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  1. Exactly. We get her preferences & desires. They are young, active & being close to/at the center of Madrid would be a more vibrant & fun experience - close to shops, bars, nightclubs, museums, tapas bars, et al. City Centre Madrid is exciting - We agree. An hour commute to work - fine. But for those of us who have been to Madrid &/or lived in many cities in Europe/world, many surrounding neighborhoods can be & are just as charming (even trendy & have a flourishing nightlife). They often provide a more authentic cultural experience as these neighborhoods aren't as "tourist-driven". Or, maybe it's just her smugness & lack of appeal on TV, which made me dislike her. 😑
  2. Shakespeare and Hathaway has just been renewed for TWO MORE seasons (3 & 4)! Love their camaraderie. (Maybe it's time for its own forum) https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/news/5484/more_shakespeare_and_hathaway/
  3. FB has just completed filming new Season 8 - per tweets from John Burton (Sgt. Goodfellow)!!
  4. Yes, Catholic. (compared to Grantchester's Sidney Chambers who is Anglican)
  5. Yes, I miss her too. Was able to catch Sid (Alex Price) in NYC during one of his last performances in the Cursed Child on Broadway, & actor Paul Thornley who was in the same show (he played Joseph in S4, Ep 10 "Wrath of Baron Samdi"). I don't mind Bunty as much any more, tho she is certainly no substitute for Lady F. But while Mallory remains an incessantly annoying & condescending buffoon, he is ok. Although he needs to tone down that "Jolly Roger" pirate delivery - it's getting old. (I still prefer the 1st two inspectors) Show is quintessentially English of the 50's, well-acted, intelligently written - love it!
  6. I cannot believe there is no show Forum for this very popular period drama. (correct me/delete if I just happen to miss it since the recent updates). Love all the actors & the characters they play. Still miss Sid, but glad they often have old favorites come back & still do a show or two on occasion. Enjoying Season 7 now in the US. But the Cotswolds is clearly the "star" of this show.
  7. Great News https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2018/08/tnt-orders-alienist-sequel-the-angel-of-darkness-limited-series-1202446971/amp/
  8. Yes, just a little annoying. I mean, she's Italian, so she couldn't possibly cook her grandma's precious sauce on anything but a GAS stove! smh We get it, you prefer to cook with gas or rather, you don't want to cook with electric because "I can't even get my pasta water to boil! How did or do people manage to cook pasta, & ever serve delicious, edible meals cooked on an electric stove all these years??? lol
  9. Loved Ripper Street!!! He certainly moved up the ladder... Questions Enjoyed the 1st episode, but I'm having some trouble with the continuity. Sara "took" the file without "permission" per se. So when Kreizler didn't find any information in the file, the next thing we see is the cemetery with bodies exhumed. So did Kreizler get authority to exhume? If so, I would assume he would have told Roosevelt that he was not able to find any information from the file. Are we just assuming that Kreizler was able to convince Roosevelt (finally) that the cases may be related? No reprimand for Sara for releasing the file? Then the next scene we see the 2 medical examiner brothers introduced to us & Kreizler adds that Roosevelt didn't trust the county with what they were up to, so he sent the 2 brothers to help out Kreizler. Did I miss a scene or scenes? Roosevelt is portrayed in the 1st ep as dismissive & uncooperative. The last 20 mins seemed rushed to me.
  10. Hope this is in the right topic, but: 1. Can someone identify the music played during the 1st Hall of Fame practices? (song had "...come over baby...oh yeah.." & before Maddie got overheated) 2. Who is the blonde again on Point at the DCC-MTT episode intros, etc? 3. Do they ever list the songs used during practice/training camp?
  11. Copenhagen Taylor..... I am EX-HAUS-TED just listening to him! LOUD & Obnoxious - I was cringing. He was over 30 but the way he acted & spoke, you'd think he's still in college. But I love Copenhagen, so always good to see a HHI episode there.
  12. Yes, "river surfing". Surprisingly, there are a few rivers within countries like Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, etc that offer this. It is more extreme & not sure if his board is suited for this type of surfing. It's not ideal (for many), but I have a few couple friends in Europe who buy a large portable tub that can fit in their showers as a substitute for not having a bathtub. They adapt & manage somehow.
  13. Actually, this NYC house search is (IIRC) their 4th appearance on HH/HHI. They've bought homes in Buenos Aires, LA, Palm Springs & ofc now, NYC. They have different style preferences & even though the RE husband always had a bigger budget, they never appeared overbearing & came off as a "nice" couple.
  14. Austin couple last night.. What was up with the wife & her voice/manner of speaking??? I think someone's been watching too many Kardashians... ughhh
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