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  1. YES! To be a fly on the wall...I didn’t think they needed to pixelate. OK, maybe i just wish they didn’t.
  2. Ugh - this smug plaintiff. She was ridiculously lucky that other vendors gave her anything back. She ended up with a lot more money in her pocket than she was entitled to and should be thanking her lucky stars about that.
  3. All I could think of before the obligatory 'sub-in-the-dance-for-someone-with-extensive-dance-training' moment is that she needed to spend the 5 minutes warming up. Could they have even given us a throw-away line about it while he was talking to the kid?
  4. This is crazy! I’m a certified Zumba instructor and the fact that people will pay $200 for a Zumba class is stunning. Not only that, but individual Zumba classes totally defeat the purpose of Zumba. The fun is that there’s a bunch of people and you’re dancing and laughing together.
  5. I wanted to smack this lady right off her chair. She still has those bags and brings them all over with her. Then, she probably puts the bag down and says to someone ‘can you watch my bag?’, just so they see she has a Praaaaaada bag and she can fill up her ego cup. Gross.
  6. Scumbags abound on Monday's show - dummy who - instead of paying her own rent - gave money to an absolute sleaze. A guy who took a 2/3 down payment and basically decided to steal the money without doing the work because...Covid gets him unemployment. Idiot movers who decide to leave the fridge out on the sidewalk to screw up OTHER people's stuff. Unbelievable. Not only that, but it would have been SUPER easy for them to also prove that the refrigerator HADN'T been outside all night by also showing the proof from a mere 1/2 hour earlier when they left it there. #liars Yuck! The whole hour was just a sleaze-fest.
  7. This is crazy to me. He was so angry when he looked at the P in the roomterview...."it was an ACCIDENT". Yeah, nobody says it was on purpose. Now that you know, however, you should muzzle the dogs and cut your mullet.
  8. An article about what we were wondering with the Kamala suit: https://pagesix.com/2020/11/10/how-snl-recreated-kamala-harris-white-suit-in-under-90-minutes/?_ga=2.263669452.1500423708.1604932747-24431074.1553028989
  9. I think they missed the opportunity to have Kate/Rudy 'tuck in his shirt' as he's leaving the update desk.
  10. DVR it and then start watching an hour in. Then you can ffwd through all the sob stories, interviews, explanations of obstacles, slo-mo replays, etc. Totally worth it! I just knew about Flip's dog because I saw pictures zoom by!
  11. Man, Flex...I watched with my kids (6 years old - a boy and a girl) and we were all cheering. She was gassed on the second half of the dragon thingy. I thought she was cooked. So amazing! I’d love if she made it through. Looking forward to next week and have my fingers crossed that Gil goes out on the second obstacle. 🙂
  12. I will never forgive them for this. It was on as a rerun at my mother-in-law’s house the other day and even muted, she’s a terrible actress. In 12 Dates, that woman was supposed to be her GRANDmother? You don’t just put a chain on glasses to make someone the grandmother. I dont’ feel like she was nearly old enough to be cast as the grmother.
  13. I will watch this every time someone references it. I must have watched it 10 times when it first aired. "Canadian Handsome" "He works too much anyways, so it's ok if I cheat on him."
  14. And he can’t tell JJ what he does for work (entrepreneur you know...). He can’t say who he lives with...family....you know, people.?
  15. While I think the D - bootleg Kevin Cronin or bootleg Lindsay Buckingham - was happy for the initial easy money, this P knew he was going to have to pay for himself after February. He was working Uber all those 6 months and couldn’t put together whatever the rent was during that time while having to pay NO other bills? You were right that the P has figured out the scam. Then he decided he would just take advantage of the anti-eviction laws because of Covid. Yuck. I wanted to drop kick the broken-armed, scumbag defendant in the face. If the P did have some evidence of him paying it back, JJ should have listened. I’m wondering what we don’t know about the additional context (that they don’t show).
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