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  1. Just coming here to discuss the throuple. Wowza. I know there is polygamy but this doesn't seem to be the same because those folks, like Sister Wives, sleep in separate rooms or even separate homes. And the wives don't hook up. This threesome all share...bed and each other. And there are kids there to put 1+1 together. Sometimes giving in to your id (Freud) any way you like isn't the best way to navigate adulthood. I see a flaming disaster at the end of that throuple relationship. Even the Sister Wives members have their share of misery. Shocked that HGTV would go there and do this show, honestly.
  2. Nah, there was plenty of squish with the ladies too. Says this squishy lady.
  3. And also Kate didn't kiss him with barf mouth. Blech!
  4. He probably realized that night they spent sleeping out on deck pushed her into realizing she had better than him with her Greek guy.
  5. That and his stupid questions like 'what is one good thing about Kate and Rhylee' to Kevin.
  6. Andy...wtf, man. On the bro side. Not just on the bro side...on Ashton's side. Whoa!!! Not a good look.
  7. So far so dumb. But will watch epi 2 before giving up.
  8. And Parvati is Jeffro's very favorite player!
  9. The Mihele win was THE most anti-climactic let down on Survivor for me. This is one area in which I agree with Propst. And, sadly, I think she will make it far again for same reason as last time...she will be a dud that nobody notices. They returnees will all be gunning for the big guns like Sandra, Parvati, Rob, Tony, Sarah....and mousy Michele will go under the radar. Ack!
  10. I enjoyed watching. I wish, so badly, that we can get back to that OG Survivor and drop all the social issue/conflict dissecting at TC. Just get back to the basics...the outplaying, outlasting, outwitting. Seeing some of Survivor's greatest moments, and I was watching for my top several (and they didn't disappoint me), was just wonderful. Now, show/Jeff, keep this ball rolling and don't deviate to tie in certain actions to social issues. PLEASE for the love of god!!!! I was not going to watch anymore after last season's "issues". But here I am...
  11. We can hope king Harald is a goner because if not, and if Bjorn is dead, then Harald said he'd take Ingrid as his wife. That would be misery for any lady. I took it as Bjorn was seeing what that battle meant and who was causing his death. Like in his mind's eye. While he was actually killed by some random Rus. What I don't get is why Ivar is doing this when he wants Oleg dead. Is he using Oleg to take over Kattegat and then plans to find a way to off him?
  12. I am a Kate fan and I don't hate Simone. I don't think she was an excellent stew but don't think she was god awful either. And she wasn't mouthy or belligerent like some stews have been. But I don't think Kate was mean girl to her either like she has been to others. I thought she was mean to Amy (who didn't deserve it) and really mean to Caroline (who kind of DID deserve it, maybe not ALL of it but most). This season Kate was more distracted with the dick bros. I really think Simone had such an issue with Kate (yes, she kept her issues pretty under wraps and was very mature and respectful...but her talking heads showed she had issues with Kate) all because of Tanner. Tanner liked Kate first. But he took Simone as it was better than nothing (in his eyes). Then he washed his hands of Simone (asshole that he is). And went back to trying to get with Kate. I think when Simone was with Tanner he was spilling his poison for Kate (that he got from Kevin and Ashton) to her and so she got sucked in and also disliked Kate (mob mentality). Then when Tanner and Kate were flirting, well that made her hate Kate more. It will be telling if she sides with the dick bros on the reunion show (she already was siding with them on the what happens with Andy show with Kevin and Jemele).
  13. She didn't label Jemele a bitch straight off. It wasn't until Jemele questioned her lack of enthusiasm in front of all her guests that then Kate did a talking head where she called her a bitch. Same time Jemele did one too and called Kate a bitch. Even Stevens to me. So what's that have to do with why Kate didn't bond with Simone? I think Simone got her panties in a bunch when her boss, Kate, told her she was not a good 2nd stew. And was out for Kate from then on. And didn't help that Tanner was wanting Kate. Honestly, I think it was more about that than the job.
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