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  1. VartanFan

    Live PD

    Did you miss the one in January? It wasn't a viewing party but was a day-long event with a bunch of deputies and included Pini, Carmac, and Ramos. I was going to fly down and go but could't make it. My mom got pics with all of them and said they were all super nice. Stayed until dark taking pictures with everyone.
  2. VartanFan

    The People's Court

    Here's the problem in MA. It's SO pro consumer that even writing all over the place 'as is' isn't enough. I think there's an exception for sold under a certain amount or something but the car HAS to be able to pass inspection and if it doesn't, and the cost to make it pass inspection exceeds 10% of what you sold it for, the sale can be voided.
  3. VartanFan

    The People's Court

    A couple of things here - once I heard they were from MA and the truck passed inspection, she was even MORE out of gas than she was before. MM is NOT wrong about MA being way way (too) consumer friendly. I went through this once with a private party sale (I was the seller and there was nothing wrong with the car). ALso - you will get less money from the dealer but the money applied to the new vehicle is NOT taxed, so you also have to consider that. If you sell privately and use as a down payment on the new car, you're charged sales tax on the WHOLE amount of the new car purchase. If you trade in, you're only taxed on the new car amount LESS the trade in amount. Both what you mentioned and that tax issue is why I trade in.
  4. VartanFan

    Live PD

    That motorcycle accident in TX was pretty gnarly to start the show. What an idiot. I was very encouraged by the cops' humanity in that case. He wouldn't stop, endangered a lot of people (including them) but when they started treating him, they were kind and compassionate.
  5. VartanFan

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    It was the episode where Amy was trying to ask for a raise and Jonah was trying to encourage her. They end up at a golf course where Amy accidentally runs Laurie over with a golf card and then asks for a raise. At the end, she and Jonah have a cute moment where he teaches her how to putt...while missing a date with Kelly.
  6. How did I not know this?! I saw every episode of Rizzolie and Isles! I never watch these over again but I remember how awful this was for me. I loved the male lead (because I loved him in E’s The Royals) but I just keep thinking “is this how it ends for you, Brolin?” Ha!
  7. VartanFan

    Live PD

    To be fair, they’re pretty good about bleeping out bad words before they get to us. With him calling her a bitch, it was such an immediate reaction that I don’t think the editors had the time to beep. I think we’d all love it if everyone kept their cool always, but being spit on....the number of germs in a mouth...potentially going into mucus membranes...no. She’s lucky all she got was shoved into the car.
  8. VartanFan

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

    It was cold killing off the birds.
  9. VartanFan

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Agree that I loved the raccoon and ...GET IT, Sandra! 🙂 I though this was a good episode and am happy with Jonah/Amy in this episode. No need for strife now that they're together.
  10. VartanFan

    The People's Court

    So, I watched it and here’s basically what I got out of it (NO! NOT BASICALLY!!). MM called the vet because her determination was based on if the vet pretty much said ‘you can try this but it probably won’t work’ OR thought that the dog could live. Apparently the vet believed the dog was getting better and might live and so the D had to cover the vet bills. They didnt’ seem excessive because the vet thought the dog might give (*had ‘turned a corner’ and was getting better).
  11. VartanFan

    Live PD

    My mom lives right on the line of Pasco County and I guess businesses were up in arms because they thought it was bad press. And the Sheriff is up for reelection soon. People are nuts, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were stalking some of the officers. It was a double edge sword for me because I love Pasco but HATE Nye. I'm thrilled that they're done for now.
  12. VartanFan

    The People's Court

    But...YALE! YALE! YALE!
  13. VartanFan

    Live PD

    I'm hearing that Pasco is pulling the plug on their involvement with Live PD. I hope it's just rumor - they have interesting stuff and really adorable and successful dogs!
  14. VartanFan

    S04.E10: Cloud 9 Academy

    Yeah, Cheyenne sucked. Amy was right to apologize for Cheyenne should’ve also. I also thought the inclusion of Cheyenne’s obviously bad ideas showed some weakness in Amy’s ability to manage. If she wants to be the boss, she’ll have to have difficult conversations and be able to fully shoot down ideas. At the end, I thought the joke was going to be that GLENN picked up the wrong baby. Oops. And wouldnt being a gay person be enough to be unsafe in a regime with human rights abuses?
  15. VartanFan

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Not only this, but I was pleasantly surprised that in the courtroom, the father was saying how she was punished and how she will be paying off the bill but then you get to the hallterview and the slug says the daughter shouldn't be responsible because she had the right of way?!??!!?! How can you have the right of way when you shouldn't be in the driver's seat to begin with? Goodbye, pleasant surprise. Now we know why the daughter thought she could take the car without consequences.