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  1. I was never a fan of Amy, both the writing and the acting. It just feels like Amy should be aware of how stupid she is but it doesn't happen. She made Joey look like a brain surgeon, in episodes where he forgot to appear in the Thanksgiving Day parade and was unable to write an adoption letter for Chandler and Monica without sounding like a child.
  2. I find it hard to believe that Phoebe would ever have a problem living with Joey. Seems like a missed opportunity having her be slightly out of character in that episode ("The One Where Ross Dates a Student"). Then again, if things had worked out, Rachel wouldn't have become Joey's new roommate and best friend so I guess that was the trade-off.
  3. I think someone posted a quote here where Matthew Perry said that if he could tell his younger self something, it would be to do an eleventh season of the show. He also told Lisa Kudrow on CNN that he would have wanted to keep the show going. I think Matthew's problem is he always wanted to be famous, always wanted to be "that guy," but then he got the opportunity and had a hard time dealing with everything that came with it. He always felt like he needed that external validation, and if someone didn't laugh at Chandler's lines, they didn't laugh at him, which meant he wasn't funny or a
  4. That's what I don't know. They don't have anything in common, they both have resentment towards each other on some level, their interactions usually have this strange awkwardness to them. It feels like the show is trying to sell us on this idea that they're the perfect couple when they're easily the worst. Even with Barry and Joanne, at least it's two idiots with a lot of sexual chemistry. Adam and Brea have nothing. After this season gave us plots like Adam referencing Airplane! while Brea just sits there uninterested, Brea feeling some tension towards Adam for being spoiled and him prov
  5. Yeah, from Brea's very first appearance, she was set up as the perfect girl that Adam was able to land with the grace of God. Even Carla was impressed. I could see Brea being very popular in real life, but I don’t know if she would be the most popular. Maybe she goes against the stereotype by being intelligent, hardworking, and personable? But then there are times where she acts like Adam isn't on her level, or doesn't do anything when people degrade him in front of her so in a way, she is the stereotype.
  6. 🤣 I don't know, that's what she said. That they were so close to their characters, they couldn't really explore them. I see her point because it does start to feel like you're putting more of yourself in the character, and the writers use more of the actor's mannerisms in the scripts. So they would write Christy based on Anna's strengths and weaknesses. It's like how with The Godfather, it was Michael Corleone being played by Al Pacino. By the third movie, it was Al Pacino acting like Michael Corleone, if that makes sense. I did think it was interesting that Anna was that critical o
  7. Yeah, I've spoken at length about it before, but Brea isn't a good character and more often than not, she brings out the worst in Adam. It's weird because she's so harmless in comparison to everyone else, but that might be the problem. Her personality is like a piece of white bread dipped in tap water. Last night was the first time that she felt like she belonged on the show, but like you said, it was to serve a purpose of being the exasperated straight man to Adam's craziness. Jackie played that role too to some extent, but her and Adam were more like equals. Also, at least when Rowan Bl
  8. Has anyone seen Anna Faris on the Empty Inside podcast with Jennette McCurdy? She appeared back in March and when she talked about Mom, she implied that she left because of the writing. Apparently, she felt like Christy had changed a lot from season one to season seven, to the point where she felt like there was no delineation between her and Christy anymore. She also felt like because of the show's format, she was never able to dive deep into her character. She would run lines with Allison Janney and talk about it with her (she basically stated that Bonnie's character started resembling
  9. Season nine is going to be weird. George Segal is dead, so they have to write off Pops. I don't know if they're going to kill him off, but George died when they were wrapping up production, so that's going to be a very awkward episode. Since Adam didn't graduate, I guess @Cherpumple was right in that they're going to give him another senior year. I don't know why they bothered with all the senior stuff this season if he was never going to graduate. What are they going to do with his character next year? Erica and Geoff getting married is a potential season finale, but Adam's graduation i
  10. That trailer actually gives me hope that the reunion will be worth watching. As long as they rely more on the cast themselves (like making references to classic episodes and reading the script for TOW Everyone Finds Out) and less on the gimmicks, it will be okay. It does still feel like a spectacle in parts, with the audience and the costume fashion show or whatever it looks like.
  11. I know we literally haven't seen anything from the special, but I'm worried that HBO has turned this into a spectacle. I get it. It’s Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms in the last thirty years. A reunion, revival, reboot, whatever it is they do will have everybody's attention and generate money. That's why the cast members are getting paid more for less than an hour of talking than they were for an entire season's worth of episodes. But when I hear the cast and crew talk about Friends, I get this sense that they didn't buy into the superstar image the show gave them. At least I do
  12. Do you have a link to that? Because this article from People says otherwise: https://people.com/tv/nobody-wanted-anna-faris-to-leave-mom-source/ It seems like everybody was caught off guard by it and they didn't have time to prepare for it. If everybody knew ahead of time, why couldn't Anna at least stay for one more episode? Something where she could be written off and everybody says goodbye to her? There are other shows that had to deal with cast members leaving, but the characters at least had one more episode to write them off properly. Donald Glover wanted to leave Community after se
  13. I don't get the obsession with Wendy on this board. I like her character too, but the show made it clear a long time ago that she's just the comic relief, the extra piece. Every show has one, and that's literally been her role for six years. The only time her character has ever been explored is the episode where Mary died. I don't magically expect the writers to care about Wendy's story in the finale when they've never cared about her story any other time. Besides that, the finale was.....fine, I guess. I really think CBS should have given them a two-parter. Very few sitcoms can manage a
  14. When I said that, I was referring to the show's success, not the quality. I believe ABC will renew it and they shouldn't have a reason not to since the ratings are still good. Apparently, it's the third highest-rated scripted series on the network. But if we're talking quality, then yes, it has to wrap up soon if not this season. The only things the show can do now is say goodbye to Pops, give us Adam's first day of college, and write a proper series finale.
  15. I thought last night's episode was the season finale, then I went to this thread and realized that Adam hasn't graduated yet. Assuming the show gets renewed (and it should, shouldn't it?), will season nine be the last one? With all three kids in college and Pops dead, I don't know where else they can go.
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