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  1. Yes, I generally don't like it when sitcom characters have babies. You get some good pregnancy storylines, but babies in the family lessen the scope of what they can do. Mike and Beau running a co-op? That could be good for plots next season, if we get a next season. Beau: "My boy's first pregnancy scare!" - yep.
  2. Bernadette Peters with red hair = At first I thought she was supposed to be Zoey looking at herself in the future.
  3. I don't think she's good-looking. But she creates a good character. The style of this show is very improv-like. I doubt it is actually improvised but the pace and nuances of the humor are like what you see at an improv show. Which I love but it is different from old-style sitcoms. The show The League was like this. The cast of Bless this Mess is adept at this type of comedy, with the exception of Pam Grier who is out of place. I was surprised by Dax Shepard, who is really good. (Nominate this man for an Emmy.)
  4. J! is on at 4 PM where I live. Today I got to see almost the whole show, but then they cut away for press conference before Final Jeopardy. And the press conference didn't start then - it was our local anchors preparing us for it. Frustrating. One day last week they cut away in the middle of FJ. (I know it sounds callous to complain about this during a national crisis, but still...)
  5. I really like this show. Surprised it doesn't get more attention.
  6. Instead of Lauren Graham they should have had Mary Steenburgen sing "I Can;t Get No Satisfaction" as a tribute to this iconic scene from 40 years ago. (film Melvin and Howard). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5gRLDYiu80
  7. So I really like "A Little Less Satisfaction", but let's face it: Elvis Presley - great singer, mediocre actor Mary Steenburgen - great actor, mediocre singer
  8. I love that Clash song they used at the end. REM's Everybody Hurts, while objectively a good song, seems almost cliche now. You knew it would show up in this show sooner than later.
  9. Unless I am confused, that customer Jonah was flirting with was played by the same actress who played the District Manager, Laurie Neustadt. Played by Jennifer Irwin, per IMDB. If it's not her it looks like her.
  10. I don't think so, but she has been on Superstore before. As a Superstore executive, I think. Very weird seeing the same actress in a different role.
  11. It was impressive. I got a few of the triple rhymes (pleasant pheasant present and a couple others) but whether I would have been able to spit out the answer coherently the way the contestants did is another question. But the Before, During, and After - I was an order of magnitude behind these guys. Still trying to process the clue when they already had the responses.
  12. I am loving how hard these clues are! That Before, During, and After category - I couldn't keep up with these contestants,
  13. Right. Do we have a rule on this forum about when we can discuss the episodes? Maybe after 9 PM EST when it has shown in the Eastern and Central Time Zones?
  14. The Ringer analyzes the tournament. They point out James is a "new-style" player who seeks DDs and bets big while Ken and Brad are old-style players who start at the top of the categories and work down. They also address buzzer speed, noting that in his initial run Ken was first to ring in 61 percent of the time (in contrast to current champ Karen Farrell who is first only 40 percent.) Also, I didn't know this, but executive producer Harry Friedman is retiring after this season (maybe he and Alex can go out together) and this special tournament is a "bookend" for him.
  15. ESPN reporting that gambling sites/sportsbooks were offering odds on this tournament, but stopped because they believe there has been a leak as to the winner.
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