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  1. If their children don’t NEED vaccines, then why do they take their children to the hospital when they get sick? shouldn’t their “strong, natural, immune system” be able to handle anything?
  2. Alexandria is frantically calling for help on the radio while Eugene is shooting his shot on CB tinder.
  3. They are handcuffing all the sick people to the beds, right?
  4. I’ll admit I’m only half watching, but I’m confused. WTH?
  5. Gah! Where are the wedding preparation pictures and information? Still stalking this board for details!!! Will be so much more interesting than the usual “season of life” and other standard fundy activity! lol
  6. Haha. They should have gone even harder on these jack passes. Ovi, and David weren't having any of this "I respect and love you as a person" crap. Good for them.
  7. I wonder if Derrick is jealous that he’s not in the Bahamas running the Fundy-rescue mission? After all, he has the most missionary experience of all!
  8. To be honest, I am so bored with all of these threads/forums. (I have nieces that are in the same “season” as these fundies so I get to see this same stuff in person.) I only check the forums for news on Nurie’s courtship/engagement and wedding. Haha. Morbid curiosity. Ya know like an awful taffeta, long sleeve, high neck, caterwauling, cake-make-up-ed, high hair and long haired, CAPITALIZED, whisper voiced, keeping sweet car wreck. But I do wish for an escape for Nurie. Like Pants wearing, get outta town escape!
  9. Every time they show VK dancing they do the slo-mo and sparkling sound effects. I haven’t noticed any other dancer getting such consistent editing. I do think she looks amazing this year compared to last year. If she has improved from last year, they are doing her such an inservice by giving her special treatment. It makes it appear that she didn’t earn her spot. They should treat her like everyone else. They are setting her up for all the “hate.” But, honestly? She probably doesn’t even know or care!!!
  10. If all the men were at man-camp, who was watching all the women?
  11. That was the most boring, unexciting, drab, awkward “destiny wedding” I have ever seen! (Not that I have seen a lot.) I wonder if that Tuscany wedding experience was worth hurting their families? Could she have had a small wedding with just the immediate family FIRST, then went to Tuscany with her MOT and best man (AND HER PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM???why)? I don’t think I could have disappointed my mother like that.
  12. Someone earlier asked why is Christie so disliked. The reason I dislike her and other players like her: Her constant attitude is that she DESERVES to win because she is intrinsically a better person. When she or her side wins it’s because the universe manifests it, or it’s destiny. When something doesn’t go her way, it’s so “unfair.” Its just a game, not a proof of someone’s personal worth. Most of it is luck and being in the right place at the right time. Also, most of the time people who win are generally the “worst”, they are the ones who have lied, cheated, made secret deals, turned on each other, started unnecessary drama, villain-ized innocent people, made selfish decisions, and used people. Those are traits that most people would not associate with “good” people. So, I dislike her because she believes she “deserves” to win because she is a “better” person. When she lies, bullies, schemes, betrays: it’s okay because it’s her when anyone else does it: she cries and says, “whyyyy me????” (I have been in a situation at work with a person just like her x 3 weeks, so I may be a little salty....)
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