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  1. No, when they were on their outing to show off their turns she spoke of her parents being abroad. I think maybe her father is a diplomat or something.
  2. Well, that was eventful. I knew there was something between the doctor and Amalia but i thought maybe his wife had died and that it was an unspoken thing they hadn't acted on. The real surprise was definitely the reveal about Mundi being gay and having a thing with Hugo. I want to like Augie, he's Whedon's new Wesley/Simon character but he needs to wise up. If he can't see that Hugo is using him and it's a terrible idea to be the owner of record for a brothel then there's no hope for him.
  3. I agree about the confusing ending. I would have preferred if they destroyed the portal so there was no more travel or interference between worlds. On a separate topic, one of my favourite scenes in this season was the confrontation between Helen and Jennifer. The Smiths both needed to confront what they had done and who they had become. Using your children as an excuse for your terrible choices doesn't work that well if your children find out. The whole mentality of doing anything to protect your kids doesn't seem so noble when it costs the lives of thousands of other children.
  4. I did put baddies in quotation marks because I definitely didn't consider Tagomi to be a baddie. He was a high ranking member of an occupying force so within the context of the show where the Nazis and the Japanese are the antagonists i did include him as one. Obviously the show is more nuanced than that though.
  5. Well, I binged the whole season in one day. I enjoyed the final season and the ending mostly but it's probably going to take a little while to process my thoughts on it. I definitely think that this was a show that grew more interesting as it went along. I remember when I watched the first season I was interested in the premise but thought the show was a bit boring. The "baddies" stole the show. The Smiths, Tagomi and Kido just were just more interesting than Frank, Joe and Juliana so it is perhaps fitting that the final season featured Smith and Kido so heavily.
  6. On the Trump Witch Hunt shirt was Superhero Trump flying in front of the same glowing orb that he was feeling up with the Saudis?
  7. I thought the China segment was going to be about the detention and forced "'re-education" of the Muslim minority in Western China. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-muslims-re-education-camps-amnesty-uighur-religion-human-rights-watch-a8678156.html
  8. I was trying to remember, was DSK hullenized after she killed Potter?
  9. I thought the Lady chose Westerly so that the babies would have a food source. I don't know what they were meant to eat after they finished eating all the people though.
  10. Ok you forced me to Google it. The hooves of goats are soft when they are born but harden after birth. I still wouldn't be willing to have a goat baby but it probably wouldn't be much more painful than a full human baby.
  11. Maybe the horns grow in after birth?
  12. John Bercow, the entertaining Speaker of the House, is stepping down on the same date as the Brexit deadline. I know for a lot of people he was their favourite part of following British politics.
  13. I'd be more on-board with the Philo Vignette relationship if Philo hadn't chosen Portia and a human life just a few episodes ago. Portia didn't react the way he hoped so now he chooses life as a fairy with Vignette.
  14. I think Fae is the broad term for all the magical species so that includes the Pucks. Agreus is hoping that his money will allow him to buy acceptance despite being a Puck. Darius was scratched by a werewolf while serving as a soldier in Tiernanoc. Philo knew and kept his secret. Sophie 's mother is from a land that is meant to be reminiscent of Egypt i think. I am confused about the race relations on the show. Obviously there is prejudice against the Fae but I thought they might be portraying a generally colorblind society since there was a black couple in Imogen's social circle. P
  15. I know it's not the story they are telling but I was hoping that they would build a resistance army and return to try and liberate Tiernanok from The Pact. I wanted the Fae to have the option of returning home although I suppose of they did manage to get rid of the Pact they would then have to deal with the Burgue trying to invade and take their resources. There really are no good options for the Fae.
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