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  1. Except for the times when your own hormones are bad for your body and BC straightens them out.
  2. Yep, that was yesterday's rerun. I just couldn't find her youtube channel, or wherever it is that she "influences".
  3. I have to thank my young self for not caring about makeup, I'm hitting middle aged and it's still fine 🙂 I tried to find the spider-eyed influencer but my google-fu failed me.
  4. But now she's on non-Hallmark channels with ads talking about how much she loves Residuals Time - I mean, Hallmark Christmas Movie Time.
  5. Maybe her sleep score is high because dogs make great bed warmers? My dog always knew when I had a backache and would curl up in *just* the right spot.
  6. I did not get a big screen TV to see close-ups of people's open mouths. First it was something vaguely dental-related - I don't know, because the mute-and-cover reflex is so strong - and now it's the IKEA AKA ad. As if saying "AKA" over and over wasn't bad enough by itself.
  7. Hallmark channel is running ads with Candace Cameron Bure talking about how much she just loves Christmas movie season. Of course she does. That's when she's making peak residuals.
  8. As a Daria fan, I'm just sad that Mystic Spiral ended up doing ads instead of making it big.
  9. The family tree stuff they have for my family comes from my mom's own research, back when Ancestry was first starting out and suckered a whole bunch of amateur genealogists into uploading their data.
  10. Hey DQ brat by the pool and adult who should know better: yes, you are running. Cut it out, or enjoy your pool ban.
  11. The limo company owner from the rerun - you'd think someone who lies that much would've been in court before and have learned how to behave. (And it's thanks to JJ that I had copies of every single piece of paper in hand when I had to go to traffic court to prove that I'd fixed a fix-it ticket.) And while usually I nope out of any dog case that isn't "we are returning this dog to its owner!" you do have to enjoy the look on JJ's face when she asks the plaintiff a question she knows the answer to and he should too: "What's your girlfriend's birthday?" It's July 4th. Yep, he's a keeper
  12. https://tv.avclub.com/what-s-it-like-to-be-one-of-the-regular-people-in-tho-1798262273 Background info from someone who was in one of the Chevy ads. They lure them in with "want to do some paid market research?" and then leverage their social conditioning to not be jerks:
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