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  1. jelaine


    Entirely possible, but during that scene where he's holding her before she falls, it made me think of the first ep and a similar situation. Found the ep on Amazon Prime and sure enough, the series starts with Luther having a child serial killer cornered and holding on to a walkway that fell through. Luther didn't "help" him off, but he didn't help up either. The guy fell and right before we meet Alice for the first time, the mention the guy who fell is in a coma not expected to wake up. There were a couple of other callbacks to the premiere, so who knows?
  2. jelaine

    Killing Eve

    E would never forgive V for killing Niko, as V explicitly said. However, V does want Niko out of E's life for good. E would be hard pressed to give a rat's ass about Gemma. She wouldn't like that V killed her, but wouldn't be torn up about it. Niko however, would never be able to forgive Eve for bringing Villanelle into their lives. He would hold V accountable since she did the actual killing, but would Niko or Gemma have ever been on V's radar if not for E? Gets rid of the husband forever without killing him and there's no way E could be mad at her for long, if at all.
  3. jelaine

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    Well, since it was a single Windsor knot, obviously the double Windsor should be considerably less slutty flirty. Beyond that, no idea.
  4. Yeah, I know. It's just one more example of how wrong he is to be principal at Garfield High, Or any school really.
  5. jelaine

    S04.E10: Kimmy Finds a Liar!

    That review was brilliant in its stupidity.
  6. I have a question about Jefferson's "conversation" with Principal Idiot with the horrific backstory. Why didn't Jefferson point out that a black man in that situation would be in prison or dead and not a high school principal which requires a graduate degree? He'd already pointed out that as a white man, he got the benefit of the doubt. Why not drive the point home even knowing Principal Idiot wasn't going to listen? What he heard might sink in eventually. Maybe. Okay, probably not, but it still needed to be said. Also, handbook or not, why couldn't there be a designated area for Khalil's memorial or any memorial? I get how at the lockers could be problematic, but seriously, the memorial is a huge part of how we grieve now. Lunchroom, auditorium, courtyard, hell, even right in front of the trophy case where Jenn moved it seemed to be working. Anyway, I love this show. It's intelligent, well written, well acted. I love all the characters, even Tobias simply because the actor is killing it. Though I agree with the comment in another episode if they're bringing back dead people when we getting Lady Eve? She was fun.
  7. jelaine

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    One of the best parts of that trailer, besides everything, is the fact Boyle would have said, "something magnificent" regardless of what Jake was doing. There was obviously something off about everyone else's lines, but Boyle would say that no matter what.
  8. jelaine

    S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    While I love your interpretation, and thoroughly believe he's at least attempted it, "top myself" is British slang for killing yourself.
  9. jelaine

    S03.E02: Please

    But wouldn't/couldn't a smart criminal get their hooks into a low level fed, help them resolve their financial issues, and have an in when they finally get the bump up the ladder because they have resolved their financial issues? And I'm sorry, promotion or not, not getting a raise in three years is bullshit. Had he gotten regular raises, even just to keep up with the cost of living, might have made his financial situation a little better.
  10. jelaine

    S01.E05: Heartless

    @Jacks-Son , based on Joss Whedon and Chris Carter I think a profound inability to math is the primary requirement for a TV writer.
  11. jelaine

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    Checking LM's IMDb page, he has a movie coming out next year. It's entirely possible he needed time off to film and TPTB granted it. Yes, it could mean what you think. It could also be something behind the scenes that will have no effect on the story being told.
  12. jelaine

    S04,E05: Greening Pains

    That's why they kidnapped that bioweapons expert AI from Utopia, so he would figure out an antidote. Which he did with Lucy's help. He got the antidote and we no longer have a fast-growing baby.
  13. jelaine

    S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

  14. jelaine


    @Jacks-Son, have you tried Killjoys? It just started its 4th season on Sciffy. Lots of fun, imho.
  15. jelaine

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    It could air on July 4th and it still needs to be the Halloween episode.