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    I love how close the entire cast seemed to be. It really was unique and paid into the shows success. I just listened to the one with Sarah Chalke and she’s so funny. They all seem quite similar to who they played.
  2. I do agree that it would have limited Jo’s storyline potential massively. Ironically I think this has been one of her best seasons. The best Alex exit would have been for both of them to leave together. Had Chambers given any notice of his plans maybe they could have done that. He didn’t though and unfortunately there were limited options. I think having Jo more involved in his decision would have been more realistic though ie they mystery being she disappears herself for a few weeks and comes back with the letters and admitting her and Alex both agreed he should stay leaving him status with Izzie open ended. At least that way we could buy they came to the decision together and there could have been better closure for Jo then what she got.
  3. Looking at the trailer I’m assuming Zach and Kelly stayed together but Slater and Jessie didn’t. It looks good. I don’t think anyone would be watching for the new kids though. It’ll be like the 90210 reboot where everyone tunes in to see old cast members and then tunes out again when they filter them out.
  4. It’s so weird because Heather Hemmons is on Instagram gushing about how she can’t wait for everyone to see the episode...
  5. Doing a rewatch on Netflix. Are episodes out of order? In one episode Hyde goes to live with his dad but then the next he’s back in the house as though he never left.
  6. I would have thought Teddy. As for some reason Greys will just never get rid of Owen no matter how stagnant the character gets and I just think they’ve written Teddy into such a corner that I’m wondering if it’s just to kill her off and then watch how it impacts the other characters.
  7. Agreed. To be honest it sucks to ship any character on this show. With the exception of Linc/Amelia every ship has been butchered beyond recognition. Every character for that matter.
  8. Chas411

    Station 19

    So the Andy/Ryan/Andy triangle was a fail from the get go. I assume we’ll be getting an Andy/Jack/Sullivan triangle instead?
  9. I think I’d be up for a Jo/Jackson storyline for when they’re ready to give her a new LI.
  10. Did something happen with Milligan or did he have filming conflicts? I hated how they dropped him and the Alexis/Ted story. I actually preferred it to David’s romantic journey.
  11. Re Phoebe learning French didn’t she tell Brad Pitt’s character Will that she never went to high school but a few of them used to meet behind a dumpster to learn French.. “Bonjour”..
  12. Honestly I think Kim did the franchise a favour by refusing to the another movie. The movies are awful and take away from how good the series was. I thought SATC had one of the best series finales on tv where every characters story was wrapped up wonderfully. The movies undid all that in my eyes.
  13. Chas411

    SEAL Team

    I’m just hoping that Clays current girlfriend storyline will lead him back to Stella as I quite liked her and both of them together.
  14. I felt like this was just for PLOT reasons so Sam would give that speech about him messing Carrie around and Maria would kiss her.
  15. Chas411

    S03:E10: All In

    If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t look at Wyatt or Darlene without feeling so sick and reminded of that sex scene I think Darlene would have been one of my top characters this season. She’s absolutely batshit but she gets shit done.
  16. Agreed. I loved the light hearted scenes with them. Especially after they’d broken up, the affair had happened and ended and they were just friends. I was rooting for them of course but I loved those moments because Carrie wasn’t so insecure around him.
  17. Chas411

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    Agreed. I wonder if he’ll get nominated for anything?
  18. Chas411

    I, Tonya (2017)

    Finally got around to seeing this. Excellent performances. I didn’t watch it for a long time because I found the awards campaign so tacky with them bringing Harding to awards shows etc. Still don’t buy the poor Nancy victim but an excellent watch.
  19. Chas411

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    Yes he was excellent. He broke my heart.
  20. I feel like Wendy is supposed to be younger? Maybe late 40s or early 50s?
  21. Chas411

    S07.E18: Lines

    This is the ultimate issue with the show. The first three seasons were gold because while you had the Lindsay/Halstead connection I never felt it interfered with their professionalism. Burgess/Ruzeks did but at least it was always called out and Burgess wasn’t on the squad then. Even the Roman/Burgess hook up felt organic As the short lived fling it was if not a bit far fetched. All characters in the unit were strong and had different backgrounds which came into play at different times. They also weren’t killing/burning/raping family members left right and centre to service soecial crossovers. Now it’s like One Tree Hill: The Police Force.
  22. Chas411

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    But was the issue not that he wouldn’t stay there? As much as Ben kept telling everyone how sorry he was etc he also kept ignoring all the warnings and made it impossible for them to help him. The best place for him was the hospital and it was Ruth who set the events into motion when she got him out. I don’t get why she wouldn’t leave him there except maybe as Wendy said she didn’t know him as well as her so was taken in by his pleas trust he being out was the better option.
  23. Chas411

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    Well I am an emotional mess after that. I agree that Ben was pushed to the centre of a lot storylines but I think it was necessary to get the characters to where they needed to be for the season finale. I found his character absolutely draining but then again I think we were supposed to. The actor was phenomenal though and his final scenes with Linney were gut wrenching and so stressful to watch. my heart broke in the final scene.
  24. One thing I took from this is that he wasn’t that into the idea of Claire/Melendez at this time. He was more invested in Lim/Melendez. I kind of agree. Like he said I saw Claire and Melendez as potentially a long burn that could be explored a few seasons from now when she’s not his student but right now it didn’t fit at all as she was so junior to him. It was always going to come off as skeezy to me. They obviously accelerated his relationship with Lim and Feelings for Claire to accommodate the death and that sucks as would have been a great Long term plan.
  25. I honestly nearly prefer Darlene to Wendy at this point. Or rather Wendy’s smugness. I just want her to be taken down a few pegs.
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