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  1. Jesse Labreck posted on her FB page that she and Chris DeGangi got engaged! I’m so happy for them, I think they are an adorable couple.
  2. srpturtle80

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Tonight I learned that the “priest school - pre school” joke will never fail to make me LOL. I do love how they are working so many callbacks to previous episodes in to these last few. Speaking of which, when the preview for the “series finale” came on I legitimately got tears in my eyes. I’m just not ready...
  3. srpturtle80

    S04.E16: The House of L

    I’ve enjoyed both this week’s and last week’s episodes. I was pretty close to saying sayonara to this show a few weeks ago, as I’ve been bored to tears with all the Children of Liberty crap and the political undertones of the show. I’m also really enjoying Cryer as Lex. So far so good, show!
  4. srpturtle80

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    I could barely look at anything else in his scenes. Good heavens it was large. Alfred’s face when he saw Bruce kissing Selina had me rolling. I had to rewind that several times. I think Zsasz may just be my favorite character on this show.
  5. srpturtle80

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    Man I can’t wait until this show is put out of its misery. I still watch the older reruns on a nightly basis but just getting through these last few seasons has been a serious chore. I don’t think I laughed once during this ep. 🙁
  6. srpturtle80

    Super(girl) Media

    She’s a lucky girl. I think he’s smoking hot 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. srpturtle80

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    @Eeksquire I took Michigan’s bar, and it was two days (state essay portion on day 1, multistate multiple choice portion on day 2). But I just googled it and yes California’s exam is an 18 hour exam spread out over three days! Paula will also probably get her results in a week, unlike the three months I had to wait lol.
  8. srpturtle80

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    Yes, Dan Gregor. He’s also a producer for the show. I was confused about Paula. She’s been in the hospital for two weeks? Did they ever say what type of surgery she had? Because my dad had an emergency quadruple bypass a couple of years ago and he was in the hospital afterwards for 4 days. That confused me. Also. I’ve taken the bar exam, and it was a two day exam. I can’t imagine hopping over from the hospital for it after a major heart attack and surgery! I enjoyed the rest of the episode. I’m really curious as to where they are going with the romantic relationship end game. I for one will be disappointed if Rebecca pulls a Kelly Taylor. And I’m rooting for Nathaniel. I can’t see how they would have focused so much on his personality change to not have it lead to reconciliation with Rebecca. Also enjoyed Darryl’s new story, but maybe just because anyone I associate with The Good Place makes me happy (Mindy St. Clair!!). Finally I can’t believe we have to wait over a full month for new episodes! 😩😩
  9. srpturtle80

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    No, Melissa Rausch posted videos on her Instagram of them suspended from wires so that’s how they created the weightless effect. When I was watching I did think it was real though!
  10. srpturtle80

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    From personal experience, I’ve been resisting medication for anxiety because I’ve tried them in the past and hated the side effects, not because I think there is a stigma attached. I actually started sobbing during the last scene where Rebecca took the pill, it really hit home for me. So Rebecca shoplifts now? Huh? The makeup department did a VERY good job making DLC look sick. And she just kept getting progressively worse. Shouldn’t her youngest son have been in the hospital waiting room too? I know Rachel’s husband was supposed to be playing a socially awkward character, but to me it just came off as bad acting.
  11. srpturtle80

    The Titan Games

    I thought that new Vortex challenge this week was INSANE. You could just tell how gassed they were before even attempting to climb that ridiculous chain ladder. Holy crap I was exhausted just watching them. I am a HUGE American Ninja Warrior fan so I thought I would give this show a chance in hopes it would tide me over until their season starts. Overall I find it lacks a lot of the excitement of ANW, also I obviously have no prior connection to certain contestants like I do with ANW, but I still find it enjoyable!
  12. srpturtle80

    S04.E11: Blood Memory

    Oh my goodness, YES. All I could focus on during that scene was how absolutely horrible that makeup job was. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. srpturtle80

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    Apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved the whole underwear (man panties) selfies in front of the fridge thing. Every time someone else walked in I laughed harder. I can’t wait to rewatch that scene. I have been in the minority and always liked Rebecca and Nathaniel, so the end really broke my heart.
  14. srpturtle80

    S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    Lol YES! I forgot about that but I did burst out laughing at that line.
  15. srpturtle80

    S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    All the scenes with White Josh and his anxiety and reactions to Greg and Nathaniel just cracked me right up. Also Josh coming out in his briefs with the tennis racket to chase the feral cats away. That’s about all I’ve got. I wasn’t a fan of the stuff with the Cats. And I thought the story with Darryl and other guy whose name I can’t recall was boring.