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  1. Announcer, in a voice of disbelief: "You'd rather dogsit Fluffy than clean the toilet?" Dog vs toilet? Well, duh.
  2. Jamoche

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    "I've got a vision number." Just one? You've got two eyes. "But I'm not just a number." There are a lot of situations where someone might think of you as "a number". Nobody is ever going to think of you as your "vision number". Not even your eye doctor.
  3. "Their creation–the Noid–was one of the most inexplicably popular mascots in corporate history. " FastCo has a different definition of "popular" than I do. "The Noid’s bizarre popularity was probably helped by the fact that Domino’s Pizza chose Will Vinton Studios–creators of the California Raisins–to bring the Noid to life through Claymation." Weird definition of "helped" too. I hated those raisins.
  4. Jamoche

    "Hell Yeah!" TV Moments

    Many of the actors playing Nazis were German refugees - Werner Klemperer, for instance, was the son of a famed composer - so getting a chance to make them look like bumbling fools was a Hell Yeah for them too.
  5. Baby is not a proper noun!(*) For your baby, for the baby, for a baby, fine. For Baby - grr. Does anyone in the real world ever use it that way? Seems like I've been hearing it in ads all my life. (*) Unless she's Dirty Dancing. And you don't put her in a corner.
  6. Jamoche

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    There was one where the guy was reaching over a salad bar with his bare and obviously flaky arm, and another customer gave him the stink eye, put down her salad plate, and left. And the ad was pitching it as "people are so mean to psoriasis sufferers". Sorry. I'm with the lady here.
  7. Nah, that's just everybody's reaction to a The Truth ad - even if they've never smoked.
  8. Well, they all look very much like the "I spend my husband's money without looking at the price tags" types...
  9. Jamoche

    "In A World....." Movie and TV Show Trailers

    I've always thought that somewhere over the next hill, someone who lives in that area is semi-naked and unimpressed. There's just something almost colonialist about dumping a couple of westerners into a place where people live just fine and acting like it's a big deal that they don't know how to cope.
  10. It all started so innocuously - "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" Then as now, my answer was "Say 'no, thank you'".
  11. Cheap vodka in a spray bottle is pretty much unscented Febreeze. It's an old stage actor's trick to avoid washing costumes.
  12. Jamoche

    Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Not only that, but Easter is almost as late this year as it's possible to be. Normally it's already Lent when the Girl Scouts set up shop - those fiends 😉
  13. Wow, I just get the boring walk-in tub ads.
  14. There was another RoboCop movie in 2014, but I think this is more that the 80s are now hitting the nostalgia zone.