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  1. I think that was Karissa Lynnae who said that.
  2. Megan supposedly auditioned with a friend and the friend didn't make it. Maybe she felt she was in over her head and needed an out.
  3. Remember when Shelbi quit her job? Kelli didn't seem to care probably because she knew she wouldn't make the team.
  4. Courtney and Danielle are the only 2 I can recall Kelli offering to help them find jobs. When Kyndall was let go by her employer and Kelli didn't offer her anything.
  5. I asked Judy via twitter back in 2013. Her response: "No she cheered one season and was from Arkansas. No relation."
  6. She danced for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers for 2 seasons.
  7. Alex made the Mavs along with vets that were cut ( Leah M, Carmen B, Michelle M) along with 2 TCCs who were cut Leah P and Katie S.
  8. There was a mugshot of her arrested for an assault charge. I can't find it anymore. Probably why her cut wasn't shown.
  9. Jackie has a picture on her Instagram of the 2009 rookies then and now.
  10. There's a youtube video from 2006 about the TB Bucs cheerleaders. A Japanese girl named Tomoko whose auditioning for her 2nd or 3rd year She says if she doesn't make the team, she would have to go back to Japan. She was on a entertainment visa.
  11. I wonder if her husband is an American citizen (works in the US). If he is then wouldn't she become one too? Also when Angela first auditioned she probably had to get a different Visa once she made the team. Jinnelle too.
  12. Agree 100%. This world has gone crazy with the whole "shaming" thing.
  13. After getting cut from the DCC she went back to the DS Ice Girls for a 2nd season. I think she might have retired from dancing. Her IG is courtlynnjohnson
  14. They look different without their DC C look. Whose between Lauren and Veronica?
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