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  1. That episode was especially great. Michael Strahan's family was so impressive. The section on the Jesuits was just wrenching. Ms. Merkerson nailed it when she said, "They came her to avoid persecution, but then they turned around and persecuted us?" (I don't think that's quite right). It's great that Georgetown named the hall after her ancestor, but she's right - they are owed a lot more than that. I wonder if any schools are using these programs to teach about slavery? I think these episodes would make great discussions.
  2. SophiaD

    The Titan Games

    I like ANW better, because they are racing against the clock, not each other. Also, what's the point of telling a backstory on a contestant if three seconds later, they'll be out and we'll never see or hear from them again? I liked the original American Gladiators back in the day, but the recent reboot had way too many interviews and too much commentary, and not nearly enough action. This is more like the reboot, honestly.
  3. I'm really shocked that it didn't occur to Gates or Martin that his grandmother could have been raped.
  4. SophiaD


    Great job, Sam! He did really well in the Pommel Horse and Parallel Bars, too - others just did better. Here's hoping that this will allow him to steady his nerves and compete up to his standard in non-USA events going forward. SO great to see Epke Zonderland and Kohei Uchimura bring it in that final event. What awesome gymnastics.
  5. SophiaD


    Sam finishes out of the medals in the first two event finals he is in again. Sigh. This is so hard to watch. That said, congratulations to the guys who medaled! Also, Simone is amazing.
  6. SophiaD


    Sam was in third place until the last rotation. It's just really hard to watch. He just can't get it done when it counts.
  7. SophiaD

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    Count me in as yet another Clara-lover! What a nice treat to find others like me. I thought everyone on this forum detested her. I really adored Matt Smith, too, so it was hard to get used to Capaldi. He just seemed so grumpy, especially after Smith's quirky charm. I'm excited to see Jodie Whittaker, although it's airing in the middle of the night here. I'll wait to see it air tomorrow evening
  8. SophiaD

    S10.E13: Las Vegas Finals Night 1

    Oh, I forgot Najee Richardson is still competing next week. He's pretty awesome. I hope he and Drew both do well. I originally didn't like Drew all that much, but ever since that time - the year before last, maybe? - when he let Jessie Graf have his spot on the USA vs. the World event, I've been a real fan. I love how encouraging he is of all of the people he coaches. I can't believe the show didn't even give Maggie Thorne a caption. I found her to be really impressive in the Team Spartan show last year. If she ever puts it together and has a good run, she could be a force to be reckoned with, especially because she's pretty tall. Meanwhile, I will cherish the hopes that Barclay Stockett somehow makes it through the Jumping Spider, while admitting that is wildly unlikely. I just don't think Meghan Martin is fast enough.
  9. SophiaD

    S10.E13: Las Vegas Finals Night 1

    That was a serious letdown. Still too many tedious backstories, not enough of actual athletes completing the course, no women completing the course, and too many favorites crashing and burning. I'm pinning my hopes on Drew Drechsel and Lance Pekus. I love Barclay Stockett, but I keep thinking her lack of height is a huge disadvantage. After so many strong showings by great women this season, this is definitely a letdown. I hope Flex works on her speed in the off-season. Thank goodness for Daniel Gill and his wildly curly locks. Also, huge props to Jamie.
  10. SophiaD

    S10.E13: Las Vegas Finals Night 1

    Oh, she definitely qualified. I just had heard she didn't compete the finals course. Such a bummer if true.
  11. SophiaD

    S10.E13: Las Vegas Finals Night 1

    I'd heard that Jessie Graf isn't running at all in Vegas this year. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. SophiaD


    It's absolutely sickening what those young women and girls went through. My heart breaks for them all. I'm watching the USA Men's Competition right now, and Sam Mikulak has to be one of the most frustrating athletes I've ever seen. He's like the Sasha Cohen of men's gymnastics. He has these crazy good skills, but he has the weirdest mental lapses on easy elements. I almost wish he would retire, because it's so nerve-wracking to watch him. Speaking of figure skaters, it was nice to see Nancy Kerrigan in the stands. She looks amazing. Akash Modi is delightful. Allan Bower also just had a really odd mental lapse. I hope this isn't a thing. Yul Moldauer isn't doing all that well, either. It's going to be really interesting to see who manages to put together a decent Night 2. I'm looking forward to seeing Simone tomorrow.
  13. SophiaD

    S10.E11: Philadelphia City Finals

    Alyssa Beird and Michelle Warnky rocked it! I loved the segment with the whining kids who were fighting over who got to play Alyssa in their "Let's Pretend" game. LOL. Nice runs from Jamie Rahn, James McGrath, and Najee Richardson. In general, I'm finding the Finals courses to be much less frustrating this year, although I'm wondering how some of the smaller, petite women ninjas like Barclay or Alyssa would have coped with the doors on the Spider Climb. A hundred pounds is a lot to lift with your upper body anyway, and to do it while wedged in that space seems super-hard.
  14. I liked Kacy's presence this time a lot more than in the qualifiers. She and Barclay are friends and used to train together. At least it made sense. And, yes, Barclay is an absolute beast. I'm so glad she's going to Vegas. My money is on Flex to be the second woman to finish a Final's course. Last year, i would have said Jessie Graff, but it sounds like her mysterious secret project is keeping her from doing as much training as she wanted - and now it sounds as if she might not be in Vegas, either? Bummer. Allyssa Beird also has finished Stage One in Vegas - she might be able to finish a Finals course.
  15. I thought the course was a really good finals course - just taxing enough, and anyone who makes it through that crazy 9th obstacle deserves to make it through Vegas. But what odd editing choices! Most of the actual finishers got the WWWA treatment, including some major fan favorites, like David Campbell and Nicholas Coolridge. I also felt badly for Nick Hanson that his entire run was relegated to a tiny box during the commercial break. I don't think they even mentioned him during the WWWA section. I wonder how the women are going to do with the new Spider Climb? Speaking of which, I was really happy for both women who made it to Vegas. I really like Tianna, and Anna is very impressive. It's great to see more and more women making it farther each yet. I did feel a bit badly for Grant McCartney, but maybe he needs to (with apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda), "Run more. Dance less."