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  1. snowwhyte

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    Between Lucy's recklessness, Bedlam girls antics and Isabella's daughter running off with the footman they did a good job of showing the naive idiocy so common in a lot of teenage girls.
  2. snowwhyte

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    At first I did think maybe Will had followed Margaret to America but then I remembered all the reasons a black man should avoid that at all costs. Plus while Margaret could theoretically return to England and live quietly somewhere else she is still a notorious person in London who is supposed to be dead.
  3. snowwhyte

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    I forgot how tense this show makes me. I'm always waiting for something terrible to happen to characters i like. Nancy's my favourite so I'm glad she survived the fire. I couldn't watch the bedlam scenes. It probably would have been kinder to just kill Lydia rather than put her in that place. I still have some residual sympathy for Lucy because of what she has been through and her age but she was testing my patience in this episode. Her mother turned herself into the law to save her from the noose and now she's jumping into a venture that could put her back into trouble because it's an adventure. There was a lot going on this episode so maybe I missed it but was there a mention of where Will was? Shouldn't he have been there protecting the house?
  4. Amazon only agreed to raise their wage to $15 an hour after Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop Bezos act which would have required them to reimburse the government for the government assistance their employees needed to claim to survive on their low wages. Of course Amazon couldn't just do the right thing and pay a decent wage. They got rid of bonuses and an employee stock option scheme. They give with one hand and take with the other.
  5. snowwhyte

    Good Omens

    https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/31/michael-sheen-awkwardly-asked-wore-fat-suit-good-omens-9755821/ So just read this article and apparently a journalist asked Sheen if he wore a fat suit for this and he didn't. Also, Neil Gaimen originally intended him to play Crowley but he thought he'd be better as an angel.
  6. snowwhyte

    Good Omens

    To be fair to Michael Sheen, Aziraphale is a bit of a glutton in this. Maybe he is deliberately going for a portly look.
  7. snowwhyte

    Good Omens

    I binge watched this in a day and will probably watch it all again soon. I really enjoyed it. The cast was great, it had a fun, whimsical feel and I thought the Queen heavy soundtrack was a nice touch.
  8. snowwhyte

    S06.E10: Lethal injection and Midazolam

    When he started talking about the frog i half expected him to say the frog was now extinct and then do a feature on species extinction. I'm glad the frogs still exist. I hope he will cover the extinction report next week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48169783
  9. snowwhyte

    Santa Clarita Diet

    https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a27291894/netflix-santa-clarita-diet-cancelled-drew-barrymore-axe/ it seems like the cancellation came as a shock to the cast and crew. I am very disappointed. It's one of the funniest shows out at the moment and unlike a lot of shows it is well-written. There are so many great, quotable lines and the actors are all very impressive. I tend to get Netflix for a month or two to catch up on something I want to watch then cancel it for a while. This time I renewed my membership mainly for Santa Clarita Diet. I have now cancelled my membership again and given this cancellation as my reason. Normally if a show I like gets cancelled i hope that Netflix will pick it up but this definitely feels like the end.
  10. snowwhyte

    S08.E07: Episode 7

    I remember last season when they had the woman with the phobia of child birth. Every time they show another difficult birth i wonder why they don't have more patients with that issue. Even the so called straightforward births look horrifying to me.
  11. snowwhyte

    S08.E07: Episode 7

    That was a tough watch. Poor Valerie. In hindsight, it seems obvious why they introduced Valerie's kindly grandmother. It is so difficult because I do believe she thinks she is helping these women. She doesn't see what happens to the women after and it probably wasn't talked about. She has killed women through. She has to be stopped. I feel so sorry for Valerie. She has some difficult choices to make.
  12. snowwhyte

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    I don't get the purpose of the Brexit survival boxes. If you think there are going to be food shortages why not just but more dried goods and regular tinned items? If the main issue will be with fresh food the Brexit boxes won't help.
  13. snowwhyte

    S08.E06: Episode 6

    I understand that the young pregnant girl was traumatised by having her first baby forcibly taken and was desperate for a new baby but couldn't she have waited until she was eighteen so there would be no chance of it happening again?
  14. snowwhyte

    S08.E05: Episode 5

    I do think that the matchmakers has good intentions. They thought it would be nice for Lucille to have a life beyond work and church but it definitely seemed like everyone saw this young, Afro-Caribbean guy and immediately thought he was a match for Lucille even before they got to know anything about him. It might not have been so bad if Lucille has seemed happy and interested about the situation but everyone seemed to be ignoring her feelings and obvious reluctance.
  15. snowwhyte

    S08.E05: Episode 5

    I felt so sorry for that poor girl being stared at by a bunch of doctors who didn't seem to understand that she was a person with actual feelings and not just as specimen. I'm glad that's mostly changed now. I know Lucille's romance plot is meant to add a bit of lightness but as someone who is happily single it always annoys me when people try to matchmake or push you towards someone just because they think they know better than you what you need.