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  1. I thought Higgins was involved plenty all season, aside from this last episode. I was actually a little suprised at how involved she was in the 2 hour crossover with H5-0, although she seemed to be relegated mostly to the role of "matchmaker" in H5-0's half of the crossover. The reason behind her sitting out the case in this last episode is another of those anvil-laden unmissable hints & clues to the future Magnum/Higgins pairing, imo.
  2. After having binged all the available episodes, I won't articulate much as most of its been covered already. I will say though that if they were hoping to 'blindside' people with the developing "Miggy" as to when it comes official canon, they've failed spectacularly. They've been about as subtle as a rampaging bull in a china shop with their hints and clues, especially this season. I wouldn't be against the pairing, as long as the show doesn't become more about them and heavily detracts from the other storylines & sometimes intriguing/interesting CotWs. Also, while I have very little recollection of the original series, this Magnum seems to consider it a failed case if he isn't left with at the very least a cut or bruise at the end of it. Did Selleck's Magnum get as oft injured, captured, or in fights as often as this new remade version?
  3. Don't you do that. Don't give me a reason to see the slightest flicker of hope where there is none to be had. lol Seriously though, as much as a Jeid shipper as I am when it comes to 'fanon', EM and the writers did the worst thing possible by having her declare her love for Reid at the end of last season and then taking it no further than affirming that nothing will change and status quo will stay the same, to start this one. While I am content that it won't drag out for no reason, It has upset & displeased everyone - both Jeid and non-Jeid shippers.
  4. All I ask of this final season is that the Reid/JJ drama is dealt with quickly and moved on from. Not only because a vast majority of viewers aren't in favor of the possibilities available, but also because I feel 99.999% sure the outcome I prefer will never happen. But considering the past with this PTB and writing group, I foresee a dragging out of what will in the end be not even worth the time spent on it - a bad mishandling of how its all resolved - and this final run of episodes will be looked upon with derision and scorn by the longtime faithful of CM. Which would be a shame for a show that was on TV for 15 seasons & years.
  5. I have no clue, but if I had to guess, I bet its showrunner Erica Messer. Especially with her placement in the middle.
  6. The only real questionable thing for me was in the final minutes - aside from the obvious "oh, 3.5 billion (more) people just showed up on this Earth.". Which brings up, are the humans among these new 3.5B people all new humans or are most of them doppelgangers of already existing E1 humans?? But the thing that kinda threw me a bit, was yes Oliver was dying, but 'Pariah' comes out with he let the Anti-Monitor loose, but the collective reaction is ....... "Oh. Ok. Cool.". I just thought it funny that after hearing that they'd lost their home, a whole world [+ Argo] and over 4B people, that neither Kara nor anyone else didn't have the slightest bit of an angered reaction - even if just momentarily - to that.
  7. My fave seasons would be ranked as; 2, 1, 3 [e 3+4+9-season finale], 4, 5, and 3 [6 of first 8 eps]. TD is fun, and I thought Linda Hamilton did a good job as Momma Bartowski (both in s4 & 5). Another thing that stood out from a memorable standpoint, from s4, was The Matrix homage in Vs First Bank of Evil.
  8. Haven't watched it yet, but talk about "type casting". Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed in a series dealing with vampires. And while I don't know if she ever was a vampire herself in a show or movie, I believe I remember seeing info that LV played a werewolf in a series in the past decade or so.
  9. I've been loosely following along to figure out if I wanted to watch this series or not, and I totally pegged the (Ealey)-Dex-Grey triangle coming, but this?? It feels like there's little need to watch new TV series anymore, at least in terms of the personal relationships side of the story. If you've seen one PLI triangle/quadrangle/octagon, you've seen them all. Its beyond repetitive and boring. Wash-rinse-repeat. Even an expiring series that's went 14 seasons without any of the WT/WT stuff, is quite possibly headed that way in a very messy way for its final short season. Its become so common-place, you can't escape it, no matter where you turn. For the love of all that's holy, find a new schtick, writers & producers!
  10. I feel the urge to rewatch a couple episodes - at least - a lot, but I am so behind on all my TV viewing I am torn on starting a rewatch or starting something new. There's more than a few shows I'm behind on, or shows I want to watch but haven't started yet, etc. But the urge to rewatch (at least some) Chuck just never seems to leave me alone. If that's not an indication of how much I like a TV series, I don't know what is.
  11. My watching 'option' probably best falls under "where there's a will, there's a way". Are the episodes going to be relesed weekly, instead of all of them available at once? If weekly, probably won't watch until all have aired and can binge the whole thing at once. (even though I don't have it, Netflix has ruined my TV viewing habits [at least in terms of patience of waiting for next episodes])
  12. Just out of curiosity, how many times have you done a full rewatch of Chuck? Myself? None, actually. I've started rewatches quite a few times, but life/circumstances always interrupts and I think the furthest I've ever made it was through S3. Don't get me wrong, the majority of my favorite episodes are in that span, but I would like to complete a full rewatch just for the sake of actually doing it. Want to start a rewatch now, but might force myself to wait until after the holidays. More free time and less stress.
  13. They sure are determined to bleed this speculative onion dry... 'Criminal Minds' Final Season:  Do Reid and JJ end up together?  [TV Line] (notice the ring [still] on her finger?)
  14. My brain must work a little differently, because I usually find the binge method as the easiest way to keep details and storylines fresh in my memory banks & easier to follow/keep track of.
  15. As someone who hasn't started watching this show yet - but definitely intend to (at least check it out) - would you recommend binging to catch up to be ready for the next new episode, or just wait until just past mid-December for the season finale [10 eps total]? I'm leaning towards waiting, since its only a month more to wait until the first season is over and can then binge the whole thing.
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