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  1. I have a couple of questions: I know that an attorney works for their client and all communications between them are confidential. But, if a 3rd party is paying the huge attorney’s fees, can that 3rd party say: “I must be included in all communication and I will have input on all decisions or I will stop paying the fees”? Next question: Do you think the Duggar’s are gamblers? Will they tell Josh to take a plea? Although that will be admitting his guilt, it will protect all family secrets. (I’m sure there is more skeletons in that shared family close.) OR Will they tell
  2. So, they go to a bookstore and say: “First I will take a picture of you while You pretend to be deep in thought, THEN you take a picture of me while I pretend to be deep in thought. No one will ever think it’s staged. We will look so cool!” Don’t forget to look like you HATE the spotlight.
  3. Shouldn’t the bears go into hibernation soon? in past seasons, it seems that the bears were a problem for the first few weeks then eventually disappeared? and yes I agree, a hunger games cannon type of notification of contestants tapping out would give the remaining participants hope!
  4. I think a sex abuse survivor who was forced to live with her abuser, serve her abuser, clean up after her abuser, go on national tv and say “it was nothing”, watch her parents cater to her abuser, and was taught from a young age that her abuse was her fault deserves to be given a little leeway in her reaction of her abuser being arrested. Is she wants to post a video of a choreographed cheer dance in celebration of his arrest, or a rant video cursing her brother, or a smug photo of her empty sink, flowers and eating graham crackers: I’m here for it! you go on with your bad self, Jill.
  5. Earlier posters were saying they thought Jana would be forced to be the “3rd party custodian.” How evil...forcing someone to facilitate the release of the person who molested your sisters. The judge could not allow that could she? I know josh was never convicted, but the whole family including the victims talked openly about it on national TV.
  6. Just wondering: 1. If JB and Michelle paying for Josh’s defense (we know they are) would thry continue to pay if the defense decided to use the strategy “someone else” (my brothers) are responsible? In other words? Would JB and Michelle throw their other children under the bus to protect Josh? 2. Would JB and Michelle pay for the defense if Josh insisted on going to trial and They KNEW that their daughters would be called to testify about Josh’s history of sexual assault? In other words, would JB and Michelle force their daughters to be traumatized again just to protect Josh? Or woul
  7. If my parents supported the person who sexually molested me as a child AND also profited from a show that portrayed them as God fearing, loving, better than everyone else parents AND then shunned ME? you better believe my husband would have some shit to tweet about my parents. derrick may be an asshole, at least he didn’t make her forgive her molester and keep sweet.
  8. Probably not the case, but I know a business owner who took Covid business relief money. He the spent it on a huge boat. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. The feds arrested him and he has already been to court. He was found guilty and is to be sentenced later this month. The feds were FAST. Maybe josh did something similar? he was first raided before Covid tho? maybe this arrest has nothing to do with the earlier raid?
  9. Johannna looks very pretty. jennifer looks miserable. Is she the one that always seemed so sad on the show?
  10. Can someone please name all the sisters in the order they are standing? thank you!
  11. Te best line, “if you see me in my panties, don’t mistake me for Sasquatch!” haha.
  12. Did they ever say where they went on their honeymoon?
  13. Her shoes are “hey dude” shoes. They are quite popular around here (Florida). I don’t have any but I have heard they are the MOST comfortable shoes ever. kids, teens, adults, everyone’s wearing them.
  14. Passive aggressive “mama Duggar”, implying that she is so much younger. if my DIL’s mother called me mama or Mrs. I would be insulted. I have a friend who was sorta a MILF. She was very dramatic and always had some drama that required the assistance of the 15-18 year old sons of our friends. lost her keys, flat tire, help unloading her car, can’t find her toddler, it was always something. Of course then she would always have to thank them with long full body hugs. I always suspected her husband was mean and disrespectful to her, cheating on her, criticizing her, putt
  15. Isn’t taking pictures of people while they are sleeping kinda creepy? if my husband posted a picture of me sleeping on social media, I would be furious.
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