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  1. I’m in Florida and my local wal mart is no longer requiring masks. The sign just says masks are recommended. So the mask mandate is not company wide. I guess each store can choose?
  2. Does Nicole’s costume actually say “Sloppies”? As in Sloppy Seconds? Haha i think they are referring to the HaveNot slop, but Sloppy Seconds is kinda funny too.
  3. It’s impossible to send a “fake swab” in to a lab. Unless you fabricate a patient name, patient demographics And a fake hospital ID number. if the hospital is doing “in-house testing” and gets a positive reading from a “ fake swab”, they better report it to CLIA and re-calibrate their machine. I have heard this same fake story over and over!
  4. Phantom of the opera whisperer?
  5. The meter reader is still holding her ticket book?
  6. Is this past present or future? Carols back at Alexandria? With Daryl? How long did it take her to walk there? 10 minutes?
  7. Wait, Negan has a faux hawk?
  8. Even carol showing some cleavage in a tight tank.
  9. That’s a terrible zombie mask.
  10. Like the wicked witch crushed by her house?
  11. Uh oh. Negan is the new king!
  12. Random roof collapse? watch Lydia show up as the new Whisperer leader....
  13. AND. A record player that no one has looted? AND the electricity still works?
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