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  1. Tell me about it. I don't miss the one or two commercials, every break, on the day the shows were airing. And all those shows [1K LB Sisters, MBFFL, 90 Day Singles, Dr Pimple Popper, etc] look like stuff I would only watch if I wanted to punish myself for some reason.
  2. Just binge watched both seasons. Really hoping for more. Both seasons were very fast-paced with a few slower expositional moments that pushed the story, or at least a subplot, forward. I gotta admit to pulling for a Joe/Mae endgame - even if its in the very last minute of the series - but I really suck at picking the 'winning' ships.
  3. I guess that "call a doctor if erection lasts more than 4 hours" is more than just a baseless disclaimer.....
  4. Ghost Adventures is thought of as TRVL's "flagship" series?? That explains soo much.
  5. Has anyone watched the Voice series, or at least the first season? Finished Voice last night and will be starting Voice 2 shortly. I liked it, a lot. But then again I'm usually a sucker for the action+mystery+thriller genre combination. A good series like this one keeps one engaged in the whole story. Very much liked the lack of tears, compared to most other Kdramas. I really appreciate the talent of all the actors in these Kdrama series, as they make it very easy to side with the protagonists because the antagonists are quite easy to dislike. Maybe it was decided beforehand
  6. Agreed. Instead of only having to do it because Higgins wasn't around to handle it.
  7. This show is nothing if not fairly predictable. see: The synopsis for 4.08.
  8. This episode had more storylines than the past 3.25 seasons combined... and that's not a compliment. This episode was so packed, Kumu couldn't even get a quick cameo in. Higgins tells the MI6 lady "no more secrets!", but Magnum still getting the "sorry, its a secret" treatment at the end. Magnum already knows she's ex-MI6 as well as the worst parts of that past, but lets pretend this interpersonal drama between the two is needed or meaningful. Aggravating. Haven't seen Magnum so overzealous in beating down the bad guy like that since he hobbled-by-gunshot and punched the guy who
  9. Just finished I (Can) Hear Your Voice. Turned out to be quite a bit better than first couple of episodes' impressions left me with. Overall fluffier than I usually prefer, but just enough plot and other drama to keep going. Only question I have is why was it shot like a US soap opera? It looked like 'live action' instead of filmed. The PQ was great, it was just weird and took a few episodes to get used to.
  10. This episode's case was only there to shine the spotlight on the series romances. And they weren't even the slightest bit subtle about it. The phone call from Higgins to Ethan is his 'Dear John letter', isn't it. Not even "how are you?", just a serious faced "we need to talk". Which will likely also start the subplot of Higgins pining for Magnum and because of that, being catty with Lia. And of course the Magnum/Lia pairing will be starting showing strains so Higgins can parrot his words back at him about love not having to be about choices, etc. Cool to see TC is gonna be a surr
  11. Its not my first experience with Kdramas, but just finished watching Signal. It is a really good series overall, but the ending was the kind I dislike very much - especially when you know there's no more (further episodes or seasons) coming. I detest investing nearly 1200 minutes of my limited free time just to find out that its a 'CYOE', from a viewers standpoint. For a series like this one, I appreciate that romance wasn't a main theme. I will say this for Kdramas though, they do not skimp on the emotional front one little bit. Even though I think they overdo it some with a
  12. I will say this about Show, when they need to hit the right emotional beats on sensitive subjects such as presented in this episode, they do it well. Since the series is shifting towards a much bigger focus on interpersonal relationships, I think we're gonna see Gordon and the ex becoming a 'thing' at times this season ...... or he and Lia 'hook up' after the Magnum/Lia relationship is over. Cade is either homeless, or really loves his job. Turns down a reward for returning a purse and then sleeps in the backroom. So what's going to end the M/L? Its not a secret anymore - as i
  13. Haven't watched yet, but am wondering........ I know this series is inspired by the George Romero movies, but going by how its pitched and some of the comments in this thread about its premiere... would it be safe to say it also takes some inspiration from the Return of the Living Dead movies from the mid-to-late '80s, at least in terms of the humor? RotLD movies were comedic - in the coarse humor type of way - spoof-like versions of Romero's films.
  14. I forgot to mention how much I love the magic of television. Only the 'Cougar' saw Magnum - sorry, LR - "break" the security camera, despite there being numerous people in the general outdoor bar area. There wasn't even a semi-high or big bush in front of the pole to help disguise or hide his actions.
  15. Jin didn't complete annoy me in this one, like usual, but that's thanks mostly to the addition of the niece character. A simple "caught stealing golf clubs" turns into stealing ivory from a smuggling 'kingpin'. I mean, sure, why not? Could happen to anyone. I think there's a dramatically different reason behind the kid being so desperate to get hired on at La Mariana. No way its that simple as trying to save up for an old beater, not when the character was just introduced. I don't hate Det. Lia Kaleo, but its hard to really like or invest anything in a character that's mostl
  16. I find myself asking myself "Self, why do you keep watching shows that make you feel they're more of a waste of time instead of actually caring about them, and have felt that way for the vast majority of over 1.5 seasons of it?". That's obviously what Rick (& Kumu) and Magnum (& Higgins) felt about TC getting shot in this last episode, so..... Since we already know the reason behind them keeping the relationship a secret and Higgins knowing about it in the first couple episodes, does that mean Lia - sorry, I mean Detective Kaleo's - screen time is about to become nonexistent?
  17. This is actually another downside of social media, IMO. People feel like they have share every.thing., asap. First of all it destroys most of the credibility that shows like these have - and for skeptics, the amount of credibility is very limited to begin with - so why would you be in a hurry to tell people what happens for real is a lot different than what is shown on the episodes? And it strikes me as odd that Gates (seemingly) has no problem with her giving all the 'secrets' away like that. Another thing that really dimmed my enjoyment of the show - even though it has nothing t
  18. I still watch (like an idiot) but I found out on Reddit that a lot of the stuff on Expedition X - Expedition Unknown's paranormal-focused spin off - is not necessarily faked, or at least not all of it, but the stuff shown on TV is seriously misrepresented as what actually happens. Someone on the E U/E X sub stalks, sorry 'follows', Chobot and E X on Twitter and learns the real stuff behind investigations/episodes. For instance, when she voice-overs that they stay at a location for an overnighter, they actually ditch and go stay at a hotel. Makes one seriously wonder what is real on
  19. Damn. I was [mistakenly] trying to give the show credit, that not (pretty much) every single submission they get and 'unpack'/discuss is CGI'd or hoaxed. Seems the IF qualifier I used was very much needed, in this case.
  20. Thanks for providing that. And I have been burned too many times thinking a promo was the true indication of what actually happens. It certainly looks interesting and like 'confirmation' of what we all know is coming (at some point), but I've been fooled before enough to not immediately buy in that its 100% real.
  21. Where can one find this fall promo?
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