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  1. Didn't Maddie end 2 years with her same old hip hop solo?
  2. This is just ridiculous. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1523803/masked-singer-nicole-scherzinger-kicked-show-mary-j-blige/
  3. Yes. She made it as far as finals a few times and was in the fan video vote along with others.
  4. I remember Kelli Q making it to finals a few times as well as the fan vote.
  5. I'd like to know what happened to that cheer show she was supposed to be on. Maybe it was cancelled.
  6. Maybe they'll just do cameo pictures like a lot of teams do.
  7. Kind of sad. Maybe they just went in different directions (before or after Tara's cut) in life.
  8. It's like when we'd talk about Kathryn Dunn but use KD or other nicknames. Supposedly she had an app or something that told her when her name was mentioned or googled. She'd put our posts on her Twitter to criticize them and defend herself.
  9. It was "supposedly" Jalyn who corrected VK and it was rumoured why she didn't make it back on show group.
  10. Was she a Laker Girl? That uniform in the profile picture looks like it.
  11. I always got the impression she was doing it for the "experience" . She didn't have any real dance training/experience. Had to know she didn't have a chance in making it.
  12. I haven't seen anything on social media about auditions for the AA Ice Angels, DS Ice Girls, or Texas Legends Dancers. The Dallas Sidekicks announced their dance team last month.
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