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  1. I agree that the teens themselves are mostly fine. They put in the work, they have causes they support, they seem like nice young people. I'm not just thrilled at it becoming the "American Ninja Warrior Family show" featuring affluent families who can afford to support their kids' ninja habits, rather than quirky adults who figure out a way to train and have a life. OTOH, I suspect that the whole Drew mess had a lot to do with the shift in focus. With the influx of teens, though, the whole Safety Pass thing (faster is better) and the consistent (over) use of upper body strength in
  2. Boring. Sorry. I don't need to see a show with a bunch of over-privileged teenagers whose parents can afford to build them towers and can open gyms, so their kids succeed. At least Vance had an interesting, inspiring backstory. I mean, I'm happy for Kaden, who seems perfectly nice (and the fact that we're focusing on teenagers probably means there's less likelihood of a Drew-type scandal... at least, one can hope), but the physical feats of the show aren't interesting enough to pull me in, not when there are ninjas that I actually like and have been rooting for for years who either g
  3. So, so happy for Flex! She is currently my favorite ninja and definitely of those still competing. Glad Joe made it through, although I cannot imagine running that course while not having food poisoning! The hang time for some of those guys who caught the Safety Pass was incredible. I don't know how they do that! I did feel badly for the first teen with the long hair, mainly because he was SO CLOSE to completing Stage 2. Happy for Vance Walker. The rest of it was just kind of meh, and I thought the editing was weird, in terms of having the second part of one stage on the fir
  4. This, absolutely. That's right up there with watching that other poor guy throw up last week. Have some decency, show.
  5. Donovan's run was the highlight of the night for me. Just watching him soar over the water to the ladder made me smile. Especially in that suit. Yes, that was a seriously boring episode for me. And did we really need to see that poor teenager throwing up? It was also super-weird that some actual finishers, especially ones that the audience knows and likes, got the WWWA treatment. I agree with the others, too much filler. I'm also not thrilled that the teens who are making it are seriously affluent. Like, I'm glad that your family has enough money to build you a ninja gym in a barn,
  6. Well, that was a relief. A little of the old-school ANW magic was back. I'm bummed for Flip and all of the great ninjas that didn't make it through, but I'm very happy for Austin, who is a great guy, and there were enough of my favorites (yay, Tyler! Yay, Cameron!) who made it through. The teens were showcased a nice amount, but didn't take over the whole show. There was a little too much WWWA and too many bugs, but, overall, it was a good episode. Also, I had to laugh when Matt introduced a few of the men as "a father of three" or "a father of two," although we're still not hearin
  7. I hope Flex has a good run. With Jessie Graf hurt and out for the season and Allyssa Beird out early, she's really the only one left who has had success at the finals. Sigh.
  8. Congratulations to both of the teens who had great runs on the Power Tower. It was great to see Najee again. I wish he was able to compete this season. And, yes, please, get rid of the Drop Zone! In this case, I was happy that the teens made it, because we didn't have to see Sean try to run the Power Tower and maybe hit his head again. It was also nice to hear all of the athletes supporting each other and I heard a few witty puns this evening - nice job, Matt and Akbar. However, the changes still aren't doing it for me. I've been watching it to see how my favorites are doing and
  9. JFC. The way Akbar and Matt were carrying on, Joe Moravsky has one foot in the grave. I did enjoy Matt calling him "Old Papa Storm Clouds," but the rest of it was just annoying. I was happy that Moravsky won. Also, I must admit, I really, really, really do not care who the first mom is to do whatever. Alex Morgan is a mom. Allyson Felix is a mom. Oksana Chusovitina is a mom (and just competed in her eighth Olympics). Yes, Sandy is a great athlete and is in great shape, but dial it down. I liked the "Jersey girl" who smoked the course on her rookie run and made it to top fift
  10. USA women get their first-ever gold! Woot, woot.
  11. The USA subs just aren't as good as the starters. I'm also not as crazy about Chelsea Gray as the backup point guard, although she is a great shooting guard. I wonder that Courtney Vandersloot didn't get a look. Fortunately, Taurasi and Stewart are doing their thing and Griner just came back in. ETA: The commentators made the excellent point that the first-time Olympians might be nervous. Also, Kara Lawson is a great color commentator.
  12. Brittney Griner is an absolute force in this game, but Japan's three shooting is keeping them in it. ETA: Perfect and timely shot from Jewel Loyd just now!
  13. The Geico ad with the rap band helping with dessert is hilarious. I especially love that the couple ends up dancing in the kitchen while the teenaged daughter stalks off in disgust. Comcast (I think?) is running a nice series on "the athletes of tomorrow," based on the happenings of these Olympics.
  14. I remember there was a giant amount of talk when Devon Allen chose to go into Track and Field instead of declaring for the NFL Draft. He was an outstanding quarterback for Oregon. I can't fault the young men for choosing fame, and, even more importantly, money and security in the NFL, instead of becoming track athletes, but am hoping that the new name, image, and likeness laws will allow them to make a nice nest egg for the future and consider their options. Track seems rigorous, but with much better long-term implications for athlete health.
  15. That was tacky. Shame on you, NBC. Let the Canadian and Swedish teams have their moment. They both played incredibly well this tournament.
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