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  1. Watch The Way Down on HBO. It is about a registered dietitian who started in weigh loss and ended up with a church and cult. She is based out Nashville. Tip: watch her hair.
  2. Oddly I really thought she sounded like Roseann
  3. Can we see it in the states anytime soon?
  4. The short sentence she received was sad and disturbing.
  5. I distrust the mom too. Wouldn't there be proof about homecoming queen though?
  6. Yes was waiting for the donut reveal myself
  7. I want more discussion about the Morman church. Details we would like to know. Heather and to some degree Whitney only talk about about surface things and they just repeat the same old things. Every episode Heather tells us about her divorce. Whitney talks about breaking up two families. Give us more details and maybe a little about the Morman underwear.
  8. I know people like this. Usually the same people who never watch TV. We get it your life is busy and I have all the time in the world.
  9. I just think Mary grew up in her grandmother's church. Her life was planned out for her. Who does she have around her that could speak honestly to her. I just feel bad for. And she looked so much better in her original body.
  10. Her poor friend had so much tragedy in her life. Husband dying and son taking his own life
  11. can you tell me where, I have tried Alexa on Fire TV. thanks
  12. If you have CBS all access does it also have live feeds??
  13. In the Dodge case, I was just glad they finally found the guy. So many years looking.
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