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  1. Sad news: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ers-deezer-d-played-nurse-141148004.html
  2. Precisely. Once his attitude became "I didn't do anything wrong at all", I lost any sympathy for him or incentive to even try to see his point of view. You're right that Rachel was no prize either. I loathed her for how rude and nasty she was to and about Julie, who was never anything but nice to everyone, as well as her manipulative attempts at interfering in their relationship.
  3. Tanya Roberts has died.
  4. And if you're going to euthanize someone, why would you do so by injecting them with bacteria? Deliberately inducing a septic infection is NOT a merciful way to end the life of someone terminally ill. The point is to END their suffering, not increase it. Plus, Babcock was an anesthesiologist. If anyone would know the perfect way to euthanize someone undetected, it would be him. It doesn't take much to overdose someone on a painkiller or a sedative. BTW, the marathon is titled "Hail To The Heroes" .
  5. Pop is doing what appears to be a "Greatest Hits" marathon today. I'm currently engrossed in my all-time favorite, "Hell And High Water".
  6. Every so often, they do something like that. I don't know what's worse, the people who continue to insist that they're innocent, despite all evidence to the contrary, of the ones who have the nerve to whine about how much they miss the loved ones that they murdered.
  7. Even if they do, luminol has been known to find things YEARS later, and in an amount that leaves no doubt as to what happened, as demonstrated in this ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING clip from a miniseries: https://youtu.be/uhBm08WEgS8
  8. Not necessarily the wrong time, as after five years, TPTB felt it was time to bring in a new medical student as part of the main cast, and it's often at this point in a show's run that a Cousin Oliver character is brought in. The main problem is that she was shoved in our faces 24/7--"Here she is, now LIKE HER, DAMNIT!"--at the expense of the other characters--a BAD idea, especially after such an exciting season finale that had me very eager to see what would happen in the fall, only for all the cliffhanger plots to be resolved with a few throwaway lines. Then to cap it off, while she wasn't an especially bad character, she wasn't a good one either. Ironically, she finally started to catch on in Season 6 (which actually makes perfect sense, as after a year's worth of rotations, she'd be far more experienced and less fumbling and bumbling than when she started), but by then it was too late and they nixed her. Seriously. Carter, you are A doctor, not HER doctor. People prying into people's private business, especially their medical care, is a HUGE berserk button for me. Then a year later, when Mark asks him what pain medication he's on--in front of two other people who also had no right to know--he snaps (truthfully, albeit), "That's between me and my doctor." Funny how he forgot that when he was badgering Lucy.
  9. They always do. It's like the people who hire someone to do it and make certain to be seen thousands of miles away at the time of the murder. . . . . .But in five minutes, cops find all the phone calls and bank transactions between them. Idiots. Even those who think that getting rid of the body will be enough never realize that there's usually still enough evidence to nail them.
  10. That article enraged me. "Wah, wah, Christmas in prison without my wife and kids sucks!" Well, maybe if you hadn't BRUTALLY MURDERED them, things would be different. Fucking asshole.
  11. These people always are. One thing I've learned from my love of true crime is that no matter how much these guys plan things out, they always say/do or don't say/don't do something that tips the cops off. Especially the Incriminating Indifference trope--over and over again, I've seen numerous cops and/or friends/relatives, etc, noticing that this supposedly grieving person isn't acting like someone truly upset, if they're even bothering to act upset at all.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one ticked off at that (though I understand that the pandemic may have made it impossible). That's always been my favorite part of the Christmas show--the extended credits playing over everyone skating on the rink and the final shot of the camera panning up to the Christmas tree. The last time they did it was in 2017: A behind the scenes look: For a comedy show, it's interesting how often they play the Reality Ensues trope--I liked the teacher putting her lusty student in place and telling him that nothing was going to happen between them.
  13. I really hated them rehashing Doug's behavior with Luka, right down to the "Last Call" ripoff. It just didn't fit Luka's character.
  14. I forgot to mark the 25th anniversary of "Hell And High Water". My favorite episode and the one that got me hooked. The music enhances every scene and that shot of Doug emerging from the water with the kid in his arms is PHENOMENAL.
  15. I wonder if it will end on the rink like the Christmas episode usually does. It hasn't for the past two years and the pandemic might derail that too.
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