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  1. I always wondered if they would accept "Could it be ?" Like "Could it be The Tempest?" or "Is it The Tempest" But maybe not, because the answer to those questions are yes/no, not the wording they have in the clue.
  2. Is Levar destined to have Matt in every game he hosts? I normally don't mind multi-game winners, but today Matt had over $12000 before the first commercial break. Takes away any horse-race element of the game. I did get FJ - Shakespeare, a sinking. The Tempest.
  3. It's past 7 PM Eastern... Stephen Hawking - an avowed atheist whose ashes are interred at a church (Westminster Abbey). Nevertheless. that was a pretty easy FJ. (How many famous scientists died in 2018?) More impressive - Patrick finished Double Jeopardy with an astonishing score of -7400. I don't think I've ever seen anyone close to being that much in the hole. If you're going to lose, might as well flame out.
  4. Even more unusual: of the six 200 clues, three were Triple Stumpers (I just looked it up on Jeopardy Archive). Only one other TS in the first round. And in DJ, the Andrew Lloyd Webber TS was in the 400 clue row. (Even I got that one, and that is not a good category for me.) These contestants were better at the harder questions, it seems.
  5. As soon as I saw the FJ category was African Monarchs, I said "Haile Selassie". Robin was really excited that the winner got over $40,000. Alex used to love big paydays, too.
  6. FJ: The first thing that came to me was The Gutenberg Bible, but I thought: that can't be right. I've never heard of Cardinal Mazarin, and the Gutenberg Bible is what it's always called. I've never heard of the Mazarin Bible. But I couldn't think of anything else. So in the game I would have written "What is the Gutenberg Bible?" but I can't honestly say I knew it.
  7. Tim got Emma. It was the first Daily Double.
  8. Sounds super interesting. I don't get CNN, so I just hope I will eventually (within a year) get to see it.
  9. Jen with an awesome $42K payday. She got all three DDs and had healthy wagers on the first two. She bet conservatively on the third DD and so did not get a runaway. And another reason it not a runaway is that Nikole accumulated $16K by the end of DJ without the help of any DDs, which is a good performance in itself. A well played game. For FJ, I guessed "A Mighty Fortress is Our God." Hey, I go to Catholic church. What do I know about Anglican hymns?
  10. Diane Guerrero on Doom Patrol is making a play to be one of the most beautiful women ever on a TV series. Up there with Mary Tyler Moore in the 60s, Cheryl Ladd in the 70s, and Minka Kelly in the 2000s.
  11. That's something I learned today! Learn stuff watching Jeopardy. I never really though about why it was called a rap sheet.
  12. Frasier and Golden Girls were hardly cult shows during their original runs. Both were on broadcast networks for many seasons and had millions of viewers across wide demographics. But in their rerun afterlives both have obviously turned into cults shows, especially among women. The new viewers, politically liberal white women, may have been the type who looked down on network comedies when these shows were first on, but who have found the shows in retrospect to speak to them and their worldview (or how they would like the world to be) more than many prestige TV shows. So, yes, they are
  13. I would have agreed in the past, but during the pandemic I have really got into watching live chess on Youtube. Lots of people have, apparently, as I keep reading about a "chess boom" in 2020-2021. While old-style "classical" chess is still played - the top players take 4+ hours to complete games which often end in draws - the more common form on the internet is "rapid chess" where the games usually last about a half hour. There are even shorter formats (e.g. bullet chess). Further, new tournaments have arisen to take advantage of the internet. For instance, the Meltwater Champion
  14. Episodes featuring everyone's favorite Finnish politician and diplomat, Minna Häkkinen, as played by Sally Phillips Helsinki - Season 2, Episode 5 Detroit - Season 3, Episode 6 Camp David - Season 5, Episode 8 Georgia - Season 6, Episode 3 Oslo - Season 7, Episode 6
  15. Prussian blue, and when I think of a war that happened in 1870-71 I think of the Franco-Prussian War.
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