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  1. My DVR recorded a two minute sneak peek for season 7. The only things that stood out were Catherine Bell's face is looking weird again (upper lip & cheeks) and the show has new writers this season!
  2. crimsongrl

    Tennis Thread

    Novak Djokovic: Australian Open demands were 'misconstrued' https://www.instagram.com/p/CKRA07BHiB7/?utm_source=ig_embed
  3. crimsongrl

    Tennis Thread

    Australian Open News: Corona Edition Australian Open still on as scheduled as number of quarantined players swells to 72 Roger Federer to miss 2021 Australian Open; planning 2021 return Nadal, Thiem go into Australian Open without coaches Andy Murray tests positive for COVID-19, hopeful for Australian Open Madison Keys says she tested positive for COVID-19, eyes return 'next month' Australian Open Begins February 8th
  4. I'm fine with an alternate universe. Both 'The Conners' and 'Black-ish' have talked about Covid and the election for a few weeks and I'm over it already! Don't like new Anna Kat. Hopefully she'll loosen up in the weeks to come. I hate that Lonnie is still around and the show teased me with Greg leaving him. Cooper was the best as always.
  5. crimsongrl

    Tennis Thread

    Sam Querrey Flees Russia on Private Plane After Testing Positive for COVID-19 Its like a movie! I would've left too and I'd accept any fine the ATP gives me. *how do you insert a tweet/thread?
  6. Deadline Monday, Oct. 5 7:00 PM, ET THE NFL ON CBS: New England @ Kansas City Approximately 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/ 8:00-9:00 PM, PT BIG BROTHER (Immediately following football)
  7. crimsongrl

    Tennis Thread

    I've tried watching live tv on Peacock and it's usually very glitchy. I'll give it another chance for the red clay but I'm not hopeful.
  8. Ugh, Brad & Jen (and Angelina) talk. What year is this? In other celebrity news: Kristen Bell walks in on daughters drinking O’Doul’s (non-alcoholic beer) during Zoom class Kanye West urinates on grammy & doxes Forbes editor which led to Kanye West kicked off twitter 12 hours for violating its rules
  9. NFL threatens discipline for coaches not wearing masks on sidelines
  10. A&E had a show called Panic 9-1-1 back in 2012. The episodes are on their Youtube page. I really liked it even though it stressed me out. They'd play the calls in real time and tell you how far out the police were.
  11. I thought the same thing and had to rewind to find out. She worked for an HR consulting company in the US and would be working part time remotely in Luxembourg.
  12. The kneeling joke is 3 minutes in with the family in the kitchen.
  13. Washington Renegades has a nice flow but I have no idea what the mascot would be. Red Tails seems to be mentioned a lot but that sounds like a baseball team. There's been some cryptic tweets from Washington media about a big story about to break that doesn't have anything to do with the name change in Washington. The Post should be breaking the story Thursday or Friday. Rumor has it that it's big enough to force Snyder to sell the team... 🍿🍿🍿
  14. I have to ask, what is the Statue of Liberty holding in her hand behind Trevor? A couch cushion?🙅 It's always bittersweet to see Hillary. 😢This timeline sucks!
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