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  1. These girls need to stop taking the easy fix on everything just because they have the money. I don't understand the whole, I had weight surgery but it was really just sucked out and put into my asshole surgery. She looked great when she was fit and she has the money to have a home gym and to have an indoor pool to swim in. Do that instead of having plastic surgery and building a new fucking home. Kail isn't happy and continues to try to buy happiness with paying for surgeries to alter her body and face. And then tries to buy happiness by buying house after house. Material things and mater
  2. Don't forget the two miscarriages. So that's 6 pregnancies. I wouldn't want to listen to her about anything. Don't know how anyone can relate to her at all.
  3. I don't understand why she needs all this help and still be showing off her shirts that say boy mom. She shouldn't have that much trouble with Isaac, he's old enough to help her out and the same goes for Lincoln. Lux just always seems like he runs around yelling and screaming and was raised by wolves for some reason to me. No one told her to have 4 fucking kids. If she can't 'handle her kids by herself then maybe take a clue and quit having kids. I just don't understand why she needs help and people keep helping her to get shit on by her. And I surely don't understand why she just shit on her
  4. Ok, what did she say about him?
  5. Oh man, that tore me up. I was wondering where Jake was and he had his family on board and then when he lost it. Bill losing it and seeing him and Nick in the wheelhouse. RIP Nick, you were one of my favorites.
  6. What is it with these chicks and not paying their taxes? Did they honestly think they could get that kind of money and it not be reported and not pay taxes on it? And after being on this show for years, they are all past the excuse that they didn't know.
  7. Ok, I'm happy with the ending. I was scared for them all but I'm happy they are all together
  8. I loved Pote and Kelly Anne playing house. It reminded me of that movie where the neighbors are spies, Keeping Up with the Joneses. If they killed off Teresa I will be surprised. If James really did it, I will also be surprised. Put me on the side that it's all for show and someone else got killed so she could be dead and walk away from the business. Her and James both, since it will be another life and they could be together. Can Boaz just be put down already. How much shit is he going to ruin?
  9. Can Keith not have to call every freaking time Monte is fishing? I know it's set up by producers but it's annoying as fuck. Every fucking season he has to call and check on how it's going. Let your damn brother do his shit. He always does good and get off his back. Ughhhhh I can't stand Keith. I was extremely sad watching Nick and them naming the string after his daughter and knowing what's going to happen. Can Josh just leave already. And once again it was nice not having Jake freak out over shit, no Keith being a dick and Sig being a douche. Jonathan is starting to grate on my nerv
  10. Bawling throughout. Next week I will be too. I just want happy endings for everyone.
  11. I get sick of Josh and his getting sick watching Freddy and the blood. Like you're up I'm the wheelhouse and can't smell it or anything, quit being overdramatic. I live when Monte is in the captain's chair because I like him but I don't have to hear Keith throwing his hissy fits. Does anyone know anything about Junior's daughter, is she okay, I know with her brain issues and them leaving she isn't, but I'm hoping nothing bad happened.
  12. Good Lord her pupil is big as hell in that picture.
  13. I said oh no, Bobby is pissed the heck off as he was chopping the veggies. I am glad that Hen and Karen got to see Nia. I am also glad that Bobby and Athena made up and that the episode picked right up where it left off. I am glad Maddie talked to Chim. I don't understand why she quit her job though. I know she just got back from leave but she could have gone on another to deal with her PPD.
  14. The writers clearly never lived in West Texas. Haboobs happen at least once a year. Yes there is damage but this was just catastrophe. I don't understand the other captain. Next season will be loaded with Owen sweeping in and saving the firehouse.
  15. I got the feeling Casteel isn't running the show anymore. I can't wait for Boaz to be killed. Nice to see Riz from Mayans but damn he picked the wrong team.
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