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  1. Guess there is no benefit of the doubt being given here! (Not that I’m saying there should be, but wow).
  2. Came here to post the news about Drew but I see it’s been covered. I’m in shock.
  3. It’s already been canceled.
  4. I agree, Jessie has been incredibly successful on ANW and clearly is built for that type of work. The Titan games and mt Olympus are completely different. I was bummed to see her lose but she retained her positivity that she’s always displayed on ANW. Mostly this just made me sad that I haven’t been able to watch her compete on ANW this year (which is my absolute favorite show). The brothers were so impressive. I can’t imagine how exhausted they must have been following the Herculean pull. That was bonkers. I thought the arms of the one who won were burned, they were so red.
  5. I don’t like this news AT all. This quickly became one of my favorite shows and now I don’t even want to watch anymore. ☹️
  6. I am so thrilled!!! This was my favorite new show this year!
  7. What the holy hell??? I had a really shitty day and this doesn’t make me any happier!!!! Completely blown away. 😩😩
  8. This happened on the most recent Stumptown, was that one of the shows you were referring to? If not, add a third in there lol. While I really don’t enjoy hearing Mary S. sing, I also didn’t really get the point of her song. It was just kind a strange. And I also can’t believe that song is for sale on iTunes but the song sung by Lief isn’t. Huh? Does anyone know how many episodes are left?
  9. Dominic just posted on IG this week that he has no intention of leaving the show, and that he has two years left on his contract and fully intends to honor them. Whew! Absolutely LOVED this episode. I laughed out loud several times, something I really needed tonight after the past few days. It felt more like the show I love than the last few episodes have.
  10. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli I watch a LOT of Guy’s Grocery Games and that’s what his nickname is for her. I’ve also seen her refer to herself as that as well. 🙄
  11. Just got to watch this, I was sooooooo excited for it as competitions like this are one of my favorite things to watch. Before I even started I thought that “ICAG” winning it all was a foregone conclusion so I was also thrilled to see Darnell beat her. I’ve watched him on Guy’s Grocery Games and always found him a delight to watch. Yay!! Jet Tila is my favorite FN chef so I was also thrilled to see him win. This is so much fun, so excited to watch more! Does anyone know how many episodes there will be?
  12. Melissa just posted on IG she is having a baby! Wonder how that will affect their shooting schedule (I know nothing about when things are filmed)?? Can’t see how they would hide her behind large purses and laundry baskets as Supergirl 😂😂
  13. This is so typical for this show. They just introduce characters and then abruptly end their storyline. I thought he was John’s kid? Wasn’t that what the DNA test came back as? I just have fallen asleep during an episode. Did he ever get the $$? No, PJ is not Jon’s son. I’ve already forgotten most of the specifics from those episodes but DNA test proved he was the son of John’s friend who died on 9-11. The sweater they sent for testing actually belonged to PJ’s dad and not Jon.
  14. So I LOVE Adam. But goodness that boy needs to work on his rope climbing skills. He got absolutely smoked by the Australian kid. I was so disappointed when Adam came so close to making it through Stage 3 last year only to fail, but now I know that there is no way he could have beaten Drew on the rope climb, and that actually makes me feel a little bit better. I got my parents hooked on this show a couple of years ago. They were watching and as soon as it ended I get a text wanting to know why Daniel didn’t do the rope climb instead of Adam. I had to tell them I am as stumped as they are! Made no sense to me. I wish they could change the format. I hate how USA had this huge lead from the get go and that essentially means nothing when it comes to Stage 4. Not sure how else they could do it just wish it were different. It was so good to have a taste of my show again, not sure how I am supposed to wait until summer for more!!!
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