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  1. I recall the vets coming to finals and Keyra did the lame high kick like she she was trying to intimidate them. Wasn't she one of the few who said that vets could be cut? It seems like all of the girls that said it got cut.
  2. I've always wondered why it wasn't shown. I don't think it was for anything criminal (Sintia) or legal action (Amy R, Erica). I just don't buy that it was not shown because of lack of time. Maybe she withdrew by phone/email or got violent and had to be walked out. Just my guesses. EDITED: found this about her: https://making-the-team.fandom.com/wiki/Rebecca_Lynn
  3. Pretty much confirms she used the DCC as a stepping stone. https://ultimatecheerleaders.com/tag/magazines/
  4. Rebecca Lynn was blonde and was only featured during the uniform fittings segment. Shelly B said her cut wasn't shown but never gave a reason as to why. Only picture I can find of her is this 2011 TCCs group shot. She's in the front row 2nd from left. She's between Alyssa Torres and Jackie Bob.
  5. Thick arms (Brooke S), Face not HD friendly (Courtney), Crispy Bacon (Kelsey).
  6. I liked it when she said " this is where we are" like she was mocking Kelli.
  7. The 2020-21 squad picture on is the DCC website. The 4 girls in the front row are cut off and you can only see their heads. https://dallascowboyscheerleaders.com/our-team/
  8. I thought Jayln had maroon or some odd hair color when she auditioned. She was brunette when she was on the Jets
  9. I agree. Some of them (Lisa, Rachel A, Amanda) have really big teeth. I don't care for Kristin's either. McKenzie's eyes don't match.
  10. www.facebook.com/32623101803/videos/263145331480397 (Sorry FB is not letting me post the video).
  11. Brittany was late and got cut for that. She told Kelli she worked in a day care which was probably why she wasn't dressed up.
  12. Kelli got on a TCC in season 2 for coming to uniform fitting in her regular clothes and no makeup.
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