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  1. Hope this helps https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article254296458.html
  2. Not really a spooky episode but you can't forget Season 6, episode 5; The Case of the Dodging Domino. The one and only Halloween episode and it had actual trick or treaters featured in the court room.
  3. Absolutely!!! The best (IMHO) is Colombia. Maybe I just love how they pronounce Coke-Eye-Eena. They don't play down there. Wish they would show Border Security: Australia. The things people try to sneak into the country is mind boggling.
  4. Glad you figured out why you were missing the new episodes! Hope you can catch up with the ones you missed. June Carter was new. Johnny Cash was from June of 2018. 2 new ones next Sunday. Andy Griffith and Elizabeth Montgomery. I don't watch on the app so I have no idea why you can't fast forward tho I imagine it's so you are stuck watching the commercials.
  5. They are listed on the Reelz website I believe. Like I said earlier, Spectrum has the new ones listed under the wrong season but the DVR is still picking up the new ones. Not sure what is going on. IMDB doesn't seem to have the new ones either. I'm wrong. Had to search differently. Hope this helps https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3468046/episodes?year=2021 ***Sorry for the rambling stream of consciousness there....***
  6. Last Sunday they had Anthony Bourdain, followed by the Philip Seymore Hoffman episode. There have been several new ones in the past few weeks (John Wayne, Dale Earnhardt, Randy Savage et al.), but Spectrum had them listed (unnumbered) under Season 9 instead of Season 12 as they should be. Scott Weiland is this Sunday.
  7. Yes. That's the season that just ended on Plus
  8. Tomorrow is a new to cable episode of See No Evil. It's dated 2/9/21 but fortunately is marked as NEW so that the DVR picked it up. I guess that we will get new episodes after they appear on Disc +. Here's hoping.
  9. I think I know why the son was not on the show. Is this him??? https://www.timesrecordnews.com/story/news/2019/07/23/deonte-greer-and-jehcobi-barnes-sentenced-western-finance-robbery/1807217001/
  10. Unfortunately, Oxygen isn’t on my DirecTV package(and my bill is high enough as it is). A&E has The First 48, and other shows, and TV1 has ATL Homicide, my new favorite, plus Fatal Attraction. HLN and True Crime Network have true crime also. There are several channels dedicated to true crime on YouTube. So nanner nanner boo boo to Discovery
  11. I thought the same thing. Handyman walked around the back corner of the car. In order for him to key the area that was scratched, he would've had to have his arm completely extended - which he did not. And that horrible noise you can hear as he comes up could be his own car door shutting. (JJ ignored that he said he had parked behind her car) My Mom's beater car door makes a very similar screech when you open or close it. He was no where near where that damage was. He could also have been putting his keys in his pocket as he rounded the back of her car. He said that she had called hi
  12. When you hear about things like this, you suddenly realize WHY the shampoo bottle says "not to be taken internally." Or WHY the hair dryer I once owned said "Do not while sleeping" (?????)
  13. If you have Spectrum, someone messed up the coding and didn't mark it as new (the show date was correct) so the series manager would pick it up and so far, next week has the same mistake. Just a head's up! I had to set the recording myself.
  14. The son said that she had moved to KC not that long before after retiring as a nurse. He also mumbled at one point that he wasn't sure if she even had a house phone.
  15. She was actually executed on January 13th. Good bye and good riddance!!
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