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  1. I totally agree with you about Barbara. She is not that bad and certainly her behavior is not as bad as some of these women.
  2. applecrisp

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Very funny description. I saw an episode of American Women and it was bad. Why would anybody risk estrangement of their family for a sitcom? Kyle's values are messed up.
  3. applecrisp

    All Episodes Discussion

    Truly scary. He said he got a high from killing and his life improved afterwards. His grades got better. Very scary.
  4. applecrisp

    General True Crime Shows

    There are two movies or mini series coming out about Gypsy and DeeDee. One on Lifetime stars Marcia Gay Hardin as DeeDee and will air at the end of the month. The other has Patricia Arquette as DeeDee, not sure when that will come out . I think it will be on premium cable. Arquette was very good as "Tilly" Michell in Escape at Danamorra. I am looking forward to them. I hope we get some new details.
  5. applecrisp

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I found the victim to be rather unlikable. We would all like to follow our dreams but we all have to eat. Way too much time spent on remembering stories of him.
  6. applecrisp

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    This can't be real. I don't think these people will make to the good place for other reasons.
  7. applecrisp

    General True Crime Shows

    I remember this on Disappeared. I remember at the time thinking it would not be solved. So much time had passed. And his mom worked so hard and was so desperate and even gave up rights to see her granddaughter because she continued to work on the case. Just so glad the "best friend" could not take it any longer and the wife may get life. Happy it was solved.
  8. applecrisp

    General True Crime Shows

    A show on NBC called Superstore had that very topic. The manager is trying to be more personal with their shoppers and comments on one man's cart contents containing...a tarp, duct tape,shovel and asked where the bleach was. Kind of a shout out to all the murder shows. He was later in the knife section making stabbing motions. And this show is on at 7:00 pm. When I was a kid everything on TV was rated G. Anyhow a cute show.
  9. applecrisp

    General True Crime Shows

    Well said, Mannahatta. There are times when I have a lot of copmpassion for a killer. When I see a master manipulater bring in their own children or other impressinal pople who would never commit muder. I really feel badly for them. I watched a show on ID( Murdertown) the other day where a young girl was killed and the police rushed to convict. It took about 2 weeks total. They went by the word of an eyewitness. I am bringing this up because it was sad, but also because her family never believed he was guilty becaause he knew little about the crime. Anyway, I like this new show. I am rather impressed with some of the new shoes on ID are they stepping up their game? I hope so.
  10. applecrisp

    General True Crime Shows

    I had the same reaction. That minister made me mad, my anxiety was increasing watching him go on and on. I get the ministeries in prison. But Dead Man walking, that whole thing puzzles me. Unless you think they are innocent. I feel time would be better spent on people in need who did not murder anyone. It is misplaced compassion especially when they have advantages like this skateboard guy. I am against the death penalty also- but understand when a family member wants it because I probably would too. Where do we draw the line? The skateboarder was a creep and I don't think he needs to be out walking among us as Candice De Long says.
  11. applecrisp

    S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

  12. applecrisp

    Welcome to Waverly

    I thought that as well. People actually listened to each other and tried to see another point of view. Way too good for Bravo when where one is seated can be a major issue on thier Real Housewives shows.
  13. applecrisp

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Regarding the Pizza Bomber, the doc was good and I am glad the maker of it wanted to know Brian Wells-with the collar bomb-story and involvement. I cried at the end because it seemed he was forgotten and blamed when to me he was a victim. Also, back to hating the FBI in probably an unreasonable way.I can't stand them . Have hated them since Buddy Jewel in the 1994 bombing at the Olympics. Rothstein and Margory were the smartest people in the room and the FBI guys came in second. Dumbasses.
  14. applecrisp


    i just did not see a lot of good evidence. I did not like the police in this case.
  15. applecrisp

    The Romanoffs

    And I guess accurate.