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  1. I love her hair; is it naturally curly? I noticed looking on her IG at pics when she was a Flyer Girl she wore it curly and straight. Glad Kelli let her keep it curly.
  2. I think Alyssa got engaged while she was a DCC. She wrote a blog on the old DCC website about planning her wedding. She was also previously on the Mavs dancers, DS Ice Girls, and Allen Wranglers dancers (arena football team). Probably was ready to retire.
  3. Sunni was on the Mavs before the DCC; she's a better dancer and more likeable IMO. I thougth someone here said she made SG in season 3 but was cut in TC. I don't remember it but I'm not saying it didn't happen.
  4. I think she came back a little stronger the 2nd time and made the team.
  5. Alyssa Sarasani was cut from TC the first time in season 3 (2008). She was on the 2009 Mavs Dancers (w/Lauren C cut @ finals in 2009 )and came back in 2010 and made the DCC.
  6. I think Kristin made it to finals, I recall seeing her sitting in the chairs when they were calling off TCC names. I don't think Carrie made it that far I remember her flubbing up at semis. Wasn't Andrea a rookie with Brooke?
  7. I think she mentioned she took time off to get married. She and Kristin were featured at auditions in '08.
  8. 2006 Carrie Stillwell (auditioned in '08) 2007 Gina Bechetti retired & moved back to MN, cheered for the Vikings for 1 season. Also Leah Mullinax was cut at finals in '08 with Carmen B, Michelle M, and Kelli Jo. 2009 Vanesssa Jenkins, Malia Morales retired 2010 Alyssa Sarasani retired 2011 Kamilah, Jenna, Meghan, Alyssa, and Cassie K cut at finals in '12. Amber retired. 2012 Who is Emily Tiller? Did you mean Emily Claire? If so she retired.
  9. In the early years of MTT it seems like A LOT more former Mavs (Nicole, Justine, Trisha T, Kandi, Crystal T, Michelle K, Sunni, Kim) made the DCC. Now the only ones who made it in the last 5 years are: Loren, Lexie, Alexis, and Lisa.
  10. I wonder if it was as bad as Nina Moch from season 2 or 3. I heard they had to edit that one too.
  11. Stephanie Larson and now Kristin Dodd.
  12. I liked that Ashley H said in her talking head that the Mavs dancers are gone. I didn't think it was going to be covered. Also like Madeline S view of a legacy; that you don't get to be one until you make the team.
  13. Also Jinelle and Erica seemed the recycle the same moves in their solos.
  14. Very similar to former DCC Kat Rogers' solo the 2nd time. A lot of gymnastics and not much dancing. She also had that ribbon dancer thing she used.