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  1. momtoall

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Hi gang - I don't watch JJ regularly anymore but I want to tell you guys about what happened to my granddaughter that belies one of JJ's favorite pronouncements "no one has full coverage insurance on a car over a certain age". Well my granddaughter had a 2009 Saturn Vue, which had full coverage insurance. A couple of weeks ago she slid on ice and crashed into a pole in a parking lot. While she is looking at the damage, a bus comes along, slides on the ice and clips her car and pushes it further into the pole. The insurance adjuster declared the car totaled. With the money she collected from her insurance, she was able to get Chevy Trax on a 2 years lease, which she prepaid. Now she has a new car, no car payment, and time to decide her next move regarding another car. Glad she kept her car fully insured.
  2. momtoall

    S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    My nephew and his wife, both college graduates and employed, just told the family they are expecting their first child in June. After many happy congratulations texts and phone calls, they admitted they are happy and terrified. So it's not necessarily crazy for Haley's character to react like she has.
  3. momtoall

    S07.E05: A Volatile Mixture

    I'm out!! I'll come back after the mid-season break, when I assume the "let's get Boden" arc for this season, will be over.
  4. momtoall

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    So sorry tiftgril. Sending you endless virtual hugs.
  5. momtoall

    S10.E04: Torn Between Two Lovers

    Talk about different strokes. I've never been a fan of Dylan, so I can't get with the Dylan love.
  6. momtoall

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    So sorry tiftgirltiftgirl.
  7. momtoall

    S07.E02: Going to War

    Because they are too busy coming up with ideas for the next time Boden's job is in jeopardy.
  8. momtoall

    S07.E01: A Closer Eye

    Are the writers so short on storylines that they have to have a Boden's job in jeopardy/51 under scrutiny plot every season? How can so many of the highers up in the department have a vendetta against Boden or 51? This is getting old!!
  9. momtoall

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In 2013/14 I visited my son and his family in Houston. They had a three bedroom house and four children. I was going to be there for three to four months. I stayed at an extended stay hotel. Free WiFi, TV, a kitchenette, maidservice, and a bathroom. It cost $700 a month. I don't understand how people pay $700 for a ROOM in someone's apartment!! I realize prices vary by location but it is still better option than living with a loon.
  10. momtoall

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In the sixties I dated a young man whose father was a big wig in the union and his mother was doctor. When each of their three kids turned eighteen they gave them $5,000 in cash to keep on hand in case of emergencies. The parents kept a larger amount in cash (in a safe) for the the same reason. This was over fifty years ago and it's still mind boggling to me. I'm sure Judge Judy would not believe this either. My sister in law still keeps large amounts of cash in her house in a family member needs cash in a hurry.
  11. momtoall

    The People's Court

    OT: meowmommy try downloading the Hiya app to your cell phone, names show up on the calls.
  12. momtoall

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Her sentence wasn't necessarily surprising. It is one of the problems with the justice system. Race, economic status, and/or connections often play a part in sentencing. Sometime it's not a level playing field.
  13. momtoall

    Chicago Fire in the Media

    Most definitely!!
  14. momtoall

    Hot Bench

    I had tried to watch Hot Bench when it started but after watching an episode or so, I bailed. Now since TPC is in reruns and I can't watch JJ anymore, I decided to give the show another try. I've watched 4-5 episodes (all new to me) and I can't believe JJ has anything to with this show. From the small sample I've seen, the judges appear to be more in tune with the real world and they have a sense of humor. I don't think I'll watch it on a regular basis but it is a refreshing change.
  15. momtoall

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I thought the "cabin" case was on TPC.