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  1. Roaster

    Veep in the Media

    Book on Amazon I don't know if this has been posted, but there is a campaign website: https://selinameyerforpresident.com/ "Stateswoman. Champion. Role model. Humanitarian. Visionary. Feminist. Dreamer. Creator. Warrior. Trailblazer. Leader. Selina Meyer has been all those things and more" There is a donation button, but it does not actually take your money.
  2. Roaster

    S07.E4: South Carolina

    The Muslims-invented-algebra-so-math-teachers-are-traitors thing was indeed brilliant satire. The quip about not many college-educated people in South Carolina: probably is the kind of dismissive comment smarty-pants Washington insiders would say, but I doubt the demographics of SC are that much different from other states. This is the type of attitude among Washington insiders that drives and red-blue divide.
  3. Roaster

    S07.E4: South Carolina

    Y'all are overthinking this. 4 is 33% more than 3. It's not complicated. re Rhea Seahorn: Maybe she won't have a bigger part going forward. Many good performers have appeared in this series in small roles. They have a surfeit of riches when it comes to actors.
  4. Roaster

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    The website fivethirtyeight.com had an article a few years ago about how it is unlikely someone will break Ken Jennings' streak. Short answer: (1) they now allow players to practice the buzzer before the game starts and (2) the pool of potential players is larger, so there are fewer weak players. (2) is more-or-less why nobody will break Joe Dimaggio's hitting streak. The best hitters today are as good as Dimaggio, but the weakest pitchers in MLB today are better than the weak pitchers in 1941. Dimaggio was able to face both good pitchers and bad ones, but now there aren't many bad pitchers. Jeopardy! now recruits nationwide with an internet-based test, and that means there are few weak players getting on the show. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/ken-jenningss-jeopardy-streak-is-safe-for-the-rest-of-time/
  5. Roaster

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    $110K+ Holy moly!
  6. Roaster

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    It will be interesting to see how they handle Amy's motherhood (OF COURSE, she is going to have the baby.) There are only 5 episodes left. If they end on the November election night, that baby will have been delivered several months prior. Maybe Richard will agree to marry Amy if Dan won't.
  7. Roaster

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    That struck me a really mean put-down, even by Veep standards. I think this season's been fine so far.
  8. Roaster

    S07.E01: Iowa

    I didn't get Amy's odd behavior. Were we supposed to surmise she hopes or expects Dan will jump aboard the Daddy train? When she switched positions in bed when Dan knocked on the door, was that to make herself more appealing to Dan? It stuck me as strange, not seductive.
  9. Roaster

    S10.E19: Yes-Woman

    I was glad to see Amy Pietz, a very attractive character actress, on to play Luke's cougar. If you watched The Office, she was on several episodes as a restaurant manager who had an extra-marital affair with Michael.
  10. Roaster

    The gnaB giB -- How should BBT End?

    I was looking at the TV Tropes website and thinking. BBT is a very conventional show, so these are my estimates of probabilities of what will happen before it wraps. Penny is pregnant - 95% Amy is pregnant - 90% Sheldon and/or Amy awarded Nobel Prize - 80% Raj gets married - 60% Stuart gets married - 20% Stuart is engaged - 50% Everyone gets fired from Caltech - 2% Penny and Bernadette get fired from drug company - 20% Leonard wakes up and realizes previous 12 seasons were all a dream - 3% Characters break the fourth wall to address home audience - 4% Gang pools money to buy Cheesecake Factory franchise - 10% Actor from Young Sheldon makes cameo - 30% Penny is offered part on CBS's new Star Trek series - 8% Howard starts high-tech company - 10% Bernadette is offered presidency of Caltech - 5% Raj starts daycare business that teaches toddlers STEM concepts - 4%
  11. Roaster

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Today I got FJ after only a little thought, so I was surprised all three missed it. HOWEVER, I had to smile at Dana's excellent FJ wager. Usually if you enter FJ in third place, you're going to lose, but sometimes you have a chance if everyone gets it wrong AND you wager correctly. Which she did, winning by 1 dollar. (It's a pet peeve of mine when people over-wager.)
  12. Roaster

    What is...In the Media?

    Alex Trebek announces he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer http://www.kltv.com/2019/03/06/alex-trebek-announces-he-has-stage-pancreatic-cancer/ Youtube announcement:
  13. Roaster

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    "Girl You'll be a Woman Soon" and "Son of a Preacher Man" - iconic in Pulp Fiction. Surprised this was a missed DD. For FJ I first thought of US Grant, who had been a top army general and therefore got into the White House with no elected office experience. Then I remembered Eisenhower in time. Surprised this was a TS.
  14. Roaster

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    I will be shocked if Penny is not pregnant by the end of the series. I will also be very surprised if Raj and Anu are not married or engaged. This is standard sitcom stuff, and BBT is not daring or innovative enough to go outside the playbook.
  15. Roaster

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Jeopardy is out raison d'etre? I hope the writers were talking about themselves and not making fun of us loyal fans. John had 8400 at the first break, so not a close game, although I did not think the other two were bad players. I could not come up with FJ, although in retrospect it seems obvious. Forgive me, Regis.