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  1. So I LOVE Adam. But goodness that boy needs to work on his rope climbing skills. He got absolutely smoked by the Australian kid. I was so disappointed when Adam came so close to making it through Stage 3 last year only to fail, but now I know that there is no way he could have beaten Drew on the rope climb, and that actually makes me feel a little bit better. I got my parents hooked on this show a couple of years ago. They were watching and as soon as it ended I get a text wanting to know why Daniel didn’t do the rope climb instead of Adam. I had to tell them I am as stumped as they are! Made no sense to me. I wish they could change the format. I hate how USA had this huge lead from the get go and that essentially means nothing when it comes to Stage 4. Not sure how else they could do it just wish it were different. It was so good to have a taste of my show again, not sure how I am supposed to wait until summer for more!!!
  2. There was a pack n’ play in the corner of the living room while they were watching football, that must have been where she was stashed lol. At one point Harris was shown leaning over it like she was looking at the baby.
  3. Loved this. Hated part 4 so much but this made up for it. LOT is my favorite Arrowverse show and their ep of the crossover did not disappoint me. I absolutely lost my shit when I realized the thing terrorizing the city was none other than Beebo!! I am excited to see how this plays out on all the shows going forward!
  4. Seriously. I HATE how they split this up over the winter break. I should have just saved all three episodes until January and watched them all at once. Random thoughts: I loved Cisco’s disdain for the name Anti-Monitor. I don’t watch Black Lightning but maybe I should because I adore Cress Williams. Loved him here. I cried when Barry was saying his goodbyes to Cisco and Kaitlyn. I also cried when we saw other Barry Allen sacrifice himself and they showed his lightning bolt patch lying on the ground. Love hearing Snart’s voice again on the Waverider. I spent the last few minutes frozen solid and glued to the screen lol, that was intense. And now we wait over a freaking month for the resolution. Ugh!!
  5. I’ve never had an issue, but I do watch Batwoman so maybe I’m just used to her by now? I enjoyed it but also it felt super rushed. Arrow is the only show I don’t watch so I didn’t feel an emotional attachment to Oliver, so that scene didn’t hit me that hard. Also how is his daughter around? Is it like the Nora situation over on the Flash and she’s from the future? And where is Felicity? I was most happy to see Ray and Sarah, as Legends is my favorite of the Arrowverse shows and I hate that they always start mid-season so I’ve been having withdrawals! Can’t wait for the rest of the Legends gang to show up. Also Ray is my fave and it made me extra sad about what the future holds for him over on Legends. 😞 Looking forward to part two tonight!!
  6. It really made me sad to watch, especially when he was talking about how if he won he was going to take his mom on a vacation with the money. 😭😭
  7. There was a throwaway line that she was going out of town.
  8. There are different forms and types of POAs. A broad general durable POA with immediate effect would immediately give Darlene the power to execute a deed for the property on Bev’s behalf regardless of Bev’s mental capacity at that time. General durables do not require incapacitation of the grantor to take effect. I am an attorney who practices real estate law, I see this all the time. Of course, it all comes down to the specific language of the POA itself. But certainly possible. Was that Patrick Fabian playing Jackie’s real estate agent? Goodness that hair color is not doing him any favors! Not sure where they are going with Darlene and Ben. I really like him. And have a feeling that they wouldn’t be keeping him around if they weren’t going to get back together. Also loved Dan’s reaction to her saying she slept with both of them. Lol.
  9. Just watched the super spicy episode. I just loved it but it was also so sad to watch Carl. He made me laugh so much and was my favorite judge. Can’t believe he’s gone. 😞
  10. You are welcome! That was actually my first time ever using spoiler tags, thank heavens I didn’t screw it up lol!!
  11. SERIOUSLY? Unbelievable. Oh yes. There was a post that showed a pic of stage 4 with a headline about it being Drew vs Daniel for the final stage. Every single comment on said post was an irate fan! The post then disappeared shortly after and was replaced with a similar one which just said something like “who will win?” Someone screwed up big time!! I was really bummed that I saw it. I didn’t know who won, but I knew every single runner on stage 2 failed other than Drew and Daniel. Kinda took the fun out of it. I also have to say that I forgot to mention when I posted last night how much I love the tall redhead kid (whose name is currently escaping me). Doesn’t look like a typical ninja but just goes out there and competes with the best of them! He’s awesome.
  12. Well this episode was fairly anticlimactic since the ANW Facebook page accidentally spoiled the top two finishers earlier today. I obviously knew no one else made it through on stage 3. Knowing that was a big fat bummer and took so much joy out of it for me. 😩 My Ninja boyfriend, Adam Rayl, was SO freaking close. I just wanted to watch him run the course as long as possible lol. I’ve always liked Drew, but he got a little too intense for me this season. At the end I was really pulling for Daniel (who I’ve always liked as well, and who doesn’t seem to take it nearly as seriously). But that wasn’t even close. I believe Daniel will be working on his rope climbing skills in the offseason, lol. Also, part of me is glad Drew won because I feared for his mental health if he did not. Goodbye until next year, show. I will miss you!!
  13. I know this has been said before but I need to throw in my 2 cents. I fell in love with this show (hard) in season 4. It became my obsession. I remember watching performances and then immediately wanting to rewind and watch again. There are routines that all these years later I still remember vividly. These last four episodes have been sitting on my DVR since they aired. And I wasn’t even interested in watching them. But I’m on vacation this week so I decided it was now or never. I don’t even know what’s become of my show. I do get excited when they keep (surprisingly) announcing renewal each year, but I’m starting to think it’s time to let the show die. It’s a shadow of its former self. I can barely remember these routines an hour later let alone me remembering them years from now. Which just makes me so, so sad. I’m not sure where things went wrong, I’m guessing the format changes are to blame. I miss the top 20 and getting to watch partnerships develop over time. Now you blink and it’s finale time already? I barely even know these people. Give me a break. Anyway, just had to get that off my chest. As for this season and these dancers, I just adore Bailey. He has such amazing charisma and energy on that stage. Bailey for the win. And please let him be the last SYTCYD champion.
  14. Really, really bummed for Sean Bryan. And Nick Hansen. I love both of them. I’m just glad Sean wasn’t seriously injured. Holy crap was I was shocked when Drew fell. Thank heavens for that Safety Pass. I can’t put my finger on why Ethan Swanson bugs me. Maybe it’s the hair style? The Kid was impressive, I still find him a bit cocky though. I never get to watch the show on Monday nights but I’m on vacation this week! I can’t believe there are only two episodes left. Not ready for my show to be done 😞
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