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  1. When pop culture does nostalgia (and it often does), it is often nostalgia from ten to thirty years prior. In the 70s we had Grease (set in 50s), American Graffiti (1962) and the TV shows Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley (50s and 60s). The TV show That 70s show aired in 90s and early 2000s and was set in late 1970s. Stanger Things (2010s) was set in the 1980s, so a thirty year difference. The original Wonder Years (debuted 1988) was set in the late 60s. I suspect the writers of these shows lived through the times in question and wrote romanticized versions of their childhoods.
  2. Nicole Byer would be inappropriate. Fun to have at a party maybe but no evidence she would fade into the background the way the Jeopardy! host should. Marc Maron would be worse. Every episode of his podcast that I have heard consists of him starting with 20 minutes of self-indulgent ego-stroking before the guest even comes on. For J!, the more boring the host is, the better.
  3. Congratulations to Matt for another win, and for executing a true Daily Double late in the game to run away with it. Guhan - almost. When Guhan found the San Jose Sharks Daily Double in round one, he had 3400. He bet 1500 and was right. If he had gone all in, he would have got an additional 1900 and finished the second round with 13,400, which is EXACTLY HALF of what Matt had. And then if Guhan was right in FJ while Matt was wrong (which actually happened) - Guhan could have won the game, or at least tied it. I know it's easy for me to sit at home and criticize players for no
  4. Yes, I am skeptical when people say they will stop watching if a candidate they don't like gets the job.
  5. How could they all miss Smokin' Joe Frazier? Before their times.
  6. Robin Roberts is good at that kind of stuff, and many of the guest hosts were TV professionals and so good at interviewing and communicating on camera (even the much-maligned Levar Burton). I would be happy with Robin, but I never thought she was in serious contention for the job (even if she wanted it.) The guest host period was sort of a gimmick (much like Celebrity Jeopardy!) that the producers came up with to fill a gap after Alex died. I don't much care who gets the job, as long as it is not Ken Jennings. But it looks increasingly like it will be Ken Jennings. ;(
  7. Today was an example of my favorite type of Final Jeopardy clue. I didn't know this bit of trivia (origin of that mineral name), but the 1969 in the clue and the mention that there were three names allowed me to figure it out before the music stopped. So I felt like I accomplished something. And that's a recipe for a good FJ clue. Also: Matt has now tied fan favorite Julia Collins' streak of 20 wins.
  8. I was thinking the same thing towards the end of the first round, when there were only low value clues left. It seemed he did the same thing toward the end of last season. Maybe it's our imagination.
  9. IBM's Watson computer was the greatest player of all time. A lot of people say they want the host to fade into the background. Nothing fades better than a faceless computer. Also Watson probably doesn't have any Twitter history that will bring him down.
  10. Ugh! Will this host drama never end? Just pick somebody. No more celebrity guest hosts or former players. Don't let the viewing public believe they are witnessing auditions or that they have a vote in who gets the job.
  11. I'm glad this show is back for a swan song, and I thought these episodes were good, but I wish they hadn't resorted to stoner humor with Rosa. Stoner humor went out in the 80s if you ask me, and it was always sort of cheap.
  12. I noticed that and I was surprised they gave it to her. On the other hand I was hoping for a close game so I was glad they did. In the movie they pronounced it T'Challa. How the comic book creators intended it, I don't know. That category got me thinking about Boseman. He was in some bad movies before striking pay dirt with Black Panther, which was not only one of the best MCU movies, but one for which he was perfectly cast. Shame that he died as his career was starting to take off.
  13. All right! Nicolle came in with a smile on her face and a fast finger on the buzzer and proved herself a worthy contender. I looked up the raw results on the Jeopardy Archive. Matt got 24 responses right and 2 wrong. Nicolle got 22 right and 2 wrong. Unfortunately one of her wrongs was the Lost Tribes of Israel daily double. (I didn't come with it either.) Meanwhile Matt successfully executed a true Daily Double in DJ when he needed to. More evidence that he is one of the best players ever.
  14. Richards should end every episode with "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."
  15. Thank you to Ruth for her large Daily Double wager and making today a game.
  16. For such a great player, Matt seems to have a lot of problems with Final Jeopardys.
  17. After Mike & Mayim have worn out their welcome, who will be the next permanent host? I saw this on another website (not my idea), but it is a good idea: Jimmy McGuire. He's part of the Jeopardy! family, knows the game and show inside out, and is comfortable on camera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAYSQuSqleU
  18. He was fine. All of them were fine. I'm starting to wish Jeopardy! had never done this guest host program as it invites viewers to judge the hosts, even the ones who did not want the job. Just name a new host and move on.
  19. Wednesday: Before FJ I was hoping Matt would wage $40,000 so I could see an $80,000 payday. I'm a little surprised all three contestants missed FJ. German was the first thing that came to my mind. I suppose Dutch was a plausible guess, but not French.
  20. Today was a good game even if it did end up being a runaway. Was Christina the toughest opponent Matt has faced? In the first round it was looking that way. All three contestants won true Daily Doubles. FJ - The July 4 reference made me think it was a country that gained independence from the US. 1946, Asia - it was obvious.
  21. The Ken Jennings period went on too long. The only person on that list I really don't want to get the job is Ken Jennings. (I know a lot of people around here like him.) But realistically, people with jobs (Aaron Roger, Savannah Guthrie) aren't going to get it. And my preference remains: someone we don't know right now and who didn't guest host. Not a celebrity. A show business (and game show) professional, maybe who has done work in local markets or under the radar on syndicated shows. Let that person grow into the role, even if the fans object at first. (No matter who they pick,
  22. From what I read (in the media), the next season of Jeopardy! starts six weeks from Monday. They must be taping shows already. Yet I can't find anything (in the media) about who the new host is. They are apparently doing a good job keeping it a secret. J! is always good about keeping who wins games confidential before they air so I guess the producers have experience at clamping down on news they don't want to leak.
  23. Nah, I remember people trying to visit all MLB parks years ago. It's structured tourism, I guess - sends you to most of the big cities throughout the country (and Toronto). Not a bad idea if you have the time and money to travel.
  24. Comedy and Sports - that's a good FJ category. Let's see that more often. Levar seemed to think the clue "Black History Month" was funny, but I don't know why.
  25. That didn't know Peter Sellers? 74,000 payday for Matt. And Reading is Fundamental
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