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  1. I really hated how determined the show was to keep their doctors and nurses dirt poor. I hate the Hospital Paradiso trope--making someone seem like a sellout or less of a doctor/lawyer/teacher, etc because they--GASP!--want a job with better pay and better hours. Shane on them for wanting to take it easy after years of grunt work for little pay! Shame on them for having a spouse/family they want to provide for and spend time with!
  2. I caught "Random Acts" this morning. That attack scene frightens me just as much today as it did 23 years ago. On a lighter note, the book subplot was cute and I find it very amusing that Kerry nailed Doug's character--and his feelings for Carol--perfectly, despite them being mortal enemies. I really wish they'd kept her Season 3 personality. She was still the straight man (so to speak) but they took the edge of her uber-irritating persona from the previous year.
  3. I always thought that was more a misguided attempt at "tough love". That kind of bootcamp training is embraced in medicine regardless of race or gender. As hard as Benton was on Gant, I never thought that he genuinely thought that Gant was unintelligent or undeserving of his residency spot, he just truly believed that being a hard-as-nails instructor was the best way to teach him. I think it was the other way around. Kerry had that Inferiority Superiority Complex hardcore and she seemed to almost immediately target Susan, criticizing practically everything she did, hovering over her 24/7 and talking to her like she was an idiot.
  4. Exactly. She even rather sheepishly admitted to Doug that she felt insecure because--"She got through medical school and I can't even get through the door!"--at the beginning of the episode she was convinced that she'd done badly on her MCATs and even earlier, she'd told him that she that she just wanted to prove to herself that she was good enough. In that very episode where they first clashed, she was having a bad day and unfortunately--but not unrealistically--took it out on the nearest available target. If anything, I thought it was Maggie who made a rather snide passive aggressive comment about how she could never settle for being "just a nurse" (she had started out in nursing school before switching to medicine) and later rebuffed Carol's attempt at offering an olive branch. That's the fate of a Disposable Love Interest. As far as breaking up with Shep, it was because he was refusing to admit that he even had a problem, much less get help for it. I think things would have been different had he done either of those things. It's like being in a relationship (familial/platonic/romantic) with someone who's an alcoholic or addict--no matter how much you love them, there comes a point where you can't let them drag you down.
  5. No, she wasn't. She was annoyed about Elizabeth flirting with Doug, but she directed that at Doug, although that was unfair also, because Doug didn't respond and even quickly informed Elizabeth that he was involved with someone. I guess I was watching a completely different show, because I never saw anything like what everyone is describing here. I don't know why the writer's felt the need to have her and Jeannie/Maggie at each other's throats. If she and Susan could be best friends, there's no reason she couldn't get along with other women. I guess the writers found it more interesting to script catfights rather than friendships. I will say two moments of hers that did annoy me were back in Season 1--one where she was incredibly rude to Doug after he asked her to do something perfectly reasonable--"Are your hands painted on?" and another when Doug was scrambling around trying to get asthma meds for a patient--"She needs this and that, etc." Carol snidely comments that "she must be very pretty", and without even looking at her, Doug snaps, ""She's" TWELVE!"
  6. Not 10 and 9, 3 and 2, respectively. Otherwise, I agree. It would have been nice to have a throwaway line about Carol being too far along to travel to the funeral. It's ridiculous that they could dredge up people we hadn't seen since Season *1* , but not his best friend.
  7. Some of the Facebook comments have been incredibly nasty, this proving her point.
  8. Such a shame. The parallel to Diana is eerie--getting pregnant immediately after the wedding and giving birth just shy of their first anniversary, then miscarrying their second child.
  9. Kate and William's dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1248564
  10. Which is the very reason she was praised for showing her post partum bump, making it clear that no amount of hair and makeup can hide that. Meghan really only got a few days reprieve and still had to look far more perfect than any woman who just gave birth a few days ago would, thus the praise for her showing HER bump.
  11. Alex Trebek has died. With Sean Connery's passing, next week's vintage episode (or 1130 rerun) needs to be a compilation of Celebrity Jeopardy skits.
  12. The opening sequence was terrific. I'm pretty sure these guys weren't acting in conveying their joy and relief. And the audience cheering everytime Maya cited all the "firsts" that Kamala would be. Trump's piano version of "Macho Man" (obviously parodying Kate McKinnon) was hilarious, as was his declaration "As anyone who died halfway through Tuesday night knows, I was reelected president." As was Jim Carrey channelling Ace Ventura--"Loser!" Is it me or was even Alec Baldwin cracking up during the "fire black people" skit? I'm glad for Jost pointing out something I did earlier--Trump is irrelevant from now on. I don't usually like the "other people" bits on Weekend Update", but "Giuliani" was hysterical.
  13. It's a cruel irony that a woman (whether pregnant or not) who's already being abused by her husband/boyfriend knows that she needs to escape and take measures to protect herself, while one who isn't never has any idea that he's planning to kill her. Heh. One of those myriad "MIL From Hell" stories featured a woman who did something very similar, asking if she could come to visit for a long weekend while the son and FIL went on a hiking trip. The DIL explicitly told her "No, it's not a good time" and the stupid woman completely disregarded this and decided to "surprise" her by coming anyway and now had the nerve to act completely confused as to why the DIL was so upset with her. "Oh, dear! I don't want to be "that" MIL." Newsflash, lady. You ARE.
  14. Holy shit, William had it: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/prince-william-struggled-to-breathe-as-he-secretly-battled-coronavirus/ar-BB1aB7Gc?ocid=ob-fb-enus-280 All the little snippets from the "Battle" are very saddening. I always assumed these two had a great relationship and now it seems there's been tension for years.
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