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  1. srpturtle80

    Media Ninjas: ANW in the Media

    I think this is pretty cool actually, and wonder how it will change the thought process of those who went for the mega wall last season! Basically, they get three attempts on the mega wall but CANNOT go back to the regular wall if they don’t get up the mega. Cash prize diminishes depending on what try they succeed on. I am just SO freaking excited for my show to come back!!
  2. srpturtle80

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I laughed soooooo hard when Vandal Savage appeared. That was brilliant. Loved Nora finally getting to lay one on Ray and then smacking him after. I love those two. I may or may not have cried while the singing was happening. I love me some James Taylor. I am one of the few who doesn’t hate Nate so I didn’t want to see him go. I thought I read this week that this show isn’t coming back until mid season (😩😭) but that they are part of Crisis (as evidenced by Monitor’s appearance). How’s that going to work? Still my favorite show of the Arrowverse. I hate when the season ends.
  3. Just watched it and now I’m crying again lol!
  4. Well, I said I wouldn’t be sad to see it end as it’s been a struggle to watch these last few years. But here I sit bawling my eyes out. Guess it’s harder than I thought to say goodbye to something that was a part of my life for 12 years.
  5. srpturtle80

    S04.E21: Red Dawn

    I believe she said that her boss had all the evidence but then the President’s agent told her that they wiped all of the Catco servers, so that copy was gone as well. Guess she only gave James an electronic version lol.
  6. I believe there are two episodes left. After seeing the episode title I can’t get Eminem’s Slim Shady out of my head. I can’t believe how frustrated I was when Kara decided not to go through with telling Lena. C’mon!!! I get that Cryer is just a guest star but where exactly is Lex supposed to have been all this time? This Alex plot is just SO dumb. Next. And how weird that someone she just met is now doing everything with her. I hope Lockwood meets his bitter end by the time this season is over.
  7. srpturtle80

    S12.E21: The Plagiarism Schism

    I’ve seen reruns of earlier seasons about a million times each and I don’t recall ever hearing of a Susan from The Cheesecake Factory before. I could be wrong of course but I don’t think so!
  8. srpturtle80

    S04.E13: Egg MacGuffin

    My first exposure to Brandon Routh was as the bad guy in one of my all time favorite TV series, Chuck. He was fantastic, and it was so weird for me to see him as happy-go-lucky Ray Palmer at first.
  9. srpturtle80

    S04.E13: Egg MacGuffin

    I could have lived my entire life without seeing Gary’s nipple crawling around on the floor and been perfectly OK with that. 🤢
  10. srpturtle80

    S12.E20: The Decision Reverberation

    While I liked watching Leonard finally growing a pair after all these years, I can barely remember what else happened during the rest of the episode it was so dull. Four episodes to go.... I realized the other day that I’m not sad about the show ending. I haven’t found it funny or even all that enjoyable for the last few years. But I watch reruns daily and will continue to do so, and those will live on forever. The episodes I can watch over and over again and still laugh just as hard each time. Although I will admit I got a *teeny* bit emotional at some of the posts the cast shared on social media this week after their final table read. Especially the one of Johnny crying. I can’t imagine being part of something like that for 12 years and having it end.
  11. srpturtle80

    S05.E12: The Beginning...

    I kind of loved it. And I didn’t realize how sad I would be now that it’s over. To be completely honest, I only started to watch this show because of Ben McKenzie (been in love with him since his Ryan Atwood days lol) but I quickly fell in love with the whole crazy show. It will be greatly missed.
  12. Jesse Labreck posted on her FB page that she and Chris DeGangi got engaged! I’m so happy for them, I think they are an adorable couple.
  13. srpturtle80

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Tonight I learned that the “priest school - pre school” joke will never fail to make me LOL. I do love how they are working so many callbacks to previous episodes in to these last few. Speaking of which, when the preview for the “series finale” came on I legitimately got tears in my eyes. I’m just not ready...
  14. srpturtle80

    S04.E16: The House of L

    I’ve enjoyed both this week’s and last week’s episodes. I was pretty close to saying sayonara to this show a few weeks ago, as I’ve been bored to tears with all the Children of Liberty crap and the political undertones of the show. I’m also really enjoying Cryer as Lex. So far so good, show!
  15. srpturtle80

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    I could barely look at anything else in his scenes. Good heavens it was large. Alfred’s face when he saw Bruce kissing Selina had me rolling. I had to rewind that several times. I think Zsasz may just be my favorite character on this show.