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  1. The banana IS Brett Michaels. That's his voice and his moves. I've seen Poison twice and Brett solo.
  2. I think Yuko was the last one. A few teams (Mavs, Ice Angels, Ice Girls) haven't done any out of the country calendar shoots in 2 or 3 years.
  3. Rebecca Lynn. Her cut wasn't shown and nobody knows why. She was shown during uniform fittings.
  4. First row: (L-R) Tori (DMD), Julia (DMD), Riley (DMD), Dejanae, Jenifer (DMD), Janie (DMD), Alise (DMD). Second row (L-R) Brittany (AAIA), Tara (DCC), Hunter (DMD), Jourdyn (AAIA, TLD), Raven (AAIA)
  5. Made me think of the Roseanne episode where Becky farted in front of the entire school. Roseanne said she "laid down the law".
  6. I think she said that about a former DCC from the 90s who auditioned again.
  7. Kelli was on 3 pro teams before she made the DCC. That's how long she had been auditioning for the DCC.
  8. It was clear Kelli just didn't like her. IMO she didn't have to ask her that on camera (maybe in private). Kelli also made sure to tell her she ONLY made TC because of the fan vote. Kelli was also pretty crappy to Jackie ( the last FV winner) as well.
  9. Yes. Danielle said she could handle herself but Kelli didn't want her doing that kind of job. She told Danielle to email her resume and she'd take a look at it (probably help her find a job). Kelli also did the same for Courtney Danielle when she quit her sales job. Kelli obviously wanted both on the team and was willing to help. Now when Shelbi and Kyndall quit their jobs she didn't seem to care because she knew neither was going to make it
  10. I remember she referred to herself and husband as "diplomats" which led to a lot of discussion here about it.
  11. That's for sure. It's been speculated that's why Kelli, Judy, & Charotte changed their minds and brought Danielle back for her 2nd year. Otherwise they might have gotten accused of favoritism for Cassie.
  12. Anyone know if this girl, Shannon is auditioning again? She said last year it was her 9th or 10th time. She is or was a USA cheerleader
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