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  1. His didn't strike me as simple at all. Maybe more streamlined than others in their aesthetic (not a lot of delicate icing details), but technically very challenging, and I thought both of them were among the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch, and that adding icing frills or something would have detracted. It's not as though he just ran out of time and didn't decorate; he spent the time on meticulous construction and polish. I suppose he could have added more icing to the windmill but I preferred it as it was. Most of the others in both weeks were quite messy and amateurish looking.
  2. Looks like a good range of ages and backgrounds. I like this fellow's motivation: "Born in Trinidad, Jairzeno started his baking journey after losing faith with delicious-looking products that didn’t taste as good as they looked." Similarly, "[Jürgen] started baking after being unable to find traditional German bread in the UK, and is now well-known for his Jewish challah bread, and for celebration cakes that he bakes for friends and family." (Plenty of others who have really interesting sounding bios, too, and several who enjoy the decorating aspect of things for people who enj
  3. I agree - it was great! It's also on Paramount+ so if you've paid for that to watch The Good Fight and still have some time on your subscription, you might enjoy it as a binge watch.
  4. I didn't think I'd appreciate an all lip synch battle episode, but I did - because ALL of them got a good edit, and a timely reminder that they were all stars, too, and why. Everyone got to go out on a high note, even if they didn't win, and even if they were out in one of the first episodes, we were reminded that we should want to see more of them, too. Aside from Silky, I think Jan benefited the most from this. I thought that one was a tossup but probably would have given it to Silky, too (Jan ahead for most of it, and then Silky slowly caught up and then passed her with the guitar anti
  5. I've actually quite enjoyed it, even though there's plenty to pick apart (and I will never watch Drag Tots). The formula may be getting old, but the queens are easy to root for and I've enjoyed the camaraderie among this particular group. I'm also glad that, at least so far, they've been voting based on perceived merit rather than trying to get rid of their biggest competition. Maybe at this point they worry that it will turn the fandom against them. I suppose it helped that I had very low expectations, and that I never watch anything without also doing something else - checking email or
  6. Apparently she said on social media (instagram?) that "sometimes we just don't vibe with a song (no shade)" and that she hadn't expected to be lip syncing and so hadn't prepared enough. (There was a screenshot of her post about this on reddit.) Makes sense to me. It's not as though she could hide who she voted for forever anyway, so why throw away a chance at the cash?
  7. I suspect the wealthy benefactor. He was centered in the shots of the spectators in Wackner's courtroom at the end, with him giving a slow clap and a nod of satisfaction in the midst of the applause in the last shot. Then they cut from him to Marissa, looking as though she's pretty sure she's figured out the connection. Wackner, however, does not seem to have put it all together.
  8. I can't assess sincerity from the statement; I don't think there's anything he could say that would make people trust him on it at this point. Time will tell.
  9. Thanks for the recaps. I actually haven't been able to get myself to watch these last two episodes; I might go back & catch the first one, for Kishwar's daughter & maybe a few of the recipes, but the second sounds interminable, especially since it's a pressure test. I would only care if I was invested in more than one of them, and didn't already know that she was almost certainly not going to win because the betting odds had been decisively towards Justin all this time. I tried to set that knowledge aside, but by the very end, there wasn't much suspense left, either in how it was going
  10. Pete has updated his instagram to give credit to Relae for various recipes, in response to the criticism. It turns out with some of them (including the recent zucchini one) he did not have recipes, only the photos (from the restaurant's website), and he worked it out from there. Hard to do! I still think he should have given more credit from the get-go, but the judges may have led him to believe he'd done enough. In any event, he's made the adjustment, so good for him. (Honestly, based on the diner reviews of the zucchini dish, it sounds like Pete's version may have been an improvement.
  11. I suppose it's an accomplishment that she hasn't racked up any new last names since she was 23.
  12. Yes, thanks for the link. I suppose the only upside is that he's under a microscope now. Any behavior or decision that's even a little bit questionable should be a lot harder to get away with, at least in the near term.
  13. Since I've been critical: It seems Pete at least tweaked the oyster dish a bit; the original uses a leek emulsion rather than an oyster emulsion. It's still awfully close (and the original sounds better), but credit for not doing things exactly the same way. I imagine he got the oyster emulsion from him somewhere, though. Puglisi's book encourages people to mix and match components. (Side note: if I went to a seriously fancy restaurant, I think I'd be a little annoyed at other diners taking pictures of all their food. It's fine if you're reviewing a local takeaway or more casual spot, but
  14. I found that exact same article featuring the oyster dish almost instantly! Oh, Pete. The zucchini one was harder to find, but probably also from Relae. I found this picture in a diner's review of their meal there: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g189541-d2045377-i337415457-Relae-Copenhagen_Zealand.html As for whether this approach is already a bit dated, it appears Puglisi, at least, is moving on. Here's this on his decision to close Relae & another of his restaurants: "Puglisi’s restaurants are less exalted than Noma on the international sta
  15. I wouldn't mind eating this dessert, but watching 5 people try to recreate it wasn't particularly interesting to me. It's the sort of episode that reminds me why I don't watch (most) dessert competitions (GBBO is an exception), even though I am a sucker for competitive reality shows where the contestants actually have to be good at something. I don't enjoy watching fiddly things. At least I had people to root for. Well, just Kishwar at this point. If it's Pete & Justin in the finale, I'm not sure I'd watch - I'm tired of both of them. If one of them deserves to win, congratulations -
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