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  1. I am really excited for tonight’s episode. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh Groban!!
  2. I just read the books earlier this year and Lizzy and Ricky actually feature quite prominently in them. So far their storyline on here differs quite a bit from the books. Having read the books, I would be completely blown away if they made Mike in anyway involved in Jack’s shooting. I really really hope they don’t go there. Everyone here seems to hate it, but I am still entertained and binged the season over the weekend. It does bug me how much they have differed from the books (especially with Preacher and Paige’s story) but that always seems to happen with TV adaptations.
  3. I am not surprised but I am disappointed. Also still mad about the cancellation of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, so far that’s two shows I watch that are done. 😩
  4. Just had a chance to watch. I don’t hate-watch this show as so many others in this forum do. Yes it’s a cheesy show and certainly not the best thing on tv but it entertains me and that’s pretty much all I can ask. Anyway, I found the finale fairly riveting and I’m going to be super upset if it gets canceled and I don’t get to find out what happens next. Here’s to hoping for another season!
  5. This really really really bums me out. 😩😩
  6. Yes! This cracked me right up as well. I really wanted more information lol. I know most people don’t like DMD but I find him amusing. I really, really hope we get another season. I love all the musical numbers on this show, and while this season didn’t have the charm of the first, I still enjoyed it!
  7. I spent the entire episode wanting to give Ava a hair brush, her hair looked really stringy to me... I loved the little alien at the end so of course Mick had to step on him. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  8. Just watched this episode and have to say I LOL twice (very loudly) at: 1) Mo saying he thought Simon in the purple jacket was supposed to be dressed as Grimace, 😂 and 2)Leif and Tobin jumping up and down in the office before remembering that the “walls are see-thru” and abruptly stopping. 😂😂 Also I could listen to Skylar Astin sing “New York State of Mind” all day long. That is all.
  9. I actually haven’t had a chance to watch this yet but was dying to know who won so I hopped on. I am bummed it wasn’t Jet, but happy that Brooke didn’t repeat. Good for Maneet, she is obviously very talented. Also, reading this board makes me realize I’m probably the only one not bothered by Guy as host. The loudness and the nicknames, etc. - that’s just who he is. Of course, I watch a ton of GGG and I wouldn’t do that if he bothered me. He does a tremendous amount of good for his community and it’s apparent that he has great relationships with many extremely talented and well respec
  10. It was South Haven (Michigan) where Darlene wanted to go, which is just a few hours away. And makes it even worse that Ben wasn’t willing to go on a get-away with her. I grew up on 90210 so it was nice to see BAG even thought I recently saw him in the 901210 reboot. He’s aged VERY well lol. I definitely feel like the end is near for Darlene and Ben. I’ve liked them as a couple so not sure how I feel about that. Maybe they will surprise me. How many episode are left? Forgot to mention that I got a big laugh out of Jackie wondering where the value in the house would come from
  11. I’m enjoying it! I came for Topher and will stay for Topher.
  12. I graduated in 1998 and I totally agree. They sure weren’t dressed like anyone I went to school with lol. So yeah, the fact that I graduated high school in 1998 caused this episode to make me feel very, very old. The speed force stuff just confuses me. Why does it look like Barry’s mother?
  13. Props to the makeup department for making DG look like absolute crap during this addiction storyline, someone who I normally find very handsome.
  14. I feel like they showed another contestant watching backstage previously. I’m pretty sure it was Brooke watching someone but can’t recall who. I love love love Jet Tila so of course I was thrilled, even though I have no problems with Aaron May (I see both of them all the time on GGG). Wasn’t familiar with Tiffani before this competition but I’m really not a fan. I may have said a bad word when her name appeared as the winner. The only other competitor I love as much as Jet is Darnell, so he better bring it next week. During TOC last season I wasn’t a big fan of Michael, but I’ve
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