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  1. They just used the word "gender" to refer to people. Believe me, in the 1980s nobody referred to a person's gender. People had sexes and nouns (in some languages) had genders.
  2. I think it's OK to say. Sportscasters openly talk about athletes' ages and recognize there is an age window for top performance. Right now Ken is 45 and Brad is 41, which isn't a lot older than James at 35. Because I'm a nerd, I looked up the ages (when they won) of the last 6 TOC champs: Roger Craig, Colby Burnett, Ben Ingram, Alex Jacob, Buzzy Cohen, and James Holzhauer. They ranged from 30 to 35. James was the oldest. This doesn't rule out someone older or younger winning, but it's good evidence of an optimal age range for being a peak Jeopardy player.
  3. Yes. I've criticized past TOCs for being too easy, especially in the first week. This year I thought they were appropriate. They don't want to get TOO hard lest the audience playing at home get discouraged at not being able to answer any correctly and tune out. But the TOC was harder than regular games, and that's good.
  4. Like Gilbert, I first thought of Bernoulli for FJ. But at the back of my mind I was worried Bernoulli was Swiss, although the name could be Italian. I did not come up with Torricelli, who the pressure unit torr is named after. Anyway, my man Francois is in the finals! He's carrying the hopes of the over 50s in the J! audience. Old guys! (I'm older than Francois, but same decade.)
  5. Jeremy Carver and Diane Guerrero interviewed at ComicCon a few months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5DQwjC9SHM
  6. I thought FJ was an instaget. Surprised they all missed it. (Not even sure Steven was trying at that point.) Overall this game was dullsville.
  7. I often criticize the wagering, but let me give credit to Kyle for his gutsy DD bet. Relatively late in the Double Jeopardy round he was trailing badly and hit the Daily Double. He went all in - bet it all. If he had got it wrong Emma would have finished with a runaway. He got it right and tied her up and made it a game. Those are the kinds of risks you need to take in TOC.
  8. This is probably Alex's last Tournament of Champions, and I think people are getting sentimental. The writers gave him a gift by letting him say "genre" many times today, and Dhruv wrote "We [Heart Sign] Alex" in his Final Jeopardy answer. Sort of sweet actually. I'm glad Emma is in the finals. She won only three games in regular play but has done great in both of her TOC games.
  9. My theory is that Jeopardy is a sport and as in other sports, there is an age when players tend to peak. Ages of last three TOC champs at time of tournament: Ben Ingram 30 Alex Jacob 30 Buzzy Cohen 32 Ken Jennings was 30 during his legendary run I looked up on the web the ages of some of the remaining contestants. James Holzhauer 35 Francois Barcomb 51 Gilbert Collins 44 Lindsey Shultz 37 Rachel Lindgren 26 Dhruv Gaur 20 Emma Boettcher 27 Steven Grade 33 Like most everyone, I expect James to win easily. It will be interesting to see how the others do. Francois and Gilbert seem to have the fast reflexes of younger people. (I always root for the old folks.)
  10. Francois! Showing those young guys how it's done. I root for the older contestants in these tournaments, so Francois is my guy for next week. I'm glad Lindsey made the semi-finals despite her bad FJ wager the other day.
  11. All right! I don't know about everyone else, but I thought the clues were hard today. I was drawing a blank on many of them. Not complaining: TOC should be hard. I did get FJ however. Anneke was probably kicking herself.
  12. I feel sorry because he is obviously sad in his marriage and maybe the being super-rich thing isn't what he had hoped for. But, yeah, he's a horrible person. Every character on this show is horrible. He rings true to life, though. Don't we all know people like that: who suck upwards and bully downwards? It's not a pretty picture of humanity but a lot of people are like that.
  13. Roaster

    S01.E08: Prague

    I know we have to suspend disbelief a little, but even for the super rich, the circumstances were hard to believe. Tom (and Roman) live in New York and the wedding will be in the UK, but they go to Prague for a bachelor party? How indulgent is that? A secret nightclub accessed through some sort of train tunnel or drain system? And then, inside, you run into other super-rich people who you might be able to make a business deal with. It's the paranoid conspiracy theories about Davos or Bilderberg. I did like how Roman was somewhat responsible in this episode and did not get wasted on drugs. He even counseled older brother Conn about not taking multiple pills.
  14. The Ringer interviews the costumers/fashion people for the show. Interesting the detail they go into: https://www.theringer.com/tv/2019/10/16/20916167/succession-costume-designer-interview
  15. Shari should have bet zero in FJ and rode the triple stumper to a win. I was a little surprised they didn't get FJ. I love Exile on Main St, but it's from 1972, and has nothing to do with Los Angeles.
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