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  1. I didn't even know it was her. I had to look up on the internet who it was because I knew she looked familiar. That's one thing I love about this series and the 2 before, to me some of the actors playing the real life people really do look at speak like them. I don't know what her mother looked like but she didn't look like Mira when I saw her in this episode. I didn't pay attention in the other episodes to the mom.
  2. I've always felt bad how Monica was treated and how Clinton just got off scot free. Now knowing that Monica had a previous relationship that was similar and completely jacked up it is no wonder she got into this with Clinton. Yes she was an adult but was naive and taken advantage of and just made the scapegoat on this. This episode was great and since her parents were both aware of what happened that day it was a big help to her and standing up to the men in the room. I still feel bad for her because she made a dumb mistake as a young adult and it ruined the rest of her adult
  3. So first Barb took Jace, then she was young and now it's because MTV told her to go party. First off, she still picked to go party and get high and drunk. Second, if it wasn't for Barb Jace would have probably been in and out of foster homes and beaten, etc. Third, for years she picked men over Jace and would only be interested in getting him back when it made her look good. Fourth, this is the same person that followed someone onto their property like Billy Baddass and pulled a gun with her son in the car. I bet MTV told her to do that too.
  4. https://heavy.com/entertainment/teen-mom/kailyn-lowry-baby-chris-lopez/ So it's okay for her to blab her mouth about Chris and having a baby and now what the baby is going to be. But if anyone did that to her she would go insane. Didn't this happen with Lux and she was pissed off to the core? None of that is her news to spread or share.
  5. Damn, can't wait for Leah to hear and see this. Like calm down. Holy hell! Poor Leah. See this is the real Amber. The one that is on Teen Mom on her best behavior (yeah it's a stretch) this is the real Amber right here. Are her pupils as big as her eyes or what? No one is making fun of anyone with mental health. She is sitting there saying all this but her rage issues still are not being addressed. She still can't handle one thing being said or written without going off. Like calm down. See everyone gets on her nerves, she said it in thr video. That's her problem she can't handle
  6. Ok, so if Amber had a relationship in jail, then why was she screaming homewrecker? And hey Amber no one cares that you had a relationship with a woman. Focus on your broken relationship with your daughter and your college. Focus in your son and be a mother to both, not a friend. Get your rage issues under control. Once again no one gives a flip about your relationship with another woman. It just seems there is always something that comes before her kids. A dude, another dude, sleep, drugs, sleep, machetes, sleep, a dude and now her book.
  7. So why can the rehire just walk around without the uniform and then jump on another employee when she isn't even a supervisor and what happened to red headed lady? The whole story with the rehire is just pissing me off. Poor Chim. But I still don't understand why Maddie wasn't back at work or if she wasn't why they didn't have more people helping out with a new baby. And the talk on the balcony was spot on. I don't understand why more people weren't helping them though.
  8. So no one else needed to take a call while they all stood around applauding the rehire and then she immediately went on break and took May's coffee. I already don't like her.
  9. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/3809345/teen-mom-amber-portwood-bisexual-women/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=teenmom&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1633607179-1 Lordy, lordy. Nothing wrong with being bisexual, but I really think she should have just been focusing on her kids instead of discussing this. But she does realize that a woman will smack her upside her head, right?
  10. And Amber once again makes it all about her. She can never and will never put herself in someone else's shoes. And can she just not open her eyes ever?
  11. Thanks everyone for the Leah/Amber update. We all have been saying it for years and Amber is just so Amber that she can't see she's the one that all this falls on, not everyone else. At this point it doesn't matter how or when Gary and Kristina got together. She was in prison for one, but they are married and have been for awhile, so the time to bring that up should have been put to rest a long time ago. But the thing with Amber is that she can't move past the jail phase. She's stuck in that time period and maybe if she didn't lay around all the time she could get out of her own head. G
  12. Omg, please tell me what happened with Leah and Amber.
  13. Gus is still on my nerves but just not as much. He just seems one remark or drink away from swinging on Jeremiah. I don't know why both girls brought a pet but whatever. I'm just glad no one was we riding with Gus.
  14. toodywoody


    Knew it. But come on! Flipping tables and throwing things and then hitting someone else accidentally. All of them need to grow up.
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