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  1. I thought it was adorable how Daniel Craig stopped to acknowledge all the applause and cheers he got. He seemed genuinely touched and flattered by it.
  2. They have. He hosted in late 2012 to promote Skyfall and in March 2020, which was intended to promote No Time To Die, (because it was supposed to be released April 2020) but then all hell broke loose. SNL loves to have cameos and they especially love to have cameos linked to the host. The minute I heard Malek was hosting I suspected Daniel Craig would show up. I just thought it would be during the monologue, especially what with Malek discussing playing a villain.
  3. I was watching a repeat of "Murder, She Wrote" last night and caught a hilarious promo for the upcoming Christmas movie marathon--a bunch of kids are out trick or treating, go up to the house decorated for Halloween, then decide to go to the house decorated for Christmas and get candy canes instead. "On this network, we celebrate Halloween a little differently." How amusing that they even they are beginning to mock how early they start the Christmas hype.
  4. For some reason, I had a sneaking suspicion that Daniel Craig would make a cameo, since Malek was hosting, and I'm glad I was right. And I also had a feeling he'd appear in another skit after the first one and I'm glad I was right about that too.
  5. I forgot to mention that "Brutal Marriage Movie" was dead on accurate. It reminds me of the Seth Myers fake movie trailer "Oscar Bait".
  6. He and Ruth Negga will be in a Broadway production of "Macbeth"
  7. Yep. He also hosted in late 2012 to promote "Skyfall". Did anyone else catch Rami outright leaping into Daniel's arms during the good nights? Speaking of whom, DAMN he looks good.
  8. And we get Daniel Craig AGAIN! That performance skit was so stupid and yet I couldn't stop laughing.
  9. Did anyone else shriek like an idiot when Daniel Craig made his cameo during the Prince skit? And he looked so friggin ridiculous! I loved it!
  10. That's my favorite continuity too, as bad as Part 6 is. Part 7 should never have dismissed it, and they didn't have to. In fact, it was originally going to be part of it. Part 8 should never have existed.
  11. They do the same thing in Jamaica (I spent two years working there), which despite having gained it's independence 59 years ago, still harkens to the British way of doing a lot of things.
  12. So will I. How unbelievably embarrassing that the entire world knows this about you.
  13. Rewatching The Dark Knight Rises makes me all the more annoyed that TPTB didn't take that approach. After decades of Bond's womanizing, it would have been just as revolutionary if not downright adorable to see him go off to be a full time husband and father.
  14. You've got to hand it to him. Mortally wounded, yet he still finds the strength to climb out of the silo room so that he can get good enough reception to call Madeleine.
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