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  1. Synopsis. Glenn (Mark McKinney) drives Amy (America Ferrera) crazy with a new, over the top training system. Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) and Mateo (Nico Santos) brainstorm a new business, while Dina (Lauren Ash) recruits Jonah (Ben Feldman) to help her when she starts second-guessing her own future. Well if they are going to make us wait nearly 3 months for the next episode, this was a strong ensemble episode to leave us on.
  2. There's one next week. Then 7 March! Sob.
  3. Aw. Sandra missed Jamy coming out.
  4. Exactly. Same with Dina: surrogates have to have given birth before, for all sorts of logical reasons. Nit-picking is not the point. The tightrope of shining a light on terrible core truths while keeping the laughter coming over 22 minutes - honestly I can't think of any comedy past or present that does it better.
  5. People so often compare Superstore to The Office but I think the closest parallel is Frasier in the way it balances so perfectly the funniest comedy with razor-sharp relatable insights into humanity and society. Superstore swaps farce for absurdity, but the skill has become equal.
  6. He forced her to come to work 3 hours after she left hospital when at the absolute minimum he should have given a sick day, and the sky is the limit for the maximum. Then left her on her feet all day, then got sulky because it was all about making him feel better about himself. He's been shown up as a total monster.
  7. That's so long. But I guess it's like 2 short seasons without gaps or repeats, plus it gives the cast a decent break. So could be worse.
  8. I can come up with a couple of ideas straight away: 1. Amy had some of maternity leave for Emma working in the same company, so shocked to find work benefits worse than 15 years ago 2. Amy is a supervisor not associate and might have had better benefits. But the real villain here is a country less civilized than 185 U.N. countries out all 193 by not making it the law. Perhaps next time lead with that.
  9. Before Adam arrived, Amy did tell Jonah everything she felt and all her reasons in a few small words in the middle of a contraction: it wasn't just sex, she had feelings and stuff but it wasn't fair to put pressure on him with the baby and everything. And Adam is the father, so that same sense of fairness to him and her baby is to let them bond without her dumb ex somehow doing a Bo and thinking having sex with Jonah while pregnant could somehow make him not the dad. She didn't send Jonah away, but couldn't ask him to stay. But she loved that he was there for her throughout, and how dif
  10. Health insurance seems super complicated. Thank you for these insights, they help a lot.
  11. I love Cheyenne the underestimated genius. Here comes the lava *snortlaugh*
  12. No-one does Halloween better than Superstore. So good.
  13. Pictures from Delivery Day are out https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/10/superstore-episode-405-delivery-day.html and together with pics from the Meet the Parents episode, indicates to me that Jonah is going to pretend he's married Amy to give her maternity access to his family's health insurance.
  14. Wildly inappropriate and offensive are Dina's defining characteristics. She generates the laughter of shock.
  15. I'm finding it bizarre that a minority of Bo-like fans are so upset that Amy's baby does not have Jonah's DNA, but very reassuring that Jonah is positioned by the show to be the real dad by his proximity to Amy during her pregnancy and birth (future but certain), which has been scientifically proven to trigger all the bonding and parental hormones that make a man into a father. Doubly reinforced by the oxytocin and dopamine rush of being in love as well. In a real world of blended families, this feels satisfying and emotionally true. But I'm a little disturbed that I am obsessed enough with Su
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