighter, they actually ditch and go stay at a hotel. Makes one seriously wonder what is real on
  4. Damn. I was [mistakenly] trying to give the show credit, that not (pretty much) every single submission they get and 'unpack'/discuss is CGI'd or hoaxed. Seems the IF qualifier I used was very much needed, in this case.
  5. Thanks for providing that. And I have been burned too many times thinking a promo was the true indication of what actually happens. It certainly looks interesting and like 'confirmation' of what we all know is coming (at some point), but I've been fooled before enough to not immediately buy in that its 100% real.
  6. Where can one find this fall promo?
  7. IF - and that word is always huge in the case of talking about the clips on this show - but IF the opening portion of the 'new' episode of the current season of Paranormal: Caught on Camera [listed as 4.14 on guide] was not faked at all, then...... holy shit. This might be the first time I've ever been truly freaked out by something shown on this series. I mean, the head & face that rises up from below/between the pinatas?? Yikes! ETA: Again, IF not faked, the last portion of the episode was pretty intense as well. Lots of activity going on in that abandoned house, or at
  8. Dude, I would watch those types of shows & documentaries on History and the Discovery(+) network of channels billions & billions of times over and over again before I'd watch a "Negan" spin-off series. The fact that they think there's enough Negan fans out there to make a spin-off series about him worth the effort, is frankly scary. It can't be because all of them are purely JDM fans, who just happens to portray Negan, instead of the actual character.
  9. There really needs to be a puke emoji reaction option for things like this. TPTB really want to ruin the show's overall legacy, don't they!? A series just about Negan (& maybe the Saviors)?? Holy f*ing shit, what an absolutely horrible idea! Not even a series that would be either a 'prequel', or in the early days of TWD, would ever make me consider wasting even a millisecond thinking about ever watching it.
  10. Another thing it also tells me is that the most of the original-run last season's CM cast can't find work, if they're willing to come back to a series that was (imo) tanking in its last few seasons; especially if its the same show-runner and writers producing the scripts.
  11. I just don't get why Magnum's relationship with Katsumoto's new partner needs to be a secret. And is it a secret from everyone, or just Higgins? I'm pretty much expecting it to be just Higgins, at this point. This show does WT/WT anvilicious clues like its lawfully mandatory. Which makes the past Magnum/Abby + current Higgins/Ethan + Magnum/new LI, all the more grating because they're nothing more than "endgame ship-stalling" placeholders.
  12. @Ananayel, that sucks about Holzer Files being cancelled. While it wasn't ground-breakingly spectacular, it was one of the very few "paranormal evidence gathering" shows that didn't grate on the nerves more often than not. Just because I know everyone out there is sitting on pins and needles waiting for it [/sarcasm], a new season of Paranormal: Caught on Camera debuts on Travel Channel next week (9/8) at 9p EST/8p CST. At least it'll be (somewhat) new stuff. These continual marathons & Top 100 countdowns on Tuesdays & Thursdays just keep getting tougher and tougher
  13. Tell me about it. Travel Channel has definitely 'cornered the market' on "paranormal TV", currently... unfortunately, most of it is either stuff I've seen countless times already and still keeps just repeating with marathons a couple times a week (IE, America's Most Terrifying Places and Paranormal: Caught on Camera) or stuff I'd rather not watch at all, if can help it (IE, Ghost Adventures). I would watch Kindred Spirits a lot more, just for something a bit different if nothing else, but I just can't stand that Chip Coffey. Can not. Talk about OTT with everything he says and do
  14. That's almost right out of the recently cancelled MacGyver's writing room playbook. (the showrunner - being interviewed after finding out the series had been cancelled - said they were going to bring Desi's ex-bf back "from the dead" so those two could reunite and it would open the path to Mac/Riley in S6, had it not been cancelled [obviously])
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