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    S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    I never liked Violet and I consider her to be the worst character in the series. I also think the show improved once it moved away from the family dynamic and started focusing more on the AA crew to support Christy and Bonnie as characters. I understand why people here miss the kids, but this episode is proof to me that there's a reason why they were phased out over time. The problem I have with this episode is that it went through old territory. I'm surprised I'm the first person to mention "Sawdust and Brisket" because this episode is like a low-rent version of that one. In that one, Violet is willing to give Christy a second chance and mend their relationship. It's actually really sweet to see them so close after all the arguments they had in the first two seasons. That episode portrayed both characters as sympathetic. Even near the end when Christy slipped up, it was something that was out of her control and wasn't her fault. Violet acknowledges this and the episode ends with their relationship in a better place. If Violet never showed up again after that episode, it would have been the perfect way to write her off. This episode seems to forget all of that. I know asking for continuity in sitcoms isn't worth it, even in 2019, but this feels like one of the rare sitcoms that would actually care about something like that. Violet is portrayed in this episode as someone that hasn't talked to Christy in years and has only heard about how she's doing from being on the phone with Bonnie. Violet should be one of the first people to know how much Christy has improved her life. She had already been sober for a considerable amount of time when Violet left the house. The episode treats it like Christy was still a raging alcoholic and drug addict before Violet left, and this is the first time the two are having a conversation with each other after Christy got clean. It completely disregards what "Sawdust and Brisket" did to tell this story, when it didn't need to be told. Violet using a podcast to air out the family's dirty laundry and telling Christy that she's doing better without her isn't worth an episode to me. This is just another case of Violet being an unsympathetic character, which "Sawdust and Brisket" was able to avoid. I don't blame Violet for still harboring some resentment towards her mother. She has every right to feel that way and this is the kind of thing that happens in real life. The problem here is that the show acts like Christy and Violet have had a terrible relationship for years and this is the first time they're directly addressing the situation. If "Sawdust and Brisket" didn't exist, I wouldn't have a problem with this episode. But knowing that the show handled this issue with perfection a couple seasons ago, only to regress into "Violet hates Christy and blames her for everything" a few seasons later doesn't sit well with me. Hopefully, by the time the series ends, Violet will have learned to deal with her feelings better and give Christy another chance, because there's nothing more this show has to say about their relationship. Then again, it could be worse. I don't even want to think about an episode where Roscoe shits on Christy and talks about how Candace was a better mother to him than she ever was.
  2. Mr. Meatball Man

    S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    I don't really know the rules here, but doesn't Christy's smoking mean that she's no longer sober? After five years? Or does that not count because it's not alcohol or marijuana? I don't know, it just feels like the show should be treating this more seriously.
  3. Mr. Meatball Man


    I agree. I never had an issue with Monica initially wanting to sleep with Joey. The problem I have with this episode is the fact that Phoebe was the one who instigated the situation. Her telling Monica to reveal to Chandler that he wasn't her first choice that night in London was one of the worst things she ever did in the series. There was no reason for her to do that and it legitimizes the theory that she became a worse character as the show went on. The episode would have been exactly the same if Monica revealed it by accident, or she said it intentionally just for a quick laugh because she thought Chandler would find it amusing. Having Phoebe be the one to do it was an OOC moment for her. If Joey had never talked Chandler down, the wedding would have been off, Chandler's relationship with Monica would have deteriorated and he would probably stop being friends with Joey. All this could have happened and it would have been Phoebe's fault for stirring the pot and causing unnecessary drama.
  4. Mr. Meatball Man

    Anyone else feel different about Friends now...

    I think an article was posted here months ago about someone that really liked the first season of Friends, then started thinking it was going downhill in season two and "The One After the Super Bowl" was what made them quit watching for good. It seems like I'm in the minority of people that actually like the episode. It was definitely written with the intention to get ratings, but it has a very relaxed feeling to it. It's like the show went on vacation for that episode.
  5. Mr. Meatball Man

    Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Everything said on this page has been spot-on. Honestly, if you removed the last two seasons of the series, not much would be lost. There weren't many episodes that justified going past season eight, and the way they handled the Joey/Rachel relationship in season nine and especially ten left a bad taste in my mouth. There are a couple episodes that had that classic Friends charm to them (TOW the Memorial Service and TOW the Lottery, which ironically came back-to-back, TOW the Late Thanksgiving), but I think the last two seasons did more harm than good: -The whole "proposal" nonsense -Ross suddenly hating Joey because of the "proposal" nonsense -Ross becoming creepy and possessive while living with Rachel -Christina Applegate as Rachel's other sister (Jill was a way better character than Amy) -Chandler working in Tulsa not amounting to anything -"Nobody thinks you're stupid." "Where are you going?" "Game's tomorrow, Joe." -Rachel suddenly becoming attracted to Joey -David being made to look like a loser, so they could justify having Phoebe and Mike together -Joey and Rachel's relationship being treated so seriously in the first two episodes of season ten, then being dropped completely for no apparent reason -Joey being written as so stupid, he is not trusted to write a letter to the adoption agency -TOW the Stripper Cries, especially the ending which was not only a lame attempt at shock humor, but had some of the worst acting in the entire series -Monica being cartoonishly controlling while managing Phoebe's wedding, and the episode portraying Phoebe as wrong for not being able to handle it -Joey speaking French.....enough said. -Rachel getting upset with Ross for not wanting to have sex with her -Joey needing to learn from an eight-year-old that he should accept Chandler and Monica getting a house away from the city -Ross not wanting Rachel to have anything to do with Mark......as if he's back in season three To be fair, "TOW Rachel's Going Away Party" and "The Last One" were both really good episodes, and the series definitely ended on a high note. But I'm sure if I was watching the show when it was originally airing and not in reruns, I would have been turned off by the majority of the episodes after season seven or eight and not cared much about the finale.
  6. Mr. Meatball Man

    Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    TOW Emma Cries is an irritating episode. I get that Ross is frustrated by the whole situation, but I didn't think it was fair that he was treating Joey like he proposed to Rachel on purpose. I get that Joey should have just told Rachel what was going on in the beginning, but I think Ross was more upset at the fact that Rachel said yes to Joey, because it meant that she was only interested in Ross as a father and not a husband/boyfriend. And since he couldn't take out his frustration on Rachel (because it would have made him look awful), he decided to transfer it to Joey who was an easy target. I just wish Joey or someone else had called Ross out on it.
  7. Mr. Meatball Man

    Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    The episode where Joey "proposes" to Rachel was pretty dumb. I think a major weakness of Friends is that it would constantly tell stories based off misunderstandings and confusion, even if the stories didn't make any sense. All it takes is Joey telling Rachel he just found the ring and he wasn't actually proposing to her. A conversation that takes less than two minutes is delayed and stretched to a half hour for no reason.