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  1. In this instance, the homeowners had already purchased all new appliances so they just used the ones they already had.
  2. Wow, I am no expert but I thought Mark and Steven’s build was phenomenal! It looked extra awesome when it was lit up. They absolutely deserved the win. I found Zack and Wayne’s build to be a bit boring, and while not as technically proficient, Caleb and Jacob’s was a very cool concept. I was happy with the result!
  3. Kaden was impressive. So bummed that my Ninja boyfriend (Adam Rayl) fell so close to the end of Stage 2. 😩 That blind grab was a killer. Was also bummed for Jake Murray, and Jesse made me cry. Oh and poor Joe! I have really come to like Austin Gray. I am glad he had a good showing. Second place two years in a row must be tough on him though.
  4. I’m actually excited! I need answers after that finale. And also just realized why they announced the news today. #828 😂
  5. I keep wondering if they are end game…
  6. I have been living a nightmare for the past few days which culminated in me having to put my 4 year old cat to sleep yesterday. I hadn’t had a chance to watch the episode yet and decided to end my weekend with it. While it was odd watching a Christmas episode in August, it was just what I needed and left me with the warm fuzzies. Love, Actually is one of my favorite movies and I watch it every December, so I loved all of the nods to it. I too thought the presents Rebecca brought were going to multiple kids. So I kept expecting her to make a comment to Ted as they left the first house that
  7. I am really excited for tonight’s episode. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh Groban!!
  8. I just read the books earlier this year and Lizzy and Ricky actually feature quite prominently in them. So far their storyline on here differs quite a bit from the books. Having read the books, I would be completely blown away if they made Mike in anyway involved in Jack’s shooting. I really really hope they don’t go there. Everyone here seems to hate it, but I am still entertained and binged the season over the weekend. It does bug me how much they have differed from the books (especially with Preacher and Paige’s story) but that always seems to happen with TV adaptations.
  9. I am not surprised but I am disappointed. Also still mad about the cancellation of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, so far that’s two shows I watch that are done. 😩
  10. Just had a chance to watch. I don’t hate-watch this show as so many others in this forum do. Yes it’s a cheesy show and certainly not the best thing on tv but it entertains me and that’s pretty much all I can ask. Anyway, I found the finale fairly riveting and I’m going to be super upset if it gets canceled and I don’t get to find out what happens next. Here’s to hoping for another season!
  11. This really really really bums me out. 😩😩
  12. Yes! This cracked me right up as well. I really wanted more information lol. I know most people don’t like DMD but I find him amusing. I really, really hope we get another season. I love all the musical numbers on this show, and while this season didn’t have the charm of the first, I still enjoyed it!
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