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  1. I suspect the wealthy benefactor. He was centered in the shots of the spectators in Wackner's courtroom at the end, with him giving a slow clap and a nod of satisfaction in the midst of the applause in the last shot. Then they cut from him to Marissa, looking as though she's pretty sure she's figured out the connection. Wackner, however, does not seem to have put it all together.
  2. I can't assess sincerity from the statement; I don't think there's anything he could say that would make people trust him on it at this point. Time will tell.
  3. Thanks for the recaps. I actually haven't been able to get myself to watch these last two episodes; I might go back & catch the first one, for Kishwar's daughter & maybe a few of the recipes, but the second sounds interminable, especially since it's a pressure test. I would only care if I was invested in more than one of them, and didn't already know that she was almost certainly not going to win because the betting odds had been decisively towards Justin all this time. I tried to set that knowledge aside, but by the very end, there wasn't much suspense left, either in how it was going
  4. Pete has updated his instagram to give credit to Relae for various recipes, in response to the criticism. It turns out with some of them (including the recent zucchini one) he did not have recipes, only the photos (from the restaurant's website), and he worked it out from there. Hard to do! I still think he should have given more credit from the get-go, but the judges may have led him to believe he'd done enough. In any event, he's made the adjustment, so good for him. (Honestly, based on the diner reviews of the zucchini dish, it sounds like Pete's version may have been an improvement.
  5. I suppose it's an accomplishment that she hasn't racked up any new last names since she was 23.
  6. Yes, thanks for the link. I suppose the only upside is that he's under a microscope now. Any behavior or decision that's even a little bit questionable should be a lot harder to get away with, at least in the near term.
  7. Since I've been critical: It seems Pete at least tweaked the oyster dish a bit; the original uses a leek emulsion rather than an oyster emulsion. It's still awfully close (and the original sounds better), but credit for not doing things exactly the same way. I imagine he got the oyster emulsion from him somewhere, though. Puglisi's book encourages people to mix and match components. (Side note: if I went to a seriously fancy restaurant, I think I'd be a little annoyed at other diners taking pictures of all their food. It's fine if you're reviewing a local takeaway or more casual spot, but
  8. I found that exact same article featuring the oyster dish almost instantly! Oh, Pete. The zucchini one was harder to find, but probably also from Relae. I found this picture in a diner's review of their meal there: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g189541-d2045377-i337415457-Relae-Copenhagen_Zealand.html As for whether this approach is already a bit dated, it appears Puglisi, at least, is moving on. Here's this on his decision to close Relae & another of his restaurants: "Puglisi’s restaurants are less exalted than Noma on the international sta
  9. I wouldn't mind eating this dessert, but watching 5 people try to recreate it wasn't particularly interesting to me. It's the sort of episode that reminds me why I don't watch (most) dessert competitions (GBBO is an exception), even though I am a sucker for competitive reality shows where the contestants actually have to be good at something. I don't enjoy watching fiddly things. At least I had people to root for. Well, just Kishwar at this point. If it's Pete & Justin in the finale, I'm not sure I'd watch - I'm tired of both of them. If one of them deserves to win, congratulations -
  10. It appears to be a takeoff of another dish from Relae (Christian Puglisi's restaurant), although the nori filling was his idea. The original is reviewed here: https://www.somemeals.com/p/copenhagen-is-killing-it ("The best thing we ate [as part of a 4-course tasting menu] was hands down the celeriac 'croissant'—layers and layers of crispy, caramelized root vegetable infused with savory herbs and, if I remember correctly, a briny olive paste"). (I found this by googling "celeriac croissant"; there was an image that looked almost exactly like Pete's except for the plate (Relae used a less p
  11. You pretty much knew as soon as they said 4 savory & 2 sweet that it would be one of the desserts that would go home. On Masterchef UK (the professionals, maybe?) they do something very like this challenge but without anybody going home just from the restaurant challenge; after that, they get to go back to the studio & cook something where everyone is cooking under the same constraints. I prefer the level playing field. Oh, well. I didn't really expect Sabina to go all the way, and she did well to go so far. I'm not at all interested in going to this restaurant - seems a pre
  12. Thanks for the links. I read both the articles, though, and think it suggests the repeated violations were for his interactions with the one employee with whom he'd had an affair, and it's just that they're referring to a series of unpleasant and/or unprofessional interactions they may have had during or in the aftermath of the affair. I believe in only holding people accountable for what they actually did, and I'm not going to assume there's more without evidence. It was a huge mistake that rightly cost him his job, but if that's all it is it's not the same as someone who's a serial offender.
  13. Linda's dish sounded amazing - so glad she won (and that ice cream and granita didn't. Why didn't Justin change it up when the oranges didn't even taste like he imagined they would? Surely he could have added some other element.). The MasterchefAU instagram has a bit where the judges say what they would do with these options; Andy opted for chocolate/pistachio but would do a mole with them; both Jock & Mel went the sweet hibachi route. Jock recalled Amina's quail with pomegranate molasses glaze from a team challenge last year, and Mel was thinking pina coladas, so: caramelized roasted
  14. I wrote this before watching the most recent episode - and the judges really stepped up their critiques, I thought! So many times they have limited themselves to things like, "are you sure?" but this time the comments were a lot more substantive. I don't know if they were doing as much of this earlier on, and I just missed it; if they weren't able to do as much of this until the contestants were already at a certain level; or if they're getting better at that part of the role (a bit different dealing with amateur adults, as opposed to children or the all stars). Some of it may just be the sho
  15. Also, Justin said something a couple of weeks that suggested he'd just been aiming for middle of the pack for the first half of the season, and at some point he realized that wasn't going to be good enough anymore. If Depinder played all her best cards at the beginning, Justin saved his (and picked up a bunch of new ones) for the end. The pacing also probably helped him avoid running out of steam. It's a bit risky, of course, as you can go home anytime, but if you're good enough, and you're not doing anything too crazy, early on you can usually count on somebody else to screw up. Late in the g
  16. What an inspiring location. I've not generally been all that interested in the native ingredients (I'm not from Australia), but in that place, and with the people they've allowed us to hear from, and the food that Kishwar and Pete in particular were able to create in response to it - there's an emotional connection to the place even through my laptop screen. Well done, show. All three successful dishes looked wonderful to me (I worried a bit that Tommy's rushing would leave the flavors unbalanced in the end, but it was pretty clear all along from the editing that we were meant to see that Kish
  17. I don't think you can just count how many mistakes or limitations a dish may have (and we only hear some of the critique anyway, so who knows what the real count is) - it's how significant the flaws are, and whether the dish works well overall. And, I don't think it's that they couldn't taste pumpkin or walnut at all in Depinder's dish, but rather that the flavors were too muted. It certainly left her vulnerable. As for Minoli's, I don't think they explained it well enough, but the taste of green mango can be quite assertive (sour and/or bitter) and likely didn't blend well with the other
  18. Good episode! My favorites remain my favorites (Kish, Linda, Tommy, Sabina, Depinder), although the order moves around & Depinder isn't at the top of it for me anymore. (Minoli was up there, too, for me, but oh, well). Justin & Pete look strong & deserving to be there, too, but I'm not as interested in their food. It was interesting to see Elise step it up at this stage - nice to see her taking the techniques she knows so well and branching out with more creative flavors. Have we ever seen any hint of her Sri Lankan heritage in her cooking? I don't know that it meshes well wi
  19. akr


    [deleting - realized I was responding to a weeks-old post]
  20. I'm not sure why people have been so down on this group - I'm interested in what almost all of them cook, even though I'm not likely to attempt to reproduce the 40+-ingredient recipes that some of them put out. (I'd go to their restaurants instead, and let them do the cooking.) It took me a while to warm up to most of the crew (aside from Depinder, who was obviously a star from early on), but by mid-season a lot of them were looking very strong. (It helps that my top 6 are in the top 10.) At this point, are Scott & Elise the weak links? I have liked (what little we've seen of) Scott a
  21. Sorry, @displayname, I probably should have tried to make my points without quoting you. Your comment was a good takeoff point for something I was wanting to say, and we do have some different points of view, I think, but I wasn't intending to disagree with you so much as to make a counterpoint. I get bored when (especially with desserts) fanciness is prized over taste - I think it actually gets in the way of doing certain things well. Minoli's wow point would have been pulling that off in the time allotted. Tommy's was flavor & texture & inspiration. Far better that than isomalt cello
  22. I was skeptical of it too, but he borrowed the recipe from one of the world's top restaurants. I'd try it there, but not if a friend or neighbor cooked it for me. (It's one of the many recipes Pete took from Christian Puglisi's book). So, I don't see manipulation, just an editing failure that leaves us unconvinced. Honestly, that still really sounds like a technique to allow you to eat every last bit of the fish if you're in a starvation situation, though, and I don't know how they expect us to believe otherwise if they're not going to just acknowledge where Pete is getting so many of his
  23. I disagree that "wow" has to be difficult technique & plating - and, for that matter, that there wasn't difficult technique & Minoli's or Tommy's dishes. When they prioritize technique over flavor, you end up with something that's just not that interesting to eat. I was surprised Kishwar had the issue with flavor, though, but she must not have wanted the vanilla to disrupt the traditional flavor profiles she was highlighting. (I'm used to kulfi either featuring condensed milk as the dominant flavor, or with the addition of mango, saffron, cardamom, or pistachio.) I wasn't sure about th
  24. akr

    S13.W9 (40-44)

    I'll be contrarian. I still like Tommy, quite a lot! I respect Pete, and he seems like a nice guy, but I'm not particularly interested in his food. And Depinder had better not be going anywhere anytime soon. (I don't care one way or the other about Justin. He seems nice enough, but I agree the bro energy is a little tiresome if you're not part of the bro crew.) So, I hope Tommy or Depinder wins immunity, and Pete would be ok, too. It seems Brent, Pete, Amir & Justin were best buds, so all credit to all of them for being there for Brent; and good for Justin for starting to step up. It'
  25. We really don't know what happened with Gabe at his restaurant, since nobody involved has chosen to say more. Sometimes (probably most of the time) losing a job is sufficient consequence for whatever happened (at least for those of us who are not party to any of it - those who are can sort it out amongst themselves, and apparently have done so). People can learn from their mistakes, especially when they have faced consequences; and sometimes losing a job wasn't actually a fair outcome. I don't know, so I'm not going to make any assumptions one way or the other. I'm noting the question mar
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