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  1. Maybe brother Hillstrand can be better by then from his covid? Or They have Josh and Mandy sitting as dual captains, put them together on it. But, do NOT bring in that Harley dick!!!! I too was thinking he should have stayed while the wife went home to care for the daughter. I had to look Junior up because I expected the lady on the phone to say she was his sister, not daughter. Thought Junior and his wife would have little kids. Though he is my age (I am year older) and I have 24 and 22 year olds. But he must have been 21 when he had this daughter and his wife must have been 18-19 because she
  2. Dani WAS my fave but she went down in points for her behavior with JL. Calling him names and chastising him for not being a wild drunk guy. And then her and Ally and their little hook up. Seemed like it was trying to get the boys all worked up and it was successful. Lord, why can't they just hang out, drink and talk like normal peeps??? Natasha and Daisy and Colin and Glenn are the closest we get to normal.
  3. I still like it. Very interesting to see how the covid effects this season. And all the 'every man for themselves' lying, cheating and cut throat drama...I think that was all scripted. They have to make it interesting somehow. They will all catch their crab and save the fishery...I am guessing. The Josh Harris' make his dad proud stuff doesn't bug me either. He is on Hillsttand's boat so we likely won't hear anymore of that. But I guess they will be shoving this new Hawaii spinoff down our throats. Not that interested in that. I used to hate Casey but that guy is one smart fisher.
  4. I think the Chef VS Chief Stew drama is all scripted because Natasha is on Andy Cohen talking pretty nicely about Daisy. And the Dani bit tonight, when she got fired up at dinner...I think that too was scripted a bit. And, no, Sydney you are NOT the hottest. Not even close. Speaking of, Natasha looked really good on Andy Cohen and she had a giant rock on her ring finger.
  5. And super sad to see him talking about his buddy that died too. ANd all the guys talking about him and the Scandies Rose crew who died. So strange. When was this upcoming season filmed...October?
  6. Me too. Learned from my late father.
  7. Imma try this with my hubs. But my spirit puppy. I made a pre life celestial promise to an adorable medium sized short haired female mutt. I can't leave her behind [cue the dry cry...wait, I can make tears for this].
  8. Daisy...she is ok but her voice annoys. I do agree with/side with her complaints about deck crew helping and all the chef issues. Alli...seems nice but a bit of a mess. She needs to drop the Syd and Gary thruple stuff as it just gets her burned. Dani...cute and innocuous, so far. She is my fave. Syd...stalker. Gary is not that into her and has pretty much shouted that from the rooftops but still she pushes. And pretends to be Alli's friend all the while keeping Gary and Alli apart when they want to be together. Gary...douche, grade A. Colin...boring but is buddy bud
  9. Kody is going from house to house so all are at equal risk at this point and it makes ZERO sense to have the ladies and kids stay away from each other. Unless Kody spends 2 weeks all alone between wives homes, and he doesn't.
  10. That kid is whack! She needs to be killed real good. John and June were my fave part of this show. Boo!!!
  11. I just watched the very first few episodes from season 1. And I absolutely think the Robyn marriage busted everything apart.
  12. Also, it is my 25th anniversary this year and if my husband takes me to some dingy cold lot on the side of the highway and hands me a Chipotle Burrito (or whatever they had)....heads will roll. Or A HEAD will roll. Covid or not!
  13. What is the family dynamic here? Who are the kids...belong to what guy, the asshat primary? Then who is his husband and who is his boyfriend and why does he have both there? Is the boyfriend the one his daughter dated? What 4 guys are sharing master bedroom? And why? Why didn't the primary share with his kids like parents do on vacation?
  14. I just keep thinking...'we have HOW many episodes left????'. Gah. Long slow painful death. Anyone else think the rat was going to end up in her soup?
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