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  1. I would do the swab over the saliva too. Had to do the saliva for Ancestry DNA and found that disgusting. Also, when Kody slurped up his saliva I dry heaved and almost lost my cookies (not exaggerating at all). I have watched many gross things on TV (I love murder shows and vet/zoo shows...Dr Poll, pretty gross stuff there) and never ever actually had to keep myself from vomiting until that scene with Kody and his spit. I also find Ari obnoxious and not cute. Goiter-Neck is not a very attentive parent. I remember when she and Kody were dating and they showed her with her kids, at her litt
  2. Do we know if they all make it back 19 months later (dating couple...Geordie...still together for example)?
  3. That father daughter team are not long for this game. Too slow and contemplating and shouldn't have helped the others.
  4. I just popped in to say that I thought I couldn't hate that douche bag more...until this last episode. That fat necked man-brow beyotch, Robyn Brown, deserves that POS. What a conniving manipulating wench she is. And Kody Brown is no prize. The thought of him makes me gag. I never could understand why all the gals were so dreamy eyed over him. Barf! And now it shows what an inconsiderate uncaring absentee parent he is. When they showed the flowers that arrived for Ysabel and they were talking about Kody so I assumed they flowers were from him...but, nope, from grandparents. That old balding li
  5. I do think the Deshawn vote had something to do with keeping Xander 3rd. And easy for Danny to do because Deshawn was his ride or die. My question is...why did Erika think Danny voted for her? Danny told her he was so why didn't he? In her exit interview she still thought Danny voted for her, why?
  6. He was missing quite a few....Parvati, John Cochran, Yul.... I would put Rob up there. He is one of my faves. And I wouldn't have put Michele up there at all. Ricard was good. I give him that. And I'd like to see him back. But he isn't one of the greats. Yet. I'd put him in the category the likes of Aubry. Really good gamers who ALMOST won but didn't.
  7. Ricard's. Someone thinks very highly of himself. And, dude should be the one to initiate a mending of fences with Shan since he voted her out.
  8. Hmmmm. That was something. Hmmmm. That was something. I see others think same...Hether's rope took way long to burn like it was copper inside. Compared to Deshawn..who could not make fire. Fishy.
  9. So I guess it will be Erika and Deshawn at fire.
  10. My Walking Dead feelings. And Game of Thrones too. This show, luckily, I just recently binged so I wasn't a true fan girl from the jump like with TWD and GOT. So I am not too bothered. But I didn't watch it live last night....DVRd and just now watched cause I had nothing else going on.
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