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  1. So...I watch all the variations of BD. I am a HUGE Kate fan. She didn't take shit, she did her job well. Do I think I would like hanging out with her IRL...no. Her snarky snooty persona would grate on me IRL. BUT....loved it on BD and girl could do her job well. No seeing her cry to captain Lee. Hannah dialed it in. The one chief stew (Jenna?) who was banging the crazy chef...she also sucked at her job. The new girl who replaced Kate was okay. Daisy is my second fave after Kate. And Bugsy isn't bad either. So I waited to see how this one, Katie, did. And she is also awful. She is m
  2. Like Alyssa didn't drop her jaw at Tiff nomming Claire? No Alyssa talking to X about who would be replacement nom and assuming it would be Derek? Claire asking if she was in an alliance with them and Tiff saying no but still saying she had no other option but Claire...means, yes, she is in an alliance and it takes presidence (sp?) Over an alliance with you Claire. So be mad and feel like a fool. Cause you were. Ugh.
  3. I have missed a lot, like a week. SB got voted out? Who is new HoH and Claire is target? Did they show jury house with Derek X? When is the double or triple eviction? Thanks.
  4. I voted for SB. Really don't like her but I assume Tiff will be targeting SB so figured I'd screw with that. Why not? Mix things up a bit. Though SB will just target Claire. Stupid.
  5. She's the only one. And I luv her for it!
  6. But the CO F6 deal isn't best for all members of the CO as we will see when the 1st CO gets sent out. And Paul's big alliance was ugly too. Not a fan of the Pagong style. They do have to be almost like the cool kids club at school who tear down the outliers. Not pretty no matter who makes up the club.
  7. Personally I think Tiff is faking the "inner turmoil" over campaigning to keep Dx versus Claire. She doesn't truly give a damn or she'd have gone to Ky and pitched to keep Dx. None of the CO care. All non-CO must go first and then CO must be F6. They don't really care how it gets there. BUT what Tiff is doing is jury management. As if she'll make it to F2. Lols! Also is Dx openly aware of the CO? Because Tiff said to him that they could get SB to take him (Dx) down and put up Chaddah and think her target was Chaddah (since SB targeted her before) but, and quote, "we know Chaddah won't be
  8. See...I see Azah and Big D on the bottom since the CO went hard at them and wiped out their stooges first.
  9. Just a few things to say....and I really am not bothered about CO ....but just things to note... When, in seasons past, they had 10 white HG and 2 or 3 were dramatic 'characters' they still had a solid 7 for that large alliance to pagong through the season. Yes, that BB camp with David and Bailey and all the POCs...that was something to go 'hmmmm?' about for sure. But David was clueless in the game and Bailey was not game wise either and a dramatic 'character'....I forget who all else was I'm there. But if they have 3 POC, they tend to have them a dramatic type or clueless in the game (no
  10. Maybe for what's her name who is deaf.
  11. This is interesting because the top 4 still have their stooge in the game. So the writing on the wall is Azah and then DerekF being the first 2 to jury. But Hannah needs to work harder to hold onto her stooge, DerekX, or else she is 3rd CO to jury. So my guess is those 3 will be the first CO members to jury because I think DerekX is a goner this week. Ky, Tiff and X will be F3 battling it out. Honestly, the other CO members would be wiser to cut Claire this week to weaken Tiff a bit. Then maybe SB or Alyssa next....should have done SB over Brit last week as Azah is already at bottom. But whate
  12. Fully expected to ride this shitshow out to the bitter end. However, had the new epi on last night and just had no interest in it. So I turned it off and went to bed. So close to the end but just can't. The show sucks that badly. I even rode out the Lost to it's crappy finale.
  13. The show/production/casting is partly to blame for that in that they tended to cast a certain character for the couple POCs they cast each season. Like Chima and Swaggy C...etc. They do it for maximum drama and ratings. Even this current cast, the CO can't stand other members of the CO. Seems like Big D and Tiffany both are the typical cast BB liked to get in the past. X and Hannah are not the typical POCs BB usually cast. So if the 2 POC cast (also blame the show for only casting 1 or 2 each season) are Swaggy C and Chima, then yes an alliance will form of all white folks who will
  14. Big D thanked him for keeping him and he kissed Ky on cheek and then Ky planted that on his lips.
  15. How do they not all know yet? About CO. It would HAVE to be on their radar. So to just sit back and let it happen boggles my mind. And for Big D and Azah to go along when the writing is on the wall that they will be 1st and 2nd CO members to go to jury. It is for $750K this year. To just sit back and watch that float away....makes me wonder if this season is more "scripted" than others.
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