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  1. Grace Sells and Katie Schouten were both cut because of looking too big in the uniform. The only other change Kelli made (that I recall) was Megan Sharp's shorts in her 4th year cameo were too small so they gave her a larger size.
  2. Can you send it to me too? I looked on her IG but didn't find anything.
  3. Natalie was on season 1 (2006). She made it to TC but got cut. She came back in season 2 and made the 2007 squad.
  4. A video of Lexie as a rookie DMD. In it she said she was a medical scribe and wanted to go on to be a physician assisitant (like Lisa). According to her DCC bio she's an executive assistant for an energy efficiency company. I guess she changed her mind.
  5. Not sure how much she did but it's kind hard to find a youtube of her dancing.
  6. They all had to audition for each game. Here's a short video of the DMD and Shelbi is in the back row, left side.
  7. I wondered how she managed to do a full season with the Mavs Dancers.
  8. She would have been as Kelli says "an ambassador risk".
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