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  1. So...binged this show yesterday. Even the hubs watched with me and he NEVER likes the same shows I do, especially reality shows. I think he was more interested in the guest experience and location. He keeps saying we need to win lotto so we can go on that boat. I would rather be on a yacht with Kate as stew...she really works to give guests a great experience. Wouldn't mind Ben as our chef too. And they plate the food for you and don't just do endless buffet type meals like Adam and Jenna did. So...Adam is a hole crazy pants. Jenna was pathetic to go after that POS so hard. And why is he, as chef on fancy yacht, wearing shorts under that suspender type apron? Not very classy. I have a fave restaurant where the chef/owner wears exact same get up as Adam. But his place is a Carolina BBQ and raw bar type place...not an upscale yacht. Jenna was a thirsty lazy beeyotch. Mean girl to the 10th degree. No guidance to her staff. All she was focused on was Adam's D. And it was pretty clear Adam was not all that into her. Yet still she pursued. Have some self esteem, girl. Another one was Ciera. Her man was clearly into Georgia. You could see the wheels turning in his head as if he was debating going for it....especially that last epi where he walked over to Georgia in the bathroom and looked all nervous like he was going to kiss her. And Ciera had to pretend to want a thing with Georgia to get her man interested in her. Yick. Plus her working...she did work hard but she was so argumentative to her boss because he was her BF. Yet Parker was constantly corrected for it while Ciera got away with it. And a lot of times I think Parker was correct in his arguing with Ciera (like when she threw the cushion covers in the dryer and made the guests wait). Parker was full on cray. Think he was bipolar or something as he'd be all happy and fun one second and then fully lose his stuff the next second. And he was clueless on what he was doing. Maybe was just there to get seen singing (like Georgia and maybe Jenna and even Paget...they all sang and played guitar). Madison was a pot stirring attention seeker. But she wasn't the worst person on the boat. Jenna and Adam were the worst. And poor Mafison did seem to be working her butt off. But I do agree, kinda, with Jenna and Byron about the new kids being different. They all seem to need praise (all the Below Deck shows' young crew...it is a common issue). They can't take any kind of guidance as they take offense as if being criticized. And they all seem to have a high focus on themselves (like Parker reading his mom's letter at the crew dinner out and asking waiter to make sure no interuptions...then Georgia reading her letter to Padget had a lot of me, me, me in the letter). Very self absorbed and lazy. Georgia finally got her groove, work wise but still never really seemed to do all that much, never seemed to hussle it. Byron was creepy and didn't add much. And the captain...I was all for him until A) he was having 3rd talk to Parker and still not firing him even when Parker responded with the 'this has me feeling stressed bit. B) the drug search thing (I sure hope that was scripted and agreed upon by that guest cause I'd have been livid and wanted some money back). Also this crew didn't really have any eye candy like our other Below Decks...JMO. When that one guest wanted a guy to serve the cake in his underwear I was thinking 'who the hell can they have do that?'. Maybe Jenna...manliest one there...lol.
  2. I watched most last night. And I too thought the Denise welcome (or NOT so welcome) was very odd. Why so harsh? And then when Ben arrived they were all welcoming and fun times. So strange. We missed something big.
  3. At one TC a player mentioned Tony was running the show and they panned to the jury all smiling and shaking their heads in agreement.
  4. Nah, these guys are voting for a gamer not a nice fun person.
  5. Tony unanimously unless an EoE member is in F3, like Rob or Parv or Jeremy or Natalie, then the EoE person might get some votes and/or win. But Sarah gets ZERO against Tony. As does Ben and Denise and Michelle. Someone like Adam, Wendell or Nick coming back from EoE would also get ZERO against Tony. Here is a thought...maybe they were waiting for the EoE to be done to vote out Tony so he can't get back in. Risky but a possibility. I do think maybe we'll see him be the target next week. And I still don't like Michelle. But like Jeremy so I was rooting for those 2 last night. Michele just doesn't really do much. She may have kicked it into gear to win immunity when she needed it. But she's been pretty dull up to then. And as mentioned above, she didn't work hard enough to get Ben or Tony or even Sarah voted out. Watch F3 be Ben, Michelle and Sarah. Ugghhh...least deserving 3 left in the back half of the game. Maybe the whole game. I loved Sarah on her past seasons, especially the one she won where she was so cut throat. But she really hasn't played this time around. I would guess Michelle would win if this is the F3 as she'd have Wendell, Jeremy, Nick, Parv and who all else's votes.
  6. True. And while he sucks at the game and bugs the other players...the drama it causes makes for some interesting TV. Better than Michelle and her 'why didn't you ever call me, Wendell' obsession. And now that Wendell is gone she's back to even more boring, piece of furniture, Michelle.
  7. So exactly how would Sophie have dug out that idol and handed it to Jeffy if she got an inkling she was on the chopping block? Boy, THAT would have been something.
  8. Watch...Tony will go next. Then 😴
  9. We got Tony...and Ben. Tony took it up a notch. Ben needs to kick it into gear. Sarah is pretty cray at times too. Adam's going to go nutter and/or do something embarrassing. I'm all in for it. Don't let me down, Adam. And I like Adam but, man, I need some good TV right now. This show is all I got. Stupid ass Westworld jumped the shark in The Lost fashion.
  10. Something is gonna go down with Adam. Tyson telegraphed that. And Sopie seemed to take her blindside badly. I said at the end..."Sophie, go talk to Adam". Cause it seems they will both be losing their shit over where they went wrong. Why da eff did Jeremy give a token to Tony? Why? I was screaming at the TV...'no, don't do it....don't'. Surprised Tony didn't pull a Parv viscous slitting throat (Erik) and oust Jeremy. Really thought that was coming. Tony really is all about a meat shield. And Ben ain't it...I guess. Lol.
  11. Yeah that whispering has got to stop. One of the seasons I just binged (6 or 11) Jeff actually told them to stop talking. He was quick to put a kaibosh (spelling?) to it. Them were the days.
  12. It's just evolved and it will evolve again. It's amazing to watch. It really is a great social experiment. I just wish the show would take the natural approach and not try to force the social agenda so much. There are plenty of opportunities naturally that they really don't need to create it artificially. Though with a more PC society maybe it's not as visible as it was, say, like on Amazon (with the sexism and even a brief delve into homophobia). So maybe that's why they really force the issues. MAybe they should get back to hard core surviving then. Hunger and brutal challenges and bare bones living and the torrential rain and long painful stamina challenges. The one on Guatemala at the end with Rafe, Steph and Danni...that was brutal. And bring back the auction. And when a person wins a reward, have them go solo like they used to or bring just 1 person. Now it's like 6-10 of the tribe gets to go.
  13. Even with it's shit seasons...this really is the greatest show of all time. The game is a work of art. It's like making a mosaic. You have all these pieces of differing sizes and shape and colors. And whichever player completes their picture and has the best looking mosaic is the winner. The pieces are being smart and cunning or playing dumb or crazy...being a comp beast or not being a threat at all...being social and well liked and managing jury or being the villain to be taken to the end....even working at camp or being lazy would be pieces. There are just so many pieces to the game and the player who puts in THE right pieces and completes his picture the best wins. But you also have to watch that other players don't steal your pieces or smash your picture. It is a very delicate intricate crafting. If you're like, my Survivor crush, Joe A and just beast out comps and that's your only pieces you make your picture out of...it won't work. If you're also too big a villain and those are your only pieces...or very strategic and conniving like poor Adam....using just those pieces without fitting in some others then you just have one big solid color square. And you lose. It's also why I prefer OG Survivor. They showed all the pieces whereas now they tend to just show folks trying to outwit. They focus on that so so much. I think it's to push the nerds are winners narrative. Can't show the nerds struggle in the comps or, more so, can't show them lose BECAUSE they struggle in the comps. I think it's why they highlight puzzles so much now.
  14. Judd and Jaime good TV there. Also Rafe was really the mastermind behind a lot of what was going on. And let Steph take the blame. His big mistake was telling Dani she was free of the deal they made. But he should have been brought back. I would say he is very under rated and one of the greatest players of all time. He managed jury well. He won comps. He masterminded flips and ousters without being know. Everyone thought it was Steph but I think it was him who got those 3 so far. I wish Jeff would have asked jury who they would have voted for if Dani took Rafe.
  15. Binge watched season 6- Amazon on Saturday to see what Rob C was all about. Pretty interesting season. All the sexist talk that would NEVER fly today. Rob was a great gamer and Jenna an undeserving winner IMO. But she outlasted. Rob was maybe a bit dumb and blinded by her girly wiles to cut her like he should have. Though Rob dragging cray cray Matt to the end was much like Boston Rob with Philip. Binge watched 11- Guatemala on Sunday.. Guatemala was boring. And had a couple douche bros and another slightly undeserving winner. Steph should have won but bitter jury. Though she didn't do proper jury management and had too big an alliance. Much like Paul on Big Brother. Playing the godfather of this big alliance. Gets you a bitter jury.
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