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  1. The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel is having a Good Witch movie marathon all day Saturday starting at 6am/5c.
  2. What channel are you watching the draft? ABC: Race Davis, Jessie Palmer & Maria Taylor ESPN: Trey Wingo, Mel Kiper & Louis Riddick NFL Network: Rich Risen, Daniel Jeremiah & Michael Irvin I usually watch NFLN but after Mayock left it wasn't the same. ESPN it is I guess.
  3. Evangeline Lilly apologizes for 'dismissive, arrogant and cryptic message' about coronavirus following backlash *Put in spoiler for length.
  4. So Jared and Michaela's partner are definitely going to hook up at some point right? As long as Zeke doesn't die I can live with it.
  5. I didn't know where to post this but: Deadspin is back!!! Topic? I'd love to see a paired down draft. I miss watching the first 2 rounds on a Saturday while Spring cleaning. I still hate the switch to Prime Time.
  6. Here you go: Tournament of Champions
  7. Actor Jussie Smollett faces new disorderly conduct charges in alleged fake attack
  8. Brandon: If you sweat through that white satin short, we're in hell.
  9. A 16-day gap between the College Football Playoff semifinals and the title game was not exactly by design. I was wondering about this today. Basically the venue was selected 5 yrs. ago, they didn't expect the semifinals on New Year's Eve '16 to fail spectacularly (one more set of semis on Dec. 31st next year though) so they reset the schedule, there was a conflicting event in New Orleans on the 6th so the 13th is what we're stuck with. I hope Clemson can make it a game but LSU is scary good.
  10. Oop, I think they did say season finale but I've been worried about getting a renewal so I typed series instead. If stinky Manifest can get a season 2 we deserve one even more! I hope Piper makes it home before the final episode.
  11. There's 3 episodes left. The promo did that annoying thing where they say 'Only 2 episodes left before the series finale'.
  12. Here you go. I could've watched the news this morning but this was better!😊 It was lovely except for Drosselmeyer all up in the Pas De Deux. You had your moment at the Christmas party dude!
  13. Time travel rules tell us that 2 Elliot's can't occupy the same space. Once OurElliot landed (Earthquake) in the alternate timeline the headaches began. I'm guessing OurElliot also made a visit to Angela's apartment which explains why her mom hung up and the blood & glass in the trash can. OurElliot probably stole Mr. Robot's phone and Elliot's wallet too. I'm trying to hold judgement until the finale but I really hate this plot turn! *With the season set around Christmas I'm getting 'Its a Wonderful Life' vibes. Elliot will see this alternate life (without Darlene) and beg Whiterose to go back...
  14. I binged 6 Nutcrackers over 3 days and I’m still not tired of it! 5 battles (Mariinsky got my votes) and the 1986 movie (with extra creepy Godfather Drosselmeyer!) that I’ve watched every year since I was young. I’ve got 10 days to fit in The Mistle-tones, The Grinch, Willy Wonka, Annie, *The Sound of Music and Christmas Vacation. *The Sound of Music is on ABC tonight from 6-10pm Central.
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