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  1. I don't watch award shows but I was hoping to come here and see what everyone thought of Madonna. From the few clips I saw it looked sad. I'm always fascinated to see how pop stars reinvent themselves. I'm still waiting for Taylor Swift to surprise me...
  2. crimsongrl

    S03.E17 Liar Liar, Room on Fire

    It was Vanessa Lachey. The young actress who plays Anna-Kat has grown a bit. I'd love to see a storyline where she puts the horsies away and isn't Katie's baby anymore. I also want to return to Katie having a job. She's more fun when they get her out of the house and around people who don't know her.
  3. crimsongrl

    Project Runway In the Media

    Episode 1: 0.24 Demo/1.017 Million viewers (#25 TV Ranking for the night) Episode 2: 0.23/1.026 (#27) Episode 3: 0.22/ 0.950 (#25) Episode 4: 0.21/ 0.941 (#20) The Final Season of All Stars on Lifetime finished with an 0.14/ 0.756 (#56) Season 16 (Fall '17) averaged 0.45/ 1.77 Million. *All these ratings are for live viewing and the numbers increase when DVR numbers are added.
  4. crimsongrl

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    With the new site update I don't think you need to request a forum anymore. You can create a topic in Other Lifestyle Reality Shows (or is it a Candid Reality Show?). I only watched the first hour of Animal ER and couldn't get into it. All the similarities to Live PD gave me a good laugh though.
  5. crimsongrl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Weren't there rumors that Margot Robbie and Rebel Wilson shaved a few years off too? Jussie is nominated for an NAACP Award on Saturday. I wonder what he'll say if he wins?
  6. crimsongrl

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    Michelle had to wait 2 years to get her prize right? I thought there was some tv rule that you don't receive your winnings until the episode airs. So she's been hustling this whole time! That'll give me comfort since Dima was robbed!
  7. crimsongrl

    Tennis Thread

    Man who stabbed Kvitova gets 8 years in prison
  8. crimsongrl

    NFL Thread

    Robert Kraft Can Get Solicitation Charges Dropped If He Admits He Would've Been Found Guilty In Trial
  9. Warner Bros.′ chief Tsujihara steps down following scandal
  10. crimsongrl

    NFL Thread

    Browns RB Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games by league Cops Investigating Tyreek Hill For Allegedly Breaking Three-Year-Old Son's Arm
  11. crimsongrl

    S06.E09: Minister D

    I thought there was a quick throwaway line about headaches being one of the symptoms, which implies Aram already knows. Anyone remember this?
  12. crimsongrl

    Good Witch

    Hallmark Channel's website says Season 5 premieres Sunday, May 5th at 8PM/7C.
  13. crimsongrl

    S06.E09: Minister D

    I can't keep any of this straight, when and how did real Red die? It looks like by the time Liz gets all her answers she'll be just like Red. Then Red (or Dembe) will help her hide the same way Katarina did. Ressler will hook up with Liz and be "killed" in the finale for knowing too much. It'll be a cliffhanger ending but he'll survive and be back to old Ressler and ready to take down Red (& Liz?) in the final season.
  14. crimsongrl

    Figure Skating

    I just saw a promo that Gracie will be on the Today show tomorrow.
  15. crimsongrl


    Google tells me that an NCAA athlete can own a business as long as they don't reference their University or sport of choice. So I guess the twins are trying to gain enough followers to be social media influencers (hate that word!) and get that #ad money. I really wanted a scene with Zoey & Jazz where they clear the air. If not for them at least for me cause I'm still a little mad about it. 🙂 Even the theme song annoys me now. Luca drinking from the juice bottle was gross but he put the empty wings container back in the fridge! That kind of stuff drives me crazy.