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  1. Also Jourdyn is a former Allen American Ice Angel and was on the USA cheerleaders.
  2. I think she only made TC and dropped out during that. There never was any bio pic of her wearing a MDC uniform. I recall an IG post about her being homesick (it wasn't up that long and taken down shortly after). There was also another Mavs dancer, Ansley who made TC with Hunter and must have got cut or dropped out as well.
  3. I guess you have to follow her to see it.
  4. Former TCC Karrisa Lynnae and her newborn daughter. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTa6wiyFnH6nKxaNF2sCJdUsJhLDcJkHP7YMao0/
  5. Joannah made TC in season 3 but was cut. She came back in season 4, made TC, and the team. I don't remember season Judy said "Push Joannah!"
  6. I think Kelli stayed out of the whole argument. It was just Judy (who started it), Cassie, Ally, and Kitty even chimed in.
  7. Judy liked the way Brooke and Deryn did the sexy walk in TC.
  8. I hope the intern is not Kelli or Charlotte's daughter. :0
  9. I remember her saying in TC going across the football field was different than going across a basketball court.
  10. Hannah was a Luvabulls Dancer for the 2016-17 season. I don't know if she did a 2nd season with them. Her rookie DCC season was in 2018.
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