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  1. akr

    S13.W9 (40-44)

    Thanks for the link - I'm glad he's doing so much better. I found it courageous, and am glad he didn't let himself go further down that path without asking for help. It can be really hard to do when you're in that state of mind.
  2. I've set sling to record new episodes, which it never does. It's just as well, because they don't show up there for ages, either (weeks, I think? That was the case but I've stopped looking.) I've always watched them on the Bravo website immediately after the episodes, and that's never failed me. (I'm on Pacific time, so perhaps there's a delay of a few hours if you're on the east coast.) Maybe Bravo is slow to release them to broadcasters in general.
  3. Agreed - except that especially in the last three or four episodes, the characters are just doing so much shouting to get their points across. Bad acting, bad writing, bad direction, all three? I don't know, but it was almost enough for me to just give up on it. Ben has been the worst culprit but he's not alone. As in real life, yelling does not usually make your point more compelling, and here it has seemed to substitute for having a coherent argument: "I know I was wrong last time! But this time I'm sure I'm right! So you should believe me!!"
  4. Count me as another "older" poster who sees insecurity rather than manipulation. Me too. A bit younger than the original poster, but I think 58 is in the same ballpark.
  5. She was at a Portland restaurant before she went to Soter Vineyards, and while it may be an hour's drive from Portland, it nonetheless is only about 30 miles to the west. "Hauman, who was executive chef at Arden in the Pearl District before decamping for Soter Vineyards in Carlton in August 2019." https://www.pdxmonthly.com/eat-and-drink/2021/05/sara-hauman-dishes-on-her-time-at-top-chef-portland So, I don't consider it an unreasonable shorthand (and, fwiw, my parents grew up in Portland). The comparison made earlier about restaurants in Napa not being referred to as San Franc
  6. akr

    S13.W8 (35-39)

    Someone on reddit observed that Pete seems to be working his way through Christian Puglisi's book, Relæ: A Book of Ideas (then seemed to delete the posts, perhaps because they overstated their point - I don't think he was copying things verbatim, but they were right - the influence seems pretty clear and direct). I looked on Amazon & from the kindle version (sample just includes some descriptions; I'm not going to buy the book to check the full recipes) I'm fairly certain he drew on these recipes: carrot bearnaise (for his carrot steak); cod, kohlrabi, & skins (his cod dish on Sunday);
  7. akr

    S13.W8 (35-39)

    We've had 35 episodes and still have 14 of 24 contestants - no wonder it's dragging. I like everybody but I wish we were down to 10. (edit: I checked yesterday when we are at 34 episodes and 15 contestants - looks like normally at that point we are down to about 12 (including any returnees, whether they had returned yet or not). I wasn't rigorous about this, but enough to confirm that this is an outlier).
  8. I thought Karen from Finance missed an opportunity to call her daughter Sharon (from HR was my guess). (Not just for the rhyme - Karen was the #2 girls' name in Australia in 1960, and Sharon was #7). The rugby guys were great, though, and I enjoyed most of the interactions. I kind of appreciated the shade Art was getting for ignoring her partner during the makeup, but I thought the outfits did the work of making them sisters and didn't particularly notice any issues with the makeup in the end. I did not enjoy how left out Craft seemed to be feeling while Art was spending so much time on
  9. Who's to say the group session is the only help they're getting? I would assume it's supplemental to whatever else they may need/want. (And I assume it is during hours when the library is closed. Although someone pointed out that the sun appeared to be up during at least one session, it's entirely possible that some branches of the Toronto library system (there are many) aren't open every day, or it could be a university or other institutional library at a time when school is out of session or workers have the weekend off, etc.)
  10. Happy to, and I'll keep it going for tomorrow night as well because I fell a little more in love with him tonight. I'm right there with you, but he once again demonstrated that he likes to take big risks. The canelés could have failed just like the crocodile did (although he was of course at least on familiar territory this time). I like him, but if he gets back in, I suspect that sooner or later that penchant for risk-taking is going to take him down again.
  11. I didn't care about them being gloomy (it didn't even particularly jump out to me). But there was no coherence - it was just random mystery of the week, one and done, with no hint of anything really tying it together until perhaps the two-parter with Shelby & his twin sister. The only three episodes that grabbed me enough to make me care whether or not there was a second season were those two and the finale. I had no idea whether there was any sort of theory behind it, or if the debris was just an excuse for a set of barely connected plots in which weird things happen because [look over th
  12. Maybe they have different comfort levels with hugging etc. - I'm not sure when this was filmed relative to various stages of Australia's mostly very good record with Covid, but some people are more risk averse than others, and it can be hard to dial your caution levels up and down as situations (and recommendations) change. I figure they've decided hugs are now allowed, but obviously they're not mandatory. The elbow habit that was widely followed for a while may still feel more comfortable than a high five, etc., especially with someone you've only ever exchanged elbow bumps with. Etc. I just
  13. They actually weren't wearing aprons at all - it was the guest chef who had a black apron on. Funny!!
  14. Yay for Minoli! She's the one of the four I would most want to see more from, and she seems like such a lovely person. A pretty good job from all of them, really - at the end, the guest chef seemed almost a little disappointed that there hadn't been more drama beyond Eric's jam not setting & Conor leaving off his twigs. It sounded like someone will go straight through from tomorrow's mystery box, rather than setting them up for another pressure test to get in. So, will there then be a Thursday episode in which they all cook for immunity from a Sunday elimination? I had been thinking
  15. That's why I mentioned the test bombs in the south Pacific. I am old enough that I had a teacher in Junior High who was on one of the Navy boats nearby - close enough that when they were asked to look the opposite direction and hold their hands over their faces, they could see the bones in their hands when it went off. Needless to say, he thought that they had been too close. At least one of the Nevada tests was of an H bomb. I could also have mentioned Russia & Kazakhstan (USSR), Australia (British), North Africa (Algeria, under the French), and Xinjiang (China) as other sites of ab
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