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  1. Watching DiP on Ovation this morning & had forgotten Ralf Little was a guest, Season 2, ep 6! I don't mind DI Parker, as his various peculiarities & eccentricities are more akin to our 2nd DI, Poole. I also disliked Camille at 1st for the same reason, but learnt to like all the main characters after a while. They are warm & funny. Although I'm a big fan of the dark, pessimistic tone of Nordic noir shows, I so appreciate shows like this - a light, breezy detective mystery set in the Caribbean that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  2. I believe he is from Bad Wiessee, so yes. He has an interesting background & turned his life around 10 years ago (good for him).
  3. Although I do miss the simplicity & straight-forwardness of the excellent Foyle's War. As a fan of the universe that is all things Morse (been a fan of Thaw since his gritty Sweeney years), I'm glad to still have Endeavour around, even though the wonderful Deguello would have finished the series very nicely. Looking forward to Season 8! And Rupert Graves - who can forget his frolic in Room with a View 😄
  4. Glad to see the senior vets showing their support for Hannah.
  5. Yes, it was baffling, engaging & very well done. I too had to search thru the net to better understand the ending. It delivers a powerful social message about humanity & moral fragility. Would strongly recommend, & the viewer to come up with your own theories about the ending.
  6. https://tellyvisions.org/2020/07/06/period-mystery-vienna-blood-renewed-season-2?fbclid=IwAR1CsqXDdPrtnsQ-Uz3xPWMV4r-Okt46CIG3NFqzGuGBNquXqK74U1EtG4U Season 2 Confirmed!
  7. Finally watched Tower of Lost Souls (S8, Ep 10) & now one of my favorite episodes. Enjoyed seeing the return of CI Valentine & CI Sullivan (same with any Sid & Lady Felicia eps). Their various interactions & reactions with/to Mallory were priceless, as is their deference to FB during the investigation. The scene at the end between Valentine & FB was perfect.
  8. So miss Keen Eddie! Such a great show that should’ve lasted more than one season - damn you Fox 😠
  9. Haha .... NO! That's one of the things that made the FoL:DU cringe worthy. It was the over emphasis of the Aussie slang. Of course, they were capitalizing on everything Australian at that time with the increased popularity of Crocodile Dundee, Men at Work/INXS, Olivia NJ, tourism, etc - so the show went out of its way to teach the rest of the world what the locals may say. However, I still enjoy watching the Down Under movie if only it brings back memories of my time there, & Sydney specifically.
  10. swissair100


    Like this show, along with Modus & other Nordic noir crime dramas. I have seen Baptiste S1 in full, & many twists as expected when it's full of swarmy characters. Looking forward to Baptiste S2 whenever production gets completed, especially with the wonderful Fiona Shaw joining (& get to listen to Baptiste speak English in that lovely French accent).
  11. This will be interesting. Starts in June. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.today.com/today/amp/tdna180355
  12. sad update on Benny, the blind pug with the halo bumper (& former therapy dog). He had a medical emergency & recently passed away according to a post on HH FB page.
  13. For those who watched HH in its early years, sad news that former host Suzanne Whang has passed away (per her FB page)
  14. Exactly. We get her preferences & desires. They are young, active & being close to/at the center of Madrid would be a more vibrant & fun experience - close to shops, bars, nightclubs, museums, tapas bars, et al. City Centre Madrid is exciting - We agree. An hour commute to work - fine. But for those of us who have been to Madrid &/or lived in many cities in Europe/world, many surrounding neighborhoods can be & are just as charming (even trendy & have a flourishing nightlife). They often provide a more authentic cultural experience as these neighborhoods a
  15. Shakespeare and Hathaway has just been renewed for TWO MORE seasons (3 & 4)! Love their camaraderie. (Maybe it's time for its own forum) https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/news/5484/more_shakespeare_and_hathaway/
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