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  1. I was thinking the same. 1968 was one of the most turbulent years in US history. Tet offensive in Feb, LBJ pulls out of reelection in March, MLK assassination in April, RFK assassination in June, protests worldwide and at DNC convention in Chicago, athlete protest at Olympics, close election in November, exciting Apollo space missions during the year. Not saying they have to go all topical in this show - it's really a show about one family in Alabama, but a little surprising. At least they did address Vietnam in this episode.
  2. Over at RottenTomatoes.com Season 1 gets a 95 percent rating from critics, but only a 47 percent from audience reviews. If you look at the comments on the negative audience reviews, most are hung up on the fact that the show is not the original show. "Some things should not be changed!" "You can not be serious!" "I probably would not hate this show so much if they had chosen a different name. " "This series should have been a continuation of the original series and focused on Kevin's new family..." Audience reviewers who actually watched the show tend to give it good revie
  3. Yes, very heart-warming. I hope they are not setting us up for Bruce to die in Vietnam. I might cry if that happens. BTW, this kid who plays Dean is a really good actor.
  4. Our friend Dr Oz is running for US Senate: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/11/30/politics/dr-oz-senate-campaign-pennsylvania/index.html An attempt to bring a pro-science mindset into Congress, I guess..
  5. I missed this episode when it first aired but they just reran it (Nov 24). It was quite funny. Sexual fantasies about Harriett Tubman in the history book. The Man Card. The kid who kept fainting. Kiesha's father - plenty of guys like that today, too. "You're stealing my daughter's innocence."
  6. What was with the American Music Awards category? I get that Jeopardy often has clues and categories to promote media properties. But those AMA clips they ran for clues were really long. To me anyway, they seemed longer than most video clues.
  7. I'm sure the treaty was symbolic and for fun. It was a very good Final Jeopardy clue, however. Something I didn't know but I was able to guess.
  8. The trailers make it look like a comedy but IMDB applies the keywords Crime, Drama, and Thriller. The screenplay writers do not seem to have written other comedies, and I don't think of Ridley Scott as a comic director. Maybe it will be like Reversal of Fortune, another true crime story starring Jeremy Irons, which was a drama but also dryly funny.
  9. I think the biggest problem with No Time to Die was that they made it too complicated. They probably should have forgotten about Spectre and Blofeld and just worked on making Safin into an evil genius villain. Safin had the makings of a classic Bond villain - his own island, a plot to kill millions of people worldwide. But we needed more of him and his motivation and examples of his evil. Since the beginning of the franchise, James Bond was just always good at everything. The many skills needed to be an effective spy and pretty much everything else, which is why viewers wanted to be h
  10. I think the first Daniel Craig one - Casino Royale - was in some way a rebooting of James Bond. It was based on the first Fleming novel, and in the movie Bond has just been promoted to 00 status. They kept the same M from the Pierce Brosnan movies (Judi Dench). The 5 Craig movies have been a long story arc. Now that Craig is gone, they bring in a new actor and reboot again. The question is: do they keep the same M and Q and Moneypenny. I hope they do.
  11. I see Rachel McAdams is in this movie, but I can't imagine she will have a big role. I loves me some Rachel McAdams.
  12. Roaster

    Dune (2021)

    God created Arrakis to train the faithful. So it has an 89 percent score (fresh rating) on Rotten Tomatoes as of today and reports from ordinary people who have seen it are positive. Should be opening here in the US in the coming week. They have done a good job building hype and expectations, more than any film since COVID started, I think. Even more than the Bond movie. I usually do not go to IMAX screenings, but I may make an exception for Dune.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised by Lea Seydoux's nuanced performance and the way they developed her character.
  14. Matt Amodio now has a Wikipedia page about him, which is a status symbol. It shows his current age is 30, which is more proof for my theory that 30 is the best age to be on Jeopardy. If we look at the players with the longest streaks and how old they were when they started their streaks: Ken Jennings - 74 games - age 30 Matt Amodio - 38 games - age 30 James Holzhauer - 32 games - age 34 Julia Collins - 20 games - age 31 David Madden - 19 games - age 34 Jason Zuffranieri - 19 games - age 43 My hypothesis for why this is true: Young contestants (e.g. college students)
  15. Yeah, Matt has only been beaten by two opponents ever, and both were in yesterday's game. If you look at the Jeopardy archive you can see the Coryat scores for each contestant - what they would have got if we remove the effects of daily double wagers and final jeopardy. Matt had the third-highest Coryat score yesterday. Jessica actually had the highest. Matt answered incorrectly 5 times, while Jonathan had only two wrong responses, and Jessica had zero.
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